President Trump Delivers Remarks on Vocational Workforce Development – Career Technical Education Bill Signing – 6:00pm Livestream

Today, prior to a MAGA Rally in Tampa Florida, President Trump will sign his administration’s first major Education Policy bill at Tampa Bay Technical High School and deliver remarks on the ongoing vocational/technical workforce development program.

The bill received bipartisan support in Congress and will allot $1B in grants to students receiving vocational and technical skills training to aid workforce development in the U.S. Anticipated start time 6:10pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkPBS Livestream Link

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42 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks on Vocational Workforce Development – Career Technical Education Bill Signing – 6:00pm Livestream

  1. Ken Maritch says:

    Watching the FOX 10 Phoenix feed… PDJT gets off plane and briskly walks over to greet a child in the crowd.

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  2. Chieftain says:

    The most pro-Jobs capitalist President in history.

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    America is open for business! The Apprenticeship Program will assure Americans of all ages are ready to take on the jobs of today and tomorrow!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Always good news from Flep!
      Charles Payne is right on top of this history-making economy and he is strongly advocating for the President’s policies.

      He’s one of a very few financial show hosts who gets MAGAnomics!

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    • Annie says:

      so glad to see the apprenticeship program. I have a property mgmt. co. and the majority of my maintenance guys are getting old, retiring or even passing away.they are the old time craftsmen who can do anything..very hard to replace..the young’uns.don’t know how to do much if anything.sort of depressing…

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  5. blognificentbee says:

    Meanwhile at the rally site, Jim Acosta tries to give a live report on CNN…crank up the volume, it will be music to your ears!

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  6. MS Idaho says:

    For the last couple of years I have compared our economy with a cork held deeper & deeper underwater. When you let it go it rises faster & faster – zooms high into the air when it breaks free of the water. But then, that is what happens when you artificially hold down our kind of determination, creativity and brilliance. Enjoy’n the ride

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  7. Howie says:

    The peoplewant to work. The people want to enjoy the fruit of their work. We don’t need no MSM minder. Get him out! OUT! We want to work and then have fun on the weekend.

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  8. If you click on that link for Fox News, it is already running..speakers…Gov Scott on now


  9. Howie says:

    Tampa will not tolerate CNN.

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  10. theresanne says:

    President Trump is so cool~
    He can relate to any age audience.
    This was fun to watch!

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  11. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Love this! No President has been a friend of the worker like this one! Amazing!

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  12. MS Idaho says:

    Watching the enthusiastic rally I wonder – where are the enthusiastic dim rallies? any rallies?

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  13. GB Bari says:

    Just watch President Trump’s face as he watches the two young people give their little speeches. He is smiling all the way – almost a big grin, I’d say. He looks very proud of these folks, like any proud Grandpa would be.

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  14. Robert Smith says:

    “I too am a president”


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  15. Thanks for sharing this post. I am huge trump fan i am following him since he fought in wwe. this is brilliant step by trump to his first major education bill for technical workforce development program. All the best Sir


  16. mahesh says:

    ya great step to get the technical education development. even though the voational courses also should be developed training on them will protect our tradition


  17. Angel says:

    This article is great, but I would like to know if education is a measure of intelligence

    Thank you.


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