2018 Midterm Election – Ground Reports and Open Discussion…

In the past several election cycles CTH has posted these type of open discussion threads to see and share the perspectives of ground reports from your state, city and neighborhood.  ‘Ground Reports’ are a valuable resource to gauge the non-quantifiable elements around elections; they are often quite insightful.

Many states are currently in the process of early voting.  If you have a ground report you would like to share, please use the comment section below to provide your perspective.

Additionally, there are often obscure events that can help identify voting trends and possibilities; so don’t limit your review to traditional perspectives. Sentiments and senses are also very useful.  What do you sense? What is going on in/around your town and location?  Good or bad; positive or negative; what do you see happening?

An example that might help in looking “outside the box” per se’, was in the Alabama special election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. We suspected in October 2017 that Roy Moore would lose the special election in December.

What led to that unfortunately accurate conclusion was not just a review of the candidate; and predictable democrat opposition attacks that came in November; but also a review of obscure events on the horizon. One of those events was the opening of the Jackson, Mississippi, Civil Rights museum next door to Alabama on the exact eve of the special election vote.

Two months before the December 2017 election, CTH could see a structured event pattern developing where tens of thousands of people antithetical to Roy Moore would be assembled only a few miles away from Alabama voting booths on the eve of the vote.  The Jackson grand opening was December 9th and 10th. The Alabama election was December 12th. CTH anticipated the convenient Alabama scheduling was not coincidental; it appeared to be done by political design.  So don’t limit your view to current events… look forward; sometimes it helps.

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750 Responses to 2018 Midterm Election – Ground Reports and Open Discussion…

  1. John says:

    Atlanta, GA here. I work for Emory Hospital, which isn’t merely blue, but a Chinese shade of red. It’s the kind of neighborhood where the leftists really will hurt you or destroy your career if they suspect you’re not one of them. But I have had a few random encounters with people on the street that imply a general weariness with the entitled plantation slaves, SJW idiots, and mindless bureaucrats continually vomiting leftist policy at us. I feel like even here, in socialist Atlanta, there’s hope for the future. I don’t know if we can flip it to the R’s, but I expect a stronger-than-expected Republican turnout. We’ve already had hours-long waits at early voting centers, and early voting is typically a Republican sort of behavior. I remain hopeful but quiet.

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    • JTR says:

      I voted last week in Habersham county, and it’s the first time I ever had to wait in a long line to early vote! Rural Georgia is very Conservative, and I hope we can cancel out Atlanta. Atlanta would be such a great city if it weren’t for the blue votes on everything! The dems ruin everything American.
      Vice-President Pence will be having 3 rallies with Kemp On November 1. Dalton, Grovetown and Savannah.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Early voting in states like Arizona Ohio Florida and Iowa are apparently strongly in favor of the GOP, and most GOP voters tend not to vote early. Your also hearing no talk of it in the propaganda medai, for reasons we all know.


  2. Kaine will win VA thanks to a few “broken” rigged machines. Happen every election here reports of machines voting Democrat when it should be republican.

    Also immigration is a killer here. “Love” America but never vote American Values First. I think Republicans hold on to their House seats here.

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    • Annie says:

      The suburbs surrounding Washington DC kill us here in VA. Three counties basically determine whether we go red or blue. Those counties vote blue while the rest of the state tends to vote Red.

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      • Elwood Earl "Sandy" Sanders, Jr. says:

        I am a regular reader of CTH but seldom contribute. The GOP in Virginia has not figured out how to unlock the NOVA lock. They need a staunch conservative who is likeable. Stewart is not that. He is staunch; I’ll give you that. I am voting for the Libertarian for US Senate to help them get ballot access.

        But the story is that Hanover and Chesterfield Counties are off the charts in registration and in early voting. Hanover is very red and Chesterfield is a light red – almost purple.


        • JonS says:

          Sandy, I’m in the old Dominion too. Voting libtard is a vote for King Kaine. Sorry to hear of your decision

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        • Elle says:

          “I am a regular reader of CTH but seldom contribute.”
          So in other words you are a troll pushing that the GOP candidate is conservative but not “likeable”. so don’t vote for a third party loser… uh huh.

          If you are under the age of 35, I’ll give you a pass.

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          • Trolls do not usually use their real name. I help both GOP and LP candidates especially at the blog I write for: Virginia Right. It is important to open up the political system in VA. Thank you JonS for understanding.


            • Lindenlee says:

              “Open it up”? What for? We are not talking idealism here, we are talking about the very survival of the nation and Western Civilization! Pubbies aren’t great, but if you split the vote at this juncture, you have consigned the rest of us to hell. Think…1992, Perot and Clinton. There are other examples. SMDH…..


