Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Kavanaugh and MidTerm Elections – Dan Bongino is Right….

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy discusses the mid-term elections and the ramifications for republican candidates and politicians against the backdrop of the Kavanaugh hearings.

There is a crescendo of frustration within the electorate, I call it “Cold Anger”, ready to be unleashed.  Unfortunately, the traditional republican approach -represented by the Kevin McCarthy/Mitch McConnell mindset- with any political controversy, is to frame the argument such that GOPe politicians cannot vote against the will of the electorate.

In the example of Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, the GOPe strategy is to position Brett Kavanaugh, such that Flake, Murkowski and Collins cannot vote against the nomination.  This is the Decepticon way; the way of the swamp.

Unfortunately, what most MAGA voters fail to understand is: each of the aforementioned senators want to vote against the nominee; their self-interests are aligned with the UniParty in opposition, not in favor.   This endless quest to find ways to force the Decepticon politicians to vote with the will of the people is emotionally and mentally exhausting.

This is a personal opinion, likely not supported by many – and generally unpopular, but President Trump should have told Mitch McConnell to let Senators Flake, Murkowski and Collins face the ultimate choice. Force them to vote either “for” or “against” the will of the people.

This is a constitutional republic working as designed.

By playing the Machiavellian political games of the swamp, President Trump might, repeat might, gain Kavanaugh; however, the underlying system of corrupt and bastardized political processes remains untouched and unfazed. This approach benefits the swamp.

Perhaps President Trump will eventually win the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps President Trump can leverage Flake, Murkowski and Collins to vote against what they really want to do.  Perhaps, yet again, we can eek out a win despite their political opposition.  However, in doing so the Decepticon system just moves-on to the next Machiavellian deployment.

In the bigger picture, and again this is likely unpopular, I would prefer to confront the swamp directly.  Put sunlight on these elements that continue to hide amid our ranks.  Force the damn vote.  If it fails, we move to the next nominee and the mid-term election.

Make Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski fight us in sunlight. Fight us where everyone can see. Fight us directly…. At some point We The People need to end this decade-long fight strategy where we engage amid shadows and deceivers.  Their preferred ground rules for this are based on Machiavellian political scheme, lies and fraud.

Not everyone may agree on this approach, that’s ok. I understand there are all sorts of opinions on these issues. However, my sense is that We The People are ready to fight, but we also want those who oppose us to see the purposeful glare in our eyes as we achieve victory and crush them with overwhelming force.

We need to draw out the deceivers and eliminate them from our ranks. As a well versed person pointed out recently:

….”How do you fight a [Decepticon] virus that continues to mutate and survive, no matter the treatment?”…

I would argue, we stop trying to treat it… and just kill it.

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244 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Kavanaugh and MidTerm Elections – Dan Bongino is Right….

  1. MaineCoon says:

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  3. MaineCoon says:

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  4. john70 says:

    “President Trump should have told Mitch McConnell to let Senators Flake, Murkowski and Collins face the ultimate choice. Force them to vote either “for” or “against” the will of the people.”

    This sounds nice, but what about poor Brett Kavanaugh and his family? I don’t think President Trump does betrayals like that.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      It would not a betrayal.

      We are in a war… must believe this…”We are in a War.”

      In a war you must make tough decisions.
      Do you save one person or do you save the Army?

      Do you save Judge Kavanaugh or do you save our Country?…..

      Make them vote.
      If he is nominated OK. If not, we get on with the agenda.

      The Dem’s…and GOP are using this as cover to continue their deceptive acts.

      Where is the FISA announcement?.
      The Presidents current approvals for judge appointees in Congress has come to a stop.

      The Budget….no action. All has stopped, just as the Dem’s and the GOP wanted prior to election.

      Making tough decisions is not a betrayal. It is the way it is.

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      • Newton Love says:

        Brett Kavanaugh is up for taking the flack and (D) Party rounds of fury, as long as he has a chance to shoot them back, and that others are ready to shoot (D) Donkeys in his defense.

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      • Mark Caswell says:

        You reference to the WAR is appropriate, but you have its application terribly wrong. In war, when you have the chance to administer a potentially fatal blow to the enemy, you do not suddenly look to principle in your battle strategy. You realistically examine and analyze your battlefield position and you look to maximize your immediate capability to administer that blow. You do NOT leave open any possibility that the enemy may recover and gain an advantage which will surely weaken your strength. Taking a tack which could easily lead to a rejection of Kavanaugh and a new nominee which will push it past the midterms in which the Dems have a shot, while not great, still a shot at winning the Senate is foolishness.


