Transparent Political Hit Job – Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations…

The timing is transparent: the week prior to Brett Kavanaugh committee vote; the outlet is transparent: the intelligence ‘resistance’ apparatus, The Washington Post; the accuser is transparent: a far-left California liberal professor, Christine Ford Blasey, anti-Trump ‘resistance activist’ with an anti-policy background, including recently.  The accusation is transparent: 35-year-old harassment claim/accusation, from high school intended to activate the “Me Too” activists. The motive is transparent: block the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.

Today the Washington Post announces the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh has stepped forward to tell her story.

Ms. Christine Ford, aka Christine Blasey, a registered democrat and political activist, claims she attended a high school party where Kavanaugh forcibly groped her over her clothes. [Story Here]

[…]  While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth.

“I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” said Ford, now a 51-year-old research psychologist in northern California. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

Ford said she was able to escape when Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School, Mark Judge, jumped on top of them, sending all three tumbling. She said she ran from the room, briefly locked herself in a bathroom and then fled the house.  (read more)

After carefully deleting her social media profile; and after carefully selecting left-wing attorney Debra Katz to represent her political interests; and after carefully scripting some dubious and sketchy supportive material including a lie-detector test and vague notes from a 2012 couples-therapy session, the 51-year-old academic psychologist steps forward.

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1,502 Responses to Transparent Political Hit Job – Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations…

  1. sudsy49 says:

    Forgive me if this was posted already, but Ford’s parents had a foreclosure suit in which they were the defendants in the 1990’s. The case was presided over by Kavanaugh’ mother. Motive here?


  2. Debi Higdon says:

    This is exactly what they did to Judge Roy Moore! They got their way with that and think they can pull it off again. Sick, sick people !

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    • Kenji says:

      The difference in this case (from the Roy Moore scam) is that both of the people involved were the same (or close) in age. If … if … this case were true (and I highly doubt this “recovered memory”) then the upshot of this is that NO male HS kid should ever get NEAR a HS girl. That anything “done” to a HS girl as part of the natural sexual experimentation by kids could be held against you 35 years later. And NO, I do not “believe” her story of attempted rape … even attempted MURDER! As she claims to have thought she was going to DIE! from this cads “violent” actions.

      Case in point … when I was an 18yo Senior in HS … my girlfriend and I “parked” in my parents ‘bench-seat’ Oldsmobile (thank you benchseats!) at a popular public park with “inspirational” views. In the midst of our loving (and willing) embrace … a police car pulled up behind us with flashing red lights cutting through the darkness. The officer asked for both our ID’s (my girlfriend was panicking) … and the officer noticed that I was 18yo, and my girlfriend was still 17yo. The officer threatened to arrest me for statutory attempted rape (no, we both still had our pants on, what do you think of me?) because I was an “adult” and she … a “child”. Despite the fact that we were both Seniors in HS.

      Now imagine I were up for an appointed Judgeship (I actually should have become an attorney due to my logical, intelligent, mind). And at the very end of my confirmation … Sheri shows up with a story about how she was “traumatized” by me in HS. And that there is even a police report about warning me of my potential “statutory rape” of this innocent victim of a young GIRL! And I should note that Sheri has become a raging leftist in her adult life. So, I could actually foresee this happening. Esp. since Sheri and I broke up shortly thereafter, and I ended up taking a MUCH YOUNGER sophomore girl to the Senior Ball. Imagine the bitterness Sheri has carried all these years … and how she could seize the opportunity to DESTROY me all these years later.

      Uh, yeah … guess I should have raised my kids to be celebrate … and to NEVER attend a school dance, prom, or ball. OMG! He said “ball”! Thank you leftists! Thank you NOW! Thank you radical feminists! For your attempted DESTRUCTION of our beautiful culture. You’ve nearly succeeded.

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      • Frank Johnston says:

        Spot On comments

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        • Randy says:

          I remember distinctly in her testimony that, in one claim she said that when she was at the top of ‘the stairs’, she was pushed into the bedroom but didn’t know which “boy” pushed her into the bedroom. Later in her testimony she said that it was Kavanaugh who pushed into the bedroom. You cannot have it both ways. It was a clear cut LIE and I was surprised that no one caught it but, I did. Most, if not all lies smell like a dead fish and this woman stinks to high heaven!

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  3. Debi Higdon says:

    They got away with this tactic with Judge Roy Moore and think they can get away with it again. Very sick people and dumb.


  4. arby says:

    What a bunch of liars: Feinstein, the nutcake professor, the WaPo, and anyone who takes this tripe seriously.
    Sen. Feinchicom sat on this fiction for months. Bring them both in, testify under oath in a closed session, then release the TV show. Nothing about this makes sense. She doesn’t remember any details at all except for every minute detail of the “attack”. Doesn’t pass the smell test.
    Let’s get this done, and Kavanaugh seated.

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  5. Chuck Arnold says:

    This is one of the many reasons the American people have stripped Dems of all government power.

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  6. JoD says:

    I believe the “events” as recounted by Christine Balsey are quite possible.
    A woman with self-described low moral standards and a drinking problem, may have had the experiences described multiple times.
    None of it ever involved Kavanaugh in any way. His name has been inserted to achieve the goals of left-wing activist character assassination tactics.
    Stay tuned….

