Chairman Grassley Extends Final Deadline “10:00pm Tonight”…

WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier today offered to move next week’s hearing to receive testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Wednesday, in order to accommodate one of several requests made by Ford’s legal team. The Committee also offered to accommodate certain other terms while respecting fairness, due process and the senators’ ability to fulfill their constitutional duties.

Chairman Grassley issued the following statement:

“Despite the fact that the July 30th letter remains hidden, my committee has been investigating the allegations and has heard from multiple witnesses since Sunday. Ms. Katz has discussed Dr. Ford’s allegations in numerous media interviews and said on TV Monday morning that Dr. Ford wants to share her account with the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s Friday night and nothing’s been agreed to despite our extensive efforts to make testimony possible,” Grassley said. “I’m extending the deadline for response yet again to 10 o’clock this evening. I’m providing a notice of a vote to occur Monday in the event that Dr. Ford’s attorneys don’t respond or Dr. Ford decides not to testify. In the event that we can come to a reasonable resolution as I’ve been seeking all week, then I will postpone the committee vote to accommodate her testimony. We cannot continue to delay.”

The chairman issued a notice of a committee executive business meeting, at which the committee can vote on the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.  (read more)

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851 Responses to Chairman Grassley Extends Final Deadline “10:00pm Tonight”…

  1. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Remember him? Old Bill O Reilly is p!ssed about this whole thing!


  2. Guyver1 says:

    Blasey Ford is lying about not being able to fly (for mental reasons.)
    She was accidentally outed on that by a former classmate, on a long puff piece by the New York Slimes on September 19.
    I read that on a comment which did not offer a link, at another website.
    So I went looking for the article. It took me all of 30 seconds to find it. Here it is:
    I know, it is the Slimes. To avoid nausea, scroll down through the article until you pass the picture of the young Judge Cavanaugh.
    Interesting… she did an internship in Hawaii!!!
    So how did she get there and back? By boat, by air, or did she swim over 😡😡😡???
    I am sure she did not swim over.
    That leaves two options, boat or air.
    Grassley needs to demand proof of how she got to Hawaii and back.
    For those who do not want to give the Slimes any clicks, I will copy and paste the relevant paragraph on my next post.

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  3. stablesort says:

    Why doesn’t Grassley do us all a favor and formally surrender?

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    • fakenamenumber776 says:

      I think he just did. Another extension after 10 p.m.

      In my email I found a spam from the GOP Senate Committee warning me that the Democrats will take over unless I send money right now. I rfeplied, “What’s the difference? They get their agenda now.”

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  4. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Even Justice Ginsburg is lamenting the absolute partisan nature of SCOTUS hearings these days. This was recorded even before the California college teacher came forward with her fantastical accusation.

    She said, “I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it go back… to the way… to the way it was.”

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  5. dogsmaw says:

    September 21, 2018


    The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on the nomination of the Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States scheduled to continue Monday, September 24, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building has been postponed.

    By order of the Chairman.

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  6. PVCDroid says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Dem strategy over the past 24 hours has been frustrate Trump to the point he calls her a dumb crazy B. It might just work because I have involuntarily called her that about a dozen times over the last few days.

    I feel like I’m coming down with a form of Turrets Syndrome because every time I watch or read the news I’m yelling out the most obscene language I’ve never used before. I can’t seem to control it anymore.

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  7. beach lover says:

    This whole play by Ford and of course, Grassley, in the end is for one person… Susan Collins.

    Obviously Flake, Corker and Murkowski as well, but Collins vote will give the others permission and set the tone to cave or to express outrage at the shenanigans being played by the Dems.

    There should be no more of this nonsense. We all see what is happening here. The more liberal activist lawyers that come onto her team, the more outrageous this gets.

    One more thing.. Show The Letter! It should have been the first thing Grassley demanded to go forward!

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    • nanny210 says:

      The LETTER!! I have a sneaky feeling that there was NEVER a letter! Add this to my list of REASONS:
      Delay to give Ford time to write a REAL letter!
      I’m the Majority Co-Chair on THE most important Committee to place a Judge on SCOTUS, and I haven’t SEEN this so-called LETTER?? How outrageous and unbelievable is that??? DIFI can (and did) throw out every obstacle but a well place “Produce it or be held in CONTEMPT!!

