Sunday Talks: Vice President Mike Pence -vs- The Insufferable Chris Wallace

The insufferable guardian of the swamp gates, Chris Wallace, was in his full uniparty glory this morning as he scolds Vice-President Mike Pence during a discussion of the current state of swamp affairs.

Topics include President Obama’s glorious return to the campaign trail; the magnanimous resistance (Wallace opinion) from an anonymous usurper within the administration; President Trump’s unnecessary frustration with the failure of DOJ and FBI to address internal corruption; Bob Woodward’s anti-Trump book etc.

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154 Responses to Sunday Talks: Vice President Mike Pence -vs- The Insufferable Chris Wallace

  1. Norman Franklin says:

    I could only get to 3 min. After the clip of Husien saying “We do not pressure the Attorney general or the FbI to use the criminal just us system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents.” wallichinsky then changes the subject. No mention of how Husien did exactly that for 8 years with no one in the media giving it a second thought. Except for Tucker Carlson I’m done with cable news.

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  2. TigerBear says:

    Could not watch the interview in its entirety, as it is sheer torture. (For me) Blood pressure spiked and I wanted to slap the interviewer. Grrrrrrr……What an oppositional pos, imo!

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    • mtk says:

      Understand your cold anger.

      Look at the alternatives you could have turned the channel only to be faced with the option of NBC’s resident talking arsehole of the month.

      I can not watch it anymore, not when imagines of Penthouse arsehole of mouth come to mind as its posterboy. NBC could literally replace him with a Southpark talking arsehole complete with pornstash stubble and his lips moving to the tunes of…
      mensonges du jour

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      • MAGAKAG2020 says:

        You don’t have to watch any of it. Period. TV sucks anymore! Unless you are doing “oppo” research of course, then it may be time well spent. So very few media types these days are actually worth, reading, watching or listening to. Most of the good ones are plying their trade out of the mainstream – online, etc. That’s where the real journalism exists, unfortunately there is SO much BS online as well. Dark times……


  3. Tseg says:

    I was in my car listening to this when it came on this afternoon. Chis is such a boob. Pence was absolutely clear about our (government) response ‘if chemical weapons were used” and very clear not giving a response if it was anything else was occurring. As the interview wrapped up FOX interjected Chris stating, “… and as this interview was occurring there were more bombings… blah, blah, blah….” truly trying to make it seem like some gotcha moment, which it clearly was not. Why does FOX have to use CNN tactics? Now I have to stop watching/listening to it for another month, they have been grounded, again.

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    • Mike says:

      What exactly does Wallace expect the US to do in Syria? Should we sacrifice blood and treasure to intervene in a civil war. Obama watched 300,000 die in this conflict. The US is committed to stopping the use of MWD under international law. We have troops in Syria cleaning up the remnants of ISIS. But we are not the world’s policeman. We are the world’s largest debtor nation. We should only get involved when our national interests are at stake.

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      • sat0422 says:

        Chris Wallace is for the other side. I won’t watch him and my life is OK. He stirs the pot and the salt he throws on the fire is not good for any patriot. So, turn off your TV.

        Why do all these boobs on liberal TV want our county to be communist?


    • Jan says:

      I only watch Jessie Waters, Judge Jeanine, Greg Gutfeld & Mark Levin on Fox on the weekends. Everyone else is pretty much too far to the Left or never-Trumpers. And I don’t get up early enough to watch Maria What’s-her-name.


  4. The Fox Broadcast Network is just as liberal as any of the other TV networks and, as such, you have liberal/never-Trump Fox News Sunday. Is it any wonder that it is the lowest rated Sunday network talk show…they seem to piss off both wings of the political spectrum. Just stop watching!

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  5. hdpman says:

    Cant stand Chris Wallace, thought pence did very well. Hell, I thought lindsay was great on his video with Maria. Surprised me.

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  6. tav says:

    “President Trump’s unnecessary frustration with the failure of DOJ and FBI to address internal corruption; Bob Woodward’s anti-Trump book etc.”

    The DOJ and FBI (and “Intelligence Community”) are corrupt to the bone. I know we hear over and over again that it’s just a few bad apples at the very top (as if that wasn’t more than bad enough), but this is an absurd claim. We are suppose to believe that all the rank-and-file saw nothing, they heard nothing, they knew nothing, they did not even get up any morning all this mega corruption was going on, except to play some piano and maybe a few notes on a flute? This would be like saying the only thing wrong with the nazi party was a “few bad apples” at the very top, or the only thing wrong with the KKK (democrat group) was a “few bad apples” at the very top. The rank-and-file were all wonderful. What an absurdity! What sane person could even believe that?

    At this point, we need William Tecumseh Sherman to come back from the dead and burn the DOJ, FBI and “Intelligence Community” to the ground.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Reality check: the Number Two in the Federal Bureau of Investigation lied to federal investigators not once, not twice, not three times, but on four seperate occasions. That we know of. That’s all you need to know.

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  7. BigTex says:

    Chris Wallace is the dullest, most deadpan “journalist” ever. I think he has Botox running through his veins.

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  8. magaxena58 says:

    The only thing missing from this video is Wallace’s lizard tongue flicking in and out as he asks his swamp questions to validate his buddies Woodward and New York Times anon traitor!!!!


  9. Sammy Hains says:

    I was only able to watch 4 minutes of it before I had enough.
    It seemed like Chris Wallace was sitting in for disgraced former president 0bama today.

