Rachel Mitchell Memorandum and Analysis of Christine Blasey-Ford Testimony…

Arizona sex-crimes prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, questioned Christine Blasey-Ford during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ms. Mitchell presents a nine page report with her analysis of Ms. Ford’s testimony.

Within the memorandum Mitchell notes many inconsistencies with the testimony and points out the multiple conflicts within the story story were likely an outcome of coaching by her attorneys.

Multiple Democrat lawmakers and staff interacted with Ford prior to her testimony; and much of her testimony appears to have been shaped in an effort to justify inconsistencies.

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573 Responses to Rachel Mitchell Memorandum and Analysis of Christine Blasey-Ford Testimony…

  1. Sparty says:

    Yeah, she was criticized. But she operates in a courtroom, not a circus.

    This report is scathing and cannot be rebutted. So what are the Republicans gonna do with it? Most are too scared to attack “the victim”. If I hear one more person say “she seemed credible” I’ll lose it.
    I sure hope Trump reads this. And McConnell and company use it. “Dr Ford” is no victim. The way she bus tossed her supposed friend was downright nasty and it rolled right off her tongue so naturally. She is a total fraud, and likely has some type of interest in the abortion pill company she wrote research papers for.

    The scratched up glasses? Total prop. She is a horrible person based on what she has done.

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    • bofh says:

      The glasses needed a little adhesive tape.

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      She was auditioning for Marian the Librarian in Music Man, only that SHE was the crook.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      Why can’t they charge her with perjury? If there is one false statement shouldn’t the rest of what she said be discounted??

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      • Newhere says:

        They could if they could prove it, and, yes.

        But you know how likely that is, even with blatant proof.


        • Zippy says:

          “Why can’t they charge her with perjury?” “They could if they could prove it”

          NO, they wouldn’t for entirely political optics reasons even if they COULD prove it. THAT is why Ford and her fellow conspirators took the minuscule risk to do what they did. They knew there’d be no consequences even if they were found out.


    • Newhere says:

      Haven’t seen anyone call out the bus toss yet! Infuriating. Mitchell asked Christine what Leland’s motivation might have been in not corroborating her story — a very interesting question — because the answer that’s consistent with Christine’s story is that her motivation was simply to tell the truth. (Because according to Christine, Leland had no idea what happened, because Christine NEVER told her, ever, and no one else in the house ever spoke of it.) But Mitchell’s question triggered Christine’s manipulative and dishonest pathology. Christine didn’t like how the simple truth felt or sounded. It feels better to be the martyr. So instead of sticking to the straightforward answer, that also happens to be consistent with the story she’d spun, Christine can’t resist layering in that her good friend Leland is ill, needed to hand the issue to her lawyer, and even “apologized” to Christine. Apologized for WHAT, exactly, not lying??

      This whole thing has the feel of the UVA rape story.

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      • Mike says:

        Excellent points! One big question for me relates to Ford’s “escape” from the drunk boys trying to “rape” and possibly “kill” her inadvertently… If Ford “escaped” and was able to remember the bathroom and the stairs, why doesn’t she remember how she got away from the house where the alleged attack took place??? If she was really “afraid,” wouldn’t she remember how she escaped from the house and got home??? At what point, after escaping from the drunk boys in the bedroom, did she feel safe. Where was she when she finally felt safe? How did she get there and who was she with when she finally felt safe??? ANY real victim would remember this vividly!!!


        • Norma Jean says:

          totally agree!


        • Newhere says:

          And Mitchell’s report adds another factor to your point here it’s easy to forget — this was BEFORE cell phones! So somehow there’s a brick wall in her memory of the trauma from when she “escaped” the house, which seems to be very shortly after the whole thing happened, to putting herself outside the house, in the evening, miles from home, apparently horribly traumatized. Suddenly, BLANK (except she’s “sure” she didn’t drive herself).