      • ibobland08 says:

        Seems to be every state outside of New England and Minnesota.


      • mutantbeast says:

        Large numbers of moosepigs in NE Virhinia also, especially around Herndon. Most of them are also illegal; voters.

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    • Tottie Mitchell says:

      I am in Norfolk, Virginia. The Democrat candidate, Elaine Luria has sent handwritten postcards, left posters at my apartment door, and dumped many thick large post cards in our mail room. One neighbor placed a letter of hers in return-to- sender box with an angry note saying take me off your mailing list. In other words, Luria sounds desperate. She will never get this Republicans vote.

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    • robertmburke65 says:

      I live in northern va too, I hope your wrong about kaine, that guy is an idiot. The libtards are spreading like a virus and we need an antidote


  3. Chuck says:

    In Maine, the big battle appears to be Bruce Poliquin (R) and his his seat in Congress (especially now that DJT has publicly endorsed him). The D challenging him has looked petty and vindictive in debates (unless that is appealing to Mainers, which I don’t think so…he’s also weak on 2nd Amendment). Chellie Pingree (D) from heavy liberal southern Maine (no surprise there) looks to be easily be re-elected. Race for gov is interesting. Nobody seems to be reporting valid polls so that could be good news for Moody (R) over AG Mills (D), with some independents frittering away even more of the left vote. Sadly, Angus King (fake Independent) looks to be cruising toward senate re-election, he’s got a lot of people snowed as to his “standing athwart of the parties” schtick. Also there has not been any more local chatter about Susan Rice challenging Susan Collins, that hot air seems to have quickly dissipated.

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  4. Beverly says:

    Okay folks, let’s git ‘er done, then work on VOTER ID LAWS NATIONWIDE, and NO MORE FOREIGN CITIZENS voting in OUR elections!

    Let’s ROLL!

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    • rrick says:

      Repeal the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. This is the Act which allows the ‘motor voter’ shenanigans by which anyone who acquires a state driver’s license may become registered to vote.

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  5. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Visited a San Antonio library yesterday to pick up a book for the old college friend I visit every year. Early voting going on there, fairly long lines, lots of political signs as we drove in. It is her polling place, so she voted (straight Democrat, I suppose) while I waited. I will vote when I get back to Nebraska. Interesting experience, looking at political signs, etc. Beto seems to have more signage in upscale, anglo areas, although senate candidates have far, far less than local candidates.

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    • yy4u says:

      In 2016, we visited Houston and I noticed that in West University Place (homes there sometimes more expensive than River Oaks), ALL the signs were for Hillary. The USA is stratifying into the typical socialist “paradise” – very wealthy voting Left along with the welfare and impoverished and academics while the middle class hangs in voting conservative for as long as they can until they are destroyed. It happened in Greece in 1981 and it is happening here. How to stop it is the question. Socialism/Communism is opposed to a middle class — the equality is between workers and non workers — the rentiers keep their privileged positions. Houston will go Beta-Beto (Poor and Rich) as will Dallas and San Antonio but my bet is the rest of Texas is solidly Cruz. (Used to live in Houston so I kinda keep up with Texas’s doings). My friend (retired dermatologist) told me back a few months ago when Beta-Beto was all the rage that Cruz would win. This was when Beta-Beto was leading by a lot in all the polls.

      Second observation from reading this thread and personal experience in VA. The RNC is bragging about raking in all the money but what is it doing with it? Ohioans are complaining that there’s no noise out of Renacci, I know here in VA they’re not supporting Stewart, Pennslvanians are saying they’re not helping the GOP candidate there. So WHO ARE THEY HELPING? Romney? Are they helping Katie Arrington (SC) or DeSantis (FL).
      I don’t know. I wont contribute to RNC for this reason — they give my money to people I don’t like (think Romney) and withhold from people I do (Stewart etc.)

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      • TMonroe says:

        I suspect they’re just banking bucks. Priorities…


      • yy4u,
        Yes West U is a Dem enclave. I attribute it more to the fact that many docs/medical folks live there as it is close to the major Houston medical centers. There are some houses in West U that are expensive, but trust me, lots more $$ in River Oaks. Both areas have “ring” sections that are, of course less expensive.

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      • thinkthinkthink says:

        Hi. Popping in for a second. Got a lot keeping me busy and offline right now.

        The Trump campaign pays for all the costs of the rallies. Is that from the GOP? I think so.


  6. Doug says:

    Anne Arundel County early voting site ran out of ballots on first day and had to get more.

