Andrés Manuel López Obrador (“AMLO”) Easily Wins Mexican Presidential Election – Hugo Chavez 2.0 Now Running Mexico….

The official announcement is coming momentarily.  All other candidates have conceded.  Looks like Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an avowed soft-Marxist, will EASILY end up with 53 to 59% of the vote and is the next President of Mexico:

Primary platform points:  ♦Amnesty to all drug cartels.  ♦No longer will work with U.S. immigration enforcement.  ♦Nationalize oil industry.  ♦Farm subsidies. ♦Elimination of multinational corporate influence on farming.  ♦Support and assistance for economic growth plan: using •mass migration of Mexican nationals into Southern U.S., •create AmeriMex border region, and •remittance of earnings back to Mexico as initiative for rapid domestic economic growth.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Leftist outsider Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won Mexico’s presidential election handily on Sunday, exit polls showed, setting the stage for a government that will inherit tense relations with Washington and the scrutiny of nervous investors.

Jose Antonio Meade, the candidate of the ruling centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, conceded defeat to Lopez Obrador, a 64-year-old former Mexico City mayor, within minutes of the polls closing.

“For the good of Mexico, I wish him the very best of success,” Meade said in a speech. Lopez Obrador’s other rivals also conceded that the race was lost.

Lopez Obrador is expected to move Mexico in a more nationalist direction as he becomes the first leftist to rule the country in decades. He has pledged to reduce economic dependence on the United States.  (read more)

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644 Responses to Andrés Manuel López Obrador (“AMLO”) Easily Wins Mexican Presidential Election – Hugo Chavez 2.0 Now Running Mexico….

  1. Mickturn says:

    Pardon, testing login…


  2. Bonitabaycane says:

    JMHO, The election of AMLO is a political gift to MAGA.

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    • logger says:

      Pros: Smart business leaders will move operations to safer shores, escaping state-sanctioned theft. Coming home to favorable, robust trade deals. More jobs here, rising incomes, consumer confidence and pent-up demand rises all boats (but there will be inflation, then higher rates to cool a hot dollar).
      AMLO’s brand of populist-speak will rattle Americans, who will demand the Wall, heavy border patrol presence for the porous zones, and tighter immigration restrictions on those entering without proper vetting.
      Trump will respond by suppressing Mexico’s gains from remittances.
      Cons: A lunatic to our South who will bring on a Venezuela-like crisis, right to the edge of our country. The left is sure to call us heartless for expecting Mexicans to learn that elections have consequences.
      The only one who can save us and Mexico from what’s coming is a cunning master-businessman named Donald Trump and his insanely talented team (Lighthizer, Mnuchin, Ross, among others). This is a dream team.

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      • MB224 says:

        Precisely what’s about to happen. Trump can literally make them pay on remittances if he wants or he could let them have that while watching the real money flee North, with the demise of NAFTA. He could also declare Amlo’s policies an act of war. Many, many options to crush these idiots and make them like it.


  3. mutantbeast says:

    In 6 months Med jico you are going to hate Ho Bro door. Hes a commie, and youve become to dumb to see what commies are. Your drug cartels now will be further empowered.


  4. Daniel says:

    This is a gift to the MAGA agenda. The media will try to spin-spin-spin but stating the facts (as Sundance has done) will ultimately win out in the news media reporting so long as they do interviews with Trump and members of the administration on the issues.

    All they really have to say is “they tried this in Venezuela and look how it ended up?” And they also need to point out that illegal aliens and even legal aliens are to be used by the Mexican government as a means to extract money from the US economy and transplant it into their own.

    This is truly a gift to the MAGA agenda because it is becoming a lot easier for people to understand what’s really going on and ACTION is the thing which follows understanding of the problem.

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    • logger says:

      We need to figure out a way to license our Constitution to others. Sell it to the people. Not through war. How would a latin country make the transition? Are we that different?

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      • mimbler says:

        No, but we used to be.


      • doit4atlas says:

        Oh yes, we are VERY much that different. Just look at the historical roots. Spain explored the world, colonized regions, and plundered the wealth of those regions. Of course, Spain became extremely wealthy in the process, but once the wealth it plundered ran out it’s economy faded away. Where is the Spanish economy now? #14 in the world. Not a 3rd worlder but not far away.

        On the other hand, England spread it’s form of government, colonized as did Spain, but set up systems of government and economic systems that allowed those colonized regions to grow and thrive. So that in the list of economies ahead of Spain, you have the USA, UK, India, Canada and Australia…and in the not-too-distant past, we could have added Hong Kong to that list. Spain can only claim a single former colony in the top 20, Mexico…and we see where that is headed.