          And this wasn’t a “party.” There were only 6 or so people there — 3 of whom were involved in the “attack.” If Judge and Kavanaugh were as inebriated as she said — would they really have had the presence of mind to turn up the music to drown out her pleas and screams? That doesn’t strike me as consistent with how drunk teens act. And how big would the house have to be for the 2 or 3 other people not to here “screams” even above the loud music? And if the music suddenly became that loud, wouldn’t that itself cause questions — especially after one of the two girls suddenly walks out the front door, distraught? Yet no one ever speaks of it. It’s not plausible that “good friends” Christine and Leland never discussed Christine’s abrupt departure. That’s not how friends behave. Even if Christine made up something to tell Leland to preserve her secret — it would have come up.

          Any of these skeptical questions are forbidden, but if you really transport your mind to the scene (and remember what teens are like), they become natural questions.


  2. Howie says:

    Judge Kave must go on the court now. No matter how long it takes.

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  3. Sherri Young says:

    Mark Levin read portions of an article on his show a little bit ago. Apparently the plan for Flake to advocate for a investigation was hatched in Susan Collins’s office. That means Susan Colllins is a no vote on confirmation.

    I thought ML said the article was from Politico. I did not see it there, but I did not look too thoroughly.


  4. Read Mitchell’s report on the Senator floor – it becomes a permanent stain on the Democrat party…….

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  5. Susan says:

    Why haven’t we seen any interviews from her students (does this look/sound like your prof?) or anyone who knows her from other circumstances?

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    • seway77 says:

      Are any of her classes taped?

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    • BebeTarget says:

      Why isn’t her family visible as they support her . . and why aren’t all the friends, old boyfriends, co-workers on tv talking glowingly about her. Sure, all the Leftie college students and profs signed letters of support but did anyone know her personally, as all of Judge Kavanugh’s supporters? I haven’t heard words like honor, integrity, kindness, honesty in describing her from high school friends.
      I lived in Mt. Vernon, VA in the 80’s and had a wonderful young man for a neighbor. He started college in state in 1983 and said binge-drinking was what the students did every weekend.

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      • Covadonga says:

        Her family’s not seen with her because they are all in the CIA, and have to keep a low profile.

        Probably in the Election Manipulation Division.


  6. Howie says:

    Cool fridge…up theirs/

    SGT Gunny open fire.

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  8. Howie says:

    The anti-Beer party. No beer for you!

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  9. Sherri Young says:

    BTW, I have never see a witness flanked by attorneys at the same witness table while testifying before a congressional committee. The attorneys always sit behind the witness, never at the table. Grassley treated her very well indeed.

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  10. JX says:

    The article in question: http://sci-hub.tw/10.1002/jclp.20496

    h/t https://old.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/9kjjdn/breaking_this_is_huge_waiting_for_permission_to/

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    • Barry Londrigan says:

      I asked about this on another thread..this cant really be for real can it? If so, its like a smoking gun! The prosecuter specifically asked the waynes world clone if she had knowledge of or knew how to retrieve memories or something to that effect and she replied no and acted all stupid about it. Major lie if so eh?

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    • Barry Londrigan says:

      I asked about this on another thread..this cant really be for real can it? If so, its like a smoking gun! The prosecuter specifically asked the waynes world clone if she had knowledge of or knew how to retrieve memories or something to that effect and she replied no and acted all stupid about it. Major lie if so eh? ?


  11. Howie says:

    You can ban pears, peaches, persimmons, and pot….You try and ban my beer and you will be terminated…with prejudice. It is inhumann and unamerican. This is about your beer.

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  12. Howie says:

    29th amendment….
    The right of the people to their beer shall not be infringed upon.


  13. dogsmaw says:

    Im guessin on this…but isnt this a one piece bathing suit?

    ya just know a girl has to be instyle on the latest fashion


    October 1, 2018
    Kavanaugh, kompromat, and the ruling class
    By Thomas Lifson

    With the inquisition of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s adolescence and high school yearbook a precedent, a serious question arises:

    Has the #MeToo movement ushered in an era in which the childhood foibles people appointed or elected to significant public office will be investigated?