    • dbobway says:

      There is no betrayal to Judge Kavanaugh,
      He defended himself with truth and conviction.
      His undeniable innocence was laid out in the open,
      only to be attacked by soulless actors in a theater of lies.

      Judge Brett Kavanaugh defended his honor without help,
      He was alone in that chair, watching his incredible service to justice,
      being vilified by lies and deception.

      But that wasn’t enough, for the actors who define freedom’s enemy to virtue and moral clarity.

      A vote tomorrow would expose the enemy to the people who vote.

      Why do they always get another chance to redeem themselves after driving another knife into the liberty of our Republic.

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      • Niki Tesla says:

        Murkowski is not up for re election this year. She may become a dem any day. The only reason she gets re elected is the teacher’s union, planned parenthood and other leftist groups anyway.

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    • Wightman farm says:

      He could put him in the administration. The time will come when he can be on the SC. While waiting for “that time”, investigate the entire evil scheme and send the evil to jail.

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    • As long as Kavanaugh is only a vote away from confirmation you fight through. There are three? Republicans holding it up. Flake has already moved the judge through committee. Time for Trump to find and use whatever leverage it takes to convince the three that confirming Kavanaugh is the only option..

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    • aarmad says:

      It needs to go to a vote. BK and his family are destroyed. Confirming him needs to happen, but that won’t be the end. It is time to call their bluff! Any nominee PDJT presents will get the exact same treatment. SAD!!


  5. Ken Maritch says:

    How many of us complain about the Republicans “not taking action” or “not asking the tough questions”….
    But are afraid to confront our liberal friends on Facebook or twitter?

    We need to be visible and vocal in support of what we believe in….

    There are many more of us out there than most people know.

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  6. Paul B. says:

    You might be right, sundance, and you’re definitely right that the Dems will do everything they can this week to expand the investigation in an attempt to delay confirmation. But Trump ordered a one week investigation of limited scope. There is little doubt that this was tailored to give the fence-sitters, especially Manchin in deep red VW, political cover, and this deal for their votes was probably worked out before the announcement. If so it’s hard to see how this isn’t a moderate, pragmatic move by Trump. There are times to stand your ground on principle, but I don’t see this capitulation as violating first principles. But the terms of the investigation have to be closely stuck to, or it will explode into something else.

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  7. renzi2018 says:

    Here ya go, Thread unrolled using threadreaderapp

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  8. Let’s remind ourselves – many GOP uniparty establishment type are leaving at the end of this session. Paul Ryan and Bob Corker immediately come to mind, and there are others. This constitutes DRAINING THE SWAMP by attrition!. Progress has been made! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    The GOPe wanted President Trump to declare war against THEM and throughout his first two years he has religiously refused to do so. Thus going into the midterms some of his most vocal GOP opponents are gone for various reasons – Ryan, Corker, Flake and McCain – and there is no vocal and visible discord in the GOP. This is another achievement for the President!

    Flake, Collins and Murkowski are obviously agents in the Kavanaugh farce – ready and willing to vote against a good man if the President gives them cover to do so by making a political misstep. President Trump has thus far avoided doing so.

    President Trump’s selection of Kavanaugh was a stroke of genius for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it is a unifying issue for the GOP – Kavanaugh came out of the Bush camp – and they have to make an effort along with the President to get him over the line. But the Bushes too will throw one of their own under the bus if the President gives them cover to do so. That is why the President seemed to step back a little bit from his nominee – the President got Kavanaugh into the red zone but it is not solely his responsibility to the seal the deal! This is a team effort, and the President emphasized that repeatedly this past week by stating “I’ll let the senate handle it – that’s their job” (McConnell’s and Grassley’s in particular).

    Even if Kavanaugh does not make it over the line, I don’t see how President Trump will be blamed for it – the duplicity of Flake, Collins and Murkowski are already evident and the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee will be seen as partially responsible through their mishandling of the situation. Until the Trump base is willing to get in the face of senators like Collins and Murkowski they will try to pull this sh*t. Its not enough for the MAGA types to shout at a Trump rally – at some point there may have to be a large two or three day protest against frauds like Collins and Murkowski.

