FBI Agent Peter Strzok Finally Fired From FBI….

FBI Agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the building June 15th, two months ago, and his employment has been in administrative limbo -during a review- ever since.  Today it is discovered that Strzok was fired last Friday, August 10th.

DC is so corrupt, you can see the fingerprints of media coordination even in the firing.  Notice how ‘no-leaks’ from Friday to Monday in either June or today’s event.  During the June three-day-delay/prep; Strzok coordinated the USA Today op-ed.  During the current 3-day delay/prep; team Strzok put together a Trust Fund and Go Fund Me to take advantage of Peter Strzok’s martyrdom.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch was the official who fired Strzok. Following tradition, and because this is an FBI/Intelligence matter, the corrupt team around Strzok will be giving their side of events to the Washington Post.  So the WaPo article has more details:

[…] Strzok was escorted out of the FBI building in June and effectively relieved of work responsibilities, though he technically remained an FBI employee as he and his attorney challenged the effort to dismiss him. On July 24, they made a final pitch to Candice M. Will, who leads the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Goelman said Will ultimately decided that Strzok face a demotion and 60-day suspension and be subjected to a “last chance agreement.” That would have put him on thin ice if he were commit another offense. But Goelman said Bowdich overruled that decision and ordered Strzok’s termination.

During a June congressional hearing, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray said Strzok had been referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility — which he referred to as the bureau’s “independent disciplinary arm” — and that officials would “not hesitate to hold people strictly accountable.” Wray promised that process would be “done by the book.”

Strzok is the third high-ranking FBI official involved in the Clinton and Russia investigations to be fired amid an intensely political backdrop. Trump removed Comey as the bureau’s director and said he did so thinking of the Russia case. Attorney General Jeff Sessions later removed Comey’s deputy, McCabe, after the inspector general alleged he lied about a media disclosure related to Clinton.  (read more)


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732 Responses to FBI Agent Peter Strzok Finally Fired From FBI….

  1. OpenMind says:

    Well LibertyONE, your comment was number 666. The picture of Petey S with the “666 comments” below him gave me the chills.


  2. LibertyONE says:

    STRZOK, or someone connected with this POS established a Go Fund Me account. Upon ckecking over 3,900 delusional people contributed over $159 K, with a goal of $350 K. I think we should have a GO F YOURSELF account set up and send him puppy treats.

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  3. I won't back down says:

    Think about the damage that this one person did to the entire Bureau for years to come.

    It is quite likely that in every criminal case going forward there will be a request by the defense to see all text messages by the agents involved in the case and the attorneys for the FBI on government-issued devices and they won’t take an answer that those messages don’t exist or were not preserved /backed up.

    The little game where main justice lost or didn’t properly back up some of the strzok-page messages (only to be then “found” by the IG) could become overwhelmingly devastating where it is clear the agents were kibbutzing with each other so freely. It may stop but there’s a ton of cases that defense attys are going to rip into in already “won” convictions (10? 15? 20? years worth)

    The fbi is probably very ticked off at the exposure the agency now likely faces just because of this one very high-profile doofus (ironically the head of their counter intel).

    They may never recover from this black eye that could easily turn into a hemorage especially once those other cases start to get overturned cuz of exculpatory texts that were never turned over (called Brady material).

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    • I won't back down says:

      …in hundreds if not thousands of cases

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      • I won't back down says:

        Cerainly every case strzok or page ever touched

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        • ann hendrickson simpson says:

          I trust nothing the Justice Dept says or does.

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          • littleanniesfannie says:

            Nor have I trusted it since Holder put his mark on it. That was the beginning of the corruption.
            He wants to run for the presidency in 2020. If he ever won election, the bell would toll for the downfall and destruction of the United States.

            Folks, we have to purge the education system of those who want to poison our children. Parents, it behooves you to check on the indoctrination the schools are inflicting on your children. Stand your ground. Homeschool if necessary. Do not sacrifice your children at the altar of socialism!! These misguided fools have never had a real convo with anyone who has actually lived under a socialist regime or they would tuck tail and run so fast that all you could see would be a blur. Otherwise, all they want is a nanny to rule their every move!

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    • fakenoozisforfools says:

      Peter Strzok is a weasel of the highest order. That being said, the fact that the FBI’s reputation is in tatters does not rest on Strzok’s shoulders exclusively. There were at least 4 levels of supervision above Strzok that condoned everything he did (Priestap, McCabe, Comey, and Obama). At any time, any of those people could have reined in Strzok, but not only did they do NOTHING to stop him, they actually participated in the bad acts. Instead they placed Strzok 1) in charge of the Clinton investigation (that was botched); 2) in charge of the Trump investigation (that was a hoax); 3) as a member of Mueller’s team (another hoax). How could they give one man of such dubious character that much latitude to screw the pooch?

      Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. The FBI is ticked off at having been exposed. They’re not at all ashamed of all the wrong doing and incompetence they have demonstrated. They’re just upset they got caught. They’re a rogue outfit, unfit to exist in this country as currently staffed. Far from being “the premier law enforcement agency in the world,” the FBI is an embarrassment to law enforcement. They’ll never recover with me.

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    • The fbi brought this on themselves by delving into the business of sedition to forward a political agenda.

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    • Juan Grande says:

      And by “one person” I assume you’re referring to Obama because this was all his bidding.

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  4. Don L says:

    This guy has another career playing some diabolically infested character in a Satanic movie.

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  5. lieutenantm says:

    Remember J EDGAR HOOVER?


  6. The more money the left tosses Strzok’s way, the less they have to give to the candidate of their choice.

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  7. Beau Geste says:

    There once was a G-man named Strzok
    who judged Clinton’s election a lock
    but his lust for some tail
    should put him in jail
    and the FBI’s honor in hock.

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  8. Kathylee Choi says:

    Look at he’s Disgusting eyes,He is nothing But corruption FBI,glad he lost Job,

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  9. Cassander says:

    I have an unrelated question for you guys who are regularly here on this site and who have been closely following the unfolding of, I’ll call it, Obamagate…i.e., the discovery of use of the full police, investigatory, national security and prosecutorial powers of the United States to defeat and destroy a candidate and then elected president of the opposition party. My question is this: has anybody on this site or the others that you follow suggested that Carter Page, Papadop, and Sam Clovis (interestingly, the three guys Stefan Halper approached) were all, themselves, FBI/CIA plants in Trump’s campaign? There’s something about all three of these guys that doesn’t add up to me. They are all light weights, all clowns, none distinguished in any way. Clovis has an Air Force/military/defense background. Carter Page is a Naval Academy graduate who had worked for the FBI. Papadop had worked for the Israelis…none had any meaningul foreign policy credentials. Its impossible to imagine Trump (who hardly listens to anybody) listening to any of them about anything, let alone US – Russia relations. Is it impossible that the Deep State planted Page, Papadop, and Clovis in the Trump Campaign and then planted Mifsud, Halper and Downer to meet with them, all in order to artificially fabricate the collusion case? Thoughts?


    • Cindy—Call it as I see it. says:

      Papa dupe all of us definitely a CIA plant.
      Carter Page just a FISA excuse. The FBI will
      be charged for claiming one of their own as a
      a foreign agent.


  10. yonason says:

    Have they considered revoking his gun permit(s). I mean, look at the guy. He’s NUTS!

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  11. 6x47 says:

    Peter Strzok’s demeanor during the hearing is instructive: He believed himself untouchable, with powerful patrons protecting him even as he was caught dead to rights committing the most egregious breaches of professional ethics and violations of the law.

    The rest of the conspirators feel the same invulnerability.

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