Former CIA Director John Brennan Outlines Criminal Conspiracy Case Against Clinton, Fusion GPS, DOJ and FBI…

In a rather interesting part of last Friday’s interview between former CIA Director John Brennan and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, Mr. Brennan outlined what makes a criminal conspiracy.

When you consider the issues surrounding Russian influence agent Oleg Deripaska and his centrality to many of the events, well, Brennan is actually -and ironically- outlining the criminal conspiracy of the DOJ and FBI.  [Watch the part at 15:14 prompted]

Transcript – @15:14 Maddow: What would amount, in your mind, in intelligence terms, to an American being a part of that conspiracy; the one that’s been defined by Robert Mueller already?

Brennan: “I will leave it to the lawyers and to the courts to decide if something is criminal or not.    In my mind, it requires someone to knowingly support the efforts of a foreign government to interfere in U.S. domestic politics and especially an election.” – “And so, any American who was working with the Russians, or working with an intermediaries who were working with Russians; and those Americans who knowingly tried to collude, conspire, and to work with them in order to advance their political objectives here in the states, I think that rises to the level of conspiracy.”

So let’s look at this – while keeping in mind that Oleg Deripaska is a Russian political influence agent, the source of some unknown amount of Chris Steele’s information, and a Russian operative the FBI specifically engaged with in their political investigative efforts.


“any American who was working with the Russians, or working with intermediaries who were working with Russians”.

That phrase specifically describes: the Clinton Campaign, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Stephan Halper, Christopher Steele, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, James Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Adam Waldman, and Senator Mark Warner.

…”and those Americans who knowingly tried to collude, conspire, and to work with them in order to advance their political objectives here in the states”…

The distinction in that second part of the quote might remove Clinton or Perkins Coie; however “working with intermediaries who were working with the Russians” would keep them in.

Additionally, all of the media entities who engaged in the promotion, advancement, and distribution of the propaganda as an outcome of knowingly meeting with those foreign officials – would also be considered part of the “conspiracy”.


There you have it.

Essentially, in his own words, former CIA Director John Brennan makes the Criminal Conspiracy case against all of the central characters involved within the 2016 political operation to influence the 2016 election and frame candidate, President-elect, and later President Donald Trump.

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335 Responses to Former CIA Director John Brennan Outlines Criminal Conspiracy Case Against Clinton, Fusion GPS, DOJ and FBI…

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Deripaska makes me think Babooshka…


  2. joeknuckles says:

    Brennan looks like he is scared and pleading. He knows he is no longer of any use to anybody. His days are numbered.

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  3. Cooper45 says:

    Brennan seems to have toned down his rhetoric and backed off his despicable “treason” allegations. He now says there is “collusion in plain sight” but he will leave it up to the lawyers to decide if anything adds up to conspiracy or anything illegal. He only provides 2 idiotic examples of alleged collusion–the joke and the Trump tower meeting with Don Jr. He’s an empty barrel that manages to still impress his dim witted MSNBC hosts and viewers only. He appears to be desperately trying to slow down or reverse his self perpetuated personal downfall.

    A Buffoon was in “plain sight” in the video not anything close to collusion.

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Brennan is the epitome of an “empty barrel”.

      I wouldn’t be that surprised if he ends up flipping on his co-conspirators. Either that or he’ll off himself. The guy is nuts.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      re trump tower lets try to compile a list of possible legal defenses for any trumped charge of conspiracy: ill start

      1) entrapment- this was a set up by Brennan-led (and Obama) dirty tricksters in an obvious op coordinated by Simpson;

      2) Donald Jr. had no clue that the Russians were actually representing the Russian government. He had no idea who they were, and why should he-they were unknowns. As for the Rob Goldstone email referring the Russian govt desire to help the campaign, Donald Jr. was simply ‘going along’ with Goldstone, a non-political actor, who would have no clue who these people are. There is no evidence that Junior knew they were connected. Nor is there any evidence even today that they are;

      3)As it would be dangerous for the country if there was information in the Russian’s possessions that could be used to blackmail HRC, Junior was simply trying to collect information for national security purposes. If this information would rise to a certain level, he would have reported it to the FBI.; (this is akin to the HRC Fusion GPS defense)

      4) The defense currently being used : no actual information was passed. No crime because there is no such thing as a ‘conspiracy to defraud’ an election. (see Andy McCarthy on this);

      5) even if information would have been passed, once again, as in 4) above there is no conspiracy bc there is no crime, bc ‘conspiracy to defraud’ is garbage in election context.

      any more defenses out there?