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    • Alicia Chavetz says:

      Whatever happens there need to be an up and down vote in the Senate on this nomination. It needs to be on record who voted no

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  8. Crandew says:

    It’s all about stalling until it’s too late to vote. After that, this Ford character will just fade into the background as they all do. If the vote doesn’t happen by this Thursday, then it has to wait until after the midterms. That’s always been the goal of the corrupt Democrats, and the Republicans seem to be falling for it. Sad. They need to just call the vote.

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    • TimesUp says:

      Yes, Ford is today’s Cindy Sheehan who faded into oblivion the instant Obama was elected. As usual the Republicans are cowards with no testicles. It is not like they and everyone else aren’t completely aware that this is all pure bullshit.

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  9. nanny210 says:

    I have no idea where this comment will end up but I have to say this.
    There are a number of reason why the demoicRats are doing this to this innocent man.
    You can make a list of them and all would be spot on. However I haven’t read a comment to this subject, so I’m listing it as NO 1:
    NO 1: DELAY DELAY DELAY and this the main reason for it:
    Delay for as long as possible to give the Femanazis/Antifa/DemonicRats/Commie/Fascist and others, enough time to lump up in DC and ‘protest’ and raise hell in the streets of DC!
    Bus loads are on the way and/or already there, one of which is possibly carrying our Heathen-in-Chief David Hogg!
    I am female, age 72, and I am fully aware of what an evil woman can do. This whole thing is false and totally EVIL.👿 And this our 3 most effective people on the Committee: 🙈 🙉 🙊
    Thoughts and Prayers are for the Judge, the President, and Country.

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    • Bubby says:

      Nanny I agree! Democrats have become totally unhinged, loony over what they perceive to be as a potential threat to RoevWade. Think about that, let that sink in! This is all about allowing the murder of unborn children to continue unabated! The Democrats have become the party of the People of the Lie that M. Scott Peck warned us about! Their destructiveness is destroying the Republic our Founders gave us. And yes there are evil women in the world starting with Hillary on down to this loon Ford. My problem is when Republicans are confronted with evil they fold, slink away unwilling to take a moral stand for fear of what the msm will report about them! Unfortunately Grassley has made a fool of himself, the Committee he is on as well as the Senate itself. Disgraceful what he has done and those late night tweets of his are embarrassing but I guess he can’t be embarrassed! Godspeed Brett Kavanaugh!

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  10. ogoggilby says:

    “UPDATE: Approximately 90 minutes after the expiration of the 10:00 p.m. deadline, Chairman Grassley took to Twitter, where he made clear that, despite his repeated extensions, he is offering yet another extension to Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team, presumably until Saturday, for her to decide whether to testify, in line with attorney Deborah Katz’s demands…”

    Grassley’s Friday night tweets:

    “Five times now we hv granted extension for Dr Ford to decide if she wants to proceed w her desire stated one wk ago that she wants to tell senate her story Dr Ford if u changed ur mind say so so we can move on I want to hear ur testimony. Come to us or we to u”
    11:27 PM – Sep 21, 2018

    “Judge Kavanaugh I just granted another extension to Dr Ford to decide if she wants to proceed w the statement she made last week to testify to the senate She shld decide so we can move on I want to hear her. I hope u understand. It’s not my normal approach to b indecisive”
    11:42 PM – Sep 21, 2018

    “With all the extensions we give Dr Ford to decide if she still wants to testify to the Senate I feel like I’m playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor”
    11:55 PM – Sep 21, 2018

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  11. Lulu says:

    Grassley should be so embarrassed and ashamed that he removes himself from the Senate and retires to seclusion.

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  12. JIM says:

    If this newest delay results in a vote on Monday nothing is lost. If there is no vote on Monday the radical DEEP COMMIE STATE wins and the country losses.

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    • vexedmi says:

      Stuff happens because Schumer runs the joint.

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    • John Bosley says:

      There is going to be NO VOTE on Monday, it has been postponed.
      Dogsmaw just up above posted that the Chairman has done this.
      The Dems need to delay this past this Friday and they win.
      Grassley just admitted that Chuckie Schumer runs the show now in the Senate.
      Grassley must be compromised in some way.
      WTF kind of tweet by him was that ?


