President Trump Calls To Congratulate Rush Limbaugh – 30 Years in Broadcasting…

President Donald Trump surprised radio host Rush Limbaugh by calling in to congratulate him on his 30 year anniversary in broadcasting.

After a few moments of expressing congratulations President Trump and Mr. Limbaugh began discussing ongoing events and the politics of Washington DC.   WATCH:

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  1. kurtmandoo says:

    I learned of CTH from listening to Rush in Sept. 2015. Have been lurking here everday since. I spend hours reading Sundance and all the comments. (Been on The Trump Train since escalator.)

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  2. HJR27 says:

    Although I have and still listen to portions of Rush’s commentary regularly and am in general agreement with most of what he says, he remains to me much like a preacher who repeats homilies to a receptive audience. He in essence found a niche, embraced and developed it and made it a very lucrative endeavor. The President, likewise, discovered his niche early on and proves that there actually is much about Business and Government that remains the same.

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    • pacnwbel says:

      Rush gets new listeners every day who do not have the historical background that we old timers enjoy, be patient with him as he brings them into the fold. Look at the success of his children’s books as Liberty the talking horse explores the basics of our Constitution. What a great way to teach!

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      • sejmon says:

        Twenty five years ago I received on my birthday-08/10- Rush book-THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE- gift to remember forever. Thank you Rush for support PDJT and MAGA movement.

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        • Phillie_fan62 says:

          I have that book, and the sequel to it “See I Told You So” Two great truthful entertaining books from the doctor of democracy!


      • He repeatedly apologizes for going over old ground because the growth of his listenership is a flood. there are so many who have never had their brains turned to this way of thinking (Let alone had their brains challenged TO THINK) so that he has to feed both his long time listeners AND give a catch up education to newbies.

        yes, his Rush Revere series even got kudos from California teachers (!!) until it became forbidden to acknowledge such heretical thinking as our real history.

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  3. I always get uneasy hearing “how humbled” he is by compliments. He needs coached on this or something. Anyone in his position is in a tough spot I’m sure. It’s not a dilemma I envy. But he doesn’t help by allowing it to go on. I’m not referring to this call by POTUS btw. Just that any Friday is nearly unlistenable.

    Dramatic image-
    I’m on hold now for open line Friday super early you guys. Drinking out of my EIB mug. Reading my super duper premium newsletter. Watching patiently for the arrival of our host to arrive on dittocam.

    Realistic image-
    I love his humor don’t get me wrong. And I do think he’s used his influence mostly for good but I also think this website has done far more to end the grand ol party boy network than El Rushbo has. He was going to settle for Marco. That’s a win to him. And yes he should skip the adjectives and hurry up and be flattered faster because he falls back into admiring himself along with them too often. Gets my Ditto cam gets all steamed up. 🙄


    • I do not think that we were listening to the same Rush. From the start he was coaching Trump without endorsing him and since I am not the only one who heard that it’s not just my imagination.

      That said, projecting upon others is one of the most divisive things that we have been programmed to do in these times.

      When I was growing up it was EXPECTED that if something was ambiguous we either asked what the original intention was or we defaulted to the most charitable interpretation.

      Since the ambulance chasing lawyers are back, cashing in on the politically correct road to catastrophe and programming people to take their offense all the way to million dollar lawsuits – not to mention social media’s bullying/victim revenge indoctrination – we have elected to now not only choose to interpret things in the most negative and cynical way, but we also even tell the person, once they’ve explained their intent, that we will double down on our negative interpretation and it’s THEIR fault.

      Now, in defense of negative projection and interpretation, ‘conspiracists’ – so deemed by the media and the swamp – like Sundance, have been validate in their suspicions and cynicism is understandably a default response.

      However, Sundance’s honest, good hearted faith in humanity and his open and non-aggressive push of his faith on this site is not a phenomenon unique to him.

      Trump IS genuinely moved by the response he gets.

      So is Rush.
      REad a bio on Rush that was put out years ago by an author who was not a fan. She was charmed by his courtesy and by his – yes- humility.

