President Trump Minute Message on Trade….

The U.S-Canada negotiations ended today without any progress.  President Trump delivers a video message about trade:

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124 Responses to President Trump Minute Message on Trade….

  1. talker2u says:

    And we are with you, Mr. President!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      We absolutely are! The Economic Train 🚂 is literally running over Democrats, Leftists, Democratic Socialist for America, CoC, Big Club, MSM etc. There is absolutely NOTHING they can do to slow her down. What an incredible day today!

      From the article linked above:

      The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey rebounded strongly in September, rising 11 points to 22.9. Over 38% of the manufacturers reported increases in overall activity this month, while 15% reported decreases.

      The new orders index increased 12 points to 21.4.

      In September, 42% of the firms reported an increase in new orders, up from 34% in August. The current shipments index also improved, increasing 3 points to 19.6.

      From the article linked above:

      The Labor Department (DOL) said initial jobless claims and the 4-week average again fell to new multi-decade lows.

      Initial jobless claims fell another 3,000 to a seasonally adjusted 201,000 for the week ending September 15. This is the lowest level for initial claims since November 15, 1969 when it was 197,000.

      The 4-week moving average fell 2,250 from the previous week’s unrevised average to 205,750. This is the lowest level for this average since December 6, 1969 when it was 204,500.

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      • Flep, it’s time to add a metric for “Initial Jobless Claims … as a % of Working Americans”.

        The % is certain to be an All-Time Record, since our workforce has grown YUGELY over the past 50 years.

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        • Ditch Mitch says:

          BKR, great addition. Charles Payne brought it up on Varney this morning. Very important for consumer confidence and long term stability as it measures layoffs and firings. Thanks.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          Simple math works for me! Plain understandable language so everyone understands. Once the numbers are put out there for everyone to see, there is no defense for the Muli-National reps, lobbyists (Donnablow), and the Politicians who secretly built their empires by selling out the American workert with Chinese dirty money! Trade is just the beginning, filing charges of treason is the next step! I hope it happens! Feinstein, are you listening?

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      • Alex Failde says:

        Flep…what’s you’re take on Florida governors election? Local news has Gillum up by 6. Hopefully the locals down here on south Florida realize thays the wrong direction to go in.

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      • trumpismine says:

        I’m in the same camp as Billy Bob. Doing better now than when I was working and fighting the everyday traffic and expense of getting to work. Our POTUS has made retirement greater than it’s ever been. I think maybe some drawing on the nest egg is in order.
        Happy days!

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    • Patriotic Americans with common sense and brains are behind Trump..

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  2. Tired Mom says:

    How blessed are we to have a man like Wilbur Ross! So brilliant! And he is always so calm, so measured, and so crystal clear in his comments. No dancing around, no dodging, just the straight dope.

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  3. jmclever says:

    Hilariously he doesnt blame China for taking advantage of a bunch of “soft touches.”

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    Just goes to show where our elected officials are and have been! Time to make a grand statement, eh?

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  5. Redhotsnowman says:


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  6. Doppler says:

    As to Kudlow’s remarks on POTUS reducing entitlements, I don’t know just what he said either, but he might have been calling attention to the decline in demand for food stamps, medicaid, unemployment benefits, etc., that follows from the strong jobs market.

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    • WSB says:

      It all depends upon what one considers entitlements. I agree with you. Social Security and Medicaid are not entitlements, but most of the ones you listed sure are. As is/ was Obamacare.

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      • JMC says:

        SS is most certainly an entitlement for some people, who get payments for having kids but didn’t pay any money in.

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        • WSB says:

          True. I had been thinking of the basics that one who pays in should get money back. Not to mention the fraud of SS Disability.

          Frankly, I would completely reorganize the entire program. Chilean style, each person should have their own SS account in their own local bank.

          That would allow the local bank to have capital for loans, take the money out of DC, and the owner of the account should be able to invest 1/3rd of their account in whatever they want from legal investment options.

          Would create a lot of wealth.

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          • Janie M. says:

            WSB, if I am recalling correctly, I believe it was toward the end of Bush II’s term in office when the economy was crashing (housing market had collapsed, families losing their homes) and people were losing jobs; the claims for SSDI, especially among middle-aged men (unemployed and unable to find any jobs), was increasing and during ozero’s reign, it became worse.

