President Trump Reinstates Phase-1 of Iran Sanctions…

Today the White House ends the initial 90-day period for the JCPOA withdrawal, and reveals the structure of the reinstatement of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

White House: REIMPOSING TOUGH SANCTIONS: President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is taking action to reimpose sanctions lifted under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

♦President Trump made clear when he ended United States participation in the JCPOA that his Administration would be reimposing tough sanctions on the Iranian regime.

♦In connection with the withdrawal from the JCPOA, the Administration laid out two wind-down periods of 90 days and 180 days for business activities in or involving Iran.

♦Consistent with President Trump’s decision, the Administration will be reimposing specified sanctions after August 6, the final day of the 90-day wind-down period.

On August 7, sanctions will be reimposed on:

•The purchase or acquisition of United States bank notes by the Government of Iran.
•Iran’s trade in gold and other precious metals.
•Graphite, aluminum, steel, coal, and software used in industrial processes.
•Transactions related to the Iranian rial.
•Activities relating to Iran’s issuance of sovereign debt
•Iran’s automotive sector.

The remaining sanctions will be reimposed on November 5, including sanctions on:

•Iran’s port operators and energy, shipping, and shipbuilding sectors.
•Iran’s petroleum-related transactions.
•Transactions by foreign financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran.

The Administration will also relist hundreds of individuals, entities, vessels, and aircraft that were previously included on sanctions lists.

♦ ENSURING FULL ENFORCEMENT: President Trump will continue to stand up to the Iranian regime’s aggression, and the United States will fully enforce the reimposed sanctions.

  • The Iranian regime has exploited the global financial system to fund its malign activities.
  • The regime has used this funding to support terrorism, promote ruthless regimes, destabilize the region, and abuse the human rights of its own people.
  • The Trump Administration intends to fully enforce the sanctions reimposed against Iran, and those who fail to wind down activities with Iran risk severe consequences.
  • Since the President announced his decision on May 8 to withdraw from the JCPOA, the Administration has sanctioned 38 Iran-related targets in six separate actions.

♦ PROTECTING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY: The JCPOA was defective at its core and failed to guarantee the safety of the American people.

  • President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal upheld his highest obligation: to protect the safety and security of the American people.
  • The Iranian regime only grew more aggressive under the cover of the JCPOA and was given access to more resources to pursue its malign activities.
  • The regime continues to threaten the United States and our allies, exploit the international financial system, and support terrorism and foreign proxies.
  • The Administration is working with allies to bring pressure on the Iranian regime to achieve an agreement that denies all paths to a nuclear weapon and addresses other malign activities.

Read the Statement from President Trump HERE

Read the full Text of the Executive Order HERE

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75 Responses to President Trump Reinstates Phase-1 of Iran Sanctions…

  1. The Boss says:

    I’m surprised some scum-bag obama-appointed federal judge hasn’t ruled this exercise of legitimate executive authority illegal.

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    • booger71 says:

      Little Chuckie is deciding which one he will call

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    • Lactantius says:

      Trump is just the November elections away from defying the judges and ordering his departments to move full-force forward. Even the Supreme Court has no power to enforce its judicial mandates. So long as the judicial decree is parboiled in political “differences”, Trump has the upper hand. Of course, defying any court will send the anti-Trump universe into paroxysms of caterwauling, but who cares?

      If Obama can create the Affordable Care Act out of Congressional malfeasance and DACA out of his leftist shoe, why can’t Trump challenge the court to come lock him up?

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    • jrapdx says:

      Naturally. But even if there are talks, PT won’t relent on sanctions a bit, similar to his actions re: N Korea. Iranian officials won’t really be interested in discussions unless they get concessions first and that will not happen. The squeeze in on, now it’s only a race to see how quickly the mullahs collapse. I’ve said they’ll be gone by the end of summer, perhaps that’s too optimistic but regarding regime change the watchword is soon.

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  2. Bendix says:

    That headline gave me a thrill.

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  3. ck says:

    What? they were expecting pallets of cash?