    This overall situation illustrates exactly why the 17th amendment should be repealed. Exactly how many senators would the GOP control if there was no 17th amendment? How can the GOP control 30 states houses but only have 51 senators? Is that the GOP’s fault or the base’s fault for not showing up in off-year elections?

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    • renzi2018 says:

      Keep fighting. Do not despair.
      Keep triggering the Left. They cant help themselves and showing who they really are…waking up the Normals just in time for mid-terms…

      Noticing there is no Republican #walkaway but a growing tide of Dems who do…

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      • Niki Tesla says:

        You are correct. People are not leaving the Republicans in droves. Actually we need to start thinking of the democrats as communists or if you want to be nice and pc, socialists and everyone else as republicans as in we believe in representative government and will elect people to represent us, not rule us.


    • dagnyshrug says:

      Apparently Bush has stepped up to the plate for Kavanaugh, or I’ve read articles indicating he has. The articles I’ve seen don’t specify when those support calls were made though. If none were made since these allegations came to light, they’re not worth much.


    • Judith says:

      “..noticing there is no Republican #walkaway..”

      Let’s not count our chickens just yet. We’ve been suckered into the #METOO movement, culminating in this well-timed accusation in the eleventh hour of the Kavanaugh nomination. Honestly, who didn’t see this coming?

      Don’t let the UNiparty draw us into their next trap, the #PUNISHGOPe phase, wherein indignant, misguided voters are encouraged to sit out the midterms if Kavanaugh loses the nomination!

      The drumbeat has begun, with Rush and others suggesting we get even with these no good Republicans in the midterms! Look for their righteous indignation to reach a fever pitch leading up to the elections, because this narrative gives cover for any voter fraud necessary to lose the Republican majority. This has been their goal
      since 2016.

      It is especially galling that they would sacrifice Kavanaugh to frame this “Hail Mary” midterm interception. In this scenario, the FBI probe will actually throw a wrench into that little scheme, as the onus to confirm is placed on an entirely different entity at that point.

      After all, who can blame the RINOS for acting on the results of the FBI findings? Brilliant! President Trump.. a few steps ahead as always!


      • You’re absolutely right about the analysis – most of the blame rests on the democrats because of the crap they are willing to pull. Like Dan Bongino says vote R. However, when you draw it out like that, maybe Kavanaugh is a secret anti-Trumper and in on it!


        • Judith says:

          Well, stranger things have happened, but Kavanaugh’s sincerity, as well as his exemplary record, would indicate otherwise. I believe that the confirmation process, in general, was timed for maximum effect at the midterms.

          Kavanaugh may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m hoping he is confirmed but, in any case, don’t let the UNiparty lead us down that primrose path: Our outrage must take aim at the Democrat party in November.


  9. viator2 says:

    I hope people with cold anger, patriots, conservative, etc. are prepared to spend some money. Because the Dems are donating money to candidates at a record pace. They are out fund raising conservatives by a wide margin. They are full of “passionate intensity”. Are you?

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    • Kaiser Derden says:

      Cold Anger voters don’t spend money they vote … just like with Trump …

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      • dagnyshrug says:

        There are many in the country who we need to reach. They might be on our side in theory but they’re not politically engaged enough to feel “cold anger.” Surely the Kavanaugh/Ford circus has gotten their attention, but they haven’t followed the day to day; all of the injustices from small to large that must accumulate to create that level of response. Most probably don’t know very much about the Trump/Russia scam. They don’t know who each of the actors are, or what they did, like most of us here do. They don’t know enough to feel that kind of anger. Some of them might feel frustrated from time to time but that is all.

        After following this board for a while it seems apparent to me that many of those here are a bit older, a bit wiser, and perhaps have more time than the average bear. That isn’t true of the general population. Especially of younger couples who are both working, have children still at home, and all of the distractions most of us had at some point in our lives. That isn’t to say that no one here is busy or that no one here is in that stage of life, but maybe the majority of us have more discretionary time to spend keeping up. I usually read the board in the evening. There’s no way I could have done that consistently, or even often, ten years ago.

        Smaller, struggling campaigns need donations. Otherwise many of these people won’t know who is running, what they believe, why that’s important or even simple things like the deadline to register to vote, or maybe even when or where to vote. We need them regardless of why. Maybe we can change them going forward, but we must get them to the polls this year. Underfunded campaigns don’t have much reach, so get out your wallet to the extent you are able.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      But also remember President Trump did not spend anywhere near the money that Hillary did and others did and he still won
      This is about people showing up to the polls. There are safeties and numbers every Patriot in the country needs to show up and vote in November in Mass. No sitting this one out for any flipping reason.