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      • xbonesny says:

        Remember…the Russian lawyer was not allowed to enter the US as her visas were denied….the only person who could have allowed her to enter was Loretta Lynch

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    • Good Job! says:

      He only provides 2 idiotic examples of alleged collusion–the joke and the Trump tower meeting with Don Jr.

      At the time he prolly knew nothing about the Trump tower incident. He knew about Trump’s joke about Hillary’s missing emails–but maybe only through Hillary’s spin machine. Podesta, whoever, decided to describe Trump’s statement as proactively asking the Russians to hack Hillary (although her personal server was long gone). A lot of people in media believed that spin and everything indicates Brennan did too. Or at least after “Steele” incorporated the idea into the Trump-Russian hacking collusion fantasy, which is at the beginning core of the “collusion” story. The story idea under the microscope doesn’t make sense, like the Mifsud/Papadopoulos story that talking about “emails of Hillary” was really a discussion about upcoming hacks of the DNC and Podesta.

      Both the Trump Collusion story and the Papad.-Mifsud story come from the mixed-up notion that Hillary’s personal server is connected to the DNC and Podesta incidents.

      Both the Mueller filings and NYTimes reporting specifically disinform by calling the Hillary Secreatary of State-time server as part of “the campaign.”

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  4. scott467 says:

    “…and those Americans who knowingly tried to collude, conspire, and to work with them in order to advance their political objectives here in the states, I think that rises to the level of conspiracy.”



    Sounds like a conspiracy theory nut.

    Take that, MK-Ultra boy 😁

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    • Amy2 says:

      But what if it was actually just Americans who were trying to interfere and they just used a few foreign connections? That gives Brennan and out!

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      • scott467 says:

        “That gives Brennan and out!”


        Only in fantasyland, where John-boy gets to define what the definition of the word ‘conspiracy’ is.

        But he’s not Bubba, and this isn’t 1992, and the military tribunal isn’t going to care what Johnny Brennan thinks the word ‘conspiracy’ means.

        I doubt he would even be charged with conspiracy, since ‘conspiracy’ itself probably isn’t a crime.

        For example, conspiracy to commit Treason. The ‘conspiring’ part is just communicating. If no action takes place, then what law is broken? It’s the ACTION, the actual ‘treason’ part, that is a crime.

        You and I could ‘conspire’ for months to rob a bank. For years, even. But until or unless we actually rob the bank, what crime has been committed by talking about it?

        I could certainly be wrong, but I don’t think conspiracy in and of itself can be unlawful, unless laws are broken by the act of conspiracy itself, e.g., sharing classified documents during the planning (‘conspiracy’) stage of some crime.

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        • MelH says:

          You might be confusing “conspiracy” with “collusion”. It’s collusion that is not a crime.

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          • scott467 says:

            “You might be confusing “conspiracy” with “collusion”. It’s collusion that is not a crime.”


            Maybe, but I’m not sure how ‘conspiracy’ in and of itself, is a crime either. Here is the definition again:

            noun, plural con·spir·a·cies.

            1. the act of conspiring.
            2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
            3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
            4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
            5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

            The only one that would seem to be a crime is #5, because of the word ‘action’.

            The example that comes to mind is a woman hiring a hit man to kill her husband. Fortunately, sometimes the FIB finds out and an agent poses as the hit man, and the conversations are recorded (and then played on TV for documentary type cop shows).

            The agent and the woman definitely conspire. And the agent always gives the woman multiple opportunities to back out of the deal. But the moment ‘action’ is taken, usually defined by the moment money is given to the ‘hit man’ (agent) to actually commit the crime, no arrest is made.

            Up until that point, it was just conspiracy, it was just talk, no ‘action’ had been taken.

            If my understanding is incorrect, I would (and always do!) appreciate correction 🙂

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            • scott467 says:

              I meant to say “But UNTIL the moment ‘action’ is taken, usually defined by the moment money is given to the ‘hit man’ (agent) to actually commit the crime, no arrest is made.”