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    • Crystal says:

      I agree. With all of her alleged paramours over the years and her admission of being an alki, chances are likely she was sexually taken advantage of by someone along the way and just very conveniently substituted Kav’s name. DiFi et al sat on this info since July in order to sandbag the nom and used the excuse that the very social-media active lefty (whose SM sites were being scrubbed this weekend) was reluctant to come forward in order to justify the last-minute sandbagging.

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  7. Jim Laliberte says:

    I cannot stomach the stories from the left…

    They have been proven to be scum on so many levels…do they actually think anyone will believe them now?? Hope this Ford bitch rots in hell….

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  8. Scrapiron says:

    I have a strong feeling that this Borking will succeed. Too many Rinos and never Trump are still active in the senate. This is their opportunity to embarrass President Trump and the dims score a victory. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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  9. mashall says:

    This reminds me of the common tactic of Divorce War Tactics and false accusations of child abuse/molestation to win sole custody.


  10. Daniel says:

    In a weird way I kind of want this BS to work. It might motivate the right to show up and vote in the mid-terms. If he becomes a Supreme Court Justice that is great but we have no clue how he will rule.

    We have been burned before, what makes this different?

    If the left blocks him, the right will get angery and we will win the mid-terms. If he gets through, what motivation do we have to get others to vote?

    I don’t feel it, I don’t sense the right keeping the house and senate. We have to, because if we don’t we will be even closer to a civil war. If the left wins the mid-terms we will feel and see attacks like never before. We will have the same congress that did nothing to stop all the attacks on voters. The invasion from the south will get worse. Trump will be all only besides us supporting him from the outside.

    If we win, many on the left will have their “walk away” moment before the presidential election. He keeps up the economy, builds a wall, he could make Reagens win look like normal.

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    • Tom Timberlake says:

      What motivation do we have? For starters, if conservs don’t get off their a$$es and vote, the the dems regain control of the government. All investigations of dem wrong doing cease, Trump is investigated for jaywalking, etc., the deep state survives, Trump probably gets removed from office, the US becomes a communist country, HRC or BHO become czar, and we, the people would be complicit in letting it happen. Need any more reasons to go vote in November?

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    • Kathleen says:

      It’s wrong. Forbes sold her soul and now she’s playing victim. She should have thought about the consequences before. I don’t like Trump either, but I just lost respect for the MeToo Movement and the Demoncrats. Dirty politics!

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  11. mashall says:

    Let’s get the confirmation wrapped up, you see it seems Elaine has been slacking on MAGA and I’m worried that she may need to be shown the door….


  12. lurker2 says:

    Crap. Now Trump is OK with “a little delay”.


    • Scrapiron says:

      Yep, that’s why I think the nominee is toast. Even PT thinks it should be delayed. The left always wins this kind of stuff. Republicans are gutless. They don’t know how to street fight.


      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Your handle may be scrapiron, but you can pick up your 25 pieces of Soros tin on your way back under the bridge.

        Concern noted…


        • mashall says:

          The Irony


        • Scrapiron says:

          Sure, I’m a soros troll. I voted for Trump and I am a conservative leaning hard right. I’m old enough to remember what happened to Robert Bork , Clarence Thomas and the job they did on 43’s female nominee which gave us the squish Roberts.

          The concern is the Republican Party is weak and have a lot of RINO’s across the board. They fold at any accusation and never stick together. This situation is more of the same.

          The only bright light in this is President Trump. He has balls unlike the current republican leadership.


          • cthulhu says:

            The “tell” is “43’s female nominee”. Her name is Harriet Miers. W nommed her as SCOTUS candidate based on his personal relationship with her as White House Counsel. She ran into bipartisan resistance at such cronyism (especially when her responses to initial questioning displayed a lack of savvy), and, instead, we got Alito…..who was well-prepared to play at SCOTUS level, regardless of gender.


      • Trump Train says:

        Horseshit. Trump is playing it cool headed. Its not the right fight. I doubt this skank will even show or be a sideshow of nothing of substance. K will be voted in.


  13. Concerned says:

    Time to end the obstruction!

    The corruption of the FBI and DOJ continues.

    The conflicts of interest have long ago invalidated the Mueller Special Council. The President’s council should take clear and apparent misuse of the court system to the supreme court. First, seeking validation of the misuse by Mueller Special Council and second seeking validation of the corrective action.

    This would clearly follow or demonstrate the founders intentions, by placing two branches of government against a third. Naturally, the intent is to avoid further misuse of congressional powers.

    Look a the words “We need to Open the case we’ve been waiting on now while Andy (McCabe, also fired) is acting”. But, it was Rosenstein, who ended up opening the case. This means to me, that Rosenstein is a conspirator too.

    Add to this, that the DOJ and FBI personnel are not permitted to use government Lawyers. So why, is it that Page and Strzok were permitted to use government lawyers?

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  14. Concerned says:

    Where is the text message between Page and Strzok to/from Rosenstein? It’s clear, that it’s there somewhere. And, it’s clear this was a trap for the President.


