President Trump and USTR Lighthizer Announce Round #2 Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Imports – Full List Pdf…

…When you plant your trees in another man’s orchard, don’t be surprised when you pay for your own apples…

President Trump has instructed U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to execute Round Two of tariffs on Chinese imports. The first round applied to $50 billion in products. The current round applies a 10% tariff to $200 billion (effective Sept. 24, 2018), until January 1st, 2019, when the tariff increases to 25%.

The list of products is particularly focused, and happily we note it includes almost all Chinese processed food imports.

Chinese food processing is sketchy, and China has refused to comply with most international food safety programs. However, President Trump spared smart watches from Apple and Fitbit and other consumer products such as bicycle helmets and baby car seats.

In a statement announcing the Round-Two tariffs, President Trump warned China if they take retaliatory action against U.S. farmers or industries, “we will immediately pursue phase three, which is tariffs on approximately $267 billion of additional imports.”  That would hit Apple and all consumer good imports. Here’s the announcement and the list of products:

Washington, DC – As part of the United States’ continuing response to China’s theft of American intellectual property and forced transfer of American technology, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) today released a list of approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports that will be subject to additional tariffs.

In accordance with the direction of President Trump, the additional tariffs will be effective starting September 24, 2018, and initially will be in the amount of 10 percent. Starting January 1, 2019, the level of the additional tariffs will increase to 25 percent.

The list contains 5,745 full or partial lines of the original 6,031 tariff lines that were on a proposed list of Chinese imports announced on July 10, 2018.

[…] In March 2018, USTR released the findings of its exhaustive Section 301 investigation that found China’s acts, policies and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation are unreasonable and discriminatory and burden or restrict U.S. commerce.

Specifically, the Section 301 investigation revealed:

  • China uses joint venture requirements, foreign investment restrictions, and administrative review and licensing processes to require or pressure technology transfer from U.S. companies.
  • China deprives U.S. companies of the ability to set market-based terms in licensing and other technology-related negotiations.
  • China directs and unfairly facilitates the systematic investment in, and acquisition of, U.S. companies and assets to generate large-scale technology transfer.
  • China conducts and supports cyber intrusions into U.S. commercial computer networks to gain unauthorized access to commercially valuable business information.

After separate notice and comment proceedings, in June and August USTR released two lists of Chinese imports, with a combined annual trade value of approximately $50 billion, with the goal of obtaining the elimination of China’s harmful acts, policies and practices.

Unfortunately, China has been unwilling to change its policies involving the unfair acquisition of U.S. technology and intellectual property. Instead, China responded to the United States’ tariff action by taking further steps to harm U.S. workers and businesses. In these circumstances, the President has directed the U.S. Trade Representative to increase the level of trade covered by the additional duties in order to obtain elimination of China’s unfair policies. The Administration will continue to encourage China to allow for fair trade with the United States.

A formal notice of the $200 billion tariff action will be published shortly in the Federal Register.  (read more)

A pdf list of the Round #2 impacted products is Available HERE.

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125 Responses to President Trump and USTR Lighthizer Announce Round #2 Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Imports – Full List Pdf…

  1. HB says:

    What will Nike’s, Apple’s, etc. next move be? Trump is just blowing up their whole crooked concoction and there’s nothing they can do about it. I LOVE IT!

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  2. bflyjesusgrl says:

    Sundance, you crack me up! 🤣

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  3. Rawkstar says:

    Whew. Trish? Hadn’t seen her before. Holy cow she’s so smoking hawt I’m pretty sure she’s some kind of CIA MK Ultra artificial intelligence media dame.

