Laura Ingraham Interviews Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down with Laura Ingraham for an interview on a wide variety of topics including former Secretary of State John Kerry’s interference with current U.S. policy on Iran; ongoing issues with China; refugee resettlement and more.

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22 Responses to Laura Ingraham Interviews Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…

  1. vexedmi says:

    At the 1:55 mark Pompeo states: “Secretary Kerry can’t seem to get off the stage – and you have too.” Sure sounds like the root of the problem. Perhaps Kerry is going to take another run for the presidency in ’20?

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    • DanO64 says:

      There are some estimates that there might be over 20 candidates running for president on the democrat primary in 2020. Running for office, especially as a democrat, can make you rich.

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    • Bob says:

      The root of the problem that no one ever seems to mentions is that the Obama regime is still trying to over throw our government. President Trump is the focal point of their hate and their theatrics play to the useful idiots. Why the conservative media and politicians can’t speak directly to the Leftist agenda of complete over throw and control of the population under the United Nations One World Governance is a mystery to me?

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  2. citizen817 says:

    Good interview. He sidestepped the question on taking legal action with regard to Kerry. Just repeated same criticism from last week.

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    • mimbler says:

      As much as I despise Kerry, I don’t think there is legitimate action to be taken against him legally.
      The Logan act has only been used twice (and unsuccessfully at that) in over 100 years, so it seems there is legal precedent allowing what Kerry is doing.

      Ted Kennedy did worse quit a few years back with the Russians.

      So Pompeo may be avoiding a direct answer in order to let public opinion punish Kerry, which it appears to be doing.

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  3. Vividblueskies says:

    Pompeo should have said, ” *Former* Secretary Kerry…” Otherwise, a good interview.

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  4. DanO64 says:

    Lots of news to catch up on. Sleep is such a waste of time.

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  5. wodiej says:

    Excellent interview. It’s heartbreaking that inhumane treatment still exists. President Trump and his staff are concerned about that and I know they are working to alleviate it. I liked what SOS Pompeo said about helping them thrive in their own countries. That is where these people really want to be. That is their home. Taking people out will not fix it. There has to be rise among the people to get good leadership. Pray and God will heal your lands.

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  6. Kenji says:

    I can only HOPE that the Trump Admin. has obtained FISA Court permission to surveil (don’t call it ‘spy’) John F. Kerry and ALL his known associates such as HER and Obama

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  7. Shelley Keith Childs says:

    From the page of the 3rd Project Veritas video:

    In an interview with Laura Ingraham last night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to questions about the findings of the first report in this series which showed an official at the Department of State who said “Resist everything. Every level. F*** sh*t up.”

    POMPEO: “Rest assured we’re aware of it and we’re taking a looking at it…”

    INGRAHAM: “If they’re going to be working against the administration they should go probably find another job?”

    POMPEO: “Absolutely. If this is a mission on which you can’t sign up for it’s time to go do something else with your time.”

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  8. Good_heavens_are_you_still_trying_to_win says:

    I’m kinda tired of hearing tropes like “Sergei Brinn (sp? – sorry if I got it wrong, I don’t care to look it up) is a brilliant, brilliant guy …”. I suppose that is true in the sense of the behemoth he has built, his mastery of his milieu, etc. However, doesn’t brilliance include the ability to cognate and draw intelligent conclusions about the nature of human kind and the sweep of human history? Crack open a book detailing the human condition for the last 5 millennia; perhaps you can gain an appreciation of the near-miracle of the American-Revolution-inspired “sovereignty of the individual” that has established the conditions under which you practice your “brilliance”. Stop your insipid complaining that your chosen weapon of oppression (Hillary) was clearly spotted and rejected by those you would enchain (i.e. us, your customers, BTW). Show some sign that you recognize that the nature of your privilege is not the color of your skin, but the character of your forebears who chose to “do something” about the lot in which they found themselves … and recognize that they did it not just to line their pockets (most of them lost their pockets) and bask in their own brilliance … they actually handed something to the rest of us, and you. Recognize that your “brilliance” has truly provided you financial leverage, God bless you, but you have NO leverage over my mind and you are not the revolutionary you think you are.

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    • GrandpaM says:

      Great post, I would venture to make one small correction. Brin’s or Brinn’s (not sure about the spelling, either) forebears did not do anything about their lot in life. Most likely they just kept bowing down to the Russian tzars and later to the Soviet communist leaders. And Brin’s and his ilk “brilliance” has the satanic fingerprints all over it.

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    • WSB says:

      Since Brinn emigrated from the USSR at the age of 6, and his mother is a researcher for NASA, this whole Google thing and his beliefs are sketchy at best.

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  9. Mike diamond says:

    John Kerry was never for The USA, he loves Iran! He is a traitor! He tried to throw Israel under the bus at the United nations!and so did obama!

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  10. “I think everybody in the world is sitting around talking about waiting out President Trump.”

    An astonishingly brazen admission at 2:41 from Kerry, ripe with inadvertent and reflexive deplorablism. Everybody in the world except the 48% of likely American voters who approve of Trump’s job performance (last Rasmussen poll) and how about the 63 million who voted him into office (oh but that crappy Electoral College). Or what about the millions with new jobs?

    For the likes of Clinton and Kerry, the American people are a career footstool on the way to wining and dining in the capitols of the world. They DEPLORE us. She said it herself.

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    • Jan says:

      As posted elsewhere on TGP, I and others like me are now proud of being Deplorable Dregs (Creepy Uncle Joe said we were the dregs of society) I wear it proudly. And I was in Walmart 2 days ago….I didn’t smell anything or anyone, but I did buy some RV antifreeze.

      Thank you VSGPOTUS. You keep giving us strength every day. Please feel our strength & support behind you.

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  11. jstert says:

    please, for all that is holy, tell me that kerry no longer holds a valid security clearance.

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