  15. mashall says:

    Arby Hot Roast Beef with Horsey Sauce!
    “What a bunch of liars: Feinstein, the nutcake professor, the WaPo, and anyone who takes this tripe seriously.”
    Where is Googley-Eyed, Bouncing Eyed, Googly-Booker with a new crying spell?
    We had He’s a Racist, He’s a Rapist…stand by for the Muslim Victim….
    Don’t F this up Grassley or MItch’s Wife may lose her job.


  16. Mike diamond says:

    So she waits 35 years to come forward!???weird o ramma!


  17. nuthinmuffin says:

    lots of posts on this one, not sure if this angle has been posted…

    Kavanaugh, a potential Romney pick for SCOTUS may provide the genesis of Ford’s accusation.


  18. mashall says:

    She’s confused Kavanaugh with one of the Kennedys.
    Good Girls go to Heavan, Bad Girls go Everywhere….and
    Christine “Bogus” Baily got around more than Marco Polo!


  19. Rita Bruce says:

    Christine Ford and her husband were in marriage counseling. Obviously there is a possibility of disfunction in her abilities and her husband’s ability to make the marriage work. Even the marital dysfunction could be caused by her political activism and that she hates Trump and his Supreme Court pick enough to sacrifice an old high school party “friend”. Perhaps Mrs. Ford doesn’t have a clear memory of this incident happening or transposed the wrong boy in her memory or it’s all made up to stop a conservative Judge from becoming the deciding vote against her “Resistance agenda”. Perhaps she thinks she is a heroic patriot by slandering this Judge, who has been respectful to the women he worked with and knew for years.
    I can do psychoanalytic theory on her and her problems and accuse her of being crazy and delusional. I don’t know her but the timing is wrong and leads to only the conclusion that it’s a false accusation. I will not have to hear her testimony because i heard his hearing and he IS a good and decent and worthy man.


  20. Garry Smith says:

    This entire performance is a sad reflection of the desperate depths to which the corruption extends. Should these allegations prove to be as much of a hoax as they appear, D. Feinstein needs to be tossed off the Senate Judiciary Committee in shame and charged with criminal offence of obstructing justice.

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  21. Jimi Hendrix says:

    Kavanaugh allegedly has a photographic memory. If he said it never happened, at least on his watch, then I believe him. Christine Ford, if indeed remembers the incident, probably doesn’t have the right people in her mind. If she was at a drinking party, then there is a pretty good chance she was drinking. Even 1 beer in the system of a 15 year old girl can mess her up and confuse the memory.


  22. Dale Watson says:

    The is blatant politics screw the Democrats I watched the hearing will will not vote for any Democrat this election even for county position. Stand up to this bull . Comfirm kavannagh



    Pure slander and underhanded dems at work! Confirm Cavanaugh now!


  24. Starla says:

    It’s obvious what the left were doing dragging this out this whole time. Background check to find someone they could distort and create this story. Did into his background and his family until they could find a tie and work out details with this woman to be agreeable to go forward. Promises made, and they were trying to buy more time to make something stick. Not enough time obviously because they are themselves changing rules and guidelines to fit their narrative. All lies and game’s from the left. They look more corrupt week by week.


  25. William Foster says:

    Christine Blasey Ford was further exposed as a political hit woman when she demanded an FBI investigation before testifying. This woman is a fraud.


  26. Toby says:

    I don’t care if Kavenaugh is nominated or not. But i do believe that Ms. Ford is a bit on the neurotic side. For instance an article in our paper noted that she needed two doors in her bedroom in case she became trapped. She is a victim alright. A victim of her own feelings and imagination. Mature individuals would-after 35 years-take the memory and refuse to allow it to control her.


    • Lester Smith says:

      The demorats are the most hateful bunch I have ever seen. The Republicans try to be civil and as with any predictor the demorats view civility as weakness, and ready and ripe for the attack. President Trump is hated by the left for not fearing them and hated by the right for standing up to the evil and not joining the rest of the terrified republican lamb’s. Their are a view brave members that stand with the president. The rest are owned by the left and are worn and used like their pink hats the demcrats love to wear.


    • Lester Smith says:

      The demorats are the most hateful bunch I have ever seen. The Republicans try to be civil and as with any predictor the demorats view civility as weakness, and ready and ripe for the attack. President Trump is hated by the left for not fearing them and hated by the right for standing up to the evil and not joining the rest of the terrified republican lamb’s. Their are a view brave members that stand with the president. The rest are owned by the left and are worn and used like their pink hats the demcrats love to wear.


  27. kholtel says:

    Listening to the committee meeting with Ford. Cue the violin . . . talk to women who have been raped, beaten and left for dead if you want to talk sexual ASSAULT.


  28. Steve says:

    did Christine blasi Ford sleep with 65 different guys in high school she used to brag about it I’ve seen this is this true


  29. concerned says:

    Michael Savage has a good report on her. Just follow the link on his page to the story. Everyone needs to read this to know who she really is.


  30. Kavanaugh would’ve had an easier time being confirmed if had committed murder rather than try and disprove an accusation.
    Ford disgusts me.


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