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  4. pattyloo says:

    yahoo’s headline is this is Trump’s Tax Hike. they condescendingly explain that tariffs are a tax placed on the import and so you know, if you want to purchase one of these items, well it’s like you’re being taxed because the manufacturer is going to pass the cost on to you.

    funny how they never saw that impact when Obama was getting rid of all used cars (so you could no longer buy a cheap beater) and the way he attacked health insurers as having to suck it up and eat all these new costs like mandatory birth control, etc. no, that wasn’t a tax.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      What part of making imported stuff more expensive do they not understand. They act as if the consumer will not react and look for alternatives or just NOT make the purchase.

      Plus, if you listen to Charles Payne and Stewart Varney, the president has taken the extra step requiring be established by the Chinese exporters that cover the Tariffs. So, until Chinese stuff is actually purchased, the funds comprising the bond is at risk. These bonds are a tool left unused by previous administrations.

      Even better news is that China is having major disease issues with livestock and crops, which they cannot solve. BITCOIN is also tanking, which hurts China as they are trying to float a BITCOIN based IPO in Hong Hong.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        Darn editor… Chinese exporters have to establish Tariff Bonds that are at risk if the US consumer does not buy their stuff.

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      • piper567 says:

        A large number of us here have for years known of the Chines Government’s theft and deception, not to mention their greed on other continents when it comes to mines, ag land, etc.
        I am v sorry for the Chinese people who have to live under the rule of these nasties, but I am ever so grateful that our great President seems intent on DOING something ab these criminal activities, after all these years.
        God Bless President Trump!

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        • Maquis says:

          I hope to see them largely driven from the US in terms of ownership of companies and properties we have no business allowing a Communist nation bent on global conquest to control.

          Pretty certain it’s on PDJT’s to do list.

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    • So tariffs are a “faux” tax hike and that’s bad, but Democrats are running on actual tax hikes and that’s good?!?! LOL 😛

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  5. Caius Lowell says:

    The field mouse is fast, but the owl hunts at night. Creepy ain’t it?

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  6. rustybritches says:

    China said today that ( there is no use arguing with Trump until after the midterms I really wonder if they think he is doing this to gain votes,? From the looks of things His feet are firmly planted on the ground they might not have a leg to stand on.. god bless America and President Trump..


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    • fleporeblog says:

      Fools gold! Our President controls all the levers when it comes to trade. Congress can’t do a damn thing about it.

      Our President is going to continue to make China’s life a living hell. After this announcement today, PDJT will tell our Wilburine to begin the process on the remaining $267 billion dollars that are left. Those tariffs will be 37.5%. Once those are implemented, we will be all in!

      While all of this is taking place, PDJT will continue to build the manufacturing base in our country so that we no longer need to import as much as we do.

      Don’t forget that there is a cause and effect to our GDP and theirs. By squeezing them already with tariffs of 10% on the first $34 billion plus 25% on another $16 billion coupled with the newest tariffs of 25% on $200 billion and what I believe may be as high as 50% on the remaining $250 billion, PDJT is swinging our GDP up & killing China’s GDP.

      Let’s look at the math:

      USA 🇺🇸 Tariffs on China:

      $34 billion x 10% tariffs = $3.4 billion dollars to our Government

      $16 billion x 25% tariffs = $4 billion dollars to our Government

      $200 billion x 25% tariffs (as of January 1, 2019) = $50 billion dollars to our Government

      $250 billion x (being a bit conservative) 37.5% tariffs = $93.375 billion dollars to our Government

      China 🇨🇳 Tariffs on USA:

      $34 billion x 10% tariffs = $3.4 billion dollars to their Government

      $16 billion x 25% tariffs = $4 billion dollars to their Government

      $60 billion x 25% tariffs = $15 billion dollars to their Government

      $40 billion x (THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT) 37.5% tariffs = $15 billion dollars to their Government

      That totals $150.775 billion dollars in tariffs for our Government versus $37.4 billion dollars to their Government.

      That shrinks the trade deficit by $113.375 billion dollars a year.

      What does that mean for each country’s real GDP rate?

      Just last Quarter we shrunk the trade deficit by $53 billion dollars and it added 1.16% to the 4.2%.

