President Trump Interview With Ainsley Earhardt…

Yesterday President Trump sat down with Fox News morning host Ainsley Earhardt for an extensive interview surrounding current events.

During the interview President Trump expressed his frustration with current Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray, and the lack of focus on cleaning up the corruption within both organizations. Additionally, President Trump talks about wanting to stay uninvolved with the agencies, but will likely declassify documents so the American people can better understand the scale and scope of the corruption.


In response to the criticism that AG Jeff Sessions “never took control” of the DOJ, the Attorney General put out a statement:

Obviously there are multiple segments to the interview. Another segment is below:


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628 Responses to President Trump Interview With Ainsley Earhardt…

  1. Lactantius says:

    If you proclaim that Sessions is committing treason or is a Benedict Arnold or blubbering fool conducting a fluster-cluck, what can you possibly think of President Donald J. Trump? Is he too stupid to understand his executive powers? Is he afraid? Is he too deep in the swamp and won’t act out of caution to protect the swamp?

    Here is what a smart President Donald J. Trump would be doing: He would have two degrees of separation between his POTUS hat and what Sessions and Wray are doing. However, loyal and savvy friends and close relatives of POTUS and a V-P can, if they so desire, be on top of extensive off-the-record nuances from those in the know at DOJ and FBI concerning items of extreme interest to POTUS and to highly competent friends of POTUS and the V-P.

    If that is NOT taking place, President Donald J. Trump has totally changed the way he built his empire and reputation and has become a blithering idiot.

    The DemonizingRats are lurking about in every nook and cranny trying to catch President Donald J. Trump colluding or conspiring with the DOJ and the FBI. They would love nothing more than for POTUS to fire someone so they could roll out their campaign blitz tearing into a thousand impeachable offenses they have compiled against him.

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    • starfcker says:

      Have you never set eyes on incompetent people before? Sorry buddy, we’re way past that

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    • Yep if Sessions is swamp and Rosenstein the devil then President Trump is grossly negligent to his sworn duties in allowing them to run the DOJ.
      If all that was true he would hurt America allowing this DOJ for 2 years to run Justice.

      I dont believe that. Something else is going on.

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      • Kaco says:

        Yes, something else is going on, it’s called RINOs and Dems circling, watching his actions. POTUS is treading carefully as he should, but I think he should start declassifying soon.

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        • Jonas N says:

          He has said “at some point I’ll need to get involved” many times, and for quite a long time.

          I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Meaning: He’s had this in mind for the entire time, and is waiting for the right moment. I think it is also a message to his antagonists and enemies, to put them on notice that he both holds them and knows what’s in the cards. Particularly to those who also know ..

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      • Donna in AZ says:

        Something Machiavellian this Way comes?

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    • Lactanius, you’re right. As much as I like our marvelous President, DJT sometimes comes off like a blithering idiot especially when he says..”it’s a beautiful thihg.” 3 or more times in interviews.


      • Dora says:

        I love it when President Trump refers to something as “a beautiful thing”.

        To me, just hearing that is a beautiful thing.

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      • Turranos says:

        At first, those speech patterns really bothered me…like a lot. However, as I have listened to him, over and over, I now see those things for what they are. It’s a pause mechanism that allows him to think ahead and choose his next main points.

        Many people have pause mechanisms in their speech but Trump is very different in this regard. I have never seen anyone do it like him. By the way, all pause mechanisms are annoying, some worse than others. I’ll take his any day over other people.

        Bottom line, I watch him sitting there, very relaxed and talking about really tough topics and I say “Thank God for this man.”

        Just for a second, imagine 0kenyan answering these exact same questions. What would Barry say? Excuse me, now I need my waste basket.

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    • Ben Dare says:

      So lets consider the facts…PDJT is known worldwide as an architect, philanthropist, Business, and you are ? He did not get to be a Billionaire by listening to “armchair quarterbacks”…who think they know better than him. Are you even a Millionaire?
      Do you own over 200 Business’s. Then you have a right to an opinion….but to refer to PDJT as “someone who is too stupid to know his executive Powers”… not only sad….but silly and pathetic at the same time.

