Real Clear Investigations: James Comey Lied – Weiner Laptop Emails Never Reviewed…

Paul Sperry at Real Clear Politics has an extensive article highlighting step-by-step how the FBI did not review the Hillary Clinton emails on the laptop belonging to Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner.

“When then-FBI Director James Comey announced he was closing the Hillary Clinton email investigation for a second time just days before the 2016 election, he certified to Congress that his agency had “reviewed all of the communications” discovered on a personal laptop used by Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.”


Paul Sperry confirms our prior research:

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204 Responses to Real Clear Investigations: James Comey Lied – Weiner Laptop Emails Never Reviewed…

  1. Cheesehead54016 says:

    I expect and demand that Sessions DOJ finds, examines and publicizes every single one of those emails to myself and millions of US taxpayers.

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  2. lurker2 says:

    I’m surprised that anyone from Real Clear Politics has done any sort of logical thinking about this whole mess. They aren’t the worst, but they’ve been anti-Trump since Trump announced. But hey, maybe Sperry wants to be a real journalist instead of a propaganda propagator.

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    • lurker2 says:

      Here are a couple of Real Clear Politics articles published in the past 24 hours:

      Dan Rather: What Mueller Knows Will Make Cohen/Manafort “Pale By Comparison,” “Stay Tuned”
      Posted By Ian Schwartz
      On Date August 23, 2018

      Trump Doesn’t Care About Justice — Only Protection
      By Eugene Robinson
      August 24, 2018

      Just crap, pure crap. That Dan Rather thing came from an interview he had with Don Lemon. As far as I can tell, Lemon didn’t even once ask Rather if he had some actual substantiating information to back up his claim. Rather didn’t even mention “sources”, it just seems to be his gut feeling based on Watergate or something. (smh)

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  3. Fools Gold says:

    Maybe that laptop is lying on the bottom of the ocean Floor or was Guliani referring to a Oct. (2018) surprise?


  4. Repost from above

    NYPD had it. Rudy has many great friends in the NYPD, PDJT and Rudy are great friends.
    Rudy never seems concerned about any of this stuff.
    Neither does our VSG
    At this point it’s just a matter of when and where the bonfire is……

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  5. Chewbarkah says:

    The most important part of the article came at the end: the whereabouts of the Weiner laptop are unknown and it MIGHT HAVE BEEN RETURNED TO HUMA. It this hasn’t happened, how about Grassley, Goodlatte, et a;, sending the FBI a preservation order on this critical evidence. Every email in the laptop must be examined as part of a comprehensive investigation of Clinton’s many crimes.


  6. Scott Brooks says:

    Fortunately, I already knew about all of these details due to the in depth reporting of David Muir at ABC News World Report. Oh wait…David Muir didn’t report on any of this. He’s been too busy reporting on the coming impeachment of Trump.


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