      Please keep in mind with my math above, China 🇨🇳 and the USA 🇺🇸 brought in the same $7.4 billion in tariffs. They washed each other out.

      However, going forward, that isn’t the case! Your talking about an additional 2.32% real GDP rate for each year using the tariffs on China 🇨🇳and them losing that same percentage.

      PDJT is absolutely right that WE CAN’T LOSE!

      Xi saw the data below and understands damn well HE CAN’T WIN!

      Every corporation that complains will get their own tweet from our President!

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      • John Bosley. says:

        Flep’ the breadth and scope of the tariffs are mind blowing.
        Everything under the sun is in there, from baby pablum to funeral caskets and in between.
        Every mineral or food, processed/unprocessed to manufactured products, except those that Sundance has outlined has been hit.
        Next will be the Apple stuff and the stolen tech info on that next round.
        PDJT is blowing the Chinese out of the water.
        The Chinese better think hard and fast what their next move will be.
        Along with Canada scuttling it’s auto industry, America is going to have a very good Christmas this year.

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      • Flep, it gets EVEN BETTER.

        There is NO WAY ANY of the Tariffs on China can be felt by American Businesses or Consumers BEFORE the Mid-Term Elections.

        They go into effect next Monday on September 24th:
        • That’s 6 weeks before the Mid-Term Elections.
        • That’s a whole order cycle AWAY.
        • BUT American Retailers have long-ago ORDERED for the Christmas Season.
        • AND American Importers have been FORWARD-BUYING MONTHS of INVENTORY.
        • PLUS No Importer will place more Orders until the Inventory is consumed.
        • That means Chinese FACTORY SHUTDOWNS for MONTHS!

        American Importers CANNOT depend on those Factories restarting.
        • Their workers will have been redeployed to the fields and who knows whether other Importers will drop sourcing from China.
        • Any SANE Importer will use those months to develop NON-CHINESE SOURCES!
        • Those that want to TAKE a CHANCE on ZERO future Tariff Increases will turn out to be foolish or lucky enough to find a factory that’s restarted and negotiate a low-ball price in return for keeping more of its workers employed.
        • They’ll also learn that during any Trade Dispute, China will MERCILESSLY CLONE their products and STEAL their customers at a fraction of the margins.
        • After all, that’s what IP THEFT is all about.

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      • calbear84 says:

        Great post flep. Can’t wait to see what happens with Apple / Foxconn. As our great president is so fond of saying, we rebuilt China, now it’s our turn.

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      • Flep, it’s time to do some outside-the-box UNPREDICTABLE Trump Thinking.

        I might argue the tariffs themselves are driving the growth:
        • They’re GOVERNMENT RECEIPTS.
        • The GROWTH is coming from REPLACING China Exports with Manufacturing Capacity to produce in America.

        Let’s rethink the BEST USE of your $150 Billion in Annual Tariff Receipts on China.

        The Federal Reserve’s increase in the Fed Funds Rate to 2% in June from 0.5% when President Trump was elected is now chewing up $400 Billion ANNUALLY.

        That rate averaged about 0.25% during the Obama Administration.

        So President Trump tells the Fed that there’s a new game in town:
        • Fleece the Voters is OVER.
        • The Voters will GRACIOUSLY fund up to 0.75% of the Fed Funds Rate.
        • Coincidentally, that’s the $150 Billion China will be paying in Tariffs.
        • ANYTHING over that will be funded by the BANKS.
        • The Federal Government is PROTECTING the BANKS, just like we do NATO.
        • If NATO can pay their FAIR SHARE, so can the BANKS.
        • Otherwise, the Federal Government will NO LONGER BACK the BANKS.

        If Mexico can Pay for the Wall,
        The Banks can Pay for the Fed.