  5. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Dying out old leftwing information outlets like “the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, the New Yorker and CNN” are fake news pushers who more recently conspired with Big Tech to get rightwing entertainer Alex Jones deplatformed as in censored from the web. They are not to be trusted; indeed as recent polls indicate only 7% of Americans think that journalists always tell the truth.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      CHICOMS are behind everything! Google and Apple especially is troubling when it involves the CHICOMS! I will keep harping on this because I really believe it is the central issue of everything we are witnessing! When it comes out, many are going to come to the same realization as me! I think SD knows this too!

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  6. scott467 says:

    “and those Americans who knowingly tried to collude, conspire, and to work with them in order to advance their political objectives here in the states, I think that rises to the level of conspiracy.”


    And what about those Americans, even American muslims, even American muslim members of the government, even American muslim members of the C_A… even American muslim DIRECTORS of the C_A — who knowingly collude, conspire and work with MI6 and Five-Eyes and government agencies (DOJ, FIB) and a host of foreign and domestic NGOs in order to advance his political objectives here in the states?

    Does THAT rise to the level of CONSPIRACY?


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  7. scott467 says:

    “…I think that rises to the level of conspiracy”


    Fortunately we don’t have to rely on Johnny Brennan to know what a ‘conspiracy’ is.

    It’s not a scary word, or even a mysterious one. Nothing to be afraid of here. It’s just a word, with a definition, like all the words we use.

    noun, plural con·spir·a·cies.

    1. the act of conspiring.
    2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
    3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.

    4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
    5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

    How’s number THREE lookin’ to ya there, John-boy?

    Is that ringing any bells?

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  8. Retired IG says:

    @SJM – read the article in your post. Christopher Steele is behind every plot to undo the will of the people all over the world. He is, tongue in cheek, “the world’s most wanted man (by the FBI, CIA, NSA, you name it).” Not to be James Bond (as he imagines himself to be) but to do what his Master’s ask him, Conjure up plot lines to sow discord, trauma, and strife. Steel has done much harm and has the death of many people on his soul. He came into this life to learn something, just as we all did, and I hope he learns many times in this life “that you reap what you sow.” Bad things don’t only happen to good people

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    • Good Job! says:

      Steele might be a “front” for Nellie Ohr this time.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Whatever he is, he surely didn’t get paid much for his “dossier” endeavors.

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        • 6x47 says:

          One mysterious aspect of the whole “Steele Dossier” saga is why on earth is cost SO MUCH.

          From what we KNOW (vs. suspect) the bulk of the dossier was put together by Fusion GPS based largely on investigative reporting about Russian influence and lobbying done years earlier by Glenn Simpson and his wife. It also contains information gleaned from the NSA database, presumably by the “private contractors” (i.e. Fusion GPS). Then, this mélange of opposition research was transmitted to Christopher Steele in order to launder it and inject it back into the US intelligence community and thereby enable the FBI to open an official “counterintelligence investigation” (i.e. a pretext to continue conducting opposition research for the Clinton campaign against Trump). In addition to all this there were some attempts to entrap Trump campaign operatives and officials, to infer greater authenticity to the enterprise.

          As far as we can tell there are no actual Russians involved in this: The entire product is Fusion GPS laundered through British sources. Incidentally – exactly the route described in Hillary Clinton’s infamous “vast Russian conspiracy” memo in the 1990’s. FWIW: She believed scurrilous, non-credible stories were planted by Clinton political enemies in the British tabloid press so that then mainstream American media would report on the British stories, thereby obscuring the true source of the garbage allegations. In 2018 her campaign laundered garbage allegations through a British spy to obscure its origin.

          But the question: Why did they need to spend so many millions to do this? It just doesn’t add up.

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  9. SR says:

    This week will be interesting and see how many would be rolling back on fake msm. Brannon’s change in tune is more than we know. He knows that PTrump knows everything from long time but now he is changing his whole msm testimony.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      SR, my thinking also. Pres. Trump is miles ahead and super informed but continues to play them to show more and more of what they really are and have done and will continue to try and do. No matter, their future is dimming daily and we and Trump are winning. When God sends us a man like Trump, have to admit the scumbags won’t win but hopefully we want to see them hanged very very soon so America can march along to getting back to who and what we really are.