    A friend who is the graduate of another famous, elite preparatory school wrote to me, and I quote the message with permission:

    There is more…keep readin at link


  14. YoYo says:

    There is a very easy way to put a stop to Feinstein’s freak show. Just ask yourself two simple questions and demand that the media provide the answers. The answers will reveal this is all a fraud.

    If my wife had been abused by some sc.umbag, I’d be raising he.ll against him, I’d be on every network 24/7, the entire country would know my name. I would have been supporting my wife everywhere she goes: TV, meetings and Senate hearings.

    It’s curious that Ford’s husband is notably absent. The media won’t publish his name, we never heard from the guy. No interviews, no letters to the NYT or the WaPo. It’s almost as if he didn’t exist.


    Question #1: where’s the husband?
    Answer: nowhere

    Question #2: what does he do for a living?
    Answer: he is a CIA agent. Hence, answer #1

    This little fact alone should raise flags everywhere. Everything that follows has its source in that fact: the media’s echo chamber, the 24/7 smearing of Kavanaugh, Ford’s mental instability, Sheela Jackson Lee handing out checks on the Senate floor, Feinstein recommending Ford’s lawyer, the Creepy Porn Lawyer, Weasel Comey’s intervention on Twitter, the two front doors at Ford’s home, everything. This is “Iran deal” and “Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video” all over again.

    Feinstein’s freak show is a CIA spooky operation that has only one goal: to undermine the President of the United States. Period.

    So again, where’s Ford’s husband and what does he do for a living?

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    • dogsmaw says:

      Ford didnt name Kavanaugh, her husband did. The real question is why wont you give the name of the other boy. Ford has not even revealed it to her husband according to info we have at this point.


    • SalixVeridi says:

      This could be wrong, but I believe I did read that he was into “abortifacients’ in the abortion industry.


      • Sherri Young says:

        Blasey Ford had co-authored several publications reporting research into the psychoactive properties of RU-486. Studying that drug for depression.


  15. There is enough dirt on the Demonic Dems to put most of them away in a supermax prison, yet the Revolting Repubs refuse to even bring it up.

    Today our President Trump positively reamed the Dems up, down and sideways, including “Da Nang ” Blumenthal, Chi-Fi and some of the others at his press conference. Why the hell can’t the Repubs follow his example and do likewise?? They are a bunch of craven cowards is what the problem is: afraid of losing their power, position and most of all MONEY and PERKS.

    After watching our President today, first at the triumphant announcement about the new treaties and later this evening at the rally, I couldn’t help but reflect yet again how lucky we are to have him. #BEST PRESIDENT EVER

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    • Mike says:

      Yes Sen

      I thought POTUS kicked serious democrat and MSNM ass today! It was possibly the best presser to date.

      The looks on the faces of the “reporters” was priceless.

      Trump, “You don’t understand what I’m saying. Actually you do, you’re just reporting it wrong.”

      And when he told the MSNM that THEY WERE the democrats, the look on their faces showed they knew Trump was right.

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    • SalixVeridi says:

      Term. Limits. !!


    • RoddREpub says:

      I was listening at work when he was naming them I was laughing so hard!

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  16. SalixVeridi says:

    God forgive me, but there is something weird about this woman. Her face and demeanor are not normal. I still think she is a fraud.

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    • Annie says:

      One thing for sure…she is the oldest 50’ish woman I have ever seen..she looks a good 10-15 yrs.older than that..that is what years spent boozing and surfing..doesn’t look like sunscreen was her friend either..I know..meow..I don’t care!!!

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      • thinkthinkthink says:

        Ever notice that people with a clean conscience often have clean facial features. Our Lion has a strong but open face. Everyone loves his honesty, even the UN is stunned by his openness.

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  17. moe ham head says:

    he needs to hire keith the muzzy ellisions investigators
    keith is squeaky clean
    bizarro world X 10


  18. Kris says:

    “I do not think a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee. Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard…” This statement is reminiscent of what Comey spewed on July 5, 2016, regarding Hillary Clinton. If the Democrats did not think the evidence against Hillary was not sufficient to prosecute, then there is no way this should go any further! Period!!


