Senator Rand Paul Discusses Comrade Trump Derangement Syndrome…

Senator Rand Paul talks about the ridiculous Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense that infects the current DC body politic.

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282 Responses to Senator Rand Paul Discusses Comrade Trump Derangement Syndrome…

  1. pnj01 says:

    If Russian 2016 Election Meddling were a stab in the heart of the American Body Politic, why is the Dem/Deep State response so IMPOTENT as filing a meaningless indictment? We didn’t wage the Cold War Spy versus Spy covert war in the rooms of Grand Juries…for a good reason: it would be totally useless. Not even now that the Cold War is over do the USA and Russian Federation have an Extradition Treaty. So the Indictment is just a “show pleading.” At least Uncle Joe Stalin used to put on “show trials.” A “show indictment” is so utterly futile. And then when Uncle Vlad pushes back with “you’re welcome to avail yourself of the prosecution options available under out 1999 Cooperation treaty,” the Dems and Bobby Mueller back down INSTANTER (as old prosecutors like Bob would put it). Impotence Derangement Syndrome???

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  2. Lactantius says:

    David Remnick, the Editor of The New Yorker, wrote a book on the collapse of the Soviet Union entitled “Lenin’s Tomb.” A reviewer of the book used this quote: “…”the truth challenged their existence, their comfort and privileges. Their right to a decent office, a cut of meat, the month vacation in the Crimea – it all depended on a colossal social deception, on the forced ignorance of 280 million people.”

    Remnick is a flaming liberal. It is ironic that his words should so perfectly describe American Progressives / liberals: “…”the truth challenged their existence, their comfort and privileges. (…) – it all depended on a colossal social deception, on the forced ignorance of 280 million people.”

    I have never been comfortable with the notion that Progressives / liberals are engaged in a “soft coup.” They are no more “organized” than lemmings running to the sea. They are a herd caught up in herd mentality. They won’t stand for “truth” which challenges their emotional com for and privilege. They love hating who they hate and getting to choose who is in the club. Ward Churchill, another Progressive windbag gave us the term “little Eichmanns” in a Progressive rant which defended the Muslims who crashed into the Twin Towers: “Recourse to ‘ignorance’ – a derivative, after all, of the word ‘ignore’ – counts as less than an excuse among this relatively well-educated elite. To the extent that any of them were unaware of the costs and consequences to others of what they were involved in – and in many cases excelling at – it was because of their absolute refusal to see. More likely, it was because they were too busy braying, incessantly and self-importantly, into their cell phones, arranging power lunches and stock transactions, each of which translated, conveniently out of sight, mind and smelling distance, into the starved and rotting flesh of infants. If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I’d really be interested in hearing about it.”

    Ward Churchill managed to hate every person who died in the Twin Towers. But not really. Churchill doesn’t know what he hates. He just knows that he is above what he hates. Self deception. Pious self deception. Ditto David Remnick and the whole pious lot of Progressives. They are in the vanguard of social deception and they insist on the “forced ignorance” of the sheeple. Their “culture” elites and media are agents in this social deception. And they assiduously battle what they fear most: the truth. Black Lives Matter. Antifa. Southern Poverty Law Center. Political Correctness. Fairness Doctrines. Social Justice. Inequality. New World Order. Socialism. Safe-space. Diversity education. Reeducation. Blah, blah, blah.

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  3. Dr. D says:

    I wish more people knew about the John Podesta email where he admitted that they “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” Basically, the “forced ignorance” that Lactantius refers to.

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    • Lactantius says:

      Dr. D. – Here is a delicious tidbit of irony: Early Renaissance Florence was a city made up of 22 “guilds” and no royal, controlling family. So the powerful guilds selected someone to run the city and direct its defense. They hired him from outside of Florence in the hopes that he would not be tied or beholden to any one of the guilds. The Palazzo del Bargello (now a museum) was the city hall, barracks and prison for Florence. The title of this highest judicial and military magistrate was ….. Podesta. (Meaning “power.”) The Podesta called the Council, presided over the meetings and made the decisions. He also controlled the military. His term was for a year as a precaution for his consolidating too much power. The Medici played along with the set up until 1574 when they dumped the office.

      Once knowing this, you can never think of the Clintons and the Podesta brothers without smiling.

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  4. Trump Train says:


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    • EJ says:

      If I could be critical of one thing, this would be it. He made a mistake and unlike other positions, he cannot easily fix it. If he had a do-over, I am sure he would have picked someone else. Maybe Rudy. Hindsight is also 20/20. Two years ago, we all thought #UselessJeff was a great pick. I wonder what they have on him.