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  7. elena says:

    East WA State here. People register to vote when they get a driver’s license. A person simply checks a little box saying “I am a US citizen,” and WaLa! Registered! I asked the DOT guy about it and he just shook his head, agreeing that the requirement for zero proof of citizenship is crazy. Next, they send a ballot in the mail. I filled it out and simply had to sign my name on the envelope. I wonder how many non-citizens vote. Perhaps they should see how many opt out of jury duty for being a non-citizen and wipe those names off the voter polls. But, of course, they won’t do that. Blue state.

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  8. Ausonius says:

    Here in Ohio, I fear Sherrod Brown will be returned to the U.S. Senate simply out of entropy and that his opponent, James “Jim” Renacci, has little name recognition and is a basically terrible candidate with too many problems in his background. Dem House candidate “Danny” O’Connor – who lost a special election in August against Troy Balderson by c. 1000 votes – is back again with class warfare, pro-socialist ads non-stop.

    On Communism/Socialism: last night my Catholic school had a Parents’ Conference. The parents of one of my 8th Grade students are Russian immigrants, doctors, who grew up under the last days of Communism and the chaos and kleptocracy of Yeltsin and then Putin.

    The father commented that he would definitely be sending his son to a Catholic high school. A public school – “where he will hear nothing but Left-wing propaganda about wonderful Socialism” – was out of the question. He began lamenting the rise of Leftism among young people, Bernie Sandinistas, etc.

    “Such people have no idea what they talk about! They must be stupid. We know! We saw the horror, and today Russia still suffers. We stay afraid to go back and visit: you never know. Putin could revoke our American passports and we would disappear into Siberia to work in some terrible clinic.”

    Indeed! “Such people have no idea what they talk about.” And “stupid” can still be very dangerous. We are just at the beginning of a very long fight, friends, and it will keep going probably for a generation or longer. The Brave New World of Huxley of drugs and sex and designer children is being combined with Orwell’s 1984 of conformist oppression. surveillance, and grim, gray lives, and what is interesting is that too many people are actually choosing such things freely, under the mistaken belief that such things are “fair-minded, broad-minded, progressive,” and the “wave of the future.”

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    • jeans2nd says:

      And we also have The Reverend Krooked Kasick, who is constantly on TV degrading our President and preaching a perverted version of Christianity to us.

      Our North Coast Tea Party’s internal polls say Renacci is doing better than the national polls say, so keep working. There is still time to change a few votes. Ridding ourselves of Sherrod Brown is priority #1. Then on to ridding ourselves of The Reverend Krooked Kasick.

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      • Kaco says:

        Man, I hope so, he’s currently my rep. His campaign has been too quiet the entire time! I still have not received even the voting list from the Ohio GOP in the mail and neither has my father! Makes me wonder what kind of governor’s race he was going to run. I was told Josh Mandel was a sure thing until he dropped out and POTUS asked Renacci to drop out of governor’s to run for Senate. The Plain Dealer had an article a couple or so weeks ago talking about Renacci’s campaign being very quiet.

        And here’s this:

        “Renacci’s campaign generally has failed to gain traction since winning the Republican Senate primary in May. He’s been badly outspent by Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, and deep-pocked outside Republican groups have stayed out of Ohio, instead directing millions in advertising toward Senate races in other states deemed as more competitive. This has led many Republicans in Ohio and nationwide to all but write off their chances of unseating Brown.”


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        • Mrs. E says:

          Both Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com are leftist. I am going with what the one above you said, that Renacci is doing better than the polls say. President Trump was in Ohio for Renacci and really likes him. He has our votes, as do all the GOP, even those I detest(DeWine and Husted, Dave Joyce, Portman tho he is not on the ballot this time). Now is not the time to try to get rid of them. Later may be the right time.

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      • Mrs. E says:

        Hi Jean,
        Who leads the Northcoast Tea party? I am friends with Tom Z, who runs the one in Portage Co.

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  9. Mark says:

    I think we’re underestimating the young, college vote. The TrumpDerangementSyndrome in colleges is in full swing and I think more college students are voting. I don’t know how many will actually vote, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more did so than normal. My stepdaughter is voting. It’s sad. I watched as the high school system corrupted her where she believed her teachers (who were wrong) over her own mother. Now she’s in college and she has a hatred of Republicans. Indoctrination from the early years through to early twenties is strong. Voting helps turn government around, but unless changes are done in the schools systems, the future fight will be lost.

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    • ibobland08 says:

      They might vote more than normal, but is the youth vote significant in midterm elections?

      Anyways while I am not in my earlier twenties, I am young enough that I get a fair amount of interaction with them. There’s more conservative minded people in that group than most think. Especially when you talk to young people outside of cities and universities.

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    • bluesky says:

      Unfortunately there are too many brainwashed 18-28 yr olds. However this group heavily into social media and there are a couple of issues that may cause many to reevaluate their belief system: The censorship of conservatives by Facebook, Twitter and Google, and the latest NPC meme. A disillusioned former-liberal often becomes the staunchest conservatives so I am holding out hope that the Indoctrination of the K-12 & college system will be overcome in the next decade.