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          • Janie M. says:

            P.S. WSB, don’t know if it was an urban legend but I saw people commenting on articles regarding SSDi, that drug addicts were claiming it as a disability. Seriously?

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            • Janie M. says:

              SSDI, not SSDi…


            • WSB says:

              Oh no. I have personally met many people who are drawing benefits from what is now the Social Security Disability Program.

              Mostly for bum shoulders, knee caps…a lot of injuries that should be covered by Workman’s Comp or Union healthcare.

              And some, maybe are for drug addiction. However, Social Security has no basis in using those funds for these purposes.

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              • Janie M. says:

                I agree, SS funding should not be used for SSDI. It fries my buns. I paid in to it from the age of 17… I earned it – the malingerers are not entitled to 1 penny.

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              • When drug addiction and alcoholism were labeled diseases, indeed people were put on the “dole” for having those issues. Willful issues.

                Some in “government” spend most of their time looking for wars to overwhelm the entire system to the point of collapse… when they aren’t busy training the young dumb@$$3$ in James O’Keefe’s latest videos how to do it as well.

                Cold Anger can barely cover it after 28 years of being a “watcher”. I’m ready for more than watching anti-American globalist criminals bully us into financing our own demise.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “It all depends upon what one considers entitlements”

        Yes, and it doesn’t help that the commies have selected the opposite language and engrained it (intentionally? likely).

        “Entitlements” should refer to things you’re entitled to because you worked and contributed to them.
        – Social Security
        – Medicare
        – Unemployment benefits – so long as you’re not a chronic abuser who games the system for grossly more than you and your employer have contributed on your behalf

        That other category?
        – Food stamps
        – Welfare
        – Rental assistance
        – Heating assistance
        – Cash assistance
        – Social Security disability scams by people who are not so much “disabled”
        – So-called “free” college grants not prefaced on ability or likelihood of positive achievements for society

        Those would be more accurately called Handouts

        And they come strictly from the generosity of the hard-working American taxpayer, whether willfully or not.

        But, hey – don’t get me started …

        I’m old, I’m cranky, I’ve had jobs since age 11, my parents both worked 2 jobs to raise their 4 children (and made a conscious decision not to have more children because they couldn’t afford more – what a concept, huh?), and I’m not happy to see my family or I be bled by taxation to pay for layabouts and baby factories while they fret whether they can afford new shoes for their own children.

        “Entitlements” my a$$
        And with my family history as described, y’all can take that “white privilege” nonsense and step right the F off.

        But, hey – like I said – don’t get me started …

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        • WSB says:

          I LOVE your post, Nim. Truly because the word is MESSED up!

          Until you posted, I also read entitlements as being a government fund that people thought they were ‘entitled ‘ to.

          We need to redefine all of this.

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        • Ozzytrumpster says:

          I’m an Aussie and have a severely disabled daughter. Autism, cerebral palsy, intractable epilepsy, and nothing,NOTHING annoys me more than the disability scammers. We have young Muslim men on disability who went off to Syria to fight for isis. The bludgedeen. Fortunately most have met their well deserved fates along with their skank wives

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    • WSB says:

      Sorry, I meant Medicare!

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    • The Entitlement Reforms are essential.
      • We’re running out of workers: Job Openings exceed People Looking for Jobs.
      • We need able-bodied Americans to go back to work.
      • We have YUGE numbers of able-bodied Americans on Welfare.
      • Able-bodied Americans on Welfare need to be cut off.

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      • scrap1ron says:

        You want to eat, you have to work.

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      • G. Combs says:

        And all the ILLEGALS including the so called Anchor babies need the BOOT TOO!

        Anchor babies, birthright citizenship, and the 14th Amendment

        Babies Don’t Provide Anchors!

        ISIS: 0; Ted Kennedy: Too Many To Count
        “… without Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act, combined with Justice William Brennan’s 1982 anchor baby invention, the “Mexican mafia” would not be living in America, much less be “citizens.” ….”

        Ted Kennedy’s Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law

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        • WSB says:

          These are great reads, G.Combs. This is a part of history that loves to find the crumby, hairy underside of the rug.

          Treepers know what happened, but not many Americans, and younger rhan 40 certainly.

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        • Mac says:

          If Kennedy’s grave were to be decorated with what it actually deserves, there would be a working latrine on it with the excreta landing directly on his face. What an evil, foully disgusting person he was! The rest of his family was little better.