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      • treehouseron says:

        I think you missed the whole point Ben.


        • Oh, I caught the point. It’s like some people who post here do not even watch the news.

          President Trump CANNOT just fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray. They have threatened to impeach him if he does, the GOPe has promised that he will not have any replacements confirmed and the lawyers have stated that they will come after him for obstruction of justice.

          The people who continuously preach, ‘why does Trump just not fire them,’ must have missed the headline new for about a year and a half now……

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      • Check six says:

        Not every business that Trump owns or owned was a success. Not every pick that Trump made was a success. That’s what he was trying to say , and I must agree with that truth. Sessions was a poor choice and Trump is paying for that, and that can’t be denied. If Trump is kicked out of office , it will be because of deep state Sessions.


      • iwasthere says:

        Agree Ben.


    • The problem between Trump and Sessions is that Sessions recused himself for no reason and is unwilling to unrecuse himself and actually take charge of the DOJ/FBI.

      Sessions is allowing his ‘honor’ to stop him from the lawfare lynching that is the Panda Mask of a soft coup d’etat.

      The solution to the problem of the Sessions/Trump dispute is for Sessions to (a) declare himself innocent of any wrong-doing, (b) unrecuse himself from his self-imposed recusal. That that moment I dare anyone to take on both Session and POTUS at the same time.

      There will be a firestorm of controversy and more howling from Demonrats and their media cohorts, but the toothpaste will be out of the tube and it will never be put back in.

      Sessions can take charge of the Mueller investigation and demand a final report of their findings and shut down all active investigations that are not directly related to Russian collusion.

      There will be talk of impeaching Sessions. POTUS will stand with Sessions and God help anyone who tried to impeach Sessions once POTUS has his back.

      Sadly, I don’t think Sessions will do this. He just doesn’t have stomach for that kind of a fight.

      And that, really, is why POTUS is done with him despite the fact that Sessions was one of his mentors on immigration.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Good points.
        Sessions is full of pride. It is blinding his vision of justice.
        I hope President Trump cans him.

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        • Very good point.

          Expression of ‘pride’ is not always obvious.

          For a long time, Sessions has been playing a win-lose game with him ‘winning’ (by avoiding conflict) and POTUS losing.

          If today’s news is any indication, I think POTUS has decided to turn following the same course of action into a lose-lose scenario for Sessions.

          I don’t know that he will have to fire him, Sessions has already tried to resign multiple times.

          All that POTUS needed to know was that Congress would expedite Sessions replacement. Graham is signalling that such is now the case.

          The problem is that Graham cannot be trusted when it comes to POTUS’ well-being.

          The reason I say this is that Graham said he will expedite confirmation after the most contentious midterms since the 1990s and the Contract With America.


    • Kaiser Derden says:

      anytime someone posts a “what he should do if he was smart” comment it makes my day … I get a good laugh … you wasted good internet space … please stop …

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  2. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    I still suspect this is Trump/Sessions theater.

    The real swamp creature to fire after the elections is Rod Rosenstein. This man has so many conflicts of interest with the Comey/Mueller tag team. He should have recused himself. Instead he started an investigation in search of any crime that can be tied to the President. I believe he is part of the insurance policy.

    His attorney wife represented various higher-order swamp creatures, some of whom should be under investigation for criminal activity.. The Rosensteins are part of the ruling class club.

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  3. Captain says:

    Keep in mind Jeff Sessions is the original deep state establishment republican MOLE in the Trump Campaign. His job was to endorse DJT and get close to him and gain trust. He positioned himself to become the Attorney General of the United States. His role in doing so would be to recuse himself from all things Russia to ensure the DOJ/FBI/Mueller insurance policy to take DJT out could unfold unfettered. Sessions deep state connection will come to light as the full truth comes to light.

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  4. southernmom19 says:

    Beginning to look like Sessions is part of Strzok’s insurance plan.

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  5. Max Tadpol says:

    POTUS is in a bit of a pickle as far as the viewing public is concerned and after everything that has gone on, including back and forth with AG Sessions were supposed to believe they are – at this very moment – discussing ‘prison reform’.


