Canada: ‘When it comes to negotiating “Robert Lighthizer is a vicious son of a bitch”…

Well, there’s yet another promise kept.  Candidate/President Trump always said he would deploy the “killers” to renegotiate trade deals:

…‘When it comes to negotiating, “Robert Lighthizer is a vicious son of a bitch.”…

~Gordon Ritchie

Somehow I think this type of criticism will only elevate U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in the eyes of President Trump.


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385 Responses to Canada: ‘When it comes to negotiating “Robert Lighthizer is a vicious son of a bitch”…

  1. Curt says:

    The little leftist twit in Ottawa Canada, affectionately known as Trudy, has bitten off more than he can chew. Its sad because his bankrupt politics are just going to hurt Canada in the long run. This, much like Obama’s effort to destroy the US…


    • Payday says:

      In obola’s case it was to create a one world economy. In Sparkle Sox case it’s to create a one country economic disaster.


      • jmclever says:

        IMHO those are the same goal. The first step to socialism is to deliberately tank the economy. Next, swoop in and save the day with gov’t aid programs that enslave the people and enrich the leaders. The global sociocommunists are working to destroy the world economy one country at a time.

        And they would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadnt been for those meddling deplorables!


  2. MVW says:

    Socialism is an abject failure. Justin is the perfect representative of its reality rejecting idiocy.

    Justin will not sign. Trump will levy the tariffs. Justin will get kicked out and Canada will come back to Trump and ask for a deal. Canada will never recover their car production. Socialism will go the way of Venezuela.

    Sad tale of smug Libtards.

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  3. Donna in Oregon says:

    The waiting…..oh noes.

    These Political Hacks think their so much smarter than President Trump.

    I wonder if the conversation between POTUS and Mr. Lighthizer went like, “Yeah, Bob, I like it when they think we’re politically inferior. Do the ‘you’re so much smarter then we are schtick’. I like that.”

    Smirk…..eyeroll……SNL dance 🙂

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  4. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Love that new emoji hahahahaha!!


  5. jdondet says:

    Now that is the best compliment of a U.S. official by a foreign government that I have ever heard in my lifetime!

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  6. Michael says:

    USTradeRep Robert Lighthizer: “If your conclusion is that China taking over all of our technology and the future of our children is a stupid fight, then you are right. We should capitulate.”

    video at


  7. Bill says:

    …‘When it comes to negotiating, “Robert Lighthizer is a vicious son of a bitch.”…
    ~Gordon Ritchie

    We don’t call him Lightsaber for nothing!

    MAGA and Winnamins to Winfinity!

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  8. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Cry me a river, Mr. Ritchie.


  9. Jerry Krite says:

    I’m a Canadian who has prioritized buying goods and services made by US companies, regardless of cost. Everything from my air compressor (Jenny, made in Pennsylvania) to my fishing rod (G. Loomis, made in Washington) to my flashlight (Malkoff Devices, made in Alabama) and hundreds of other things. If NAFTA falls by the wayside I’m happy to switch over to buying goods from countries in Europe and the Pacific Rim that Canada has trade agreements with. Canada will face some short term pain from US tariffs, but whatever they are we’ll respond in kind and somebody south of the border will feel the same pain our workers do. In the long run Canadians will be better off shifting our allegiance away from the US and diversifying our markets.


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