      • John Bosley says:

        Not to mention it but Twitter shut down James Woods account for breaching their so called liberal protocols.
        Seems he is too conservative for them.


      • Even when the Republicans control the Presidency, House and Senate, they still manage to bow to the slimey demands of the Democrats. Unbelievable. Set the vote for Monday and get it done! The media and Dems are going to whine no matter what. Just get it done, and let Collins and Feinstein deal with the fallout they caused.


  13. Ospreyzone says:

    Disgusting. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are pushing Grassley to strategically fail. They don’t care about the confirmation. Grassley won’t get their vote if he doesn’t delay, but what they’re really after is for PDJT to be seen as a loser. These phonies are far worse than any democrat.

    Every conservative and reader of this blog should pummel the phone lines and Twitter feeds of Murkowski and Collins today. Let them know you’re angry and they can’t get away with this.

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  14. frank field says:

    I’m hoping Grassley has something so damaging to their scheme the final offers are just window dressing.


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  15. beach lover says:

    I may be mistaken, but so many people have commented that this vote has to happen by this week, or the confirmation is toast. While it may mean Kavanaugh would not be on the bench with the opening of the court on Oct 1st… it doesn’t mean he can’t still be on the court.

    That said, I think Grassley has bent over backwards to try to accommodate these people, who care nothing about fairness and truth and protecting the “victim” here. She has lost control of this fiasco …. wonder how she feels about that?

    She is being used by them much worse than anything some kid did to her 36 years ago.

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  16. The committee can still vote and there would still be time to hear Freaky Ford. Just do the vote on Monday and hear her before the full Senate on Thursday. The final vote won’t be taken for another week.


  17. The other thing about when the Dems questioned Kav. Hirono asked if he had ever sexually assaulted a woman and lo and behold, Ford pops up.

    Then Kamala asked if had talked to an attorney in some office about the Special Council. Remember, she kept hammering him about that? Just wait, some attorney will suddenly appear and say Kav. talked to him about the SC.

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  18. First they complain that BK on SCOTUS would be a threat to abortion rights. Then they complain that BK is not conservative enough because he (allegedly) likes to touch. I am confused.


  19. DJ says:

    Dems must be laughing their butts off watching the repubs acting like the keystone cops. Sad, sad, sad have the vote on Monday, Put It In The Hands Of A Higher Power.
    Grassley if you bend over backwards any further your going to break your back.

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  20. HJR27 says:

    The DC democrats are a National disgrace, self serving scumbags to the core, a fact which is no longer open to debate, to allow them to control this process is beyond reasonable comprehension and only goes to confirm how destructive the enabling of an administration such as the Obama fiasco really was and remains.

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  21. covfefe999 says:

    Sorry, but F U Grassley. I was OK with the 10pm deadline. Not OK with yet another extension. And what is it now? No letter, nothing in the tweets … F U.

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  22. pochas94 says:

    Pussey whipped nation!

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  23. elarson says:

    Has this woman ever given any kind of statement to an investigator? They are demanding the FBI look into this Because Reasons, but I suspect Dr Ford doesn’t want to be in jeopardy of giving a false statement to the FBI.


  24. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    I just sent out this tweet.

    We still don’t know if Grassley’s twitter messages are fake. In a few hours we will.
    If they were faked, then there is a different possibility. That employees at twitter faked the messages.

    So I suggest that if the messages arfe fake, twitter be investigated. I don’t think this will go anywhere but we can have a lot of fun pushing the investigation.


  25. snellvillebob says:

    Would this incident have occurred if women were NOT in charge of the DNC? Would we have the partisan bickering in Congress present today? Are all these attempts to impeach President Trump just a refusal by women to lose an argument (election)?
    After 37 years of marriage, I can see a “feminine” touch to all this.
    Or should I just have kept my mouth shut like a “good” old white man?

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    • Raffaella says:

      Yes. I agree. I am sick of political women acting like fragile babies when in fact they are all worst than any man eating snake. I am a woman but not voting for another woman ever if I can help it.

      Unfortunately I have to vote for Mimi Walters in California because I want to support President Trump keep the house red.