    • Mark Caswell says:

      Not to worry – they don’t stay that way. Studies show that the judgment part of the brain does not mature until between 25 and 30 which explains how easily youth are manipulated by emotional appeals and great sounding theory. When she marries and has kids, she will see the light.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Trey Gowdy says his daughter went to college and came back a socialist.


  10. Warmongerel says:

    Minnesota’s Iron Range (8th congressional district) looks like it will flip to Republican. This has only happened once since 1947! If the Democrats lose the Iron Range, they lose a very large part of their voting block. The union miners there are waking up to the fact that Democrats never actually DO anything for them. They have never come out of the Jimmy Carter recession.

    Many of the other races are much closer than expected, too, and there could be some surprise GOP wins. Other than the basketcases of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota is turning red.

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  11. Peter says:

    Report from Ohio.
    Expect the GOP to sweep all statewide offices including two for the state’s Syupreme Clourt and to hold its congressional majority. The only bump in the road — and it is unfortuantely a big one — is that ultra-liberal Sherrod Brown will probably coast to beibng reelected to the Senate. Why? His Republican challanger, although good on the issues, is reatively weak.

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  12. A Belle says:

    A few days after the conclusion of the Kavenaugh hearings, I was having coffee with my wife. Out of the blue she asked when early voting starts. I looked it up and told her, she then put it on the calendar. A few days later she requested a absentee ballot which was mailed to the house.
    At that point, I thought the D’s are screwed. My, generally, apolitical wife not only was going to vote, she WANTED to vote. I helped her fill out the ballot (sarcasm alert!) and then brought it into city hall and I then also voted.

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  13. RIckA says:

    The Republican Congressman in my Pennsylvania District #11, Lloyd Smucker, is under attack from a newly created Bernie Sander’s type Democratic Socialist who’s being funded by a Silicone Valley California Political Action Committee named “The Great Slate”. They’re sending massive amounts of money to Socialist Jess King, in an attempt to flip our traditionally conservative Republican rural congressional districts, and twelve more newly discovered Democratic Socialist candidates across the nation. All in rural conservative Republican districts that always beat the democrats by double digits. Appears the masters of the universe internet commies are experimenting with us to learn what works, and doesn’t work …. fine-tuning their money and communication platforms for the next election.

    Internal Republican polling shows King has closed a double-digit gap to within 5 points using paid (and quickly unionized) campaign workers (the candidate is a long-term community activist who also now takes a salary from the campaign). They are aggressively marketing to everyone, including ALL Republicans (I’ve received 5 mailings), plus internet pop up ads, texting and a LOT of television commercials (including advertising on the FOX News channel).

    She’s got big money, clearly outspending our Republican, and it shows. Fortunately, recent redistricting helped Smucker gain more Republican voters, but the neighboring Republican congressman lost R’s and gained D’s in his district, and is in real bad shape.

    From what I can see, we’ll lose at least a few Republican house seats. Sleepy Bob Casey will stay (Lou Barletta’s campaign is almost nonexistent), and Wagner will lose to the current liberal Governor Wolf. Pennsylvania’s blue color is getting a deeper shade of blue, soon to match neighboring New Jersey.

    Amazingly, internal Republican polling shows President Trump’s popularity is down around 10 points since his election, probably the media is believed and socialist union mentality remains effective. Vocal TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) victims all over the state.

    Our one Republican Senator, Pat Toomey, is a real disappointment. He’s never been seen with or come out to support our President, and can’t be trusted since he joined up with Chuck Shumer to push enhanced background checks for gun-owners. Sorry we can’t be of more help, but the once great state of Pennsylvania continues to trend towards socialism.

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    • ibobland08 says:

      Casey is polling at 50%. The problem with Barletta is no one knows who he is, that’s why he isn’t polling well. Come election day, he will get more votes than what people think. I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

      Sadly, I have to agree that Wolf will 100% be re-elected.


    • Your comment about finding and supporting new socialist/Dem candidates in traditional R areas is very important. A trend we need to watch.
      Do you know the other districts they’ve targeted this election cycle?


      • RIckA says:

        Here’s the info on the other twelve races:

        This article explains the story behind the community organizer Democratic Socialist candidate being backed by Silicone Valley:

        We’re fighting this battle with traditionally low meager donations, as frugal conservatives have become very complacent with winning double digit elections by the sheer number of registered Republicans, and unmotivated Democrats who don’t bother wasting their time voting because they get clobbered. This year is the first real congressional contest, and we’ve been broadsided by the power of California socialist money mixed with savvy internet marketing registering and activating the newly empowered local Democrat machine.