          He is one of the people who makes me most sincerely hope there is a Hell, because I want him to pay for his murderous, traitorous, philandering and thieving criminality to the uttermost farthing.

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      • Hey I have an idea….

        as soon as POTUS has time to deal with these seditionist/treasonous federal employees and fires/prosecutes every one of them and like-minded contractors, the ones who don’t land in prison can apply for all of the jobs you reference.

        Per my suggestion yesterday:

        “These people (per the Project Veritas videos) make the case for tremendous abuse of the people’s trust and dime. Surely 50% of all govt departments could be shut down permanently and what’s left cut their personnel 50%. And while we are at it, cut 50% or more of all outgoing $$ to other nations. 😡

        I’m so sick of CONSTANTLY being hit with new fees, additional taxes and higher prices and still the beast of government is never, ever ever satiated or accountable.”

        Those people from all the shut down govt depts and those able-bodied Americans and legal immigrants phased off of welfare will provide plenty of bodies for all the new jobs POTUS is helping to create in our MAGA country.

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        • How about we stop “giving” ANY money to other nations?

          Why in the he!! are we considered the caretaker of the world, when it has to be TAKEN from us to do?

          Sick of it. Very. The middle class in this nation are the most financially abused people on the planet, and it is wholly unconstitutional despite what the scammers tell us.

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      • Cut off and sent to the nations that are unloading their populations on us that come here and will actually work. I think we need to end all immigration for at least 50 years personally.

        How about letting Americans recover from the globalist assault of 105 years to date?

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Wilburne explained Kudlow’s remark as getting rid of NoCare. Unemployment (which is paid by the states) and food stamps expenditures have been reduced because people have been returning to work. PDJT promised not to cut medicaid, SSI.

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  7. WSB says:

    LOVE the President’s message! It’s like having…an international trade coach!

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  8. magakathryn says:

    Sundance, Sundance, Sundance!!! I keep telling you. HELP! John Brennan gave an interview with Rachael Maddow on Friday, August 17, 2018. I posted comments about what Brennan said at the end of his interview. It’s important! See John Solomon’s article of today at The Hill! YouTube has REMOVED his interview with Maddow. Damn it! MSNBC has a “transcript” of his interview …. bogus and does NOT include what Brennan said during the last few minutes.

    Can you find my posts/comments after August 17, 2018? I’m not tech savvy. The MSM/social media is the enemy. It’s important – very important! The media/internet – whatever, whoever, is trying to remove everything. Brennan said he got/saw the dossier in December of 2016. That it was a “hot topic” with the FBI, CIA, DNI, NSA, etc., and they had a meeting and decided that it was not substantiated, so they decided to not include it in their community intel assessment report, as it was “non-intel” and “unsubstantiated”. My previous posted comments, called Brennan out for this, as he was basically throwing the FBI/Comey under the bus, since the FBI had used the dossier in October of 2016. His words, his interview with Rachel Maddow have been removed.

    Media is complicit.

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  9. Sentient says:

    You mess with the bull, you get the horns, Justine.

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  10. Sentient says:

    The disparity in tariffs that the president talks of at the end is so obviously unfair that only globalist corporate shills and ivory tower eggheads could try to defend it.

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  11. tav says:

    It would seem there is simply stupid and then there is Canadian Stupid.

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  12. oldschool says:

    More of these, please

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  13. Landslide says:

    On the flip side, China has put huge tariffs on agriculturral products. My son’s friend has huge pecan orchards. Just was telling me today that China purchases 40% of the US pecans and they now have a 44% tarrif on them. (Was 7%) All I could think to tell him was that hopefully this is short term pain for long term gain.

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    • WSB says:

      So let’s crack this nut. My favorite snack is Trader Joe’s Roasted Salted Pecans. Best in the universe. When I go to TJ’s, which is next to never, I buy 6 to 12 bags. One lasts a month. [Note, raw pecans are not the same. Won’t snack on those.]

      However, if you look in any other grocery store, you will never find ANY roasted salted pecans, and here is why:

      “So a seemingly minor trade dispute isn’t just about breaking down what Cruz called India’s “punitive tariff regime.” Or giving the industry access to maybe the biggest economic opportunity on the globe. Or creating jobs in Texas and a dozen or so other pecan states.