      Sundance, Trump and Rush all have an unbounded gratitude that their extra effort has paid off in ways that they may have visualized, but never presumed.

      I’m charmed by all three.

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      • We are listening to the same Rush. Don’t take this wrong. He coached all candidates. He has to walk that line delicately. The republican version of media matters works pretty much like one senator calling one host and saying please stop talking about _____. It reaches 25 Million. I like Rush. I respect Rush. As far as I’m concerned Sundance is Rush typing what he can’t say on the radio. The point is Rush’s enemy was always across the aisle. The enemy was on our side of the aisle and we had unlimited paths to get to him.

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        • I like this response, thank you.

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          • Thank you for being open to the possibility of an alternative answer. We are both on the same team. I liked a lot of your points btw. Hope I wasn’t too hard on ya.


            • OH no you were not, I DID like much of your thinking and also hope that my emphatic style didn’t come off as the bull in the china shop!!


              • Nope. I honestly did appreciate the last comment. You showed class. I won’t take away from that comment by this one. You have the capacity to show class. In text it’s hard to imagine what someone means. I’m guilty of that far too often. I start seeing things that aren’t there.

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                • Social media has robbed us of the human elements of voice and of eye contact…which is why we have snowflakes who have no capacity to comport themselves with dignity in the real world.

                  I routinely go about without digital media and occasionally have conversations with people who are first disarmed that I am smiling – at them and not because of some tweet or text on my phone; and then they are disarmed that when I engage in conversation I actually want to learn about them, not convert them. I routinely make it a habit to inject the potential that I see in them and tout to them their own individual strengths.

                  Having been a sheeple for years I know that it’s not just abortion that has robbed this country of millions of heroes, inventors and leaders. Even those who are born now, when held hostage to the indoctrination that is similar to the drivel in Europe AND, sadly, a more expensive version of the brainwashing that Islamic pawn children…these sad folks have no clue what our founders put in gear for them to be able to pursue sky high potential.

                  I AM emphatic so please understand that the very long post did not assume that I know you. I just noticed some phrases you used that resembles those of people who DO suffer from the syndromes to which I’ve alluded. I have, due to a very VERY unexpected career spectrum, been exposed to most industries and nationalities and therefore my ‘diplomatic’ viewpoint is due to my former opinions, subjected to reality, putting me flat on my arse and humbling me.

                  I am very thankful to St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the most notably brilliant human beings ever born. He wrote the Summa Theologia and then it’s been documented that he was given a divine glimpse of God’s big picture.

                  Having been witness to that, he told his colleagues to throw out everything that he’d written, it was nothing.

                  HAving HIM express his utter inferiority of intellect I am no longer any illusions that I hold the high card with my intelligence. I have just seen more than most and recognized patterns.

                  It’s been very nice chatting with you and I sincerely thank you for your graciousness.


                • Was not meaning to come off snarky or condescending.


      • How would that same bio on Rush have sounded if she were to have realized she was interested in him? Would she have gushed? Would she sound like she’s been swooning?


        • Um, this person was known for her hit jobs and she had been a vocal hater for years. Gloria Steinem was a staunch ally. This was a woman who was the Gloria Allred of biops. She very clearly had not wanted to have much good to say about Rush.

          I find it very akin to how many who have encountered Trump, deadset on loathing him, have found themselves astonished to be charmed by him and to respect him.

          The mythology of Rush and TRump is so pervasive that it makes it very difficult even for us sometimes to remember to look for bias.

          Rush has been an opponent of hte deep state for years and I heard that and so I’m a little puzzled that you think he only saw the enemy as across the aisle.

          He’s even alluded more than once to Tom Sowell’s YEARS LONG complaints against career, embedded politicians.
          The founders were revolted by career politicians and Rush trumpets the founders.

          Additionally, Trump just yesterday congratulated Rush for having been aware of the deep evil in D.C. that he himself had not known about until recently.
          He did not say that the evil was only one party.

          but again, I thank you for your response, it was full of the kind of character and respect that we have on our side, that gives me hope.


          • Have you ever considered that maybe some women just get so fed up with guys trying to be Rush that it makes them hate his type on the surface? As in literally expected him to be Archie Bunker?