        By the way, under our MAGAnomic Expansion, America will flooded with funds from Repatriated Foreign Profits, Domestic Profits and Foreign Investment (as over-leveraged nations and their currencies flounder), so we really won’t be NEEDING loans from the Fed, anyway.

        There. That wasn’t so hard, FED FLEECERS, was it?

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  7. Greg1 says:

    President Trump is a VERY busy man today……..

    He has done SO MUCH today that the media, as well as people complicit in negatively impacting America (both foreign and particularly domestic swamp critters) will have splodey heads for days while trying to figure out countermoves………that President Trump will already have countered before they realize it.

    September 17, 2018. I have a feeling this day will be remembered for some time to come.

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  8. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Soon PDJT & 24 state AG’s will convene with DOJ regarding Amazon & Google violation of fed antitrust laws.
    I’m still waiting on comments from report submitted on Aug 6th regarding US postal service absorbing Amazon’s shipping costs. Why should we the US taxpayer underwrite Amazon’s shipping expense? PDJT has awakened the legacy of two on Rushmore, soon will be time to add TR’s legacy as well. Rushmore Redux.

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  9. bessie2003 says:

    WOW – scrolling through that list of products I could feel the revitalization of our agriculture, mining, logging and textile industries and all the correlating extension industries that are reliant on those commodities!

    Makes a person smile.

    Yes, leave the smart watches and other computer things at bay so that the loud sjw voices won’t be having screaming tantrums while making it possible for the forgotten US industries to realize it’s comeback time!

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    • You wait for an Anti-American Move by the Tech Traitors and WHAM go the Tariffs.
      That includes suppression of Conservative Free Speech!
      Earn the break or forfeit your take.

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    • piper567 says:

      I am SO looking forward to a resurgence in American textile mfg!!!

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      • Maquis says:

        I can’t wait for Apple to be spelled AApple, in honor of having returned to America.

        Seriously, I’m looking at Apple as a potentially acceptable alternative to the Goolag I’m fleeing. Bye bye Android, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, the works. If “I’m the Product” and “All my Ideas are belong to them,” I’m out.

        Still researching Apple. They talk a good game, but I haven’t seen their full fine print yet, and they are in China! 🤢



        • thinkthinkthink says:

          They are all the BORG, but they have different flavors. Google is more predatory in their practices. Microsoft tends to ship stuff that isn’t thoroughly tested because getting product to market is a high value for them. Apple is more like, “we are so smart, we will decide what you want in a product.” After using many different technology products over my career if find the Apple flavor of arrogance to be the least toxic. They are passionate about product excellence and it is rare to have something they make fail to “just work.”


    • Josh Adams says:

      also this way the Apple tariffs will be at a higher rate, and they and foxconn have a little time to start sprinting on building new production lines here.

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  10. Troublemaker10 says:


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  11. Ips Prez says:

    This list goes WAY WAY beyond food items. This is really gonna hurt Chinese exports to the USA. True I have not seen any electronics but virtually everything else, chemicals, leather, cotton, clothing, rubber, etc. This is really gonna be painful for China.


  12. cripto says:

    The tariffed marine products is extensive. One of the ways North Korea has been earning cash and by-passing sanctions is leasing their fishing grounds to China. Now that little scam will backfire.

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    • Maquis says:

      Between a Conservative’s concern about over-fishing and generally failing global stewardship of our oceans, and atrocities like shrimp factory slavery and now this NK/China fishing waters game, I’m committed to consume only farmed fish, from American farms. Can’t trust or support anything else.


  13. Curry Worsham says:

    …When you plant your trees in another man’s orchard, don’t be surprised when you pay for your own …

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  14. In my family, we have always refused any food product from China. We know too much about the way things are grown and packaged. Our favorite grocery store is Aldi. Such a great company. One of the small complaints is fruit in cans from China. Mandarin oranges especially. And Aldi is not alone. I applaud this new set of tariffs. Who wants food from China?? Now, to the supplements and vitamins!! And much more.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      There is a store that I pass by from time to time. “At Home” (very American) is the name.
      I decided to stop in one day.
      EVERY tag on EVERY item…
      Made In China.
      EVERY one.