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  26. Janetoo says:

    Everybody. I just want to give a pep talk on being discouraged. I really think there is a reason that Graasley keeps extending. I think their names are Collins and Murkowski. I think they are telling him they must hear her. I hope that they are also reasonable enough to see that at some point if she does not come it was a dodge and a political stunt and will agree to vote yes. I think that is what is going on. What good will the vote be if they can’t get him confirmed? So, I think we have to trust that Grassley is doing all her can do. He is walking a tightrope.

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    • Sassy says:

      If those female senators are so intent on hearing her out, then they should fly out there to CA and hear her out. Take video or tape. Or transcribe it. Then they will have heard her. Has anybody even seen this accuser? How about the alleged letter she allegedly wrote?

      This plot is so transparent that any thinking (and intellectually honest) person should be able to easily see through it. The media bias and complicity is also obvious. They paint the Republicans as the unreasonable ones, as if it’s reasonable to demand that hundreds of years of jurisprudence be turned on its head.

      To them, he’s guilty until he proves he’s innocent. He can’t even be in the room with her, much less confront this witness against him. He’s supposed to go first. (The media has actually reported that to make her go first gives him an “advantage.”)

      Every trial across this country begins with the prosecution first, then the defense last, for obvious reasons. How else does someone rebut the charges? The court sets the rules, not the plaintiff. She also has demanded that the (male) senators question her, not a lawyer. (That one’s easy to see through.)

      This woman’s lawyers want to set all the rules. All demands go against how our system has worked for hundreds of years. Yet the media portray the Republicans as bullies who demand unreasonable things.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      Are Collins and Murkowski keeping Grassley from issuing a subpoena for the Ford letter making the charges, which feinstein is withholding? Did ford make charges against Gorsuch? Were ford and her husband part of the CIA under brennan, so this is a CIA op? I don’t think Collins and Murkowski oppose finding out, so what’s up with grassley?

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  27. Paintingjan says:

    Has Grassley been hacked? How does the writing style compare to his other tweets? Seriously, I’m embarrassed by the writing- it looks like that of a 15 year old.

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  28. Jpcarson says:

    This extension does not hurt the timeline for confirmation next week, although it really pisses me off. It is to appease Flake and the women Senators whose votes they need.

    Testimony Wednesday — Committee Vote Thursday — Full Senate Vote Friday.
    This seats the Judge in time for the new session of the Supreme Court.

    So, the 24 hour extension is meaningless as far as next weeks schedule because Grassley had already conceded to the testimony meeting being held on Wednesday (instead of Monday). Thus, the 24 hr. extension looks good optically in order to receive the “yes” or “no” from Ford and her dyke lawyer. Yes this is BS, and this better be the last damn extension, although Grassley could extend into Sunday and not effect next weeks confirmation schedule.

    Again, none of this would be taking place if not for Flake and the women on the fence! Pete C.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Jp, agree with your schedule. However, of the four “bad apples as Larry Schweikart calls them; Collins, Corker, Flake and Murkowski; Collins and Corker will vote for Judge K if Ford is a no show, Flake not so sure (probably grandstanding for his post Senate bosses; lobbyists) and Murkowski is not on the committee.

      If there is no hearing the vote could be as soon as Monday.

      Afterwards it goes to the full senate for a vote by 1 Oct. McConnell says it will happen.

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      • Jpcarson says:

        Excuse me on the timeline (correction)—the committee vote for confirmation would occur after the testimony on Wednesday (NOT Thursday), assuming Ford testifies.

        Correct DitchMitch—if she doesn’t care to testify (we are supposed to know that answer definitively by 2:30 today EST)—then committee vote is scheduled for Monday.


        • Ditch Mitch says:

          I guess the vote could be right after Ford’s and Judge K’s testimony; however Thurs morning was more practical. As for Ford’s deadline to make a decision , she was given 1 more day from the Fri night 10pm EST deadline.

          The hearing schedule is meaningless as there will be a full Senate vote by 1 Oct and Judge K will be confirmed as per McConnell.


        • Ditch Mitch says:

          You were right on about the 2:30pm deadline. Sooner the better I say!


