Senator Grassley Wants Details on Why DOJ Declined to Prosecute Senior FBI Official…

The DOJ Office of Inspector General released an interesting investigative summary report today following a review of a “senior FBI official” accepting tickets from a “television news corespondent” and lying to investigators about the events.  The IG noted “criminal prosecution was declined”.  Now Senator Chuck Grassley wants the details:

(Source pdf)

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158 Responses to Senator Grassley Wants Details on Why DOJ Declined to Prosecute Senior FBI Official…

  1. InAz says:

    It would be better if Grassley would inquire about James Wolfe getting a slap on the wrist.

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    • InAz says:

      And why Awan was let go, and the list is long.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        One step at a time! Senator Grassley has been a Killer as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. The number of Judicial appointments that have occurred and more importantly will occur before the end of the year is beyond record setting. It is magical because these Judges will be on the bench long after Senator Grassley is gone from this Earth.

        Unlike the rest of the Senate, he is pushing forward with hearings while everyone else is back home.

        From the article linked above:

        The two judicial nomination hearings for the Fourth and Ninth Circuit courts are scheduled for Wednesday and October 24. Congress does not return from recess until after the November 6 midterm elections.

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        • Ray Runge says:

          As I can feel a satisfaction from confirmed Federal judges that will adjudicate the constitution for many years in the future, many rat tailed and rich Swamp critters are escaping justice in our contemporary time.

          A closer alignment with justice for both current crime and judges to preside over the cultural presentation of crime in the future will provide a solid base for USA.

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        • L4grasshopper says:

          Exactly. Getting judges confirmed is the best thing the Senate has done these last 2 years.

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          • Zippy says:

            “Getting judges confirmed is the best thing the Senate has done these last 2 years.”

            Considering the failure to prosecute VERY serious crimes at the highest levels of huge government agencies who could put any one of us away for good and the persistence of the MAJORITY swamp which got us to this point, those are just speed bumps on our downward path.


        • getfitnow says:

          I agree, flep. For some reason I can’t “like” comments anymore.

          Patience, Grasshopper.:)

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Well said Flep.

          Midterm wins and a new AG for Grassley to work with starts the boomerang.

          The political dynamics in the Senate have changed drastically in 2 years.
          In basic political terms: Trump is not only going to survive a Special Counsel…Mueller has been an unmitigated disaster.

          Grassley (and let’s not forget to credit his amazing crack staff) has documented EVERYTHING—a perfect roadmap for a new AG to hit the ground running.

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          • Sandra says:

            I agree with the comment about the Senate changing, however, I keep wondering about the Republican Senators that sit quietly on the Intelligence Committee. Warner et al are seemingly in charge of finding “nothing. Knowing nothing, finding nothing, and saying nothing”.

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            • cali says:

              @Sandra: There are a number of treasonous republicans as well who participated in the coup against president Trump. Ryan is one of them and retires. Look at all the retirements. Some were flipped while others who were blackmailed by the Hussein gang were relieved of blackmail – like Gowdy.

              Warner, Feinstein, Burr and the rest of the gang in that intelligence swamp have sealed indictments pending.

              Feinstein sold us out to China and her comeuppance will be hitting her hard all the while the outflow of treason to help China has been closed.

              Grassley and McConnell are cleaning up the courts and get rid of these activist judges who brought us lots of grief for a while.


            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              If we get the right AG to follow Grassley’s bread crumbs then who cares about the Senate Intelligence Committee?

              Legislative branch committee powers max out at a “criminal referral”.to the DOJ.

              DOJ can empanel grand juries, warrant, subpoena and prosecute.

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      • cali says:

        @InAz: The Awan espionage case will be tried in via military tribunal and not in public setting by a leftist judge. The national security factor is a military issue.

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  2. bill says:

    mark wauck said…
    Bobby, I would add that when the history of all this is written, Sessions’ role will loom large. As I’ve suggested in the past I believe the full story is not yet known. I believe Sessions made a deal for a shaky nomination confirmation that opened the way for a Special Counsel whose real role was to hamstring the new POTUS. Perhaps not fully witting, but that was the effect.
    October 13, 2018 at 12:41 PM

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Sessions’ role will loom large…..

      ….by his not looming at all.

      The effect of Sessions as AG cannot be understated
      Talk about the butterfly effect….remove that one thing and the last 2yrs are completely different…..a grand consolation prize to the Deep State’s desire for a HRC win.
      Don’t know if he was shell-shocked and neutered by his confirmation or made some side deal (recusal for approval) but one things for sure: it’s an ignominious end.


    • mark wauck says:

      bill, I responded to your comment here–I didn’t like to repeat a lengthy comment with multiple links.


