President Trump Remarks During Young Black Leadership White House Summit…

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered remarks during a meeting of young black leadership at the White House. The speech follows two years of ongoing administration initiatives to support black and minority communities [See Here].

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55 Responses to President Trump Remarks During Young Black Leadership White House Summit…

  1. Happy Flower says:

    That’s why the DEMS are doing all this crazy things. They know Black Community is “Walking Away” from them. Very excited times!!!

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    • Thomas Falbo says:

      This thread needs to be tagged through the end of Monday.

      This is obviously what the demon-crats feared would lead the news or at least more people’s awareness of how great this man is in leading this country.

      This + Walkaway March is the nail in the coffin of the ilk. Their pysops with Joke Journalists trying to cover it will not waiver the base. It will only add to the people in our movement.

      Let this video be seen here because as of right now it’s unfortunately buried even on this site.

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  2. Attorney at Law says:

    It’s interesting how anyone who is a Trump supporter is deemed racist from the nonsensical left. I guess they must point fingers when they themselves are feeling guilt.

    Go Get Em Trump!

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    An absolutely historical day at the White House! This day will be looked back on for generations to come as the day the Democrats lost their grip on Black Americans. I am so grateful to be alive to witness it!

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  4. President Lincoln liberated our African brothers and sisters from democrat imposed physical bondage & servitude.

    President Trump is finishing the job by freeing all our countrymen & women from the psychological bondage of democrat dependency,

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  5. Pam says:

    With all of the chaos going on in the last few days, this was without a doubt a very happy and joyous occasion not only for those in attendance but for those of us who had the chance to see it on our screens.

    Our POTUS is a rock star!

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I don’t know how many people there are, on this planet, that could take the pounding this man gets from the MSM 24/7 and still be standing straight and tall. And he has that smile on his face that says you can’t ever hurt me. It has to be driving these freaks bat shit crazy. Those African Americans that were there today must be saying to themselves, if he do it so can we. He was definitely chosen by God to lead all of us.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Totally agree Frankie.
        The thing that really bothers the left is that president Trump really means what he says.
        That’s why it seems so genuine, and that’s hard for them to fight.
        Lotta love in that room, and the thought of people using their own mind really scares the democommies.
        MAGA KAG

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      • gman-reloaded says: The never ending energy-the steadfast focus-he is one of a kind.

        My employers (I am retired now) used to compliment me on my work ethic-I can’t hold a candle to PDJT

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Agree totally. 🙂


  6. Kate says:

    This meeting today gives us uplifting hope for our country, who would have ever thought it possible two or more years ago, we have a great president and administration.

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    • churchmouse says:

      In the 1960s, during his administration, LBJ said he would have blacks voting Dem for the next 50 years.

      That half century ends now, fortunately.

      The Dems’ time is over.

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      • The Tundra PA says:

        The actual quote attributed to LBJ was “I’ll have those n****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” However there is substantial doubt among scholars that he actually said it. He was quite well known for using the n-word often, so whether he truly said this or not is somewhat moot. It was how he felt.

        That said, I agree, the Dimms time is over. At last. For the past 100 years they have decimated our great country. This young black leadership conference is a huge turning point.

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        • churchmouse says:

          Well, I wasn’t going to repeat an alleged quote, especially with that word in it.

          ‘That said, I agree, the Dimms time is over. At last.’ And not before time.

          Martin Luther King Jr (RIP) would have been delighted! This is what his goal was. I know you know that; I posted it for the drive-by readers.

          Have a great weekend.

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. 17CatsInTN says:

    It’s like a revival! I love their enthusiasm!

    Having been in several black churches for worship services, there is nothing like it! My first experience was when I was about 8. My mother had two dear friends who were black sisters named Mary and Martha. They invited us to their church one Sunday and, let me tell you, it was a shocker for this little staid, prim and proper at church white girl! But, I will never forget their rendition of All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name. It was incredible how they rocked that house. I’m sure the angels were dancing in the aisles with them.

    Anyway, I watched the first couple minutes and had to pause to comment as I loved it!

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  9. BHliberty says:

    I listened to this speech & it reminded of a Trump rally! The President was great! The last part of his speech was quite inspirational! We need to keep the momentum going!

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  10. churchmouse says:

    LBJ’s PLAN to get blacks voting for Dems for 50 years is now OVER AND DONE!

    I know, I said it above. HOWEVER, this is such an important moment, it bears repeating: LBJ’s plantation plan is finished!

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  11. For a lot of young black folks, all they knew was that 0 bama was heralded as their democrat messiah of color and he dumped all over them just like he did to his own party and the country.