  29. Enoch Root says:

    Another delay. Evidently the democrats are in complete control over f the judiciary committee despite their minority status. As far as I can ascertain the committee has no evidence from Dr Ford DIFi won’t release the unredacted letter which may have been written by a third party and Dr Ford has refused to answer any questions from investigators. If this weren’t such a naked political ploy I could understand Grassleys deference. As it is he looks pathetic. Move on. Confirm. The silent majority is watching.

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  30. TwoLaine says:

    CNN interviews “GOP Women”. Another one where they got answers they ddn’t expect I am sure.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The producers at CNN and the few numbskulls who watch that Very Fake News network don’t really care what those GOP “deplorables” have to say. Sister network MS13NBC has already decided that the accuser must be believed. Democrat mouthpieces over there like Richard Maddow have declared that Judge Kavanaugh is unfit for the Supreme Court.

      M A G A ~~ VOTE ~~ GOP

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      • TwoLaine says:

        The simple answer is:

        I’d venture a guess that you voted for Mrs. Bill Clinton, so I don’t really understand why this is important to you given the fact that you have given her and her known-rapist husband a pass for um, let’s see, a hundred years and counting.

        And you want to be MY moral compass?
        No Thank You!

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  31. Elle says:

    So the Republicans don’t have the votes Unreal.


  32. JX says:

    And what will happen if Ford testifies? She’ll make all manner of lurid accusations, none of which can ever be proved. Kavanaugh will deny. And we have a nice great big circus.


  33. redzone says:

    Grassley may have just extended one too many times. Dems use their same old tricks because they work, and Reps let them work. Remember Hillary’s concussion / amnesia when asked questions about preserving gov’t records, i.e. conveniently timed concussions. Now Ford, “can’t fly” so must drive. Unfortunately, she gets in a minor fender bender, but requires a few days of medical care. No way can Grassley move forward when Ford is in the middle of medical care….Game Over…..

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  34. Enoughisenough says:

    The attorney for Ford isn’t even guaranteeing that she will appear. She is asking for another day for her client to make up her mind whether or not she will testify. A week ago, Katz said her client wanted to tell her story. When Grassley called her bluff, the terms changed. Now it appears that Katz called Grassley’s bluff on a deadline. And he folded, holding 4 aces in his hand.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Not folded. Grassley had a day to give up (Sat). The hearing for Monday was already postponed till Wed. Thursday committee vote. Friday full Senate. Done!


    • Sassy says:

      All over the media, the usual suspects are applauding her for coming forward. “Why would she risk coming forward if it weren’t true?” And yet, she’s not coming forward, is she?

      We’re all supposed to hear her out and hear her voice and not “silence” her, and yet she won’t speak, so we can’t hear her, can we?

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    • Beau Geste says:

      Grassley can’t even get the original ford letter to feinstein claiming assault, which feinstein refuses. What is wrong with Grassley that he can’t even get the alleged evidence? He needs feinsyein’s approval to issue a subpoena to feinstein for withheld evidence?

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  35. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    We are tired of being bullied by the Left !

    ” From Bork, to Thomas, to Alito, to Kavanaugh, these are all horror stories of destroying the lives of innocents with grotesque charges. All done at the hands of Democrats.
    Families weeping, Mrs. Alito running from the hearing chamber in tears after Ted Kennedy kept calling her husband a racist.
    Yet, Sotomayor – who is a terrible steward of the Constitution and the last person who should be on the Court was afforded every courtesy, and there was no looking at her video rentals, and her casual statements she made in high school, who her sex partners were, even her hard left credentials got a light hand. None of their lopsided judges came close to these nightmares of smearing and life crippling attacks that Republican judges have had to sustain. True – Merrick Garland got passed over, but that was a rule Joe Biden laid down years ago – and Garland was not mutilated in an orgy of hate.
    In fact when Obama prayed at the alter of Rev. Wright for 20 years, the Black Himmler who spewed a vicious racist creed saying that white people are evil due to their skin color, – no one called him on that – except maybe Sean Hannity. McCain certainly didn’t. It should have been brought up every day. What kind of person goes to a psychotic monster like Wright for spiritual guidance. It was unconscionable that no one was called to account.
    We treat their monsters like people, and they treat our people like monsters.
    Look at this Kavanaugh case, it has the familiar stench of the of the Duke LaCrosse hoax, the Univ of Virginia-Rolling Stone rape hoax, even the Sharpton Tawana Brawley debacle. The person refuses to go on the record, the person refuses to go under oath. Republicans are still acting like gentlemen when the whole thing smells of a phony setup. Face the facts, her complaints don’t even sound like a crime, someone tried to make out with her at a drunken high school party and got fresh, and then fell down and ran away.
    Kavanaugh immediately denied under oath that he did this, accepting the penalty of prison. (I believe him) She has no police report, no corroboration, no basic details of the house, the date, the time,… and she went to a high school that celebrated drunken debauchery in their year book – so let’s not act surprised and shocked. Yet she has been treated with kid gloves. It has been lopsided, and the media quickly joins in with their Democrat masters, since they are the house organ.
    This case should have been tried privately back in July and then dismissed when the accuser would not testify under oath, privately. This was a planned IED of hate, set to go off to delay the vote, and stop the democratic process.
    I view all this hate as one sided – and it has come from the Left.” This was posted this morning by Titus-Maximus over at Free Republic