      It might also be about restoring the pecan to its rightful place in America’s nut hierarchy — one now dominated by the almighty almond.
      “If you look strictly at the health benefits and the taste, the pecans are a better nut,” said Bob Ackerly, a South Texas pecan grower. “So here’s a group with a lower-quality nut and look what they’ve done with it.”

      Pecan predicament
      That the pecan is in such a predicament is something of a stunner.
      The nut is rare in being native to North America. That’s why long before almonds arrived as a health food staple, and Stephen Colbert pitched pistachios on national networks, the pecan reigned supreme in American cupboards.

      As recently as the 1960s, Americans ate more pecans than any other tree nut — a supply produced for generations by mom-and-pop growers in states like Texas and Georgia. (Peanuts, a popular household rival, aren’t tree nuts, but legumes.)

      The coming decades, however, brought wholesale changes as American food companies began adding pecans to cereal as a nutritional booster, said James McWilliams, a Texas State University history professor and author of The Pecan: A History of America’s Native Nut.
      Industry consolidation. A shift to cultivated, improved pecans over the wild variety. And still the harsh reality that the pecan business can be a tough one to crack.
      Shannon Ivey is a fourth-generation pecan farmer in Tornillo, about 45 minutes southeast of El Paso.(Angela Kocherga/DMN)
      Shannon Ivey is a fourth-generation pecan farmer in Tornillo, about 45 minutes southeast of El Paso. (Angela Kocherga/DMN)
      Just ask Shannon Ivey, a West Texas grower who knows firsthand the challenges of cultivating pecan trees, which can take nearly a decade to pay off, and unpredictable weather, which can wipe out a crop in minutes.
      Some 45 years ago, his father persuaded his grandfather to start transitioning a 400-acre farm of mostly cotton to pecan trees.
      The project didn’t finish until 2008.
      “Mother Nature always has something to say,” said Ivey, whose second cousin is Kevin Ivey.

      But the pecan industry’s biggest problem has been more picayune: organization, or lack of it.
      The pecan belt stretches across the southern U.S. from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Different varieties produce a cornucopia of sizes, tastes and colors. And regional pride, along with rifts between growers and shellers, has hurt efforts to get 15,000 pecan farmers under one canopy.
      “It’s hard to get people together,” shrugged Kevin Ivey, president of the U.S. Pecan Growers Council, which promotes exports.

      Big Almond
      Compare that to Big Almond, which is grown in California by Californians who share a California ethos.
      “They all go to the same schools out there. … They all live in the same San Joaquin Valley,” grumbled George Martin, a Texas sheller who runs Navarro Pecan in Corsicana. “So they have a lot in common.”

      Agricultural lobbyist Bob Redding said the almond has found success — replicated by a handful of other nuts — thanks to its growers long ago agreeing to a U.S. Department of Agriculture program that dedicates a portion of their earnings to be used for research and marketing.
      Pecan growers, by comparison, didn’t have their own federal marketing program until last year.

      That kind of muscle has served the almond industry at home and abroad, where almonds are hailed as one of the biggest agricultural trade successes between the U.S. and India.
      Martin, the sheller, recalls his bafflement when Blue Diamond Growers set its sights on India decades ago.
      He figured the steep Indian tariffs faced by all nuts at that time would make it cost-prohibitive.
      He even remembers asking the almond co-op’s then-boss, Walt Payne, “Why in the hell are you spending this money in India?”
      The U.S. last year sent 233 million pounds of almonds to India, now that nut’s biggest export market.
      “That’s when I got my education,” Martin said.

      Next. Chinese interest
      The pecan industry has since received its own taste of the international scene.
      Twenty years ago, the U.S. sent paltry numbers of pecans to China. Now, Hong Kong and China combine for 40 percent of the U.S. pecan export, in part because trade barriers dissolved.

      The demand is so great, Chinese buyers drive around South Texas looking for pecan orchards.
      In China, the nut is soaked in flavored solutions and touted for having “miraculous health benefits” beyond its nutritional value, said McWilliams, the pecan author.
      “Like you will live longer, you will look younger,” he said.
      American growers say they see the potential for similar pecan passion in India, where the middle class — as in China — is exploding. Pecan peddlers say India presents an industry-changing opportunity, if not for the tariff.”

      Now, it is difficult to find a ROASTED SALTED pecan outside of TraderJoe’s. And President Modi has been visiting President Trump.

      Maybe pecans just need their old customers back.