      Pricey. Is an understatement.


  15. cripto says:

    I thought I would peruse the China mouthpiece press for any reactions. This was written yesterday when the new tariffs were just a ‘threat’.
    “Hegemony will no longer pay off for US”

    Today had a quisling op-ed by Robert A. Manning, “No country gains in US’ reckless trade war” (the Comrades like to hide behind others’ views)

    No reactions yet but their will be squealing.

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    • “No country gains in US’ reckless trade war”

      … Except the US … and that’s kinda the point! 😉

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      • Maquis says:

        The entire World wins. Except China.

        Actually, China could win, by joining Civilization and abandoning their intent on Global Conquest, starting with their own “citizens.”

        Just like with Justine the Fool, Xi’s best friend ever could be United States President Donald John Trump.
        Has he the wisdom to recognize that? The courage to go for it?

        Liked by 2 people

        • Rob says:

          “Has he the wisdom to recognize that? The courage to go for it?”

          History says “NO”. He will be the usual fool to let pride and power cloud his thinking. They will just never accept the fact that a US leader could force them to stop cheating the system.


  16. Tiffthis says:

    I wish I knew more about the farming industry in China. I thought they had bad soil and land and really couldn’t grow too much.


    • Stillwater says:

      I’m not up on the details but I think they process a lot of our foods and sell it back to us.

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    • cripto says:

      Try this resource on agriculture

      Aslo reports by the UN and OECD.


      • guyinworld says:

        they don’t use fridges… that’s one of the problems.


        • tampafan says:

          Off topic, but I thought you might appreciate this consequence of no refrigeration:

          A young Vietnamese man was giving me a manicure (there are a few men in my local salon, including the owner.) and somehow we started talking about Vietnam’s food markets. He asked if I had read The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis (Yes he did!! Came to US at 15 and studied in a good US school!), and said that we were lucky that book helped regulate the meat and food industry. His few remaining relatives in Vietnam try to grow as much of their own food as possible, because the vendors use FORMALDEHYDE to preserve their goods. “What does a farmer do when he slaughters beef for sale and it doesn’t all sell and there is no refrigeration??” Said life expectancy is low as a result (don’t know if true, but horrifying thought). On his last visit, Aunt’s fruit bowl remained full and vibrantly colored for over a month!

          I am still shocked. Took the “Anthony Bourdain foodie tour of Vietnam” off my bucket list.


  17. Dutchman says:

    The thing is, and we all KNOW this, the stuff from China is/was CRAP!

    Wasn’t worth the price, before the tarrifs.

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  18. RJ says:

    Why are Chinese made products so expensive? They pay a couple bucks a day to their workers yet somebody is pocketing the big markup and it sure isn’t me.


  19. Jane Smith says:

    The Tariffs are a drop in the bucket!
    The problem is huge!!!
    We let China invade our most prestigious colleges…take our info…duplicate it or reverse engineer it…to our own detriment.
    No other country does this.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. mj_inOC says:

    Let’s hope President Trump’s one-on-one with Apple’s Tim Cook last month in Bedminister got him on board to stop immediately this technology and customer data transfer!

    And as a former beef and dairy farmer, there is NO NEED for America to import any beef or dairy product, no doubt, pork and venison too.

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  21. cripto says:


    The huge statue of charging bulls in front of the Shenzhen stock exchange toppled over courtesy of Super Typhoon Mangkhut. twitter pic here:
    Hao Hong 洪灝, CFA

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  22. Paul B. says:

    I think Xi got the message when America bombed Syria just as Trump was enjoying his state dinner in China, that he no longer was dealing with the squishy American diplomats he had long taken advantage of. Not that I necessarily agree with that bombing, but the message of strength was indisputable. Xi knows he has a weak economic hand and has to deal very carefully with the master of the art.


