Senator Collins and Senator Manchin are “Yes” Votes for Judge Kavanaugh…

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) have announced their support for a senate confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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676 Responses to Senator Collins and Senator Manchin are “Yes” Votes for Judge Kavanaugh…

  1. Michael Brandeberry says:

    Hello, people smarter than me. I wanted to include an image with my post like some of you do but for the life of me can’t figure out how. Advice?

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  2. agentcommonsense says:

    30 hours of Democrats BOOFING… Love you POTUS

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  3. scrap1ron says:

    There needs to be serious legal repercussions for the Democrats and their operatives involved in this smear operation and organized mob attacks or they’ll just keep doing it till they succeed and people get hurt and/or killed. I’m talking removal from office, loss of accrued pension benefits and jail time.

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  4. Stickboy says:

    Does anyone wonder why there are a multitude of POS’s in government? This thread is an outstanding example of why that is.

    Over on the “Thug Life” thread, almost everyone is kicking the piss out of Graham, he’s untrustworthy, a real piece of shit.

    In this thread, almost everyone is gushing and pissing their pants in joy over the fantastic speech that Collins made.

    How in hell can anyone justify that? Collins is a turncoat, she is voting yes only because she has no other choice, if she is to have any chance at survival. She isn’t a great person, she’s playing a damn game. Give your head a shake.

    But, the majority is getting sucked in yet again, and will probably elect the piece of shit Collins back in……if you do, then quit bitching about shitty politicians, cause you put them there.

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    • OldBruin says:

      We don’t elect Collins, unless you live in Maine. And Maine has elected her for twenty two years. I seriously doubt she is worrying about her reelection. She is the only Republican Senator from New England. I don’t know, maybe it’s the water.
      She made a good speech defending Kavanaugh. She didn’t have to do that. She could have just quietly voted yes. At least in this case she sees things clearly. What would you have her do instead? Vote no and prove to you what a turncoat she is.
      We are stuck with her. At least she isn’t Sanders, Warren, or Blumenthal, to name three other senators from New England. I am very glad and gratified she is going to vote yes. It is crucial for several reasons. We put another strict constructionist in the Supreme Court. In the long run that’s as important as anything else we an do. We showed that the terrorist tactics of the left do not work. And this whole episode can serve to energize the Republican base.
      And maybe, just maybe, it will also open her eyes, to see Democrats do not care about issues, only power.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        And…I might add, at least she is not Kirstin Gillibrand(D) NY. A beautiful woman who epitomized the phrase, “beauty is skin deep, yet ugly goes clear to the bone.” Such beauty, yet politically such a revolting, disgusting and bitter women.


    • Donzo says:

      Stickboy, point taken, but you know as well as I that the time to vote her out is in a primary. That goes for all the Rinos and weak-kneed Republicans. Right now she plans to vote for Kav. You pick what’s on the menu.

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  5. JPatrick says:

    Thank you Senators.
    Please help America by staying strong.

    The Trump train has left the station on it’s way to another victory!
    God bless America!

    Semper Fidelis /Semper Vigilis

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  6. Fools Gold says:

    It’s amazing to me how the GOP rhinos are afraid of showing their rejection of our great President and choices he’s made for USA first!! These SOB’s in DC are scared to death of what’s coming 2020 and I think we’ll forget with a few good deeds by them! I think they’ve finally realized the MAGA revolution is for real and the good folks of America who have their number ain’t ever going to back down! Whether it’s in Nov or 2020, it’s coming alright MAGA style! Who would have thought? Personally I’ll never get tired of winning when it comes to my country!

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      It’s understandable why one would put their head down and go along to get along when you know that the POTUS and his Intelligence, Justice, and Media apparatus are spying on you and concocting lies about you that will be used against you if you protest against his actions and those of his accomplices, and there is no one with the power to stand up against him because they too are caught up in the same web of snooping and deceit. No one had their back. That was the situation up until 11/6/2016. It’s taken years of watching Trump work and repeatedly defeat the disloyal opposition for much GOPe to comprehend that they no longer have to cower before the insane fury of the Leftists, that they WILL have Trump’s back if they work with him. The Kavanaugh hearings were a tipping point, because most of the Republicans finally realized that the fury and unbridled evil viciousness displayed would almost certainly be turned on them whether they won or lost. That no good woman or man would ever dare try for public office if the monsters of ‘Progressivism’ were not beaten back. Hopefully it is their permanent ‘come to Jesus’ moment.

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  7. After BK’s testimony Senator Murkowski said she would support another FBI investigation to ‘look into these charges’. This FBI investigation did not turn up anything new and likely did find evidence on the part of Ford’s lawyers and ChiFi. So, Lisa, why did you call for another FBI investigation to ‘look into these charges’ AFTER you had seen the temperament-thing that you’re now citing as your reason for ‘no’?

    B/c you are a sham. A dishonest, weak, feckless sham

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    • OldBruin says:

      Judge Kavanaugh has shown he has the right temperament for the Supreme Court, having sat on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit for twelve years, and been given the highest rating by the American Bar Association, a left leaning organization.

      Yes, the excuse is definitely a dishonest, weak, feckless sham.

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    • MelH says:

      It was embarrassing, listening to Murkowski’s lame speech. Embarrassing that such a fool is allowed to be in the corrupt contingent running our Country. I kept wanting to smack her and choke her with her fake necklace. Such fake piety riles me anyway, which is why i turn the TV off when Dana Perino comes on. Holier-than-thou women end up being spinsters who, late in life, marry Casper Milquetoasts.


      • Kenji says:

        Her speech reminded me of the girl in my 4th grade class who gave a presentation on the CA Missions for which she didn’t prepare. She rambled, fumbled … and then fled the class in tears.

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  8. Judge Kavanaugh was right on target with his insight….. this whole thing was a HRC orchestrated lynching. It all goes back to her, all the players, former government personnel in the DOJ, Ford’s handlers and lawyers and polygraphs and ‘beach people’…. they’re all from Hillary’s circa of orbit.

    Ironically, it’s all b/c as a young attorney with Ken Starr, BK wanted the dirt known about her husband and she (HRC) was head central of the smear operation on the many credible and with corroboration WOMEN w/ whom Bill tried to get yays yays out. HRC is a vengeful devil and this whole charade is her doing. Bill for everyone’s time and charge them all criminally.


  9. Bonitabaycane says:

    The Profiles in Courage award goes to Senator Susan Collins.

    The Profiles in Cowardice award is shared by Murkowski and Manchin.


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