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  36. Jpcarson says:

    We all know, if we are of the class of reflective human beings—that if a person is truthful and innocent, they cannot wait to declare their innocence and testify (like what you are seeing from Judge K)!!! This is basic human nature!

    So why is it so hard for Ford and her dyke attorney to decide “yes” or “no” on whether to testify? We all know the answer—because she is afraid to fly!!! Or is it because she is lying and certain her BS will be exposed?

    We can only hope that because of the delay, the Republicans have gathered corroborating evidence to expose her potential perjury. Ford knows she lying, but she doesn’t know what others have found—was she able to scrub everything sufficiently??? Pete C.

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    • Boots says:

      “We can only hope that because of the delay, the Republicans have gathered corroborating evidence to expose her potential perjury.”
      Nice thought but it’s a forlorn hope with little possibility of actually occurring *unless* enough CTH persons, and others on the web, have Twittered/emailed/etc the links (far above in this thread) about Ford’s party past and Dewey Beach and other places to Grassley and other members of the Committee…

      ….and those members actually clicked on and read the links.

      This is where Repubs suck: at getting the message out via the media. The R’s should’ve gone on Fox with the 1982-1984 yearbook articles (via the “Cult of” website), with the Dewey Beach articles, and pounded over and over again that Ford was a predatory party girl in high school. And that Kavanaugh’s mother oversaw the foreclosure against Ford’s parents, which means Ford has a big axe to grind. THAT’S the message the public needs to hear. That’s the message that’s a COUNTERPUNCH to the Dem’s false narrative that Ford’s a “victim”.

      R’s need to make Kavanaugh the victim by showing Ford’s past and using it to make her into the bad actor/predator.

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  37. Anonymous says:

    Now it’s 2:30pm Eastern today… hold firm on this now or GOP loses by degree, no more waffling! Jeez, have some stones.

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  38. Boots says:


    This guy has no integrity or honor. He should be screaming for the alleged “July letter” *and* the date stamped envelope it was mailed in.

    He should be *demanding* Ford go first at any hearing. The prosecution *always* goes first. Grassley should tell Katz’ if Ford doesn’t go first, she can go to hell.

    Where are the men with integrity, honor, balls, and guts in this mess!?!?! This being nice crap doesn’t work. Dems are like the Japs in WWII; fanatics who’ll fight to the end for a lost cause, damn the collateral damage.

    I’m sick and tired of R’s rolling over and giving up without a fight. This is when the wall and cartridge appears attractive, even if impossible and wrong.

    Excerpt from link above:
    The Senate Judiciary Committee has given Ford’s attorneys a deadline of 2:30 p.m. ET Saturday to respond with their decision, a committee source confirmed to CNN.

    Per Twitter:
    I just granted another extension to Dr Ford to decide if she wants to proceed w the statement she made last week to testify to the senate She shld decide so we can move on I want to hear her. I hope u understand. It’s not my normal approach to b indecisive
    — ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) September 22, 2018

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  39. Boots says:

    Feinstein’s statement quoted in CNN article is excellent example of Democrat’s skill at perverting the truth by interweaving lies into the matter:
    “It’s clear that Republicans have learned nothing over the last 27 years. Bullying a survivor of attempted rape in order to confirm a nominee — particularly at a time when she’s receiving death threats — is an extreme abuse of power,” Feinstein said in a statement. “I’m shocked and appalled by the Republicans’ refusal to wait 24 hours for a hearing and instead rush forward with a vote on Monday. From the outset Republicans have tried to push through this nomination at all costs.”