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    • G. Combs says:

      President Trump said he would see to it that our farmers did not suffer.

      There is also the fact that there are X amount of pecans so China will have to buy them from somewhere. The customers who then get cut off will buy from Americans.

      …I was appalled to find out that the garlic powder I purchased was made in CHINA!!! I wonder how many pecan products are made in China from American pecans and then shipped back here.

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      • WSB says:

        See one comment above your head. The peconning of America!!

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        • G. Combs says:

          WSB ….
          I LOVE pecans and buy them at Trader Joe’s also. And cashews and…
          I am stuck with the unsalted varieties since NACl shoots up my blood pressure. So I add a bit of olive oil, KCl and roast them myself!

          I really love that Trader Joe’s carries a variety of UNSALTED nuts.

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          • WSB says:

            NICE, Combs!!!! Would love to see your recipe on the open thread! Does sea salt work?

            Anyway, I am not a Trader Joe’s junkie, although I have family members who are. Probably because the closest one is 45 minutes with no traffic away.

            But I am so appreciative of any company who pullls off great product!

            The pecan farmers need to not sell their farms to the Chinese, and get moving on a marketing campaign in the US and other countries.


    • Nom de Blog says:

      We should totally allow steel and aluminum to be destroyed to save the nut market. Are you aware that strategic markets are more important than freakin’ nuts?


      • Landslide says:

        Think you might have missed the point….just reporting a factoid that I learned today from my son. I read on that the US exported over 21 billion dollars worth of agricultural products to China in 2016. The great farmers will be hurting until that 44% tariff is reduced. Like I said, short-term pain for long-term gain.


      • G. Combs says:

        Farmers are well aware of what the CoC and World Trade Organization did to us. Most support President Trump but they still have to make a living. That is why he has repeatedly said he will see to it Farmers will not suffer because of the transition.

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  14. H&HC, 2nd - 16th says:

    Wow, all of the comments on this thread are UPBEAT and POSITIVE. Way to go Treepers and Branch Hangers!

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  15. Kenji says:

    Oh … and PS … the US Chamber of Commerce can go straight to hell. Start paying MARKET wages … not the … “flooded with cheap illegal labor FAKE market”.

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  16. Nom de Blog says:

    McCaskill is going to lose her re-election campaign. How she votes matters not at all.

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    • Teagan says:

      She must realize (McCaskell) it because otherwise it was a very stupid move on her part. She could have kept quiet and voted almost unknown, but she really put it out there….maybe she’s been advised it will attract female votes.

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      • elmo says:

        Very wrong. As a female I am so embarrassed with the way they have gone against all white men. These feminazis are ruling with emotion, social justice irrationality based on politics. Sick and despicable.

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    • White Apple says:

      The Left-wing feminist has to realize when they expect women to buy-in to their left-wing cockamime they are insulting their own gender. It is the same when Left-wing blacks expect blacks to buy-in to their left-wing “race card” cockamaime. It is an insult to all Blacks.

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  17. bosscook says:

    The ultra positive economic news cuts thru the Democrat insanity LIKE A KNIFE. You can’t get a job, buy food, or prosper with #MeToo, identity politics, or faux “social justice”. Normal Americans know this in their bones. I’m feeling confident today. I’m convinced that Feinstein/Ford and their theatrics are about to end with a boom. Call it a hunch. And that will seal the deal for the mid-terms. There have been too many displays of sheer hubris, arrogance (Biden…that jackass), and plain disdain for American’s prosperity in these great rebounding times. Onward!

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  18. Michelle Palmateer says:

    I would rather have less material goods with more Americans making them, than have more material goods made in another nation. WE need to bring manufacturing back to America and make the highest quality merchandise possible. I look forward to the day where most things in my possession say Made in America.

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    • G. Combs says:

      I have muck buckets I bought in 1993 that I can still use (Made in Leominster MA) My new ones, made in China made of post consumer GARBAGE, are lucky to last two to three years.

      So Heck Yes! I will gladly pay a bit more for something that LASTS.

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  19. Nom de Blog says:

    Sleepy Wilber Ross puts me at ease.

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  20. Rose says:

    Sure glad I had a meeting last month with our investment adviser, got rid of my Canadian stocks and transferred them to American and Eurotrash stock. As a Canadian I know we’re in for a rough ride. Kept my bank stocks ala Canadian because they can raid our money if the big three get in financial trouble.

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