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  14. Christine Jost says:

    Missouri Trumpster here.

    McCaskill is toast. Never ever has she spent so much money on ads and mailers. I get a large postcard style from her campaign every day now. She knows it is over and is throwing a Hail Mary in hopes for a miracle. Her voting record is the killjoy. Which is ironic because one of her radio spots is that she is “In the middle.” What a joke.

    We don’t have early voting (wish we did) but I feel strong vibes that we will be fully red on November 7th.

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  15. TMonroe says:

    In Virginia, the good news of Comstock closing gaps (which I don’t think were as big as what the usual suspects made) has yet to be capitalized upon by the GOP or White House. I meN both the president and VP could pop over to her district or down to Brat’s, loop in some support for Stewart, and at least see the impact.

    Again, Warner almost went down to Gillespie who similarly had a dearth of push from the GOP on even the basics like putting up signs. I have an issue with them as well as Stewart there, who has run some very pointed ads criticizing Kaine over Antifa, the border, and such. However, where are the signs in the highway medians every weekend? If you have campaign staff who are going to want to be on the senate staff, why can’t they be bothered– as with Gillespie against Warner — from doing the basics?

    Kaine’s ties to Hillary are enough of a negative to get PDJT’s supporters out. Some buzz to jumpstart the independents that by manufactured polls. It has yet to materialize, but is an extremely easy lift, logistically and otherwise being right across the Potomac and with just a modicum of dollars t get some basics squared away. It really reminds me of MI and WI in 2016, which got attention late which paid off.


  16. JonS says:

    In the VA 1st Rob Whitman is a lock to get reelected for the GOP, but the Dems are running a new comer named Vangie Williams. She stands no chance, but she’s campaigning fairly hard. This will get the Dem votes for Kaine, who has no voter enthusiasm at all from what I perceive, into the booths


  17. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    In Texas a survey of 927 likely voters conducted by the Texas Tribune (lefties) and the University of Texas (more lefties) show that Ted Cruz has a 6 point lead over challenger Beta O’Roarke. That means that in reality Cruz is up by at least 12. Top two groups of contributors to the Beta Campaign this year are University of Texas employees and Goggle employees.

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    • michaelhamblin says:

      Every single number I’ve ever seen from Texas Tribune has been wrong, and not just polling or election information. They cannot math or statistic.

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  18. Terry Gilmour says:

    There is a site called Georgia Votes dot com which lists all voters statewide, and breakdowns by county, with accounting of age, race, gender, etc., and tells the ranking for how many citizens in that county, number of voters, and placement on a graph of most conservative to most democrat. There have been almost 1 million total votes cast at last night’s update.

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  19. sherrymerlot says:

    Collin County, Texas here. I volunteered for three hours yesterday at the Collin County Republican headquarters.

    The top aide for Van Taylor, our Republican candidate for CD-3, told me the following:

    1. Beto O’Rourke has been hiring people from out-of-state to do neighborhood canvassing. Imagine that! I told her that I had a couple of Beto volunteers knock on my door about two weeks ago, and this prompted the discussion. She says Beto is lying when he says most of his donations have come from Texas

    2. Angela Paxton (the Republican candidate for the state senate) was spit on yesterday by some deranged leftist.

    3. She feels very confident that Taylor will be elected. Sam Johnson, our previous Republican congressional rep, is retiring. Johnson is the former POW who was imprisoned at the Hanoi Hilton along with McCain.

    We only had five or six Ted Cruz signs left, as they were in high demand, and in about two hours, individuals dropped by and got the rest of them. (These are the free signs, not the nice ones Ted was distributing much earlier for a small donation.)

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    • michaelhamblin says:

      1. There is no way Beto has the ground game and financial resources from Texas only. If he did, he would have miraculously created the greatest political fundraising apparatus in Texas state history, and would have done it only recently rather than for his other elections. If he’s so good he should become the next Democrat fundraising chair. Since that won’t happen we know it’s fake. Ditto his ground game.

      2. Sad but not surprising – the Texas left is at total war with Paxton.

      3. I’m glad to hear about Taylor. Good news. Big values supporter and he has a lot of support and respect around the state.

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    • Good to hear about Taylor, I’ve always liked him. My wife and I have lived in the Collin County portion of Richardson for ten years, and our early voting location in nearby Murphy was busier yesterday, when we voted at around 4 PM, than I have ever seen it. The closest was 2010 when, if I recall correctly, Republican turnout was very high. I hope this is a good omen.