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    • Check six says:

      Look at this picture SD. This is what a swamp creature looks like while being called a republican. What part of that do you not understand? He is a real turd.

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  6. icthematrix says:

    I think what’s laying out is a high stakes, slow motion Mexican standoff. Muller doesn’t have the “goods”, obviously, but he has multiple levers to pull, and is timing them to do the bidding of the swamp relative to midterms. The swamp knows PDJT knows how bad it is, but they have been and are using Sessions to hold off damage or impact in advance of the midterms. They keep holding these guns on him, along with the co-conspiratorial RINO’s, playing for time to damage him and the R’s ahead of elections. At this point it is ALL about the elections.

    However, our President must know when the time to strike has come. He can not afford to lay back forever. Frankly, he would have liked to move at Trump speed on all this stuff, but he’s playing the game too. The latest moves by the Mule are designed to gain upper ground in their final assault. I expect the President and our R allies are holding for just a bit longer…waiting for Ohr testimony, then Labor Day, then CHARGE! Sessions is not part of the plan. He is a weak feckless man who plays at several things important to him, leaving the rest to those telling him to stay out of the “politics”. He didn’t just recuse from Russia, he refused from EVERYTHING Trump. Needs to be fired very soon. It would set up the hard decisions coming in September when the crap is exposed.

    My biggest question is Huber. Huge staff, supposed thousands of sealed indictments, and nothing.

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  7. Asked if he would release the documents the President said,”Yep. At the right time…”

    At the right time. Many of us here have been talking about TIMING since day one. Timing.

    There is something up. I am not pretending to know what it is…but why not now. What is the right time?

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    • New Nonna Again!!! says:

      ‘It takes time to properly cook a delicious turkey like my mom always did’… to paraphrase President Trump.

      Timing… is everything. If you’re not good with waiting on President Trump’s timing, how about trusting in Almighty God’s Timing? He put this man in that Oval Office at THIS time in world and America’s history. He allowed or ordained it. TRUST in the timing. 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

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      • Minnie says:

        You know it, sister!!

        All Glory and Praise to Our God 🙏



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        • New Nonna Again!!! says:

          Glory And Praise To Our God indeed!!

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          • Donzo says:

            Then He also put Obama in the WH.


            • Check six says:

              Ooh they got real quite on that one didn’t they?


              • New Nonna Again!!! says:

                Sorry, I was busy living my life and only just saw your and Donzo’s comments.

                I did not get real quite, not quiet, by what donzo said. Just was away from CTH til now.

                Donzo, your observation is correct, as God allows or ordains any and all that happens. He doesn’t ordain anything evil, so He must’ve allowed the prior resident of the WH to be elected. However, we also know He brings good out of every evil.

                In President Trump’s being elected, I am saying God not only allowed but ordained his victory. That was my point. God PUT him in the Office at this time in history, at his age, with his experience.

                And millions and millions of Deplorables prayed and voted that Liarly wouldn’t advance to the Office, and that Trump would win.

                Thank You, God! Thank You for hearing the cries of Your people. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for Redeeming us. 🙏🏼

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          • thinkthinkthink says:

            Yes, as God gave them quail to eat in the desert after they complained that God had not given them the food they craved. God even let them know they would have so much meat that it would be coming out their noses! He gave them their fill of what they demanded.

            Seems those grumbling fussy “people of God” just had to know better than God what they needed and when they needed it.

            But God always has a plan to help bring His people back onto the right page with Him. 😉

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      • Turranos says:

        President Trump said that his Mom would cook the turkey for eight hours. He thought that was nuts but he said her turkey was always amazing.

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        • New Nonna Again!!! says:

          😂🤣 I know, right?! 🤣😂

          Timing… in her case 8 hrs was crazy sounding but it turned out amazing. 🤗

          Looking forward to Trump’s timing. 😉

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  8. treehouseron says:

    Explain this video.


  9. linda4298 says:

    I clicked on Fox Business to check the market, they had 2 articles on if the market would crash if Trump was impeached, “The market isn’t sentimental,” Art Hogan, chief market strategist for B. Riley FBR and Wunderlich Securities, told FOX Business. “[Vice] President [Mike] Pence is probably in favor of lower taxes and less regulation, and not a midnight tweeter, nor a trade war hawk. Markets care about economic growth, corporate earnings and good policies.” So they are cheering for Pence to get rid of a trade war.