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      • vincentcuomo says:

        I do not think they have anything on him; I think he was the Trojan Horse; he is the insurance policy Strzok spoke about; notice how quick he was to recuse himself without telling Trump or consulting with lawyers from Trump’s campaign; Sessions knew what he was doing and he is the most evil of all the deep staters.

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        • sat0422 says:

          I think that he lives with a threat to his life of the lives of others he loves and hold dearly.
          That is the obvious answer.
          Is he a complicit tool for the deep state? That is a question that nags us all. Some see him as a traitor and perhaps he is. But, with the lack of heart we already know about the anti-trump players, it appears that he is scared s***less.


  5. andy says:

    TO the people who hate Trump, I Ask:
    “If Clinton emails were such a MONUMENTAL nothing burger….
    then WHY did the FBI rush to get a national security letter(warrantless wiretap) on Papadopoulus when some random stranger just happened to offer him clinton ’emails’ ?”

    Because wikileaks dumped DNC and podesta emails?
    Well, Alexander Downer claims he never heard the word ’emails’ in the first place. And there is no shortage of alleged clinton ‘dirt’…
    Had anyone found the deleted emails, they would be a whistle blower anyway…. the question remains…. WHY did the FBI rush to get a national security letter(warrantless wiretap) on Papadopoulus when some random stranger just happened to offer him clinton dirt or ’emails’ ?

    If Trump was president during the 9-11-2001 , the ‘popular vote’ would become 911 conspiracy theorists over night. The Office of special plans would have never gotten away with an Iraq invasion. Say what you will about those events…. they would have played out very differently with an antagonistic media.

    THIRD:( the latest…)
    Since when did liberal democrats take a patriotic stance along side of the CIA? A few months ago, the CIA was a torturous monster that spawned the likes of Gina Haspel. Now we must not dare tarnish any assessment of the Intel community.


  6. Susan Bolle says:

    Thank you Senator Paul. The voice of sensibility.


    • Roy says:

      Senator Paul only inserts himself and defends President Trump when his sole pet issue of personal privacy is involved. Senator Paul could care less about President Trump, he is petrified that his email and phone metadata is sitting on a server in Utah. Senator Paul is a paranoid pacifist.


  7. pochas94 says:

    I think liberalism is a product of the breakdown of the family. The traditional family evolved as a vehicle for producing secure, competent adults. Now, half of us are born out – of – wedlock with no prospect of support from two committed adults for the many years it takes to achieve adulthood. This produces envy, and out of envy arises anger, anger and a feeling of entitlement to the things they think they should have received, but did not.

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  8. Fools Gold says:

    Love the photos Sundance! I might add the Russian narrative of meeting with Putin is going to backfire right up their arses. Just look at what the deplomacy of Trump did with little Kim and his nucs. Russia has the nuclear capability to wipe out the USA. Citizens here have known that for all of my 60 years and I guarantee you everybody was paying attention to Korean Summit, not to mention jobs jobs jobs. The democrats are in panic mode and freaking out everywhere. Now if we can just get Huber to light one fuse of truth we’ll need to build a lot of nuthouses. Of course Trump could light the big ugly truth bomb but it may cause civil unrest like none of us have seen before. As Trump says “we’ll have to see what happens”…


    • sat0422 says:

      As a small child, I will never forget the fear that was created by the Bay of Pigs. My family was not too long removed from Pearl Harbor and the throught of missiles being shot at the USA from Cuba, by Communists, was an extremely scarey time.
      We should not play with Russia and I realize they are no long the Soviet Union, but they are a country that plays dirty–real dirty. Most of our youngsters have an admiration for Russia, Mexico, Iran, etc……they have seen so much make believe TV, they don’t know real danger when it is sitting across the room from them.


      • TestName7 says:

        maybe so?

        Yesterday they loved Cuba

        I haven’t seen a Che t shirt since fbpotus first term though… hmm


        The fall of apartheid and the rise of house music …


        What wonders Cortez will bring to us I cannot wait


        • TestName7 says:

          Russia is a label in a program
          You can substitute this label for whatever u like.
          For the argumentative, china was not convenient at the time.

          The next label is :Trump

          The next line is GOTO: MoVoters

          Easy peazy

          Any guesses what’s after that?
          Obviously I’m full of it – if the playbook was that simple – it would be thwarted ipso post facto



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