    Many perversions of truth in this statement:

    – Feinstein falsely and without proof convicts Kavanaugh of attempted rape,
    – Feinstein claims Ford received death threats but provides no proof,
    – Feinstein deliberately, skillfully, and falsely mischaracterizes the Committee’s request to interview Ford in a manner that’s fair to Kavanaugh and Ford, as “bullying”,
    – Feinstein deliberately, skillfully, and falsely accuses the Committee of “abuse of power”,
    – Feinstein falsely claims the Committee has “tried to push through this nomination at all costs” when in reality the Committee has simply followed the standard procedure for affirming a SCOTUS nomination.

    Millions of brain dead, robotic, stupid Americans will accept everything Feinstein says as truth beyond reproach. These dangerous parasites will be outraged if/when Kavanaugh is approved. Their outrage – carefully planted, watered, and cultivated by Dems lying schemes – will strongly motivate them to vote in Nov.

    THUS, it becomes clear the ultimate goal of Feinstein’s lying scheme is to MOTIVATE DEMS TO VOTE. Except for the duplicity of the scheme, it’s a brilliant tactic to win at all costs. Destroying Kavanaugh’s reputation is icing on the cake for the Dems.

    Here’s the ONE QUESTION R’s should ask on TV everywhere:

    R’s should compare Dems current furor and angst over Ford’s allegations to Dems response to Bill Clinton’s rape and sexual assault victims. At that time Dems called Bill Clinton’s victims:

    – Liars,
    – Mistaken about what happened,
    – Mistaken about who assaulted/raped them,
    – Gold diggers,
    – Women of loose morals with checkered past,
    – Women with mental problems.

    R’s should be saying this in TV:
    We will agree to the FBI investigating Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh on the following conditions:

    – The FBI also investigate the allegations of (insert names of all Bill Clinton’s victims here) that they were raped and/or sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton,
    – The FBI also investigate the same victim’s claims they were threatened into silence by Hillary Clinton,
    – The FBI allow Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and two other members of Congress the Committee shall select, to receive daily updates, including documents, recordings, etc of the FBI investigation into Bill Clinton’s multiple rapes and sexual assaults.
    R’s should make media and Congress’s

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  40. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I believe that this will work against the Democrats and the RINOs beyond anything they ever thought could happen. They have seen “Cold Anger” in action when President Trump won the election. As voters see the difference between President Trump who cares about the country and all of the others who just lined their own pockets while destroying our country, minds are changing.

    This is causing a lot of the Democrat and RINO voters to look at themselves. They are beginning to wonder why they are supposed to be supporting the right for Democrats like Bill Clinton to rape women but get hysterical over the possibility that almost 40 years ago a teenage boy may possibly have made an awkward pass at a known slut according to her own high school yearbooks of 1982, 83 and 84.

    President Trump has a track record now and the middle class is coming back strong. Now we are dealing with facts and not just hopes.

    Let Soros, the MSM, the US Chamber of Commerce, the big banks, the tech Gods of the Universe and China spend all of their money on ads that demonize President Trump and his supporters. They can spend billions. This is going to be a bigger investment than the usual Presidential elections.

    When all is said and done, people will quietly go to the polls and vote the Democrats out of office in every race on the ticket. This is a huge grass roots movement. It does not require propaganda that costs a lot of money. Elections are decided by very few voters. When we turn out in huge numbers, they really can’t beat us because there are not enough Communists, illegals and dead people to outnumber us.

    We can also have our own exit polls because the law against it is no longer in effect since the Carter appointee District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, who, even after he retired, returned every year for the sole purpose of renewing his 1982 order for another year. Debevoise died in August 2015. The consent Decree remained in effect until an Obama appointed judge nullified it in January of 2018.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Boots says:


      Thanks for an inspiring post. I’d like to believe that cold anger is enough to turn out tens of millions of R voters in 5 weeks. I’d like to believe that what drove voters to elect Trump will drive them to vote R in Nov.