      For what it’s worth, I have some good friends, Texas-born but of Mexican heritage, who tell me that “Beto” is not winning himself any new supporters with his use of a Mexican nickname. He may impress the people who would have voted for any Democrat anyway, but his ploy is very transparent, and many middle-class Mexican-Americans are turned off by it. They also are not impressed by his criminal record, although all of the left-wing media in Texas are ignoring that, to no one’s surprise.

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  20. zephyrbreeze says:

    Scott Adams interviews Brandon Darby, who is the Breitbart expert on the border and the cartels.

    Brandon describes HOW the cartel literally controls the border. Start at 1:00.


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  21. zephyrbreeze says:

    Kate Dalley radio show host, announced yesterday that her 16 year old son received a ballot in the mail. Part of the motor voter implementation.


    • yy4u says:

      I got a message (Virginia) from someone who said my absentee ballot ought to be in my mailbox. The message said the call was from DCCC, phone number 804 432 1734. Not knowing who DCCC was, I went on line and looked it up. DCCC is a Democrat group.

      So I called the number and it was the number for the campaign of Abigail Stanberger who is running against Dave Brat.

      NOT MY DISTRICT. Scott Taylor is my House Rep.

      So why would they be sending me an absentee ballot? No absentee ballot has appeared in my mailbox, so the call may have been a mistake, but with voter fraud rampant, who knows. No accusing anyone — just reporting as Sundance suggests.

      Southeastern VA. Few signs. Most in my neighborhood for the Lefty but as a poster above pointed out, the left is violent enough that many of us don’t want to identify ourselves so the lefties can vandalize our houses etc. I’m a solid Trumpist but would never put a Trump bumper sticker on because I know they’d key the car. I have a dog and I’m afraid if I put a sign in my yard they might do something to my dog. These people are INSANE…just like their ancestors the Bolsheviks and National Socialists (NAZIS).

      Have seen ONE Corey Stewart sign, no Kaine signs but then I haven’t driven through the neighborhood next to the airport where a lot of the rabid lefties live. Am sure Kaine will carry Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and Richmond — all typical Democrat strongholds with urban poor and urban rich. VA Beach and Chesapeake are generally Republican but with all the Northerners moving down her to escape the mess they made of their former homes, who knows?

      My guess is VA stays blue because of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Richmond and Northern VA. Wish we could give Northern VA to DC or Maryland, then we might have a chance to restore sanity to my state.

      Haven’t voted yet. Always vote on the day of the election.

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  22. Scrapiron says:

    Voted R here in deep red Fayette county Tennessee. The line was steady with lots of older retired folks. I retired June 2018 and recently moved here from Ohio. Low taxes and much more conservative than Ohio. I feel like republicans will hold house an 57 in senate.


  23. Kaco says:

    Not only is Renacci’s campaign in Ohio too quiet, but it seems really nobody has been talking about trying to unseat Sherrod Brown here in Ohio. This is a swing state, but also a state that voted for Trump. Renacci is a Trump supporter from early on. Our POTUS asked him to switch to run for Senate. It seems all eyes are on the Cruz/Beto race and Florida races. We had a chance to unseat Brown and crickets. Very disappointed if Ohioans vote for Brown because they don’t even know who Renacci is.

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    • yy4u says:

      Kaco — just a thought. Maybe Ohioans don’t need to know who Renacci is so long as they know he’s not Brown. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t pay much attention to school board and the like (no kids or grandkids in school, son went to private school so I think American education is in the pits anyway) BUT I pay close attention to the signs in the Lefties’ yards. Whoever they are for, I find a name that isn’t that and vote accordingly. So maybe just not being Brown will be enough. Hope so.

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      • Kaco says:

        It’s enough for me, of course, but I worry that not as aware Ohioans won’t know what Renacci is going to do for them vs Brown’s ads all over the place!

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  24. bluesky says:

    I’m in the north of the swing county Jefferson Co, Colorado and I am not seeing a lot of political signs either way however there are far more American flags out than ever before and they out number the political signs. Colorado has mail-in ballots and some ballots weren’t received until last week. Besides a governors race, there is an ‘anti-fracking’ ballot measure disguised as a ‘setback’ that would have huge negative economic impact of the state if passed. This may bring more voters from the eastern plains and front range suburbs. The western counties voted HUGE for Stapleton, the R governor candidate during the primaries out of a large field of candidates. Polis (D) is a socialist, that ran pretty much unopposed. Colorado has certainly benefited economically by MAGA policies, so there may be a few D to R switch voters.

