Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – October 3rd (Video)…

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the White House press briefing for Wednesday October 3rd, 2018.  Mrs. Sanders is joined by National Security Advisor John Bolton who delivered remarks about the ongoing issues with Iran.

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70 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – October 3rd (Video)…

  1. Everywhereguy says:

    The victor and still champion…

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  2. H.R. says:

    Hmmm… everybody must be busy getting their “Presidential Alerts”. No comments as I’m typing this.

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  3. Orson says:

    Were I Iran, I’d be very concerned. “Sauron’s” eye seems to have turned in that direction. If the Kavanaugh plate can be cleared…Heads Up there, Mullahs!!!

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  4. sobriquet4u says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this SD.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    The POS from the MSM are realizing that their grand plans are crumbling right in front of their faces! Not a single question about the statements the ex boyfriend made under penalty of perjury. Our President was brilliant last night. He knew these POS would take the meat and run with it. People that hear this garbage on the news this evening will want to see what the President said and will want to read Ms. Mitchell’s report.

    These fools get played like a fiddle by our Lion! They absolutely can’t help themselves by falling for it every single damn time!

    Murkowski is completely full of SHIT!

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    • Tl Howard says:

      As for that b-tttch Murkowski? Where does she get off even implying she has a right to vote “no” because she doesn’t like Trump “mocking” Ford? Please, someone, tell me just what Murky has on the GOP that she gets away with this stuff. She and Collins and Flake are directly responsible for continuing the hell the Kav. family and the country have gone through. Who the hell really pulls the strings in Alaska? Big oil? Yeah, but I don’t see them trying to expend any energy on *this* vote for a Bush type justice. I suppose the feminazis give money to Murky but I doubt it’s sufficient enough to do much of anything in AK.

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    • Only one problem, he wasn’t mocking, that was the morning talking point (think Gravitas, ) so ignore these fools, losers.

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    • gustafus21 says:

      All the posturing for Ford as “aggrieved petite flower” was lost on the Denver Audience for Bill Burr last week end. I’ve posted a couple of times on this – so forgive me for the double and triple posts on this phenomenon.

      Denver is at best, the mushy middle but left of center since they began huffing THC for fun AND profit ….yet the audience howled when Burr cautioned against believing “ALL women?” …. they howled again when he said – “okay how about 85%..okay 89%”

      Burr routinely outs women as harpies and hypocrites. His bit on Oprah telling women that “motherhood is the hardest job” … REALLY, he says… not roofing in July?

      Then he does 20 minutes on why any job you do in your pajamas isn’t too bad, especially over drinks when you put the toddlers down on “trumped up charges”. He’s hilarious…

      and brutal on women as parasites, trophy wives, and whiny divorcee’s …

      This is America’s premier comic… having won every Comedy Club award – filling every stadium in America with thousands for a generation…

      The world according to Bill Burr —-

      Women are not a sisterhood.
      Women are not a voting block.
      and –
      If Women were poked in the nose when they begged for it – they would be better off for it.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      Can’t help but notice that Sundance’s tripwires appear to be no longer getting crossed since DJT’s speech. Even Bromwich made some huffy statement against Trump. Maybe Trump killed their momentum.

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  6. Tl Howard says:

    Sen. Bob Corker says the Senate expects to get the reports of the FBI Kavanaugh interviews this afternoon, reports @frankthorp. “That is it, there’s not going to be a finding, there never was,” Corker says.


  7. bosscook says:

    Sarah Sanders makes me want to start a restaurant called “The Brave Eagle” and have a table reserved for her in perpetuity.

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  8. MIKE says:

    I’m sorry, but press passes have to be yanked from the brainwashed minionites. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to hard working, critical thinking Americans.
    Can we at least allow Sarah to have one of those T-shirt guns we’ve seen at sporting events, so she can pop em’ with MAGA shirts when they display their ignorance?
    That would be so cool, let,s equip it with a bumpstock


  9. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Sarah Sanders, you are the Woman!!!


  10. trumpthepress says:

    She is so incredible with these children. She takes them to school every single day. Perfect person for the job. I would vote for her in 2024.

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  11. Kaiser Derden says:

    Sarah Sanders picking Chuck Norris to press briefing … “No questions mam” … they will never name a road after Sarah … too dangerous, because as is proven on a daily basis “Nobody crosses Sarah and lives” …

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  12. gustafus21 says:

    An Ambrose Evans Pritchard hit piece says BK and IC Starr were complicit in the Vince Foster cover up.


    Evans-Pritchard is very clear that he believes Kavanaugh made a careerist decision, when he performed an about-face in order to aide and abet an FBI cover-up regarding the details of Vince Foster’s death. Short version; AEP says Foster was shot in the neck and Kavanaugh knew it, but helped propagate the suicide, gunshot wound inside the mouth story.

    Seems participating in a cover-up or committing a heinous crime in pursuit of elite solidarity is the singular resume item that qualifies one for high office and power in this country. It appears to be an initiation ritual that serves to prove allegiance to the ruling class above all.

    Maybe that’s why Kavanaugh looked so angry before Congress. He really wants to blurt out: “I did my part to save the Clinton Presidency and only let the Republicans score political points when I was part of the Starr investigation! You f*%king Democrats owe me damn it!!!”

    Nothing would surprise me….
    Sorry if I’m out of lockstep on BK, but I suspect he’s swamp material- if only because his difficulties lured Georgie the Cheerleader out of the everglades, if only to belch and fart.

