Ho-Lee-Cats: Freight Haulers Order 450,000 New MAGAnomic Big Rigs in 2018 – Backlog for Delivery Extends into 2019….

Freight hauling trucks are like the lymphatic system within a healthy economy.  As the economy writ large needs to move stuff around, it’s the truckers who git-r-done; and no time in U.S. economic history has there been such a demand for haulers.

In a stunning Wall Street Journal Report they note Analyst group ACT Research says manufacturers are on track for 450,000 orders for heavy-duty trucks this year, easily breaking a 14-year-old record. In July alone, North American fleets ordered more than 52,000 trucks, the largest order in history.   Whoot, Whoot !!

(Via WSJ) An unprecedented run of orders for big rigs has pushed the backlog at truck factories to nine months, according to industry analysts, the largest since early 2006, when truckers stocked up to get vehicles in place before tougher environmental restrictions would take effect. Typically the backlog is about five months for the truck industry’s manufacturers, analysts said.

“It is longer than it should be,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing for Volvo AB’s North America operation, where Class 8 truck orders this year soared to 25,000 from 11,000 during the first six months of 2017. “Of course we are not alone in this situation,” he said. “Everyone is in the same boat.”

North American freight-haulers ordered more than 300,000 Class 8 trucks in the first seven months of this year and are on track to order a record 450,000 of the heavy-duty vehicles for the full year, according to ACT Research. That would be the largest book since 2004, when orders reached 390,000, according to analysts.

[…] Freight-hauling fleets are trying to keep up with swelling demand in a robust U.S. economy even as they say they face difficulty finding drivers. New trucks are one recruiting tool, and the new vehicles also get better fuel mileage—an attractive feature for fleets as other costs are rising. (read more)

Fleet companies making this scale of an investment is one of the more visible performance indicators that we haven’t seen anything yet.  The Main Street economy is only just beginning to get started.   This is the beginning, of the beginning, of the most massive middle-class economic expansion in the history of our United States.

This KPI also aligns with the sector seeing the largest initial wage and benefit increases:

  (More Data)

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190 Responses to Ho-Lee-Cats: Freight Haulers Order 450,000 New MAGAnomic Big Rigs in 2018 – Backlog for Delivery Extends into 2019….

  1. Great news! But be careful, Volvo is Chinese.

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  2. liberty2828 says:

    This is such great news.

    My handle was “Lady Godiva” and they all wanted to know my “10-20” (Location)

    Happy Days are here again!

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    • warhorse says:

      my dad’s was “crazy seabee”. he was using the CB radio back far enough that you had to have a license, and he had the number memorized. he’d see an accident and call it out on the emergency channel and use his license number, so they’d know he wasn’t making stuff up.

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    • Barb Meier says:

      Before the 2016 election, I was at a Love’s Truck Stop waiting for breakfast. A trucker lady came up to me and gave an impassioned request that I vote for now President Trump. She got it… I gave her my agreement and promise to vote for him. She told me that she speaks up for him to everyone she meets. And I imagined a Patriot Trucker Network (PTN), those brave and steady people who bring us everything we need to survive. As warhorse says below, they are the ones who watch over the well-being of other travelers. I know of one trucker who gave his life on a rainy night to avoid hitting a lady in a little car who pulled into his path too closely. He took his tractor trailer off the road and down a steep hill. God bless him and his family. Truckers do not rely on the Internet to communicate, though I’m sure they use it. They talk with each other at truck stops and on CBs. Facebook and Twitter cannot censor the PTN. I am thankful that they are seeing an improved economy to make their lives better. They earn it every day and night in all kinds of weather.

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      • Deplorable Nazarene Zealot says:

        My wife’s friend was traveling with her kids alone and was boxed up by three truck drivers. Scared her stiff but discovered later they were boxing out a creep that had been stalking her on the road. They were giving him a message to drive on. I like truck drivers, can usually count on them to drive in a professional and consistent manner just wish they could maintain speed upgrade so I could stay in cruise control uphill behind them.