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  25. Fools Gold says:

    Have been out of the state of Tn since early voting started. I’m back as of today. Wife and I will be pulling the R lever Monday. It appears there’s an increase of 11% of voters over that of 2014. All red I hope:


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  26. soozword says:

    Don’t have a ground report here from SW Utah but a suggestion for my fellow Utahans. If Mitt Romney is repugnant to you (as he is to me), then consider voting for the Constitution Party candidate Tim Aalders. Please do NOT vote for the Libertarian Craig R. Bowden. I strongly suspect he is open borders given his party affiliation as well as no mention of immigration on his issues page which is always a clear giveaway. But he does place marijuana legalization as a top priority — he’s a “stinkerooney” as we say in this family! Don’t worry, Treepers, Utah will definitely vote in Romney since this state is about the reddest state of them all and he is the Native Son (ie Mormon).


    • Doug Amos says:

      Really like your post. Slugs like Romney nullify so much of what has been accomplished. Is a Rino a worse outcome than a sewer rat? Not sure about the correct answer to that. Still do not think this election is as critical as it is being made out to be; President Trump can out think all of them. Still think voting is absolutely necessary to let them know that we are coming for them all.

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    • toomanykats says:

      Romney wants to make me puke. We finally got rid of McPain and Flake and now UT is going to vote for the carpetbagger Romney. What a piece of crap. Wish Trump made him ambassador to Guam 2 years ago…none of us would have to hear from this piece of garbage

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  27. Howard Simkin says:

    I live in Fayetteville, NC. I normally vote early. I have never seen so many people voting early. It is the first time I can remember standing in line to early vote! Out of curiosity, I hung around the polling place for about an hour. Based on my observations of who was taking literature, listening to comments, etc., the voting was 70% Republican/30% Democrat. This is 180 degrees out from what I have seen in the past 20+ years.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. Say it Ain't So Joe says:

    Registered voter breakdown in Indian River County Fl
    D = 31,003
    R = 52,721
    NPA = 29,033
    Other = 947

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  29. theduchessofkitty says:

    FWIW… Harris County, TX, Precinct 4 (outside Houston, mostly.) Voted GOP overwhelmingly (> 60 %) in 2016.

    First day of Early Voting. I dragged the hubby to the pols in the morning. My voting precinct was PACKED! But everything went smoothly. We stood in line. We scanned our driver’s licenses. We verified our address and signed on the dotted line. We found our booths and voted. I went straight-ticket R.

    Of course, there was the HUGE rally at the Toyota Center in Downtown. 18 thousand inside – not 18 hundred. Thousands more outside. I so wanted to go, but I had to think about my children and school. Trust me, it was a BFG, as Joe Biden once said. And showing the Trump/Ted UniTed for all to see… That does WONDERS!

    It felt so good at the voting booth to dispatch that fake/phony/pretends-to-be-Mexican Beto with both my middle fingers. I’m Latina. I know who is and who isn’t. Ted still speaks Spanish like me. He’s got my vote.

    A little reminder: in 2016 during the R Presidential primary, Ted won it overwhelmingly. Trump only got about 20 percent. Think about that.

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  30. I’d like to pose a question to this audience. I’m 64 years old so college is a long time ago for me, but I did study opinion polling as part of my undergrad degree in political science. In the past few election cycles, as published polls have so often proven to be significantly wrong, there has been a lot of discussion of polling methodology and how it influences results. However, one aspect of this has not been discussed very much, if at all, as far as I can tell from my normal online sources, supplemented by listening occasionally to Rush, Savage, and to local D-FW area radio talk shows: Here’s the issue: Nearly everyone I know says they refuse to answer the telephone, whether landline or mobile, if they do not know the caller or are not expecting the call. I suspect this is not a phenomenon confined to my small circle of acquaintances, but is a fairly widespread attitude given the current plague of robo-calls for all sorts of purposes. With this in mind, it seems that since nearly all the major polling services rely almost exclusively on telephone calls, some sort of control ought to be in place to account for the people who simply refuse to pick up a call. Yet I have never even heard this subject mentioned. I have no way of knowing if the segment of the population that refuses to answer strangers’ phone calls reflects the same general distribution of political leanings as does the population at large, but if I were a professional poll-taker I would want to know that so I could use the data to adjust my results, if neccessary based on the percentage of calls answered vs. refused in my surveying.

    Maybe someone with recent actual experience in polling can help me understand if I’m off base, or if there are controls like this being used by pollsters today. I can’t help believing that poll results have to be skewed in some fashion if the number of refusals to answer the phone is not taken into account in any way.


    • WeeWeed says:

      I don’t answer the phone if it’s any kind of 8XX number OR Washington D.C. Period.

      Liked by 1 person

    • unconqueredone says:

      You might be on to something. I generally don’t answer unknown numbers either. But if I do, I am extremely unlikely to give them any information in any form. I don’t trust any polls or polling organizations- I believe they are paid to structure the desired result.