            I’ll make a personal observation. You tell me what the chances are that I’m right?

            The dittocam thing is an inside joke because men probably don’t watch it. Single women probably have no way of watching it especially at those hours. That leaves left a group of married conservative leaning females who are home between the hours of 11-2 and maybe have some free reign over the finances of the home based on that. If by chance I’m right I still do think it’s really sweet and innocent in these women’s intentions and I support any of them who find the voice they need that way. I think most if not all of them know Rush is a flirty type that they’d never get physically involved with even if they were single. Respectfully I also think it’s how a man sells a ton of Bolin Branch Sheets. Or possibly gets a good review from a biographer who didn’t expect he was the real deal. I’m asking if that’s so impossible to believe. I learned tons from Rush about how to do a better job of attracting women by not trying so hard to impress them. Maybe one of them will already be impressed. Maybe the difference between love and lust is actually hidden in the guys intentions. The enemy isn’t out there. It’s within all of us. It’s telling people what they want to hear instead of the truth. It’s using deception to obtain power through manipulation. It’s having an agenda and pretending not to. We are all guilty of some degree of fault in some area. There’s no finish line to striving for good stewardship. If you saw a woman with a lot of star power just continue to trip over how flattered she is by a guy being her biggest fan with the most dittos you’d not be mad at the guy but you’d be like wow he really can’t tell this person is trying to avoid this wouldn’t you?


            • I think that as a woman who has been on all sides I have done consideration of all sides. 🙂

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              • Your diplomatic view is inspiring.


              • And in more specific replies I do not agree with some of your presumptions about how women must think or what some of them will not do. I think you may underestimate some things.

                And I also think that there is a certain attribution of more wrongdoing than is inherent in men in general.

                If you’ll forgive me, I think what I hear from you is some of the battered man syndrome who has inadvertently absorbed too much empathy of women…only these women are mythological women with far more tendency to grievance than really exists among good, solid, FEMININE women.

                I grew up with good men and so I never had any sympathy for the demonization of men and for years recognized the inherent lie in the presumption of wrongdoing on the part of men.

                Plus I know my gender.

                In the Middle East, women fighting for equality say that the western feminist movement is doing more to hurt their chances and I see that.

                The pushback has come in some ways with the way men treat women…brought on by women objectifying their own bodies when they accepted the ‘liberation’ of the sexual revolution.

                As I have told my friends who at first humorously heard me and then accepted the reality of it:

                The idol/mascot/role model for the feminist movement is the stereotypical horny 14 year old boy who has been exposed to his own sexuality and is encouraged to make the rounds, sow his wild oats and be responsible to no one.

                Gloria Steinem famously said that the single greatest impediment to woman’s freedom is the womb.
                The baby.
                The family.

                The pill said outright: We want the same freedom of sexuality as a 14 year old boy and what is more, the Christian sacraments, sacred rites of birth and marriage are forfeit to the SACRED RITE of female orgasm.

                This is why, forgive me, I hear the reasoning that vilifies men and still extends too much consideration to women for their sad plight.

                They brought it upon themselves and those of us, who not only hold true to the centuries old success of traditional family and Judeo Christian values, but actually adopt these principles and live by them, HAPPILY AND SUCCESSFULLY, will hear the excuses on behalf of women and reject them outright.

                Rush’s women listeners are not cynics and I believe that half of what you presume is an inaccurate reading that underestimates them.

                I also believe that it is nearly impossible for a modern man to avoid some of this thinking because every source of influence peddles this garbage to your brains and insists that you be apologetic for having cajones.

                With that said, your response – and I do not condescend – is thoughtful and well iterated and respectful and I thank you for that.

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    • Flubber says:

      Unfortunately for us impatient souls, I think that article is spot.on.


      • Trump would never voluntarily play the victim, but he has been given the opportunity and is not foregoing the chance to use it so that many many people, still unaware, can see the escalating madness of the media and deep state.

        WE are impatient but in the long game this free reign of rage is horrifying more and more people.

        Couple it with the clear preference to protect illegals over legal citizens and -Trump couldn’t PAY someone to write a better advertisement for his re-election.