  10. Poundsand says:

    He says that he was aware that Russia was trying to leverage US citizens in order to achieve their objectives in the election. Maddow asks him if they, the Russians, were successfully leveraged in that effort? He didn’t leave until Jan 20, 2017 and he didn’t know? Wouldn’t you be watching this play out and then attempting to stop it? He stated that the CIA picked it up in incidental college and they put together a ‘Fusion center’ at 20:10. A Fusion center at the CIA staffed by FBI etc…?

    I wonder how many times they have referred to this as a ‘fusion’ center. Freudian slip?


  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    Was the 2nd more narrowed FISA application from CIA sources that George Soros had in the Baltic states, and banking “pings” created by Silicon Valley (people like Eric Schmitt from Google)?

    The Theory: A Baltic state intelligence agency intercepts a phone conversation which indicates Russian government funds are being injected into US elections. … back and forth between Trump Tower and two banks in Moscow, Alfa Bank and state-owned Sberbank, a partner of US Silicon Valley Bank.

    Sberbank, a partner of US Silicon Valley Bank…..Silicon Valley…..Eric Schmitt of Google has the nerd power to fake this, engineer this illusion. Sberbank, a client of the Podesta Group.

    It’s enough to get the Soft Coup what they want, a warrant/counterintelligence investigation.

    The scam is outlined during the Maddow/Brennan interview from the Marketswork article:

    MADDOW: So, it’s an intelligence sharing operation between –

    BRENNAN: Right. We put together a Fusion Center at CIA that brought NSA and FBI officers together with CIA to make sure that those proverbial dots would be connected.

    It’s possible that what Brennan’s outlining is the Multi-Agency Task Force referred to in a BBC article:

    Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him…It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created. The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government.

    President Trump must have known about this connection:

    Trump quietly orders Pompeo to sever all CIA ties with George Soros

    And finally, all this info between the CIA/FBI may have been raw intelligence, the 702’s we haven’t talked about in a while…..Devin Nunes knows this part.

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  12. Eric says:

    For a while I’ve had this thought in mind that an Obama holdover or someone with a security clearance leaked classified information that led to the death of U.S. personnel. Brennan would be a likely candidate.


    • Are you kidding… the Yemen raid that went SNAFU immediately after Trump took office has the previous administration’r finger prints, if not overtly, then by lack of action and lack of protocol regarding security clearances and STRICTLY ENFORCING ALL BEST PRACTICES.

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  13. Les Standard says:

    Brennan is, of course, mad as a hatter

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Maybe, but I think of him as a desperately of the highest (lowest , if you prefer) order. As I have said, if crapweasel were in the dictionary, John Brennan’s picture would be the illustration.


      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Do not know what some nutty spellchecker changes “crapweasel” to “desperately,” even after I change it back. Got to figure out how to turn it off.


  14. De Oppresso Liber says:

    No leniency, no mercy – publicly hang all TRAITORS on a gallows constructed on the Washington Mall. But, being that we will not likely see anyone sentenced to anything more severe than life in prison, perhaps we would come out better if some were silenced by their treasonous conspirators.

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  15. todayistheday99 says:

    “the day Mr Trump, basically made a public call to the Russians to find Hillary’s emails”

    I can’t believe this hump actually worked for the CIA. And he still doesn’t understand sarcastic humor? How embarrassing he must be to his family and friends, if he has any.

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      that day when Seth Rich gave the emails to Wikileaks?
      In a tweet sent Thursday, Mrs. Christine Assange slammed the media for failing to adequately report on the corruption within the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

      In the tweet, Mrs. Assange claims WikiLeaks’ release of the DNC emails helped expose Hillary Clinton’s numerous misdeeds, including the rigging of the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders. The release of the emails, she claims, put a target on her son’s back.

      “Its the duty of media to inform citizens about corruption,” she began.

      “A DNC Bernie supporter [Seth Rich] disgruntled with rigging leaked docs proving corruption. What should Wikileaks should have done? Hold on to them till after the election to advantage Hillary?”

      “You are shooting the messenger!”