  10. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    First of all. Do not recognize most of the posters on this thread….

    Secondly, for those that supported Sessions, they …..most…of them stated verbatim…..if we do not support Sessions, we do not support our President. Heard it a hundred times…

    Now listen to …alot of them…….saying….”If the President appointed Sessions and this is true now the President is “incompetent”

    Give me a break……..

    I as well as most of the one’s against Sessions stated: “We hope it is not true”

    What ever the President has decided or will decide, I am with him….we are not and were not standing in his shoes.

    The best thing we can do for our President now is stand by him and pray for him and his family.

    If you are now off the train….well….stop complaining and get off….

    We have a country to save..

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    • ArizonaFree says:

      Absolutely. Pray for the President, his family, is Vice President, his cabinet… Pray for our country, and our constitution. Pray that Good triumphs over Evil.

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    • Check six says:

      A whole lot of people that Trump chose to work for him are now no longer working for Trump. What about them ? That did not make Trump incompetent, it means he chose the wrong person for the job. Trump was told by Sen. Mitch McConnell that if he fired Sessions he would NOT help him get another AG approved. Trump is between a rock and a hard place. Trump could say to Sessions you’re fired,,, but he ain’t got the balls to take the blow back. Sucks don’t it? Check mate! You might not like it but the decision is Trumps, not ours.

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      • WSB says:

        President Trump does not hire like an idiot politician. He hires because he needs a problem solved. A job done. And you get to stay on if you are loyal and excellent. Only then.

        Think of all of his world as project teams. They come and they go according to the need for successful completion. That is all. Scaramucci as the hatchet man to asist in the removal of the Swamp PT needed to get through the transition. Tillerson as the host to ME oil producers. Or Omarosa, as a thank you for her help in the campaign. She screwed up, and now she should watch her back.

        On and on.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Gunny66 Amen! Thank you for saying that, I have noticed the same. God Bless PDJT. I am a neighbor and praying for him to succeed.

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    • New Nonna Again!!! says:

      Yes, Gunny, YES!!

      Doncha hate fair weather supporters??

      There’s Trump, or the usual. I’ll stick with and keep praying for his success to MAGA. The usual we all can live without. The usual would absolutely lead to the demise of our great, big, beautiful country. We need the UNusual. We need Donald J Trump. God love him.

      Lord God, You brought our current president to this highest office in our land. Please, Lord, bless him and protect him as he works tirelessly to put our country back on the tracks that will save her from going over the abyss.

      Lord, please continue to hear the prayers of Your people and bring all who live and connive and operate in darkness to hide their evil actions and intentions out into the Lught, that ALL may see their true, UGLY, nature.

      May Your Justice prevail as You have Mercy on those who dedicate our country to You. Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus! 🙏🏼

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    • Minnie says:

      Praying unceasingly 🙏

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      • Check six says:

        And as we pray for our president, and may The Almighty richly bless him and give him wisdom, may you Almighty God , strike down those in his cabinet that do not have his back and will not lift a finger to help him by not doing their appointed jobs. Protect our president and withdraw your hand from those that appose him even if they are republicans. In the name of Messiah.

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      • thinkthinkthink says:

        Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice. They will not follow another.”

        May the Spirit of Christ guide each soul to long for, earnestly desire, and love the Truth. His Word is Truth.

        Bless Your sheep with an ear to hear and a heart to follow Your voice and only Your voice.

        In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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    • It is understandable that POTUS has made a few mistakes concerning appointments. This is not a reflection on him. He was given terrible advice on RR and Wray and betrayed by Sessions whom he thought he knew, IMHO.