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    • wildsailor2018 says:

      Interesting. This would mean the POTUS tweets are deflection? Is Mueller in on it as well then?


    • MAGADJT says:

      Stealth Jeff from twitter wrote that.


    • Thank you for that, it is a very different point of view and would explain why Sessions is living up to his reputation in other ways targeting illegals, sexual trafficking and animus against Christians.

      He was known before as a silent but deadly foe and this storyline would certainly correspond to that version, fully cognizant of the peril and the pitfalls that he has to maneuver.

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  4. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I listen to Rush whenever I have the opportunity. Usually it’s not the whole show but I did catch the phone call yesterday & enjoyed it. The President gets slammed so hard & so unfairly every day by the fake media I was grateful Rush explained to him, in such a succinct manner, how much citizens like us REALLY appreciate PDJT and his administration. How we ALL cheer at a Trump rally, wherever we are. 60+million of us. We’ll all be watching & cheering tonight in Pennsylvania too.
    After his chat with Rush I felt better that the President is aware of HOW MANY Americans really do love him for what he is doing to preserve our country.

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  5. missilemom says:

    I too, like many of you heard it live. Great spontaneous moment. One of my favorite parts was when President Trump mentioned he would he would have dialed the number himself if he had to.

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  6. todayistheday99 says:

    I love Rush and I love Trump. Happy Days.

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  7. Rush helped me grow into being a Republican –> Andrew Breitbart (in a roundabout way so did Obama lol) helped me grow into being a Conservative–> CTH helped to keep me sane during the Obama years.

    Now that we’re entering into the Golden Age of America, SD helps to reinforce and flesh out my hunches. Reading the Treehouse every day is pretty damn near to having a crystal ball as SD gives voice and clarity for so many of us, I have no doubt that the impact has been and will continue to be huge.

    To all of ya’ll that work hard to keep us on track and cohesive, a HUGE Thank You.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Brian Terry family is asking President Trump to release the Fast & Furious documents that Obama used Executive Privilege to withhold from the public.

    It is time to start fighting for the Brian Terry family and pushing for answers that have never been given. President Trump please release those documents.

    Yeah, I’m still pissed. Not a peep from the media. Explosives, Cartels, military grade weaponry right in my kids neighborhood. Fast & Furious is a trigger for me, I was in Arizona babysitting my grandchild, when the neighborhood was shut-down because of Fast & Furious weapons (including explosives/grenades) and there was a complete Obama news blackout on it, we didn’t even know the danger we were in until 1 year later. These Cartels move into nice, middle-class neighborhoods to do their dirty work.

    Still pissed, had small children there. The Terry family is right to keep pushing for the truth. These weapons are still being used in crimes. Get the Bushies too, not just Obama. Get them all….idiots!

    Those politicians and big shot bureaucrats will do anything to protect their own azzes.


    I will never forget that Sheryl Attkisson was one of the few in the media that fought the corruption and reported on Fast & Furious. All the rest of the media was in on the cover-up.

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  9. todayistheday99 says:

    I loved to take long automobile vacation trips driving around the west and southwest and soak in the gorgeous scenery. Listening to Rush was just a part of every wonderful day. Eventually I would have to go back to work. When I mentioned Rush, a coworker said “what kind of a horrible depressing person would listen to Rush?”. That was the first sign of trouble ahead.

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  10. Robert Smith says:

    Without Rush and talk radio I wouldn’t be here. It was a long journey but he started it for me.

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  11. andy says:

    mid 1990s… im mixing electronic music for a party. Im playing records , CDs, tape loops, and dialign around a multi band radio… Low an behold, I some how tuned in 1952 on the AM radio… how could it be?!? It was like someone took a radio host from 1952 and injected him into 1990s in Bill Clinton’s America….. WOA.. what just happened!?!


  12. Cankles Clinton says:

    Wish I has a dollar for every time I heard over the years people that say “I don’t listen to RL because he is mean, racist, etc.” but when confronted admit they have never listened.