    What do they have to lose with President Trump?

    Democrats NEVER teach folks the truism that the best way to avoid being a victim is to refuse to be one . . . . Kinda like PDJT does every damn day.

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    • Newton Love says:

      Something nobody seems to be saying, is that when Obama was Pres, he campaigned for nobody!

      With PDJT as President, he is out for any (R) that needs it. Tonight’s NC rally wa for 2 (R) House members.

      PDJT knows that the pawns on the chess board are as important as the Bishops, Rooks, and Knights. They all have a role to play in passing Conservative Legislation!


  12. calbear84 says:

    MAGA don’t care what color your skin is! RED WAVE baby!

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  13. These young motivated Americans will go back to their communities spreading the word!
    No one will be able to reverse this.
    One leader in the crowd screamed at the President “We’re off the democrat plantation”!

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  14. bosscook says:

    This is so positive, inspirational, and a magnificent day for all Americans. Which is why the Dems/MSM will try to bury it.

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  15. CNN_sucks says:

    Hope the black community will participate in MAGAnomics.

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  17. NJF says:

    What a great moment. I got chills just from the reception these kids gave him.

    Fox forgot to lower the volume like they do for rallies.

    Big kudos to Candace as well. She is a force to be reckoned with.

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  18. rustybritches says:

    There is no doubt about it, We have the greatest President in my life time, Thank You PT
    We love you, and cant leave out today or ever Our beautiful first lady Melania
    I pray for You and your family today How sad that we have to put up with the Left and their blame game..

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  19. It was an excellent speech! Hope he does not tone down at the rally tonight in calling out the media! We are not afraid to stand up to any media that attacks him!

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  20. Brant says:

    To quote a guru on such matters, “This is what you get when Negroes read.”

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  21. Justice Warrior says:

    Americans coming together. That’s what Makes America Great Again!!

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  22. notunderwhelmed says:

    I 💝 it!
    Americans united under superior leadership of GEPDJT!
    MAGA 🇺🇸❤️

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  23. Alison says:

    You are Americans!

    Don’t ever give up.

    Neither of those statements has ever been at the forefront of messages to Black communities. I love the sincerity from President Trump while he spoke with this blessed group of invitees today.
    The optimism is real & heartfelt.

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  24. Lactantius says:

    The frosting on the cake would be the rebirth of the intact black family with a mom and a dad dedicated to guiding their family on the success path of merit and accomplishment. There is no greater, tight-knit group than what was once the traditional black extended family.

    Most folks do not understand how “urban renewal” and public housing created the ghetto mentality and crushed ambition and a sense of worthiness. Affirmative Action further implanted the idea that “inferiority deserves extra credit.”

    The blacks who are able competitors have been long demeaned as token achievers who may be riding on skin color rather than actual ability. The bigotry of low expectations is the worst kind of bigotry. The DemonizingRats carpet bomb any capable black who doesn’t play the plantation game and sucker up to their DemonizingRat masters. As Joe Biden so loudly warned: “The Republicans will put y’all back in chains.”

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Welfare, horrible schools and jobs sent away were the biggest contributors to the downfall of African Americans in the US.

      Our schools for all our children must be totally reformed if we want to keep our country.


  25. Mncpo(ret) says:

    This really was historic! Twitter BLEW UP with electric, happy, forward looking people of all colors! This is a changing time in history and we get to live it. How cool is that!!!!!

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  26. rumpole2 says:

    Black + Conservative… does not compute…

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  27. Pam says:

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  28. Pam says:

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  29. Margaret Berger says:

    I am so proud today. I have a dear friend who was invited and has been sending me pictures. She sent me a selfie with the President and she said he let her pray for him.

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  30. R.Shanker says:

    Notice how DJT does’nt pander ( unlike Crooked). he does’nt change his accent, patronize, talk about hot sauce and then go in the backroom and talk about super-predators ( she’s a complete phoney).
    No, DJT, is always dignified and has genuine affection for all Americans – and it comes across.
    After all – no one is stupid. He spoke to these young people like he would speak to his kids – with love.

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    • R.Shanker says:

      Oh – and most important – he has high expectations for young black leaders – he wants to set the bar high – because he is confident they are up to the challenge. And I am confident he will have their backs all the way. He knows how to win – you need courage, confidence and energy .
      Contrast this to the Democrat attitude – pandering, patronizing, low-expectations – depressing.
      I hope this this is the start of a real renaissance for our African -American fellow citizens!

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  31. President love’s all American,

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