      I do not care if they are not a perfect candidate you vote GOP down the line no exceptions.

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      • HerbyGal says:

        We don’t have their kind of money. It’s like people think you need to throw more money at the schools so they will be better. No. The admins and unions will just find more ways to spend it on themselves and not the kids. (Take my word for it.) Trump didn’t spend anywhere near the money Hillary did, as has been stated. What we need is to be smart. Learn how to use THEIR money to OUR advantage – just as PDJT did. Not sure how that is, but keep your eyes and mind open. You never know what opportunity may arise!

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    • aarmad says:

      YES! ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ Support the national Republican effort, and also support the GoFundMe for BK & Family!


  10. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Sundance, I do not disagree with you.

    The Dems and Uniparty have pushed us around too long.

    We’ve tried to ‘be nice’.

    That time is up.

    Here is how I want our side to fight:

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  11. sDee says:

    One thing I learned after closely following Leo Donofrio’s account of his lawsuit against the NJ Secretary of Sate was that……the Globalists and their Deep State demons run deep and wide through not only the State Sspreme courts, but the US Supreme Court itself, and the grooming processes for all of them.

    I am past ready for this fight. Little time remains and the depth of this may soon leave us, the people, the only force left to can fight it.

    Unless they are exposed in the most stark, real and brutal way, the natural slaves among us will never realize their depth and permanence of their predicament.

    Our election of Donald Trump gave us, quite literally, freedom’s last stand. But only we can save it.

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    “Never leave a man behind.”

    If a few days for the FBI to update their background check (probe) gets Kavanaugh confirmed (three eGOP votes) then why abandon a fellow soldier on the battlefield?

    On any other issue I would have said “take the damn vote” because it was a policy vote. Policy votes die and get resurrected all the time.

    But this is a man’s life we are talking about. Abandon him when the firefight gets the loudest…..then don’t expect another soldier to step up to fight beside you.

    They could have taken “the damn vote” last Friday, or they can “take the damn vote” this Friday. One week’s difference won’t stop the next nominee from being announced or confirmed timely if Kavanaugh fails, but at least give him a fighting chance. At least have his back.

    I agree that there should be no delay after this week. Enough is enough. I just don’t want to leave a good man behind.

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    • dawg says:

      Exactly, Trouble! Agree 100%

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    • ichicinnabar says:

      Say it, Trouble,

      If there is one quality that our Lion both emulates and expects, it is loyalty. I think you know what is in our Lion’s heart.

      Pres. Trump’s Chinese astrology sign is the dog. The dog’s premier quality is loyalty. I don’t think he will leave Kav on the field.


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  13. The Boss says:

    I share the “gut sense that We The People are ready to fight”. I know this is anecdotal, but it’s on topic.

    A man I met during the presidential primaries is creating literature and signs at an expense he can ill afford. He is placing / distributing the materials in an area which might make or break a race that the dems have dumped a couple million into. Another group in the same congressional district has likewise printed their own door hangars. Yet another group is reportedly preparing some sort of leaflet campaign for late October, again with pooled financing. I am hearing there are more ad hoc groups in different parts of the district working to keep our rep in office.

    Never have I seen or heard of people doing this sort of thing. It’s almost like the Tea Party of old. No one really in charge, everyone knows right from wrong, and are spending their own time and money to target their neighborhoods or localities. I was given a self-produced piece, and it beats anything a campaign consultant could have designed, IMHO. The mental and physical exhaustion we all felt, and may still feel, is being channeled into productive activities and messages. It smells like victory.

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    • HerbyGal says:

      I would say it IS the “Tea Party of old”. Many were complaining about where did we all go. Mostly to the internet I guess. The rally’s, as they were, weren’t working anymore. The left would just show up, cause trouble, get the media to spin it as the Tea Party’s fault and have a good laugh. But we were/are still here. We’ve been fighting in our own ways from our own homes. Some running for office, some doing as you mentioned, many just gathering and sharing info on the internet and with family and friends. In our downtime we have educated some, won some over, lost others, been unfriended, been berated….. whatever. In it all, we have grown stronger, angrier, more determined. I know we are not all believers in God and a higher power, but I am. I believe he will give me a nudge in the right direction when it is time. Meanwhile, I read, I watch, I analyze and I pray.