    • Phillie_fan62 says:

      My sister in law was a school teacher and at a BBQ we were having the conversation turned to Rush. She was ranting the liberal mantra of just what you posted. I myself was only listening to him for a couple of months and never heard any of that type of stuff. I confronted her and asked if she ever listened to him. Of course her answer was no. I told her to try him out, he’s not what you’ve been told by your union. She is and has been a staunch conservative now since not long after she started listening.

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      • I LOVE This!!! It is what we know: they don’t even get a chance to listen because their animus and prejudice has absolutely oppressed them. it’s almost an act of God for them to accept the challenge to just listen to another point of view.

        I know this because this happened to me. I asked a simple question of my liberal mentors and that snowballed into my being ostracized from the liberal mob…and, out there in the wilds of thinking for myself I discovered within a newfound curiosity and willingness to listen to something new.

        The Grinch’s heart grew four times when he recognized that Christmas is not the gifts but the spirit of love and giving.

        My brain probably grew four THOUSAND times when I recognized that American conservatism was the secret to discovering the American dream of willingness to sacrifice security and subjugation to elites, for hard work and radical belief that one’s purpose and potential are limitless and secondary to none.

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  13. Bendix says:

    I was never a Rush Limbaugh listener, I only started paying much attention to him after Obama had been in office awhile, and Rush, like me, was despairing for the future of our beloved country.
    He kept saying that he couldn’t help thinking that something was going tp happen, that was going to halt the “fundamental transformation” and save us.
    I felt his pain.
    I started praying hard, for that thing Rush had hope for, to happen for him.
    It took me some time to realize that Donald Trump was the answer to my prayers for Rush. Mainly because as a New Yorker, I was keenly aware of Donald Trump.
    It took Rush even longer to get it.
    Both men have a deep and abiding love for America, and a deep personal belief in the things we stand for.
    Both men also have a deep respect for working Americans from all walks of life.
    Now that Rush gets it, boy does he get it.
    He is the only MSM figure with such a broad reach, the only widely disseminated antidote to the lies put out on a daily basis.
    Congratulations to Mr. Limbaugh on thirty years of doing a fine job.

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    • cdquarles says:

      Ah, but remember, that Rush has been doing this for some 35 years, not 30. It was 30 years ago that his show became nationally syndicated. He’d been on local radio for years before that. I’ve heard his show from ca 1983.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      I started Rush during the Clinton years. Whoever had listened to him back then can confirm.

      He would ravage the Clintons. Everyday…..on the air just boil them. It was pure Gold.

      And this for a fact. Rush is probably the single person in this country who knows “everything” about the Clintons’. Everything.

      Been listening ever since. Even have a Rush tie.

      Rush was slamming the media for a very long time, coining the phrase,
      “ Drive by Media” for decades
      Rush taught many of us what being a “conservative” actually meant.

      Just like Sundance, and Andrew Breitbart, Rush deserves our never ending gratitude.

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      • Navy says:

        Even Hannity. Definitely squishy because he has to keep his FOXNEWS job. But Sean is the “drummer boy” that helps with bringing out the vote every two years. Each Army needs a consistent drummer boy.

        I felt bad when Sean got shut down (off the air for a week) during the 2016 Seth Rich stuff. If he would have defied his boss, we would have one less guy on our side. Must be frustrating for a guy like Sean who wants to be the freedom fighter but his boss won’t let him.

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        • AS I have said over and over Terri Schiavo would have never been in the face of America, shaming it for allowing tactics that animal lovers would never condone for any animal, unless Hannity had not kept it live.

          For that alone I will NEVER rate Hannity as anything less t han a first rate American.


      • Phillie_fan62 says:

        Yes sir Gunny! Same here. Around 1991. Every day, couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say about the scummy Clinton’s.

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    • Bendix- agree with you, especially when you said that it took Rush awhile to “get it” about our President Trump.
      I remember listening to Rush early on in the campaign when DJT first announced and I was sorry that it did indeed take some time for him to come around and support the man who would one day become our greatest President.
      I say, better late than never, and I was delighted that our President took time out of his busy day to call Rush and congratulate him as well as use it as an occasion to praise his (Trump’s) supporters.
      Our President never forgets the people who elected him and who those of us who would do just about anything for him. It was a wonderful conversation between two men who truly love this Country and who are trying to save it from the evil ones who’ve been running things for so long.