    If BK was complicit in Starr’s NON investigation of Clinton Crimes and the Body Count – my earlier suspicions are correct – this isn’t Trumps man… he’s got gills.


    • trumpthepress says:

      That’s not what his record shows for over 20 years. He is a constitutional conservative and would vote accordingly. After this fiasco, do you think he would ever vote left or even center on anything? Not a chance.


      • gustafus21 says:

        That’s not what I thought… okay, he’s conservative. But if he covered for the Foster cover up… he’s got gills.


        • trumpthepress says:

          He was properly vetted and if that were the case, don’t you think the left would vote for him? I don’t buy it. That’s similar to hearing he did something to Dr. Ford…You would think this would have come out before this, no? 11th hour accusations don’t pass my smell test.


        • Sprawlie says:

          I also saw that piece by Evans-Pritchard and am similarly concerned by the questions it raises. Also troublesome for me is the fact that BK wasn’t on the original list of potential nominees submitted by then Candidate Trump before the election.


  13. Disgusted says:

    Just amazing work here today by John Bolton AND Sarah! Both so sharp and clear. Thanks to President Trymp for these two in the capacity within which they both serve in his administration for us! I do feel deep pride in our country once again! I need a new name. I am no longer Disgusted!


  14. Tl Howard says:

    It’s 6:10 in DC. Those FBI reports ought to be in the hands of McConnell and Grassley by 9 their time, wouldn’t you think?


  15. Cooper45 says:

    Another fabulous job Sarah dealing with the biased anti Trump jackals and a few reasonable reporters.

    You are undoubtedly the best, the strongest and the most skilled Press Secretary in recent history (that I have seen in my lifetime) because no other President has been attacked so relentlessly by a majority of a politically corrupted MSM. Other admins have been under siege at times by a few reporters or 1 network but not one has had an almost totally united snarly holier than thou hypocrite MS Press against them that is always trying to frame a story into a negative.

    Was there only one question about the USMCA?


  16. Tl Howard says:

    Check this out: they are still lying and cheating and clawing: this is from Erik Erikson’s twitter (yeah, I know, I know, but I laughed and said “Hallelujah” the other day when he said he had criticized heavily Trump’s attacks on the media but that he now understands how deserving many of them are of that criticism.

    Chad Pergram

    Verified account

    1h1 hour ago
    Manchin on Kavanaugh: I’m looking at the gentleman as an adult from 22 to 53. 31 years of official service. I’m looking at him as a father, as a person in the community…I mean I’m just looking at the human side of it also I think every aspect has to be looked at.

    103 replies 413 retweets 1,036 likes
    Reply 103 Retweet 413 Like 1.0K Direct message

    Erick Erickson

    Verified account

    7m7 minutes ago
    More Erick Erickson Retweeted Yashar Ali 🐘
    I call bullshit. Corey Booker already showed he was willing to make confidential info public. His failure to do so here is a big reveal that the Democrats are lying. Coons and Klobuchar declining to sign this is another big reveal.Erick Erickson added,

    Yashar Ali 🐘
    Verified account

    Whoah…in a letter signed by Judiciary Committee Dems, they suggest that information re Kavanaugh and “inappropriate sexual abuse or alcohol abuse” are contained in his past confidential FBI background checks.
    Show this thread
    7 replies 26 retweets 71 likes
    Reply 7 Retweet 26 Like 71 Direct message
    Erick Erickson Retweeted

    Alicia Smith

    25m25 minutes ago
    More Alicia Smith Retweeted Yashar Ali 🐘
    Also Coons and Klobuchar (arguably the two responsible dems on the committee) declined to sign that letter.Alicia Smith added,
    Yashar Ali 🐘
    Verified account

    Whoah…in a letter signed by Judiciary Committee Dems, they suggest that information re Kavanaugh and “inappropriate sexual abuse or alcohol abuse” are contained in his past confidential FBI background checks.
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  17. Tl Howard says:

    Dems now attacking the FBI, saying they knew all along he had sexual abuse claims against him and a history of problems with alcohol. So, it’s blame the FBI for a cover up, I guess.

    I think it would be cool if a 100k folks or so showed up with wagons containing pots of tar and feathers. IT would be symbolic, of course, and accompanied by sentries with pitchforks.

    My fantasy is to see the Dems as they come down the steps of Congress to the waiting assemblage who would be silent, absolutely silent.


  18. Mike diamond says:

    We love Sarah,the press is always depressed,there always sour lemmons! But we have learned they are just cheerleaders for the libs,so don’t worry be happy!


  19. PB says:

    The presence of that homicidal pile of horse manure known as John Bolton tends to spoil everything.


  20. renzi2018 says:

    Bolton is the perfect bookend to Pompeo, validating and reinforcing the team work for Trump.
    Just think how much has been done foreign policy wise in a year and a half, especially given obstruction in State Department hiring alone.

    Iran is being strangled, the International Court nonsense is knocked down- Bolton and Nikki Haley are handing the Paleostinians and their pathetic cheering section and enablers in the UN a spanking every month. And Fatty Kim is no longer firing missiles over Japan.

    China is haunted, by the very real threat they will wreck their economy to keep up the tit-for-tat, and they don’t have the stack of chips to play that game…

    Just imagine, instead of Pompeo/Bolton/Haley we had Hillary/Rice/Powers or worse.
    WE. DODGED. A. BULLET. !!!

    And all without starting another doomed-to-fail-by-leading-from-their-behinds war in some sh1thole like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, or where-ever the chicken-hawk Dems might draw a red-line…

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