      This Kavanaugh thing has outraged many. The left are still living in their little bubble. They have no clue. Desperate people make mistakes. Keeping my fingers crossed they make a major one soon, and that POTUS has his finger on the pulse of all of it. Oh what I wouldn’t give to see that he has walked them right into a major trap! We are all losing patience, and I think we need him to toss us a scrap or two.

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  14. Kaiser Derden says:

    each of the aforementioned senators want to vote against the nominee … ????

    completely disagree … they will vote the vote that keeps them employed … a No vote get both women primaried and destroyed GUARANTEED … so they want to vote Yes … but they need cover with “moderates” for their future general elections and that cover is “The FBI found nothing” …

    Kav is not anti-swamp he represents no threat to the swamp … they have no reason other than Trump hatred to vote No (see Flake) …

    This site is starting to spin into black helicopter territory (acting like EVERY FBI agent is a swamp creature … good lord)

    There is alot of talk about Cold Anger … which I agree with … but one characteristic of cold anger is the lack of public emotion … seems like there is ALOT of PUBLIC emotion shown here …

    In other words most of the commenters here DON’T really understand what Cold Anger is … Mentally yes but not in their gut, they don’t actually feel Cold Anger … just look at the comments … Lots of I’VE HAD IT !!!!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING !!!! THIS IS WHAT THEY/HE SHOULD DO !!!!

    Hot Anger not Cold …

    and Hot Anger leads to crazy land and crazy talk … just calm the f*ck down and let things play out … (and vote of course) …

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  15. Joshuatree says:

    Kavanaugh is officially a campaign issue esp in the 10 senate districts Trump won in 2016. All the dems are saying NO. The SC vote falls in line w Illegal immigration and Obamacare solutions. People would be stupid not to vote Republican bc the divide is exposed.

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  16. swampratterrier says:

    new movie, same old plot
    Coming at you again………

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  17. Sharon D Blank says:

    Darn I totally agree with you. Said that from THE beginning as do my friends. VOTE DAMMIT.

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  18. Plain Jane says:

    I’m fed up to the gills with the bull from all the talking heads and the pols. They are pussyfooting around the whole thing. Let it out. The CIA has been running the games for decades. Before PDJT, the last president we were ALLOWED to vote for was RR, and they tried to take him out. The FBI and other agencies kowtow to the CIA. They are self funding.

    We all know by now that Ford and her daddy are CIA, unless all the websites that are issuing info on her are CIA disinformation.

    ENOUGH bull already.

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  19. HerbyGal says:

    I think Democrats and Republics all work together to help each other get re-elected. Everything is decided behind closed doors, and we just see the show they want us to see. I am so tired of being played and manipulated. If I was a Republican US Senator, no way would I be able to yuck it up with these evil jerks destroying our country. They go off on each other, then we see them before and after meetings and at events backslapping on another having drinks together. It’s a farce. If they don’t hold this to one week, and one week ONLY, it’s gonna about do me in. Remember when we were waiting with baited breath for the IG report because it was going to blow everything wide open. Yeah. What happened to that?

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  20. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Add me to “not supported by many/unpopular” crowd.

    Just vote. BK makes it or he doesn’t and WE know who voted against and can hold them accountable. This is the Constitutional process. Elections have consequences.

    Whereas 7 FBI investigations is NOT mentioned anywhere in the Constitution and could open up Executive branch to (false) obstruction, tampering, interfering, etc. IMO another delay and FBI investigation is a needless risk.

    O/f course, I definitely don’t have the view our VSG POTUS has. Right or wrong, I’m with
    PDJT all the way.

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  21. jackphatz says:

    Ok, speaking of Kevin McCarthy, I was listening to Rush in my car recently and I hear this commercial…I never pay attention to them but I happen to catch the end of it. It was something promoting Republican candidates the suddenly the announcer says (paraphrased) ..” so help President Trump and Kevin McCarthy “..something, something to keep the majority. They are already pushing McCarthy. We need to raise our voices about this.

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  22. Piggy says:

    I agree with Sundance. No more games.

    These people are supposed to work for us in service. Have to hold them accountable.

    The truth will set both we Deplorable’s and the lying RINO’s free.

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  23. Robert Van Brunt says:

    Collins like Flake is toast she’ll never win another primary


  24. free2313 says:

    People around the world are amazed as they watch the senate proceedings against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, by basically trying to convict him on ZERO EVIDENCE from Christian Blasey Ford.