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  11. Ned Zeppelin says:

    The lightning fast recusal of Sessions and the equally speedy appointment of Mueller the Deep State Thug by Rosenstein never sat well with me. It looked and smelled like a setup (and clearly these people know how to engineer setups), and I have always struggled to believe it part of some bigger plan. However, can there really be any doubt at this point that Mueller is a bad guy? And if so, that puts Rosenstein in the Bad Hat class too. Right? So where does that leave us. Trust Sessions? OK, Q, but it is really, really hard. And as you are staring at the Silent Sessions abyss, it then all boils down to Huber: where is he? Punctuating the vowels and crossing the consonants? It seems to me enough time has passed. Are we waiting for a mythical hero to show up? I have complete faith in DJT, but those around him? Not so much.

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  12. peterpan says:


    a great article by Paul Sperry!

    Where he has a lengthy account of the non investigations to 700,000 emails found on AW laptop

    * comey lied under oath about “wizadry to de duplicate files”
    * they only inspected 3,000 from 700,000 less than 0.5% of total 3 agents , ONLY 12 HOURS!
    * Comey lied that no new classified but they found 17 chains classified including 2 TOP SECRET
    disscussions with Bibi about Hamas
    * did not check with classifying agencies
    * Narrow warrant not to include the 3 months of missing emails at the critical time of setup
    * warrant was not to include her post cabinet period, where you would be able to make a determination of obstruction of justice
    * never did a required National security Assessment , NEVER checked for foreign hacking
    * The FBI did not interview either Weiner or Huma Abedin before closing the case again
    * The FBI was drafting a statement about the emails before it had reviewed them.
    * Attorney General Loretta Lynch tried to limit public leaks about the existence of the emails. Once their existence was exposed, she pushed the FBI to review them as quickly as possible.


    • The emails found on the Anthony Weiner laptop were not in any way the same emails from Hillary’s private server.

      The laptop confiscated by the NYPD was formerly Huma’s laptop, that she used for her job. She gave it to her Husband Anthony Weiner when she got a new laptop. He used it to sext with a teenager.

      The emails on the laptop were not forwarded there from anywhere else. They were old emails all from or to Huma.

      Many were from or to Hillary, but not all. Just as many of the emails on Hillary’s server were from or to Huma but not all by any means.

      So, while many of the emails might have been the same conversation, it’s not correct to say that they are “duplicate” emails.

      This is why this is so crucial to understanding the complete absurdity of the claim by Strzok and Comey that they were able to determine in a weekend that the emails on the laptop were all duplicates.

      They were nothing of the sort. They were emails between Huma and Hillary going back a decade. They included all kinds of work and non-work related emails. They likely included many conversations Hillary refused to turn out over.

      Lord knows how much more classified information is included. Lord knows what else is in there.

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  13. MAGAbear says:

    “No nation has a more talented and dedicated group of law enforcement investigators and prosecutors”? This world must really be corrupt!!!

    I always liked Sessions as a Senator, but not everyone is cut out to be the nations AG. That he recused himself under the wrong statute right from the get go is something I’ll never understand.

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  14. theresanne says:

    All Democrats go scott-free. Every false accusation against President Trump and friends is investigated Ad infinitum. President Trump frequently expresses his opinion regarding Sessions/DOJ and the Mueller witchhunt and we’re supposed to think he’s bluffing?

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  15. Karl Ushanka says:

    Two observations:
    1) Sessions can say the best things at a podium, but he can’t execute policy. Not his fault, although Trump should have considered the risk of hiring a life-long legislator into the Executive branch. He didn’t. Sessions, like Omorossa, is a Trump blindspot that Trump will never live down.
    2) If this doesn’t get people to drop Q, nothing will. Q has been ‘advising’ his sheeple that “it is all coming together” and “you’ll see, they are getting the swamp ready to drain” and more “blah blah blah.” Insider my ass. Sessions has wasted two years at DOJ and Q has strung his/her followers along for too long.


  16. covfefe999 says:

    I like the way Ainsley interviewed Trump. She’s very calm and she asks questions AND SHE LETS TRUMP ANSWER without interrupting him! Some of the questions she asks are not easy questions, so it’s not like she’s tossing softballs at him like the media used to do to Obama.

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    • treehouseron says:

      That’s the secret sauce most interviewers don’t have. Barbara WaWa, no matter what you think, used to have it.