      But the fact remains that R’s are terrible at messaging, advertising, and promoting their brand. We can’t rely on SD and CTH alone to remove the blinders from American’s eyes and expose them to the truth. If we could somehow, some way, get the info that SD shares with us, and that other doggedly determined investigative journalists bring us, to the public eye, I believe voter turnout for R’s would be much higher than without that info being publicly shared.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elizabeth Carter says:

        Boots, That is exactly why President Trump won. His rally’s are the best thing we have going for us. The energy level is so high and so positive that when you listen to anyone who is against President Trump, they drain energy like they are going down the swamp drain already.
        People line up for President Trump and wait for hours just to see him even if they can’t get inside. It is about us and not just about him. What is happening really is a movement and no amount of money in the world can buy it. It is not about money, it is about getting our lives back.


  41. Kuhl Brieze says:

    I would like to see proof of life in regard to Christine Ford. One picture that is akin to stock photography and statements made by third parties, in my opinion, constitutes fiction. I feel at this point that all this is a scripted production … a con.
    All the articles, commentary, etc. are fill ins and nothing more.
    Let me say, just for the sake of argument, that this person is real. The dynamic I have objectively observed so far, would make Ms Ford the aggressor/perpetrator with Judge Kavanaugh being the target (victim). All that has gone with this, commentary, posturing, blame, deflection (few of many terms/actions) reminds me of group abuse dynamic/behavior(s).
    The preponderence of “I believe …..” statements say nothing but what each specific individual believes … period. Well, Ok . That is what you believe. And, your point(s)?
    In my opinion, Judge Kavanaugh’s statement of denial is simple, uncluttered, and rational.
    Sen. Grassley and the participating committee members have followed the rules and have gone beyond what has been required.
    Right now, I don’t see any hearing happening with the exception of moving Judge Kavanaugh through committee as previously scheduled.

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  42. visage13 says:

    So, they postponed the hearing but I didn’t see anywhere that they postponed the confirmation. Is that correct?


  43. romy911 says:
    I’ve read a couple of posts here stating that if the vote in the Judiciary Commitee does not happen by the end of next week, it’s over. Scary, so I went looking for info.
    My understanding from listening to Jay Sekulow’s podcast yesterday and from reading the article attached is that there is no next week deadline. He won’t be seated by October 1st, but can still be seated. Jay Sekulow’s group estimated him being seated on October 3rd if the Blakey-Ford testimony is Wednesday.
    Once the Judiciary Committee votes to recommend to the Senate, the average is 8 days until confirmation. Floor debate for 2 days, then a cloture motion vote, which if passed limits debate to a max of 30 hrs. For Justice Gorsuch, cloture motion filed on April 4, McConnell ruled to eliminate to a filibuster on April 6 and the confirmation vote was April 7.

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  44. “Kavanaughed”… The new “Borked.”


  45. Molly Pitcher says:

    it’s probably not even important at this stage but it seems odd that Ford has the notes from her therapy session regarding this ‘incident’. Was it a one time session or did the psychologist rate this as the underlying reason for marriage & life probs?

    Did she/he give Ford these notes as a professional courtesy so Ford could bring Kavanaugh down?
    There seems to be something off here….would a therapist give you or I sections of HIPPA protected therapy notes so that we could flaunt them in front of someone we felt wronged us?


  46. Gunner says:

    Mr. Grassley’s own words: “…I feel like I’m playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor.” You make me want to vomit.. With those words, pick up your bag and go home. You should resign immediately. All of you are spineless. You’ve sold all of us out — but, more importantly, you’ve allowed a good man, and his family, to be summarily destroyed. All of you…..Rs, Ds, and independents…go straight to hell!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beau Geste says:

      Grassley can’t even get the original letter charging the alleged groping. from his own committee!!! Grassley accepts that Chuck schumer is the conductor of this fiasco, who won’t let grassley even get the alleged evidence letter.


  47. I’m out of patience with weak GOP committees,
    NO more Extends,get it,


  48. Donzo says:

    Grassley, “In the event that we can come to a reasonable resolution as I’ve been seeking all week, then I will postpone the committee vote to accommodate her testimony. We cannot continue to delay.”
    What is the difference between postponement and delay?

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