  19. 6x47 says:

    I suspect Dr. Ford’s problems have been made WORSE by her therapist. There are two approaches to counseling: The helpful one is tough and pushes the patient to take responsibility for their own actions; the unhelpful approach is cloying sympathy and encourages the patient to indulge in self-pity blaming others for their problems. “S**t happens; deal with it. You’re responsible for your own life” vs. “poor you, it’s not your fault”.

    We know Dr. Ford has a lot of emotional problems and personal issues; it is reported she regrets being promiscuous in her younger days. She seems to have hung quite a lot on this incident of “sexual assault”, and as she and her therapist have made it into a sort of origin myth, the wellspring of all her troubles. It’s a manufactured memory that became embellished until it’s a morality tale, a psychodrama worthy of a John Hughes movie: Poor townie girl Ford is abused by privileged rich kids, leaving her damaged for life from their savage amusements and discarding her like trash as they continue leading their charmed lives and move into the elite positions they own as a birthright.

    I don’t think Ford knew Bret Kavanaugh or Mark Judge from Adam. Thirty years after the fact she heard about a kid from her hometown being considered for the Supreme Court, looked him up, and decided HE was the villain. She did some more research and found out about his friends and populated them into her melodrama: The unknown boy who grabbed her boob and forced her onto a bed and his friend finally had a name! And when she learned Mark Judge worked at a Safeway store she remembered, it all came together!

    It’s suspicious how little she remembers, but she’s dead certain a boy she didn’t know, had never met before, and hasn’t seen since is The Guy Who Did This To Me.

    And THAT’S being charitable. I suppose if the Democrats were really making it up out of whole cloth they would have scripted it better and arranged for corroborating witnesses. Ford is a basket case, and they’re exploiting her. Shameful.

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  20. Jane Smith says:

    A few thoughts…

    I read that Ford researched and published on self-hypnosis and creating artificial situations in 2008.

    I read that a Palo Alto building permit was pulled on a residence that Ford owned to add a second front door in 2007-2008.
    I read that a business was run from this same address since that door was added.
    I read that Google interns rented at this same address since that door was added.

    I read that Ford was concerned when Mitt Romney announced Brett Kavanaugh’s name as a potential Supreme Court nominee in 2011-2012.

    I read that Ford and her husband had marriage counseling in 2012 in which she discussed a historical sexual attack but, didn’t name Kavanaugh. Per Ford, the Therapist’s notes don’t name Kavanaugh. Ford refuses to release these notes to Congress.

    It seems as if this 2012 therapy session was done in order to create a record…in case Romney won. A dry-run if you will.

    Ford has since that time flown all over the world for vacations and work.

    Forward to 2018. President Trump nominates Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

    Ford’s students’ comments are erased.
    Ford’s social media is erased.
    Ford’s faculty Bio at Stanford is altered.
    Ford’s criminal arrest record in the Carolinas is expunged.

    Ford composes a letter and sends it to Feinstein’s office.
    Feinstein sits on the letter until the entire confirmation process for Kavanaugh has been complete.
    Feinstein recommends certain lawyers.
    Ford has a polygraph but, doesn’t know who paid for it.
    Ford claims that she cannot get to DC because she is afraid of flying.
    Meanwhile, it is reported that she was in Delaware, not California, at the time of Congress’ request for her to testify.
    After a delay and multiple ridiculous demands, Ford shows up to testify flanked on either by her lawyers who periodically block her testimony.
    Ford’s hair is in disarray. She has on over-sized, blurred and scratched glasses that she has to look over in order to see. She makes a concerted effort to speak like a child…messes up a few times but, quickly corrects herself.
    Her husband is no where to be seen.
    Her family members did not sign her letter of support.
    Her best friend who she names as a witness in the assault denies that it happened.
    Every person named as present during the assault deny that it happened.

    I read that Ford’s father and brother are CIA assets.
    I read that Ford picks out certain students for CIA training programs.

    John Brennan tweeted on 9/29/18 that Kavanaugh was partisan and didn’t have the correct temperament for the Supreme Court.

    Could this whole Ford thing be another Brennan anti-America act?


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