      You don’t have to shy away from asking tough questions, you just have to be decent about it. Nothing wrong with saying

      “Mr. President, you have been strongly pushing tariffs, but people on the conservative side for years have said Tariffs are a bad idea. Why do you feel they’re not a bad idea?’

      Most reporters say

      “Mr. President, Lindsey Grhamnesty said today that you’re an idiot for pushing tariffs. Are you an idiot?”

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Right on, Covfefe999. She asked the questions that WE would ask. Maybe we didn’t get the answers we wanted to hear but that’s not her fault. The mid-terms can not come soon enough for me as it appears it we be Armageddon Day one way or the other.

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  17. Somebody said it best upthread…. “The lightning fast recusal of Sessions and the equally speedy appointment of Mueller the Deep State Thug by Rosenstein never sat well with me. It looked and smelled like a setup (and clearly these people know how to engineer setups), and I have always struggled to believe it part of some bigger plan.”

    This. I said from day 1 when Rosey trotted out and announced appointment of SC Mueller that this was a complete and unjust calamity. Rosey looked like a fool in that announcement, even gulped when doing it. These are sick sick people. The whole thing….. muh Russia ‘investigation’ …. oh so serious BS from Richard Burr… this whole thing was a setup to launch a SC and then turn him loose to find ‘something’.

    You pay very careful attention to timing, wording and subsequent media theatre and you can tell what these sick people are doing.

    I’m beyond disgusted with Jeff Sessions. His statement today was that of a coward. Basically, he threw it all back at PDJT with his little I don’t play ‘politics’ routine. Hello, Jeff. NO ONE mentioned politics, you sniveling coward. You bet, this is NOT ABOUT POLITICS it is about JUSTICE. And your department is a clown show farce on this front. Despicable for you to hide behind some almighty no-politics thing. A total coward!

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “I said from day 1 when Rosey trotted out and announced appointment of SC Mueller that this was a complete and unjust calamity. Rosey looked like a fool in that announcement, even gulped when doing it. ”

      Then he turned around 3 months later, hurriedly signed off on FISA #4 one month early, and handed a secret memo to Mueller and His Team of 13 (Now 17) Angry Democrats. Other than that, nothing to see here. All “by the book,” it would seem.

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    • Sessions was snookered by Obama DOJ people and he is blind to their corruption and partisanship.


    • 6x47 says:

      Here, here! I agree 100%. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong wrong wrong for doubting President Trump and his “silent assassin” Jeff Sessions.

      But more and more, it looks like your version of events is correct


  18. Check six says:

    Thank you Jeff Sessions for making a total jackass out of the president we all voted for. You have done more harm to him and his plans to make America great again than all the deep state democrats that have mustered against him. If Trump is impeached and thrown out of office it will be by your hand and your failing to do your job. You are a sorry phony corupt swamp creature. And that’s on a very good day.

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    • New Nonna Again!!! says:

      I don’t know about your president, but no ones making a jackass out of mine, total or otherwise. If people see things that way, that says much more about them than it does President Trump.

      However, often posters here at the Treehouse appear that way. It’s ok, though, given they’re entitled to free speech and all.

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      • thinkthinkthink says:

        The #WORMtongue brigade has been out in full force.

        I heard today that the most devastating attack to a person is to remove all hope. Hopeless Despair actually weakens the body. Muscles weaken, immune system weakens, mental ability weakens. The #WORMtongue brigade is failing at weakening us.

        We will not be weakened. We are have Great Hope. Hope in God. Hope in the Lion that God has given us. Hope for an amazing future!


  19. andy says:

    funny how we never heard of sessions being cleared, or attempted to be cleared after the recusal.

    If you believe trump holds the power under threat of declassifying everything, timing for him may mean 2020….

    I dont understand why the heck they dont blow the WHOLE THING out of the water. Its as it the investigation to find leakers depends on the russia hoax, and until WTF happens… SCREW IT.
    IM DONE.
    SICK OF IT ALL. The loudest trump haters are the lowest IQ.


    • andy says:

      like seriously WTF is sessions supposed to remain recused and they never clear him…. ever? They never even try to clear him? WTF crap show is this?