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  14. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    That was very cool for our VSHG ago call Rush. Loved it.

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  15. Sherri Young says:

    HaHaHaHa!!! PDJT calls out ((No-name’s)) 2AM vote against the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Said that vote will probably cost us $1 trillion and not do a thing to fix healthcare funding and delivery in this country. Referred to ((No-name)) as “a man, I won’t mention his name”.

    No-name is No-name to POTUS too.

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  16. Taximom07 says:

    Been a Rush listener since 1992 when I saw a Newsweek cover story about him at the gym I was going to. I didn’t agree with much of what he said, but over the years I came around. Being at home with 4 little children I had time to listen and learn. Years of carpooling resulted in my children having to listen too. As a result I raised 4 “Rush Babies”,all of whom are grown and living on their own. Now I get to influence the next generation (4 grandkids and counting). I can’t thank him enough for the incredible education I received and the impact it’s had on my family (including my husband who is from a very liberal San Francisco family, but he voted for Trump). MAGA😊

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  17. I taped last night FOX News lineup because of Rush’s 30th and Sean did an amazing job. He may LOVE Mark Levin, but Rush is on a whole other plain unto himself for Sean and Rush was amazed.

    Just wanted to share what Rush said on his program about Sean’s tribute:

    Thank You, Sean Hannity

    Aug 2, 2018

    RUSH: I have to take just a brief moment here to extend sincere thanks to Sean Hannity. I was told, “You’re going to want to watch Sean’s monologue tonight.” It was a note from somebody working on his staff. “You’re going to want to watch this tonight.” So I turned to it and I was floored. I was. Did you all see it last night? (interruption) Honestly, it was so strange, I’ve never… I don’t want to make too big a deal of it. I’ve never had any…

    Well, I’ve never had all that stuff ever said about me or this program, and it just was over-the-top exceptionally well-done. I was dabbing at my eyes while this was going on, because it was so heartfelt in the way Sean spoke of this program and of me and our friendship, and I will always remember it.

    It was… I don’t know how else to say it. It was unlike anything that has ever been said in ways of describing this program and me, and when you’re not accustomed…

    I imagine that people on the left are accustomed to that kind of treatment all the time and it becomes something that they expect and don’t appreciate. But, man, for me? People on our side of the aisle, we never get anything like that, and I just have to… I sent Sean a note privately and thanked him, but I wanted to acknowledge it here on the program today, too, because it was… It was just great and deeply meaningful.

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  18. All American Snowflake says:

    I hear Mr. Trump’s approval stats shot up to 50% this morning after yesterday’s call in to Rush’s radio show.

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  19. kea says:

    Thanks for posting this. 🙂


  20. Rush says:

    Rush is an entertainer who like most here have said but always dance a fine line when dealing with the general public! He has found a niche that can never be duplicated with the same show twice…outside of his pill issues which I think was trumped up he has always been a source of inspiration because we have a lot of similarities in hearing difficulties! I respect his hearing loss which is greater than mine and I highly recommend his interview with William Shatner several years ago…that really endeared me as a person by listening and gleaning confidence issues which rose my respect for him a lot. He doesn’t use it as a crutch where as I would like the government to pay me a small stipend for not being able to be a pilot, or the very many ways life’s opportunities have been severely limited to get ahead, by their already monstrous ways to succeed! Just kidding. In all seriousness…if Rush ever left the airwaves it would be monster blow to an already uninformed public. He is a very vital part of any chance for this country to continue on…if we ever turn on backs on Rush then we will have done a huge disservice for younger generations to come….

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  21. SteveC says:

    I’ve been listening to Rush since I stumbled across his radio show in 1990. It is from him that I learned of CTH.

    What has always struck me that only Donald Trump (a billionaire) and Rush Limbaugh (1/2 a billionaire) went into the details about how bad obamacare was for real people. Both described how it couldn’t even be used by most people.


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