    C.B. Ford a 50+ years old adult, tried to project a persona of a 15 year old reliving some encounter with a boy, but she simply ended up sounding like a rehearsed, pretender with fake crying sounds and unbelievable; and in the end NO ONE BELIEVES HER AND HER ZERO EVIDENCE.

    People around the world have expressed their surprise of the calling out by Senators that Judge Kavanaugh is automatically guilty, because a women decided to charge him with an assault that happened 36 years ago.

    People around the world wonder what happened to AMERICA (as) a SHINNING CITY UPON A HILL…



  25. ogoggilby says:

    Count me in with those who agree with Sundance.

    “There is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. It is, ‘To use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wounds, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time.’”
    General George S. Patton


  26. old codger45 says:

    Thank you Sundance.
    I’m a Canadian who loves President Trump and I detest those who oppose him including Trudeau.
    I expect at least 80% of Canadians don’t have a clue as to the degree of corruption with the DOJ, FBI, zero/empty suit, clintons etc.
    Damn the press. Paid $50 to have my TV sent to the dump 10+ years ago.
    Waited 8 years for a POTUS to remove that stain from the Oval Office.
    I wish I could vote to help drain the swamp.
    Great respect for Judge Kavanaugh. MAGA!

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  27. Davenh says:

    I contend that our side needs a few high profile scalps, and then a few more for good measure. In a perverse way the lefts success with their latest tactics have exposed them to many moderates as the power mad monsters they are. They may prevail in this battle, but it’s going to be costly victory and it may mark the high water mark for them, God willing.


  28. Will President Donald J. Trump pull Judge Brett Kavanaugh and replace him with Judge Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court nominee?

    By doing so, will Trump defuse the biggest political issue in November’s midterm elections?


    • Doreen Scott says:

      After what they have put judge K through she might not want to accept the position and put her family through that. I don’t know if any conservative judge will ever want to accept again.

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    • intercesser says:

      Nonsense ! Judge Kavanaugh has the only brass pair . Judge Barrett can wait her turn until the next opening . We are demanding that the full Senate vote up or down . Any thing else will be seen as a capitulation .


  29. ed357 says:

    Do Conservatives really understand what happens if Flake, Collins, and Murkowski vote against Judge Kavanaugh….???

    Judge Kavanaugh is a folk hero now……imagine what happens if those RINOs martyr him…..???

    Cold anger won’t fully describe it.


    • Judith says:

      This circus atmosphere surrounding the Supreme Court nomination draws in those “low infos” who do not ordinarily follow politics.

      We cannot be complacent if Kavanaugh is confirmed, because outraged Democrats will come flying out of the woodwork in November.

      If he is denied, it is Republicans who will seek revenge at the polls, as the UNiparty predictably herds them against the RINOS, in order to lose the majority. Or at least that’s how it will be packaged to conceal the massive voter fraud.


      • MassConservative says:

        If he isn’t confirmed, the democrats will have a much better motivating factor, because voters know if they take the senate, he never will be. That’s why he must be confirmed before the midterms. Once he’s confirmed, some dem voters will be more motivated by their anger over it, but more will likely be demoralized and less likely to vote when the court is no longer at stake. Republican voters will hopefully be very motivated either way because of the outrageous behavior of the dems.


  30. MassConservative says:

    They should not give up on Kavanaugh. Do everything possible to force the RINOs to vote for him after the week long investigation. It is not necessary to hold the vote immediately and force them to vote no because they don’t have cover from the FBI. The GOP voters who could hold them accountable already know that it’s the fault of those few RINOs that this sh!tshow has lasted as long as it has, so they have been seriously damaged already. But if we don’t get Kavanaugh in, then some voters will be too angry at the GOP and demoralized to vote. That is exactly the wrong response, because the best way to fight the RINOs is to vote in more conservative republicans so we don’t need RINO votes to confirm. Then they would become irrelevant and powerless. But too many people now are saying they won’t vote republican if Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, which is crazy, but I’m sure is being promoted by dem operatives so they can suppress the GOP vote and explain any voter fraud. If we get Kavanaugh in after this insane smear campaign, it’s a double win. We get another conservative on the court and it’s revealed for all to see what a bunch of evil corrupt hacks the dems and RINOs are, motivating voters against them.


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