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      • digleigh says:

        Democrats are always “projecting” onto others of what THEY are guilty!!! You can take that to the bank!! Assange must meet with the house committees, and ignore the SSIC which is KNOWN to be corrupt (cough, cough, MARK,”The Russian computer oligarch” WARNER,trying to go around the committee for a secret Waldman/Steele/Deripaska (friend of Mueller) meeting!!!

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    • digleigh says:

      Yes, the Dims have NO HUMOR!!!! Do you really think , if Trump was trying to hide his so called COLLUSION, he would smile, and say it for all to hear?? What a joke , and Brennan would be laughed out of a courtroom….. Pitiful, pitiful, paranoid TDS Dims…..

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Like everything else in the Russia Russia Russia there’s nothing behind it. Everybody understands that except maybe the Democrat supporters. They used any reason however silly to justify it because they were still already full on with their plan.


  16. Retired IG says:

    Wow that last post re Mrs. Assange hurts me. Imagine being Julian Assange’s mother? Pray for them both.
    I couldn’t help it though, and may the rest of you could help, but I started picturing John Brennan as Shrek the Ogre. I think its a perfect way to picture Brennan as an Ogre from a comedy. But don’t you think that Brennan looks just like Shrek?
    I love the character in the movie, but Brennan=Shrek. Priceless.
    Shame Brennan as he should be..

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      In my mind, her very public plea via twitter (very much like PDJT who uses it because MSM will not report) shows a desperation from a mother who sees that her son is in a quasi prison. He’s been silenced and isolated because of the coup against POTUS would fall apart if he confirmed the Seth Rich connection. IMO.

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      He does look like Shrek. But I thought that Shrek was a kind hearted sweet guy, where as Brennan is a monster inside and out.


  17. Kevin Chesser says:

    So how did the Russians change your vote?
    I can tell you that they didn’t change the way I voted, and I bet your thinking the same thing.
    So….. Enough of this already!
    Hillary lost a very poorly run Campaign that was as corrupt as any this Nation has ever seen!
    Hillary asks- “What Happened?”
    I’ll tell you Hillary….
    Donald Trump Happened, That’s what!

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    • littleanniesfannie says:

      Amazing thing is that Bernie still defends her. She stuck it in him and broke it off thinking he was her competition. Ohaha could only see his policies continuing. I honestly think he is much more closely aligned with the Bernie Burn but he needs the bank account of the Clinton Foundation. After all, he put her in the position to be able to “acquire” much of the money through blackmail. Soros backs Ohaha and, to a lesser extent, HilLIARy.

      Curiously, this is from George and would describe, in the first paragraph, the Ohaha administrationto a tee as well as what HilLIARy would have continued! The third paragraph describes how Ohaha ran the guvmeant and how his guvmeant tried to keep going through HilLIARy!
      “Trust in government is critical to building and maintaining a healthy society. The symptoms of a government that lacks trust are easy to spot: widespread corruption, nepotism, and patronage.
      In short, a profound lack of accountability.
      As Blair Glencorse of Accountability Lab notes, “accountability is about answerability. It’s about people who are in positions of power being accountable for the decisions and actions they take,” especially to the citizens and people who are most affected by these actions.
      Changing the way governments work and how people engage with them is no easy task. Accountability advocates like Blair are working to build active citizens and responsible leaders (especially among young people) who have the solutions to challenges in their own communities and can collectively work towards them.
      By focusing on young people and building global networks of honest government officials who can push for positive change, accountability advocates are not only inspiring a new generation to be effective, trustworthy public servants; they’re laying the foundations for a future where governments know that public service is an honor, and that all powerful people must earn—and keep—the trust of those they seek to lead.”
      “Build active citizens and responsible leaders” is code for brainwash young people through the so-called higher ed system.
      “Global networks of honest government officials” has to refer to the Trump administration. The unemployment rate has been a positive change, the economy has been a positive change, coming off welfare is a positive change, rooting the dishonest FBI/DOJ/CIA/IRS partisans from government is a positive change. The trust of the American people is returning. God bless PDJT!

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  18. Electra says:

    Watching that man makes my stomach queasy.

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  19. Loyal to Trump but Tired of Fighting Family says:

    And this blowhard was head of the CIA? You know the most significant thing I learned out of this witch hunt? I learned the rot-filled, bumbling hacks we having working in big 3 alphabet agencies: FBI, DOJ and CIA. Prior to this I never realized how pathetic they were. I don’t think I will ever take anything anyone from there says seriously without other corroboration.

