President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House…

President Trump delivers impromptu remarks as he leaves the White House for a MAGA rally in North Carolina.  Most of the questions and comments were directed toward today’s arrest of Cesar Sayoc for mailing IED’s to opponents of the president.

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48 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House…

  1. Perfect: Short and sweet.
    On to North Carolina and VICTORY!

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  2. FanGirl says:

    Are you going to apologize Mr. President?


  3. Lawrence says:

    He just owns them and, with a few words, diffuses their #1 narrative of the week, Trump Fans Gone Wild!
    I ask MAGA-haters “Why would a pro-trump person send these bombs and risk ruining the election for the GOP?” Crickets.

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  4. trumpismine says:

    God I love this man. Pure class all the way to the end.

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  5. 335blues says:


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  6. R.Shanker says:

    DJT is demonstrating a Master Class on how to do big things when small yappy dogs keep nipping at your heels, and mean girls spend days on end scheming on how to trip you up.
    Dont get sucked into their game. Dont counter every hatched up accusation.
    Dont get flustered.
    Dont waste energy trying to get back at the mean girls.
    Dont get distracted from you Mission.
    Keep On Trucking !!

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  7. DT2020 says:


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  8. Tom22ndState says:

    Great remarks as always. If one or two folks could help me, I can’t hear the question asked when he answered-
    “If they wanted me to do it, but I think I’d have to pass”.
    Can anyone tell med the question. Thanks in advance.

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  9. positron1352 says:

    The President is amazing. He managed to remind these extraordinarily biased activists questioning him to Scalise and Kavanaugh for the few seconds there.

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  10. Totally unruffled but on point. POTUS is a master communicator!

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  11. AND just like that the lying media no longer cares about the poor and oppressed on the “caravan”.

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  12. notunderwhelmed says:

    We aren’t sheep-ple. We are free-thinking people. Love this president — no matter what. He does what he says. How unique! No doublespeak .

    No wonder MSM & the elites are so very afraid !


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  13. hard masada says:

    PEOPLE watch: Trump rally WHAAAAT
    KKKlinton rally OOPS! There’s two points to make here 1. notice the time differences spent on these stories. 2. The guy at the Trump rally was in the back of the crowd but the guy at the KKKlinton rally was right behind her the WHOLE time.


  14. appadoo9 says:

    And a gracious word/ pat on the back of the Marine Corproral or Sergeant by the Commander In Chief

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  15. Kay123 says:

    Question, we have all seen the packaged bombs that
    they say were mailed to places all over the country…..
    Right?? They were all made by the same person… Right?
    Same mechanics, tape, envelopes, same stamps
    PRINTED ON THE SAME PRINTER? Mailed to addresses
    to those who very few could even access. Right?
    Then how can a guy from Florida…..deliver packages all
    over the country all at one time….
    when none of them went thru the P.O. ??
    If they had gone thru P O they WOULD HAVE HAND CANCELED
    THEM. There was none. Look it up…..and save the photo because
    they will take it down as soon as it is found to be bogus story.

    Bill Ayers was a bomber who liked to bomb govt. bldgs.
    What happened to him??? He was pardoned, and got a
    teaching job as a College “prof” at N Western Il.
    Oh yea, he is the one who authored Obunghole’s life
    story…”Dreams of my father” a MADE UP story to sell to
    the VOTERS.
    NOT to be confused with his video of “Dreams of my REAL
    FATHER”, whom he admitted was Frank Marshall Davis a
    proud supporter of Socialism.

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  16. Wai cheah says:

    China Japan just signed a free trade deal . I am looking forward to see Trump’ response.


  17. NewfTea says:

    How are you unfair, media-drone-whore?

    How about 90% of your stories are NEGATIVE. Not covering: economic growth their fave Pres said you’d need a magic wand to get; lowest black unemployment ever; keeping promises (too bad you hate them, lefties; fair means covering it).

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  18. Kent says:

    ..this particular bomber is another version of twisted sister…no regular job?…crap pasted all over his van?…I think I may actually pity him….one lone pathetic individual led astray by the leftist onslaught against morality….

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  19. wondering999 says:

    Our President looks so handsome in that clip. And so intelligent and attentive.
    I am SO HAPPY to call this man our President Trump
    thanks to everyone who helped put him in office
    thanks from the depths of my heart

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  20. Mark S says:

    This guy is the greatest.

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  21. Fools Gold says:

    Today was my 35 yo son’s birthday. He told me to tell you guys WTF dad? It’s HRC birthday as well and that he’s the complete opposite of the B and to pray for him that he don’t become any part of that B. He was even born in southern Arkansas y’all same as Bill. I told him I was sorry and don’t worry I jjust learned of it myself. The good news is I got him a 10/22 Fifty year anniversary Rugar rifle with a stainless barrel and a composite stock that he absolutely loved. He was eyeballing scopes when he left and was happy as hell. After the shrimp boil. He favors leoplold scopes since he was a sniper for 8 years in the army using the 1200 yard 308 tool..,, he graduated number one in sniper school and that sure came in handy for his guys and him in Iraq and Afghanistan over his 60 months of tours there. Cold weather doesn’t seem to affect him at all since it was 35 tonight. He said dad try crawling through a creek at night for a 1/4 mile when it’s 20 degrees at night and then sleeping wet the rest of the night and doing business the next morning and day break, this ain’t cold…. Yeah he’s the real deal! The only reason he got out was because his wife died of asthma while he was on 2 week leave. Horrible story I know but hey was feeling I needed to share it…it’s hard as hell on me..

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  22. notunderwhelmed says:

    I hope what I heard us not true — Trump canceling his rally. Turn it into a prayer rally– a positive affirmation rally– don’t cancel!


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