      You know when you freeze a bottle of water and the ice makes it break in the freezer?

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  20. dufrst says:

    Bottomline this whole affair is in the hands of MAGA voters. If Trump voters in 2016 come out and vote in 2018 and give Trump the reinforcements he needs in the House and especially in the Senate, where the GOP can realistically win 10 seats (MO, MI, OH, WI, ND, MT, FL, WV, PA, IN) or more (if you see NJ and the MN special election), Trump will have the wherewithal to MAGA and drain the Swamp.

    I believe if the GOP prevails in Nov, Trump will immediately get involved as he says and pardon Manafort, Flynn, Papadapoulus, and even believe it or not, Cohen. He will then fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray. He will strip the security clearances of all former Obama officials of the intelligence community and Justice Department. He will not fire Mueller but will select an attorney general who will immediately investigate the Justice Department and Intelligence agency activities in the 2016 campaign. We will finally have justice. The revenge will be so sweet (who knows, a new Justice department will break those tech Giants too!)!

    But for now, Trump is biding his time and will campaign his ass off, but it’s incumbent upon all of us to GOTV! Especially if you are in the 10 states plus NJ and MN where the GOP can make pickups in the Senate. Get your asses out of bed and vote like it’s 2020! If you want the Swamp Drained, if you what to “Lock her up!”, if you want to see better trade deals, if you actually want to see the Wall put up, then get out and vote!!! Meaning don’t just bring yourself to the poll, bring at least one other person! MAGA!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • mr.piddles says:

      Pardons can wait. We need disclosure and transparency to restore the public’s trust in what are, let’s face it, two pretty important pieces of the executive. The longer this goes on, the more the trust fritters away.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Incisor says:

      That’s RINO talk. We need the House, no we need the Senate too, we must have the presidency as well…..
      Republicans, supposedly conservative, control all three branches of government and now they need a super-majority in the House and Senate to get anything done? Just how many times do you expect us to fall for that garbage?

      My decision to vote for Donald Trump came the day he came down the escalator. I have not regretted doing so once since. I do regret voting for REPUBLICANs all my life though.
      Worthless, feckless, spineless, weasels, the lot of em.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. JAS says:

    As civil war history goes, and as history tends to repeat itself, we are now in the year equivalent of 1861, a year after Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. That election was deemed illegitimate by the southern democrats who proceeded to declare succession from the Union.

    As the song goes, “Why can’t we be friends?….”

    Liked by 1 person

    • mr.piddles says:

      Hmm. Interesting parallel. Quick, somebody send a memo to Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray that history does indeed repeat itself. History itself… er… has shown that to be true.


  22. It is amazing that AG Sessions has responded to President’s criticism the way he did.

    On what grounds can he claim that he has taken charge of DOJ when the
    1) likes of Awan, Podesta, that FBI guy who openly committed a crime and is walking away scott-free
    2) the Berkely Antifa riots, the “college professor” clubbing President’s supporter and getting away with it.
    3) The ICE stand-off
    4) Maxnie Waters openly calling for violence against President’s supporters and getting away with it ….
    5) Criminal Comey leaking (I believe the crime of leaking is irrelevant to whether it is related to Russia investigation) and still walking free.
    6) His DOJ approving knock-down-the-door raid on Michael Cohen and violating attorney-client privileges.
    7) There is verifiable and documented proof that treason has occurred by the DOJ/FBI/CIA/SOS, etc. to affect the outcome of Presidential election and to overthrow a sitting President and yet AG Sessions will not take even one token action against these people.
    8) ….
    9) ….

    the list is probably longer than President Trump’s mind-blowing accomplishments.

    I would rather put it as .. his list of doing nothing against open and known criminal activity is more mind-blowing than President Trump’s accomplishment – simply because President Trump has made his accomplishments seemed like walk-in-a-park against all odds and Mr. Sessions is making his “accomplishments” like he has to climb a mountain to put this known criminals where they should belong when in reality it is probably open-and-shut case.

    Sorry fellow treepers for the rant and venting.