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  20. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    This sort of activity, as outlined by Brennan, might be conspiracy, certainly. However, would it be criminal? Probably not, although it might be an impeachable offense if one were in public office. But, really, would it be one of those “high crimes or misdemeanors”? Since words apparently have no established definition in the 21st Century, however…

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  21. Dimbulbz says:

    And all of this has led me to one conclusion: Whether intentional or not, the biggest and baddest “firewall” that must hold, for all of this has been and will continue to be… Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General. His recusal has become basically a firewall because Rod Rosenstien is one of the main conspirators, and will never turn against his beloved deep state. I have a hard time with the idea that Sessions is a bad guy, but if you look what he has done, rather than what we think are his intentions, he is the main firewall protecting the deeps state and all of the main actors. I cannot keep insisting on his innocence in this matter. What I wish for and what truly is, are completely incompatible.

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  22. Crewdog 52 says:

    Brennan is a disgrace who never should have been given a security clearance; worked for the CIA; much less, been confirmed as its Director. It is important to go back and look who voted for and against his confirmation. Democrats against: Leahy VT; Merkley; OR; Sanders VT. I don’t know their motives in this case. More importantly, look at Republicans who voted to confirm; some of them no longer in office or are about to leave office. Don’t forget these names: McCain AZ; Rubio FL; Graham SC; Alexander TN; Burr NC; Coats IN; Coburn OK; Collins ME; Corker TN; Flake AZ; Hatch UT; Kirk IL; Murkowski AK; March 7, 2013. The only surprise to me is Coburn; the rest; no surprise at all.

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  23. Gwenn says:

    Did he not just confirm the Steele Dossier was reviewed by all agencies and thought to be unsubstantial and unverifiable ? The same dossier that was used as the main ingredient in 4 Fisa warrants…….Keep running your mouth, Brennan. It’s all on video to the public.

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  24. 4sure says:

    Someone asked why did it cost so much to put together a phony dossier.

    I believe the majority of the money was being used to bribe those in the DOJ/FBI/press and politicians.

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  25. PotP says:

    Brennan is cracking up in front of everyone’s eyes.

    He has quickly become a MAJOR liability to Obama, the Clintons and unseen masters.

    How long before he suffers a “heart attack” from the stress, or meets an untimely end in a “tragic accident”?

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  26. brenrod says:

    first we elect a muslim to be our president after 911 and then we appoint a man, who voted for the communist Gus Hall to be president, to be in charge of our CIA?
    Spot the error.

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  27. Pat Frederick says:

    maybe Brennan is the insurance policy–maybe they figured out his cheese was sliding off his cracker and they figured they could use him as a scapegoat –a firewall in front of Obama–pin it all on him and then say that was as far it the plot went–not higher…

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  28. sukietawdry says:

    “…the day that Mr. Trump basically gave a public call to the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s emails…”

    That one get a belly laugh from me every time.

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  29. Anonymous says:

    Is His Douche-ness trying to sound like a leftist (and dumber) James Mattoon Scott?


  30. Orygun says:

    If you substitute Brennan’s remarks about Russia with the UK then I think he was spot on. They have some major explaining to do to us the American people and their own people for their actions.

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  31. Elle says:

    So much information in this video…paraphrasing my quotes here… “like I said in my NYT Op ed piece, there is so much I have LEARNED FROM THE MEDIA SINCE I LEFT OFFICE….”
    “In Dec was the first time I ever put EYES ON the Steele Dossier.. later on, I thought, oh this must be what they were talking about….but was subsequently that I connected the dots that what they were talking about the Dossier. ” (again I’m paraphrasing the quote cuz I’m lazy)

    haha…so much effort to make sure we know he never had EYES ON that dossier and he hadn’t actually seen anything he shouldn’t see, ya see? He didn’t confirm or deny anything because he doesn’t talk to journalists about American citizens, but he had his radar go off about contacts, yeah, that’s it……increased contacts….so he formed a “Fusion Center” so they could all worked together, in a small group to share info…… but he never had eyes on that dossier…….no sireee

    and so much more information in there…reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Beating Heart. hahaha
    keep spinning, but watch out for the web

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