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    • All American Snowflake says:


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    • fleporeblog says:

      Their worse nightmare is playing out right in front of their eyes! Our President expects countries to stop purchasing fuel NOW not on November 5th!

      From the article linked above:

      The United States wants as many countries as possible to cut their imports of Iranian oil to zero, a senior U.S. administration official said on Monday in a telephone press briefing.

      Asked if the United States will offer any waivers to countries to continue buying Iranian oil, the official said: “It is our policy to get as many countries to zero as quickly as possible. We are going to work with individual countries on a case by case basis, but our goal is to reduce the amount of revenue and hard currency going into Iran.”

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      • Three of the Worlds biggest shipping container companies had already stopped doing business in Iran about 4 weeks ago.
        That means not much can get in or out. The lack of goods coming in (especially electronic and computer goods like phones etc) and the rise in prices coupled with the crash of the Iranian currency is what set off the protests by local traders.
        Many traders took their stock home to preserve them for the black market where they can be sold for US $s or Euros and Pounds.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        “Their worse nightmare is playing out right in front of their eyes! Our President expects countries to stop purchasing fuel NOW not on November 5th!”

        Is China on that list? They currently buy up to 70% of Iran’s oil. If not, can we start targeting China operating within the US to be penalized for violating this sanction?

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  4. Margaret Berger says:

    There will be more great headlines to come. They should be coming now but the lame stream media won’t report the truth of what is going on in Iran.

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  5. rumpole2 says:

    I wanna see Iranian motor boats try to harass a US warship. 🙂

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  6. MontanaMel says:

    Snake and Nap I say….
    Wings full inbound….
    Fry them head-wrapped fools…

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  7. Steve Summar says:

    I’m proud of my President and my Nation, God Bless us all…MAGA…WWG1WGA

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    • Minnie says:

      Hear, Hear!


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    • FL_GUY says:

      President Trump is a REAL AMERICAN President! We haven’t had a real American President since President Reagan. President Trump is like Reagan x 1,000. With President Trump, we have a REAL world leader again. These world leaders better learn fast that President Trump can be your best friend if you play fair with the USA or your worst enemy if you cross the USA. Choice is theirs.

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      • GB Bari says:

        And “playing fair” with the U.S. doesn’t mean becoming subservient to the U.S.
        PDJT has said countless times, “reciprocal”. He just wants honest and evenhanded dealing.

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  8. Greg says:

    Could another shoe be dropping right now?? Could some pissed mullah be thinking about the bribes/kickbacks he gave to get the”good obama deal”?? Maybe the mullahs will out somebody or demand their dirty money back, publicly.. Hopfully by the weekend, friday would be good.

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    • Richard Whitney says:

      That $1.7 billion that bho sent in three currencies on three separate planes should be investigated. I’d bet bho, and maybe hrc, took a cut for that. I’d love for some mullah to speak about that. Or have a mullah out any other American or EU official that took a bribe from Iran.
      BUT … I don’t see that happening. How could they bribe anyone else going forward? Outing them would put a chill on any other future bribes.
      I do hope that the domestic pressure they are feeling, plus the sanctions, plus maybe an EU defector who can’t get around the sanctions, causes the mullahs to do something spiteful and self-destructive.

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      • Maquis says:

        Outing them might be their best move in appealing to PDJT for mercy. Mercy for individuals, not the regime, soon may it die.


        • formerdem says:

          Hillary hints at running for office again imo for the solitary reason of inhibiting whistleblowers. She is whispering to them that Trump is not forever and she’ll be baaaack. imo she has to be prosecuted and found guilty of at least one of her felonies, whether she goes to jail or not.

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    • Cheesehead54016 says:

      Would love to hear/see some key Iranians come forward and explain the corruption that took place with the Obama Admin /SOS Office to do that Valarie Jarrett deal with Iran.

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  9. I can’t wait for the Libtard ‘splody heads to pop like zits over Obammy’s MFN deal with these crusty old mullahs being obliterated my The MAGA force!!!

