Bongino on Mueller Inc…

Dan Bongino discusses the DC law firm of Mueller, Sessions and Rosenstein; with some advice to President Trump…. ‘fire them all’.

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337 Responses to Bongino on Mueller Inc…

  1. dawg says:

    “Firing everyone” right now, before everything is declassified, would be political suicide for President Trump. I dont understand why more people dont see that simple fact. All the RINOs and Nevertrumpers would then have cover to come out in support of impeachment. The House would surely impeach, and depending how it all played out, there might even be 67 Senators willing to remove.

    POTUS is between a rock and a hard place. His only option is to continue to 1) Campaign and win/keep Congress, and 2) continue to nominate and appoint judges and 3) Declassify and reveal. Then after the midterms, and once the hoax has become apparent to more of America, and candidates have won their elections due in part to POTUS endorsements, POTUS will have the political capital to fire those he deems need to be fired.

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    • John Winkler says:

      Good morning. I have been following CTH for quite awhile and have only posted once. I also follow Bongino, and being native Texan, I find the Queens style a bit abrasive. That being said, like CTH, I enjoy thoughtful analysis of matters that affect me.

      Unless I’m mistaken, Bongino has a caveat that the firings happen only after midterms.

      Have a blessed Sunday!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      dawg, I think many forget that our President thinks miles ahead of anyone or any group and when the moment comes watch out. He will protect our America and the traitors/rats will truly start running, maybe committing suicide, maybe trying to leave and go to another country, altho Trump can block anyone of them leaving, etc. We have seen Trump in action on other issues, so let’s hang in there and enjoy the hammer slamming down hard and long. I still think we should be prepared to build gallows as well as a guillotine involves a lot of blood. Yuck! But whatever is needed will be done and we will be there with our President to get it done. By leaving some where they are only gives the leftists working under him more time to inundate themselves even more in the muddy waters and their futures are dim to nil.


    • david7134 says:

      There is a different path for Trump and that is to massively expand the investigation into the election to include all irregularities. He can and should insist that Mueller hire addition Republican staff or set up an entirely different investigator. Also, no matter what, he needs an independent investigator to review Mueller himself.


  2. candid says:

    One of the Fox Host, said that if Sessions were removed, Rosenstein would take over as AG. ???? He is already in charge. Sessions is AWOL!!!

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  3. Baygraver says:

    IF anyone is fired it should be Rosenstein, I read that he made Berman recuse himself so preet bharara could prosecute Cohen, rosy is nothing but a traitor


  4. Mike diamond says:

    John the brennan is worried he knows he and Obama committed treason on the Iran deal,treason on spying on President Trump ! Mr brennan is the worst cia,director of all time!!!!!!


  5. Concerned says:

    The Next Revolution w Steve Hilton 8/26/2018 – Fox News Live Stream HD August 26, 2018


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