    I normally keep my cool but when AG puts out a statement contradicting with the reality and trying to suggest that President Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about…. one can say that I get triggered.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. mr.piddles says:

    While DOJ and FBI are thinking “politics”, U.S. citizens are thinking “corruption” and “jack-booted thugs” (‘member that little doozy?). Seems to be a disconnect. Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray better watch out what they don’t ask for.


  24. Check six says:

    I agree with you. But we are told here that Sessions is just setting his trap for all the swamp creatures. That he really has Trumps back. That he supports president Trump. Really . I can’t tell. It go’s on and on. But any day now we will see the fruit of Sessions work. Bla, bla, bla.


  25. Les Standard says:

    Sessions is only out to save his own hide. He knows very well how violent and deadly this cabal has become, and whomever rats them out and breaks the conspiracy is going to pay very dearly. So he says he see’s nothing. The man us just plain scared, like most of the Alabama pond scum in that shiithole swamp

    Liked by 1 person

  26. L. E. Joiner says:

    Erik Heter says:
    August 23, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Sorry, I am simply not buying that this is some form of eleventy-seven dimensional ju-jitsu chess being played by Trump and Sessions, in cahoots. I’m going to go with Occam’s Razor and just say what the evidence thus far says, that Sessions is failing at his job.

    Manafort is convicted, but the Podestas walk free.

    Awan walks free.

    Clapper and Lerner are now beyond the statute of limitations, despite not being so when Sessions took office.

    Cohen was coerced into pleading guilty for a law he didn’t break just to smear Trump, and that almost certainly had to be cleared with the AG’s office in DC.

    Mueller runs amok with no regard to the law or legal ethics, ruining lives and livelihoods in the process. Flynn sits in limbo, the altered 302s used to coerce his guilty plea stuck in the bowels of the FBI. . .

    I have been banking on AG Sessions’s announcement back in March (I think) that Utah USA John Huber had been tasked with working in tandem with IG Michael Horowitz to prosecute any criminal wrongdoing that Horowitz came up with in his investigation of the FISA abuses, etc. The suggestion is that Mr Sessions and Mr Trump have been indulging in a charade in order to maintain the AG’s independence when Mr Huber lowers the boom with indictments galore.

    But the litany that Erik Heter and others today have laid upon us gives me great pause. How can an honest Attorney General put up with the level of prosecutorial misconduct that Mueller and his gang of leftwing thugs have perpetrated? “Ruining lives and livelihoods” indeed! And why has he done nothing on the Awan case, which presumably has nothing to do with his campaign recusal?

    I doubt that Mr Sessions is part of the DOJ/FBI/CIA/White House cabal that is arrayed against President Trump. But he apparently has rigorously confined himself to areas of the law that steer clear of ‘political’ controversy, and so in effect has neutered himself. If so, and if there really is nothing going on behind the scenes that will result in indictments of the likes of Comey, Strzok, Brennan, Lynch, Mueller, Rosenstein, et al., then we need a change, and we need it now. We cannot allow these vultures to pick away at the Trump presidency any longer. There is too much that needs to be done to be constantly fending them off and wiping off their excrement. /LEJ


  27. visage13 says:

    My take away is the wall is being built right under their noses and they haven’t seized on it yet. He needs to keep it under wraps. There is so much noise (Russia, separating illegals, sex etc.) that Pres Trump is just doing what he promised building the wall. If they actually knew the professional protesters would be all over it.


  28. Anonymous says:

    What does he do all day?


  29. TonyC says:

    CTH Island of sanity. I love this website, the knowledge and perspective always reassures me after the weekly deep state attack on our President and MAGA. Let’s keep this simple, Sessions and RR are solely responsible for Mueller and the attacks on PDJT. They have the power to stop this insanity as we watch them attack everyone around the president and soon his business and family. If they can’t remove PDJT from office they will attack his family and personal business going back years using the SDNY US attorney’s office. It looks like finally the decks are being cleared for Sessions removal and then RR, Trump will bring justice, he won’t stand for continued attacks on his people.
    One more thing, even if we lose the house (We’ll hold the Senate and maybe gain) the executive branch with a new AG can still bring us justice! The House alone cannot stop them. MAGA!


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