Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears with Laura Ingraham to discuss the Senate nomination process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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213 Responses to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination….

  1. @ChicagoBri says:

    At the risk of being called a troll again, I gently oppose the praise of McConnell and Grassley. The last minute charge against soon-to-be Justice Kavanaugh was pure hokum from the get-go. By letting a good man twist in the wind for 2 weeks, open to every kind of smear from the nauseating Ds, look at how the GOPe riled up their base. To the GOPe, allowing the ruination of the reputation of Kavanaugh was just good politics.


    • dr. D says:

      I think they did the right thing allowing the charade to play out and allowing the supplemental FBI investigation to appease the lower information moderates/independents.

      Everyone here knew it was BS and the lunatic left won’t budge, but how this played out could affect the 4-5% in the middle, which probably will decide the election.


  2. Elle says:

    Well, short of the apocalypse, it looks like today, Oct 6, 2018 will be noted in America’s history books. How do I know? The approved global minions are preparing their acolytes for the inevitable:

    Brett Kavanaugh Is On Track To Be A Historically Unpopular Supreme Court Justice AND..
    12 Self Care Tips If You’re Struggling To Deal With Everything Today:

    And….SADLY! no youtube link attached we can play of this woman (over and over and over again) once the 51st vote is cast:


  3. thedoc00 says:

    I still believe this sudden show of strength by the Republicans in congress is as much a realization that their survival demands it as much as their desire to suddenly want to govern wisely. The GOPe and Uni-Party republicans may have awaken to the fact that to the democrats it is all about POWER and nothing else. Nobody siding with the democrats or collaborating with them is safe from destruction. That also includes the victims whom the democrats put forward as the prelude to their assaults, victims who are either thrown under the bus when proven inadequate (Christine Ford by DiFi) or quickly thrown onto the trash pile of the forgotten when their usefulness disappears.
    The tragedy is the large number of sound bite literate lemmings who are so easily lead from baseless assault to assault with such ease, who never look up to see where they are going, can never answer why they are angry nor look back at the trail of destruction and destroyed lives they so easily leave behind.
    We must all vote and continue to attempt to educate via our words and actions based on morality, law and civility (by not stooping to their level of violence).


    • thedoc00 says:

      OK, the republicans rallied to appoint Judge Kavanaugh. Yet, I am reminded of line from the movie “Angus” by George C Scott, you had your moment so now go have another.

      Let’s see what happens after this show of strength. A few more moments are needed in order to cement the elections in November because the media beat will be 24/7 to overshadow this moment.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Christine Ford was no victim and the trash pile is EXACTLY where she belongs.


  4. McConnell pushed for Kav. PDJT was considering a woman but Mitch told him it was too soon for her nomination as she had only been on the 7th ckt for a year. He wanted Kav and convinced PDJT that Kav would be easy to get confirmed. This is why he’s been able to ‘plow’ through this mess and is going to get him confirmed.


  5. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    This is from June of last year, but it perfectly illustrates what they tried to do to Judge Kavanaugh. I could throttle this old witch.


    • renzi2018 says:

      Thanks Nancy.
      So thats how you and your pawns in DOJ/FBI did Muh Russia!
      And thank you, CorruptFakeNews your playing along.

      Dont worry. We got it.


  6. Bonitabaycane says:

    Senator McConnell, sir, I’m looking forward to you giving Senator Murkowski two new titles:

    (1) “Former” Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and

    (2) “Former” Chair of the Interior and Environment Subcommittee.

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  7. renzi2018 says:

    Boy did Fox score hiring Ingraham!

    Remember that Me-gin character?
    Me neither!

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  8. Scott Lyddon says:

    The turtle doesn’t seem interested in punishing anyone for this circus. Disappointing but not surprising.

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    • renzi2018 says:

      For now…
      That could be for leverage on votes to come.

      Or later.
      Graham has “promised” to hold an investigation.

      revenge, a dish best served cold.

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      • Mhysmith says:

        Fox is interviewing Grassley. They are pressing for Ford’s therapist notes and the polygraph detail. He said that some on the committee want a thorough investigation but he sounded that was not a definite yet. I think it is very important to set an example as to potential legal liabilities in making false allegations. Also important to hit on some of the power structures. Tell like a building. Taking down a support structure on a lower floor wakings the top above it.


    • mikeyboo says:

      I dpn’t think that’s correct and politically it is best not to telegraph your intentions.


  9. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:
  10. Cooper45 says:

    I wanted to watch the final confirmation procedure on this site via computer but I also turned on the TV to see what the alternative FNC was broadcasting. Instead of hearing what’s actually happening on the floor “Deep State Gatekeeper” Chris Wallace was reciting every word the idiot protesters in the gallery were yelling and then “enlightening” his audience with his own negative “superior intellect” commentary.

    It was unwatchable during this historic vote so I turned it off after only a few minutes. One of the great advantages of this site is that it shows events as they occur without irritating commentary talking over the event.


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