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  10. Dee says:

    I dont trust Pence. His record is abysmal. Hes a clear globalist. Wouldnt surprise me if HE had a hand in the OP-ED. The way the criminal cabal is pushing 25th amendment narrative hard (which involves the vice presidents input) and the news that Pence want to run with Nikki Haley and his little cocktail parties for raising money apparently for HIS presidential run in 2020??? Hes a politician and I think hes dirty as hell. Mainly, the way THE MEDIA NEVER GOES AFTER PENCE is the biggest tell. They never bother Pence and HE is too quiet, unless hes at McCains funeral. Go deeper into Pence. BOLTON AND HALEY TOO. JMO

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    • RJones says:

      You would be wrong. VP pence is a person of integrity. I get that integrity is hard to determine these days, but until someone proves a snake, let’s give them the benefit. Also, Trump picked him, and he must have vetted him.

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    • Phillie_fan62 says:

      This conspiracy that Pence is in on this is flat put wrong. I’d lay money that the Times itself wrote the op ed. all they did was put things in the op ed that have been thrown out there by “conspiracy” MSNBC. They stuck an anonymous name on it, threw a few “conservative ” aid bits in there to validity the piece. It’s just too unreal to believe it!
      It’s the oldest rules in the book, create a divisive look narrative to weaken your opponent and beat him. Was it just a coincidence that Woodwards book just came out prior to the op ed? An awful lot of what was in the piece is just recycled fake news from the “Fire and Fury ” book! This is just as coordinated as the farce demonstrators and the democrat Senators at the Kavenaugh hearings. All in coordination for what? They see themselves going down, their narrative is collapsing all around them! They are desperate and will continue to do this till the midterms. They can’t persuade people to vote on their policies. They haven’t got any! Their best hope is to desuade people on the right from going to the polls for the midterms. They are worried sick that Trump is going to drop the hammer on them and de classify the documents which willmforce the MSM to cover it. They will say all kind of things bad about doing the de classifying. But it will get the attention of a lot of people who weren’t paying attention. They will shoot themselves in the foot by doing so. They could do the right thing and blast out at the criminals, but they won’t their hate won’t allow it.


  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    Do you think this is the anonymous person from the DOD that has been mentioned? I was reading this article and there it was, this comment.

    “Security clearances are being weaponized against the White House by hostile career bureaucrats, thwarting the president’s agenda by holding up or blocking appointees.”

    “In Mr. Lovinger’s case, those weaponizing the security-clearance process include a senior official who remains on the job despite publicly disparaging President Trump as “unfit” to lead, a Pentagon attorney who instructed colleagues on the importance of concealing retaliatory motives behind their actions, and the Defense Department’s security adjudications chief, who persists in advancing false allegations.”


  12. Matthew Hashman says:

    Pence is to Trump, what Bush was to Reagan. Neither would’ve won without their globalist neo-cohen chicken hawk VP handlers. Hopefully Trump and his people are smart enough to dodge the bullet, like Reagan did. Nothing new under the sun.


  13. GB Bari says:

    I watched the entire, painful interview.

    IMO VP Pence did admirably under the withering negativity spewing out of Establishment Globalist Wallace.

    Wallace is full of hubris and interrupted the Vice President numerous times, which is ungracious and dishonorable. The VP exhibits a great deal of poise and class and although a few times he looked like he wanted to reach out and slap Wallaces teeth out of his snide mouth, VP Pence maintained dignity and answered the interrogation as politely and as assertively as he was able.

    Win: VP Pence Fail: Prissy Wallace

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    • Phillie_fan62 says:

      I can’t stand Wallace! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. He’s a globalist scum. He thinks he’s smart. He must think we’re too stupid to see through him. That show me just how smart he is! NOT!


  14. Ken says:

    Why does the WH bother granting interviews with these hacks?

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  15. Newton Love says:

    Wallace is such a liar! His interview has so many cuts, it suffers the death by a thousand cuts.
    All of those edits are used to discredit Wallace’s opponents, which are obviously Trump, Pence, and us Deplorables.

    Wallace is begging Pence to come over to the treason side, and ridicules him when he won’t.

    Wallace is a consummate Communist, just like his daddy, Mike was.

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  16. Newton Love says:

    Hey! Chrissy Wallace!
    The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” Generally, the right is to have a face-to-face confrontation with witnesses who are offering testimonial evidence against the accused in the form of cross-examination during a trial.

    Wallace, since you are supporting and enabling the NYT setting up a public criminal prosecution of Donald Trump in the press, does PDJT have a right to face his accuser, or does “anonyMouse” have a right to hide from facing the one he accused?

    Chrissy Wallace, you are a BIGGER COMMUNIST than your daddy, Mike Wallace. You have no idea how much you disgust me, you lying pervert.


  17. Pokey says:

    Chris Wallace is in over his little pointed head. He sees himself as the moderate in the room, but he only hears what the “regressives” are telling him.


  18. Cnd says:

    CW=shameless demeaning tone dripping with innuendo. Wanted to wring his neck.
    VPP=articulate, kind yet commanding, signaling true strength and loyalty.
    I’m pretty sure our VP would not stand behind or prop up anyone much less someone unfit.


  19. Mike G says:

    The only useful purpose of Chris Wallace is the stark evidence he provides of the steep decline in the testosterone levels of American males.


  20. PoCoNoMo says:

    I’m not even going to click on that. The day is young – why ruin it?


  21. Sandra Mann says:

    What is the difference between anonymous and McCabe, Page, Orr etc? They all thought that the U S needed protection from PDT. I’m talking about ego not apparatus! Chris Wallace is just another critic of this President. When will he highlight the accomplishments? Why does he support theft from the President’s desk? Unsigned letter. Accepted as authentic. Who wrote it? When did staff start searching for the letter? So tired of accusations being accept as the real truth. Let’s take this letter to court and lay a foundation that PDT wrote or dictated this letter. Bah!,,


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