  23. cripto says:

    Well, there are some clues as to how China will respond besides not sending Liu He to DC at least for now.

    “China Could Ban Exports of Products Crucial to U.S. Manufacturers, Former Finance Minister Says” (subscriber only, but here is an excerpt)

    “China could respond to U.S. tariffs by banning exports of key components, intermediate materials and equipment that U.S. manufacturers depend on, former Finance Minister Lou Jiwei suggested at a forum…

    There are plenty of products to choose from, Lou said at the China Development Forum Special Session in Beijing on Sunday. China could select products that the U.S. initially considered taxing but later took off its tariff list. These are the products that form the basis of the U.S.’ high-value-added manufacturing sector…

    To fight back, the U.S. could establish an alternative supply chain network in another country, but that would take time, maybe three to five years, he said…

    The Trump administration’s goal is to contain China’s economic development, and its actions are currently taking the form of a trade war, Lou said. “This won’t change in the near future, but it won’t work either,” he said. “We should not panic.”


  24. cripto says:

    Another interesting read “Officials, Academics Look Back, Ahead After 40 Years of Reform” (this year is the 40th anniversary of the reforms of 1978/79 leading to China’s recent development)

    (Again subscribers only)

    There was discussion about private business versus the SOEs (State Owned Enterprises) the latter faring much better under Emperor Xi and his retrogressive policies. I have discussed this problematic here before. The concerns are that the private sector is on shaky ground whether issues of property rights, law protections, burdensome taxes and other policies that affect them unlike the State sector. Boiling it down to treeperize, capitalism vs communism. Xi leans towards the Mao model otherwise known as the politics of decline.


    • This would explain why President Trump constantly builds up President Xi.

      It’s WAY beyond the “face” considerations.

      It’s about keeping Xi in power to continue his regressive policies while America’s Ag-Defense-Manufacturing Renaissance multiplies the gap between a DECLINING Chinese GDP (and ability to fund expansionism) and an ACCELERATING American GDP.

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  25. mashall says:

    I think it could be productive to Form Bilateral Trade Agreements with Poland and Hungary and others if it led to them pulling out of the EU.

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  26. SD, the list of products is quite interesting–many agricultural products, lumber, steel, chemicals, tires, fabrics, yarns, coal, etc. Most of these are items that the USA can produce itself. If China does not cooperate, good for USA manufacturers and job holders. And, as you and others have pointed out, quality of some of Chinese goods is not great.
    We recently had to make major repairs to a pier at our vacation house. Our contractor told us that the Chinese metal fittings (used when the pier was built by the prior owner) were deteriorating much more quickly that US made parts.

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  27. Fools Gold says:

    The only reason China refuses to stop the BS is because they have lined the pockets of our congressmen and senators! Trump has told Xi, that BS is over as long as I’m alive and in charge. I’m the new boss of the US and I’m backed by the most awesome military and patriots in the world. Together we are telling you to either play fair or let’s get it on. It’s you choice and here’s a little time to think about it. how But, when day comes for you to. Goose it’s either gonna be the Your the nice panda or the evil dragon and it can’t be both anymore. Otherwise, one of us is having their wings clipped and Me and my army of patriots believe the eagle will win without even a shot fired! Think about it.


  28. woodstuff says:

    We have much to do for our future. Our national debt needs to go down.. a whole bunch.

    National Debt Clock:


  29. jeans2nd says:

    Justin From Canada should pay attention. Canada was recently (April 2018) moved to the top group for intellectual property thiefs. Seems Canada steals pharmaceutical information from the U.S.
    No wonder Canada’s drug prices are so low.

    Bring on the tariffs. Buy Local.

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  30. 25% of on $250 billion worth of goods is like $62.5 billion in price increase. US companies just got $1 trillion+ in tax cuts, so $62.5b cost increase is nothing.

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