  3. bill says:

    Unknown said…

    It’s looking much more likely that senior members and leadership within the DOJ/FBI engaged in felony criminal conduct (and not merely run-of-the-mill DC corruption). As such, these individuals may face a significant risk of prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment should it be revealed that a conspiracy to defraud the FISC has occurred and persisted for over a year. If so, Sessions may conclude that the cure is worse than the disease because of the effect this would have on DOJ/FBI reputation and future credibility. Rather than risk the optics of numerous high ranking federal officials serving prison time, he may facilitate a coverup in which token censure and rule changes substitute for traditional justice. This would put an end to the ideal of equal justice for all and codify a double standard for DC elites versus the average citizen.
    October 4, 2018 at 3:04 PM

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    • California Joe says:

      Exactly! Sessions is looking at the longtime damage to the reputation of the FBI and DOJ which in his opinion would be devastating to law enforcement and the American people.


      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Obstruction of Justice to cover up wrongdoing won’t protect the DOJ. FBI reputation. And any who obstruct should go to prison and forfeit benefits. Real prison.

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Where have I heard that justification before?
        Oh yeah.

        Avenatti filed a defamation lawsuit against PDJT to prevent longterm damage to the reputation of his client Stormy Daniels.

        Mr Sessions I have a math equation for you:
        x==y where
        x=DOJ/FBI management
        y= a washed up porn star


      • Sandra says:

        Like the cover up helps their reputation????? Meanwhile rank and file must be wondering if they are part of the elite. What if they too go off the reservation because there just isn’t any consequences. It’s like raising children. Actions should mean appropriate consequences. Instead of saying my kid is special.


      • aarmad says:

        That is not right. If you are criminal there needs to be consequences. If they walk that will have done far more damage, now and in the future.


    • Spar Harmon says:

      … which recalls the hard lesson, perhaps not fully learned, of the false category — “too big to let fail” —

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    • Heika says:

      Agree 100%


    • ivanthenuc says:

      Then he is helping to guarantee that significantly worse will happen the next time the libs take power. They already believe they can get away with virtually anything – fast and furious, IRS scandal, Trump targeting, etc – such that if nothing comes of this beyond a slap on the wrist they will complete their destruction of the republic the next time they have power. There won’t be another meaningful election in our lifetimes.
      I would rather see the FBI an DOJ gone into the dustbin of history than see this republic finally turned into just another failed liberal dictatorship!


    • Zippy says:

      “If so, Sessions may conclude that the cure is worse than the disease because of the effect this would have on DOJ/FBI reputation and future credibility. Rather than risk the optics of numerous high ranking federal officials serving prison time, he may facilitate a coverup in which token censure and rule changes substitute for traditional justice.”

      Just as the FISC did NOT prevent COINTELPRO v2 –ON STEROIDS– with the framing and spying upon the campaign of an opposition presidential candidate and a Mueller cover-up and character assassination effort after the election, not only will a failure to INVESTIGATE, CONFIRM, and DISCLOSE PUBLICLY the crimes committed and PROSECUTE to the fullest extent of the law those involved, there will be no good “reputation and future credibility” deserved by any agency involved.

      “This would put an end to the ideal of equal justice for all and codify a double standard for DC elites versus the average citizen.”

      That has been an imaginary concept for a very long time. The pardoning of Nixon for his simple to understand, but far less significant than Trump spygate crimes, is an easy example to point to.


    • David Quinn says:

      I cannot really believe that argument. We’re finding out anyway that the FBI and DOJ are corrupted. We’ll always despise them unless and until the rot is removed. We can understand that if clean people are put in at the top, the institution is changed.


  4. wolfmoon1776 says:

    “cc: The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, Ranking Member”

    Yeah, riiiiiight.

    “cc: The Dishonorable CHI-FI, Rank Traitor”

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    • cali says:

      @wofmoon1776: This ^^^^^^^^! 🙂

      Love your twitter feed reading everyday. Has twatter censored you yet” 🙂

      Keep it coming!

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        LOL! Thanks! 😀

        Oh, Twitter is all over me, keeping me down on the farm. That’s why I post tweets on here – they actually get some exposure here. Although Twitter can monkey with the plugin to deny THAT, too, so it’s a see-saw battle.


  5. Tiffthis says:

    That pic of Wray and Grassley is hilarious 😆


  6. California Joe says:

    The problem is the United States Attorney for Washington DC. He is worse than not aggressive when it comes to prosecuting Democrats and those who carry water for them. He needs to be canned!


  7. Jack Hawkins says:

    The photo of LTG Flynn with Senator Grassley and the title are epic and the point is obvious: They prosecuted LTG Flynn, with a 35 year record of service after entrapping him under interrogation but do not prosecute one of their own. Flynn went against Obama and has been a marked man ever since. High ups in DOJ, FBI and CIA were working with that regime to undermine our Nation’s interests and Flynn was in the way. Ever wonder why his “prosecution” has not been completed? Let’s what Grassley has up his sleeve?

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  8. Doug Amos says:

    Sessions’ record speaks for itself. There is neither any indication of competency nor any reason to forestall the inevitable. Cut the losses and move on.

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  9. Doc Moore says:

    Either those reporting Anti-Socialist Democrat news are lying, or there a MANY criminals out there that Mueller, the DOJ and the Media are covering up. If the evidence is so damn convincing, as we are told by all the media, DO SOMETHING that resembles enforcing the laws.


  10. weareallandrew says:

    Sundance called it- the DOJ and FBI are running out the clock, hoping for the House to go Dem.

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