      Liked by 1 person

    • michaelhamblin says:

      There are some major problems with polling methodology when the number of landlines has dropped dramatically, and the people who still have them (like myself) don’t answer the calls. I’m not sure what the long term solution is, but there is a strong selection bias using the telephone sample that didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago.

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    • Fools Gold says:

      Not a polling expert. I do know polling numbers are skewed for political purposes and people taking and doing the polls can lie like hell. I only pay attention to actual turn out counts from each state. Those have always been the best indicator in my humble opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. lizzyp says:

    For what it’s worth, the far left pink hat wearers on the board I no longer post to are grumbling about reports of TX voting machines changing votes (one report said ONLY the Beto vote was changed to Cruz, which makes it hard to believe that someone would program only one box to change, but what do I know?) and ‘lost ballots’ in some very Dem part of GA.

    I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but it sounds like they’re firing up their excuse machines.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jello333 says:

      That wouldn’t be Daily Kos, would it? 😉


      • lizzyp says:

        No, it’s a sort of celebrity gossip/current events/ movie & television mishmash. Populated by people who consider Daily Kos, Mother Jones and Rachel Maddow are never wrong. I stuck it out for 11 years, watching as one conservative member after another dropped away (some gave a reason, some just disappeared) and now that I’m basically the only one willing to challenge the liberal echo chamber I’m not willing to subject myself to their nastiness. I still check in for the ‘know thine enemy’ kind of update, but I don’t post. They’ve made it clear that they don’t care about me or my opinions so why bother?

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    • I have never seen any publicized evidence substantiating these claims of machines changing votes before the voter’s eyes, for either side. I suspect they are urban legends. What I have seen substantiated are instances in which hundreds or thousands of “absentee ballots” have suddenly materialized in a close election, and 100 percent of the cases have been to the benefit of a Democrat. In any case, I think you’re right, the excuse machines are warming up. This week’s farce with the fake bombs and the convenient “suspect” proves how desperate the “deep state” types must be. I’d love to canvass the residents of the neighborhood where the guy they arrested lives, and find out whether anyone has ever seen “his” van rolling around town with all those ridiculously overdone Trump stickers plastered everywhere, including over most of the windows. My guess is no one has ever seen it, because the van was prepared within the past day or two as part of the act. But hey, what do I know? 🙂


  32. EternalVigilanc3 says:

    Michigan here, saw John James today. Holy wa! Got there early didn’t see alot of peeps. However by the time John James showed up it was packed. You could feel the energy in the room. It was my first time going to see a candidate and what a blast. You could literally feel the guy’s passion. He mentioned he raised millions of $s opposed to Stabenow raising 400k.

    My mother in-law is apolitical and in the past week she’s been posting pro Trump stuff everyday. She’s never voted in a primary or midterm but this year shes doing both.

    My only concern is Prop 2. Its a proposition on the ballot to create an “independent” group to write up congressional districts instead of the State congress. 3 dems 3 repubs and 4 “Independents”. I was hoodwinked until I discovered alot of the peeps promoting Prop 2 are hardcore dems who are pretending to be independent. It’s highly funded also, I’ve never watched a TV ad for a proposition on the ballot.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I heard a report on the radio that John James has closed the gap to about 7 points behind Stabenow from 20 something, I believe. I rarely see political signs in my suburban Detroit area but did see a huge John James sign on the South-bound side of I-75 somewhere between Bay City & Detroit a couple weeks back. Though Stabenow appears to have way more TV commercials it’s pretty hard to gauge enthusiasm for or against her or James…

      I wish President Trump would come to MI for a John James rally & practically ensure his victory!!!

      On the gubernatorial front I wonder if Gretchen Whitmer is going to draw in the Jennifer Granholm enthusiasts, for she’s got a similar vibe (though she strikes me as seething with rage just below the surface). She pushes the predictable hot button issues of education & allegedly keeping costs down with no real means of paying for her alleged “reforms”. Bill Schutte doesn’t come across as very likable & like Rick Snyder doesn’t really appear to be a conservative Republican but is a safer bet than Whitmer who would likely do all in her power if elected to stop the Trump Train at the borders of Michigan…including stopping the pipeline revamp planned for the Straits of Mackinac…


  33. Terry Gilmour says:

    Georgia’s early voting as of midnight counting is OFF THE CHARTS. Georgia is a conservative state, and conservative counties (like mine) are running over 300% voter increases from 2014 votes. There are a few democrat counties and, not surprisingly, they are up as well. But they don’t appear to be up nearly as much as conservative counties.

    Hopefully these are very good signs for election day. My favorite new GA site is GeorgiaVotes.com which gives a breakdown of all categories, all counties, and total statewide. Anybody interested in deep analysis should visit.

    Liked by 3 people

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