Alan Dershowitz Discusses Fraudulent FISA Application…

Please permit my indulgence to stand alone and state an entirely different context:

Despite the popular and repeated presentation, the FISA application release was not the result of a FOIA lawsuit; rather, the existence of a FOIA lawsuit provided the opportunity for the release of FISC documents.

Now, here’s uncomfy Alan Dershowitz:


Be careful what you wish for Mr. Dershowitz, you might not like where it ends.

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227 Responses to Alan Dershowitz Discusses Fraudulent FISA Application…

  1. naro says:

    FISC judges approved 99.7% of 33,000 applications for surveillance. They probably dont even read most of the applications. And 90% of the FISA warrants end up being used for political vendettas and corruption. There have been very few prosecutions from the 33,000 FISA surveillance.

    Just as an example, Obama’s UN Representative Samantha Power alone tried to expose more than 260 people last year, applying for FISA warrants, most in the final days of the Obama administration.
    Obama abused the FISA court for crass political and personal vendettas, and need to be prosecuted for it.

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  2. Pyrthroes says:

    The problem with prosecuting Gangrenous for this, or any of his extraordinarily diverse corruptions –one might ask, name one instance this bizzare-o twerp ever acted in good faith– is, where to start? However many low peasant-cunning scams apply, Benedict Barack can only occupy one cell.

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