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        • Teagan says:

          I used to drive Fla to NJ as a single woman and also found and traveled among trucks for safety…they always knew what I was doing and if I exited for a break…I always got a little horn salute to say farewell. I appreciated them having my back!

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    • cdquarles says:

      Brings back memories of the great times of my youth, it does. Back then, you had to have an FCC transmitter license to use CB radio, if your transmitter was “high power”. You also had to have one if you were into radio controlled cars or airplanes. Yeah I had two licenses. Fun times.

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      Mine was Jezebel. I used to talk to truckers on the way home from my husband’s 6-week hospital stay. Those gentlemen made that period of my life a lot easier. I have nothing but respect for truckers!

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  3. fakenoozisforfools says:

    I can’t figure it out. When President Trump was elected, Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning columnist for that esteemed publication known as the New York Times, told us the economy was going to tank because as Michael Moore put it, the Blow Brothers and 60+ million other “deplorables” committed the greatest Eff U moment in history and did something to MAGA.

    If that is going to happen, why would anyone need to order new 18 wheelers? Under Krugman’s scenario, no one will need one (the little bit of freight that needs to be moved in the dismal economy he predicted can be done in pick-up trucks). He might even suggest the existing fleet could be given to cities run by Democrats to provide “homes” for the homeless.

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  4. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Keep on truckin’ president Trump!

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  5. gman says:

    I had a CDL and drove locally back in early 2000-then went into IT-now “retired” and am thinking about what my handle will be when I re-new my CDL!!

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  6. Boris DaBot says:

    As a truck driver, I approve. Still a shortage of drivers? or as I like to say, Not a shortage of drivers, but a shortage of good pay. Good paying driver positions are filled immediately.

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  7. Gadsenfly says:

    East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’,
    We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done.

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  8. Reloader says:

    I just wonder how Knight Transportation is doing in all of this. I heard that Knight recently bought Swift Transportation, where Knight bros were taught how to drive and manage trucks. Now they are firing a lot of people who have been with Swift for decades. Sounds like distracting rancor.

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  9. MontanaMel says:

    Part of the reason for the “shortage” is that a lot of hauler’s are trying to go over to “team driving”, where there are 2 lic drivers in every truck… This was common for critical or sensitive frt in the past, like frozen, etc…AND, for those dedicated “coast to coast” hauls – without any off/on loads along the way…
    Now, due to some “new” regulations…ie: Electronic log books and others…which restrict and CONTROL drivers hours on the road/behind the wheel – to make any kind of schedule like they use to – they need the 2nd driver now…not next month or year…they need them now!… This was done under Obama, but is just now being activated and enforced. In the name of safety…. There always were a small percent of truckers that pushed themselves to the limit trying to log more miles….which is/was the basis for their pay. The trickle down is showing now in shipping rates – ie: longer trip times, means higher frt rates due to partial union driver mix (who are hourly in pay, not mileage based)… “More hours spent moving less miles, means higher overall costs to operate – which then show up in the rates charged to client companies!” This is a real BIG ISSUE with “independent owner/drivers” and with “live animal/ag haulers” right now… YMMV.

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  10. Tom says:

    You know the booming economy? The one that no one under 40 has EVER experienced? Well, it’s just barely getting started! We talking the greatest Main Street economic expansion in our HISTORY folks. Bar none! Who wins? Our decimated middle class, the very foundation of our country. Who loses? The Globalists and the Marxist Dems. Who ultimately wins? Our country, the greatest in history! And the world, which is about to free itself from the suffocating blanket of a corrupt, depraved globalist/political/ruling class, will enjoy the benefits too as we’re going to witness the greatest improvement in the worldwide human condition in history as we transition from a closed system where every winner has to have an equal loser to one that taps into the universal abundance that God blessed us with and that our Founders recognized.

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  11. Betty says:

    I believe all this extra truck traffic will lead to much needed repairing and upgrading our nation’s highways and bridges thereby creating many additional jobs for our citizens. Go Mr. President!

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