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  10. Hoosier_Friend? says:

    I reckon the mullah’s have pissed through all that Hussein cashola and will be thoroughly screwed. The Iranian people know POTUSDJT is with them. I hope they act on that backing. It’s money in the bank.

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Saudi’s gave Saddam Hussain $25 Billion dollars to fight Iran during the Iraq/Iran war. This Yemen thing, with missiles going toward Riyadh could bring us this:

    War between Iran & Saudi Arabia could send oil to $300 per barrel & impoverish the world

    (The media is being over-dramatic IMO, maybe $300 in the beginning, but should calm down to around $200 per barrel).

    I’m thinking the USA could pay off a substantial amount of debt. Substantial.

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    • VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

      So why is that a concern for the US of A?
      Didn’t we just become a huge oil exporter?
      Aren’t we on a path to being one of the biggest oil exporters , if not the biggest, soon within our grasp?

      Our cup runneth over with oil…

      We should be able to help true allies if they need a little extra petroleum…but the erstwile, friends of convenience, again, why is that our concern…

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    • We should ponder whether the Iranian Mullahs think their military would want to go suicidal against (1) Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council defending their existence, (2) Israel, (3) the USA … (4) NATO and the rest of the EU that need oil and (5) the Iranian People.

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  12. The Iran Sanctions will STAY ON until the PROBLEMS have been SOLVED:
    • DISARMAMENT of Iranian-funded Terrorists
    • Iranian WITHDRAWAL of funding for Terrorists
    • Iranian WITHDRAWAL of ALL forces in foreign countries
    • Iranian RETURN of ALL funds and assets transferred out of Iran
    • Iranian DESTRUCTION of ALL Missiles and Development/Production Facilities
    • Iranian DESTRUCTION of ALL Nuclear-related Equipment & Development/Production Facilities
    • Iranian SURRENDER of ALL Nuclear Materials
    • Verification of Irreversible COMPLETION.

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  13. Caius Lowell says:

    I believe there is an error in you post SD as I’m pretty sure JCPOA stands for “Joint Communist Plan of Appeasement.”

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  14. jmclever says:

    If would be great if we could get our 1.8 billion back. Just sayin.

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  15. Another Ian says:

    Iran gets a mention

    “Is The UK Behind “Russiagate”?”

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  16. Mark L. says:

    Iran needs a lot of help. Let’s face it, their main trade is Oil, Terrorism and pistachio nuts.

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  17. Buck says:

    If POTUS wants to apply leverage and make some deal with Iran great, that’s fine.
    But this myth that Iran is some immediate threat to our Homeland and the American people is the getting real tiresome.
    If we controlled our borders Iran couldn’t send their proxies in to sell coke and spread other mischief.
    Other than that, this is yet another case of doing the bidding of Israel, kSA and our NeoCon Establishment.
    Truth is Our fine Government is the world leader in the same “activities” that it accuses Iran of. (or Russia for that matter)
    Could care less if the Mullahs are strung up tomorrow, that’s their business.
    But you can smell the CIA/deep state and “friends” regime change mission that’s being stirred up inside Iran right now. It never ends well and we will most likely end up with some newly installed regime that’s just as bad and probably worse, like the crazy Marxist Cult known as MEK that NeoCons love to promote. (Have a gander at Lindsey Graham’s Fox News interview from tonight.)
    We have a long, long history of these failed adventures.
    Wish we’d put as much effort in cleaning up Our House, instead of worrying about everyone else’s.
    America First!


  18. poodle12 says:

    I just love that photomontage—more and more as time goes by.


  19. wodiej says:

    How about returning our money that dum dum gave them.


  20. Pyrthroes says:

    Dear me, whatever will Valerie Jarrett do to justify Teheran’s retainer, now that Gangrenous is reduced to laying eggs in his own chicken coop? No doubt, this bizarre-o twerp coordinated over the years with Miss Daisy (DiFi)’s romper-room chauffeur.

    To Corpse Man hissef’, we say: Amscray, the opscay! Meantime, bring on the cement overshoes.


  21. Anonymous says:

    In a word:


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