        • Indimex says:

          Well said. Add to that list, what I believe has been the most impactful institution: Education. The Brits implemented fantastic school systems as well as impressing on the native population, the importance of education. It is rare, in most former British colonies of Africa, for children not to be attending school. Even the poorest families send their children to school. And it is not free. And they have to purchase uniforms as well.
          Contrast that to the large numbers of Latin American children that do not attend school. School is not free in most Latin American countries either. Very different priorities.
          I think that is, in part, why Latin countries are so prone to Fascist/Communist Dictators.


      • MB224 says:

        The technical Constitution is actually the SURFACE of what 1776 was about and what it takes to make it work. The Vision of 1776 is about Self Government through Self Command, Freedom being founded on Self Discipline, Liberty being rooted in Standards. The Founders called it being “a moral people” and such but the essence is Self Command as the cornerstone of Self Government, Personal Sovereignty as the pillar of National Sovereignty. This is why no other country that has adopted a form of 1776 has a clue about Freedom or Independence. South Americans are the worst.


  5. jefcool64 says:

    I’m so tired of these communists.

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    • MB224 says:

      I’m not. Not yet. Let them wreck another country right on our border. It will make it easy to destroy them once and for all inside our borders.


      • flova says:

        There are approximately 18,000 companies with U.S. investments that have operations in Mexico.
        It won’t be long before the newly elected Marxist regime,led by their President will loot these companies dry.
        Mondelez International could be making those Oreos in the U.S. soon.


  6. DeAnna Vaughn says:

    We need a wall now more than ever. Why isn’t there a law that states amnesty is only available if the applicant applies at an official port of entry? If a foreign national tries to enter into the country illegally, they will be automatically deported to their country of origin and no claim of amnesty will be considered. Just like if a foreign person came to the US on an airplane with no passport. They would automatically be barred from entry and returned to their country immediately without a judge’s order. This would rapidly speed up the deportation process and significantly reduce the incentive to cross illegally, while simultaneously encouraging legal entry.

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  7. 11r20 ND says:

    My concern is that all the Intel we get from ol’ Mehico and from the FSM/fake stream media will be skewed…Any Real and True Statements from the Marxist regime that is reported on Univision or Telemundo will be blacked out here stateside…All we will hear is how Wonderful ALPO is.

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  8. scott467 says:

    Great slogan.


    Making Mexico Marxist Again.


  9. JETS says:

    What if a marxist on our southern border decides he needs more nuclear plants then enrich uranium, then, then…? And what if he asks his Iranian, Cuban and Russian friends to help him with all that?


    • Paco Loco says:

      Mexico has no nuclear plants. They don’t even have a refinery for PEMEX oil. I wouldn’t worry about it as AMLO will be too busy making nice to the USA as their economy is totally dependent on us.


      • Mercenary says:

        Disagree. Labrador has all the arrogance of a typical Bolshevik dictator – all he knows is threats and force. It is why he threatened to send millions of Mexican peasants to invade the US.

        This is a big problem and will no doubt cause massive conflict in the region, but fortunately we could not have a better President during this crisis. At least this happened during Trump’s reign rather than a feckless RINO’s or traitorous Dems.


        • MBB says:

          Trump has a lot of leverage. He needs to meet with the guy ASAP. He needs to start taxing their remittances. But first, he needs to make them put troops on the border and stop all crossings before they get to any where in the US. The leverage he has is that he can stop nafta if they don’t comply.

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  10. Regardless of AMLO or whoever, Mexican labor and to a lesser extent visa overstay labor has a role in the USA economy. My suggestion: Set up a documented worker program with a minimum wage of $15/hr (support low wages not depress wages), E-Verify, put overall limits on # of people, and 7-year maximum lifetime participation. No anchor babies but immediate family allowed. Set up NGO’s or Embassy staff to recruit and transport to/from USA (cut out cartels), deduct $ from wages to cover health care, taxes, public benefits. Also deduct a bit for the Wall and for home country training to improve their countries. Put a cap on remittance transfer charges to keep banksters out of the system.

    A system like this would benefit USA citizens and documented workers, cut out the criminals that feed off the current system, and put transparency on the whole affair.

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      I see you are a true believer. Unfortunately criminals don’t follow any rules whatsoever and they will wave the Mexican flag in your face just before they pepper spray the deplorables who are getting in the way of Mexican progressives who wish to migrate to a more salubrious district where prisons are like social clubs… don’t you know….


  11. Bulldog84 says:

    That commie said what he needed to say to get elected, but he had better be smart enough to realize that flooding the US with his constituents will lead to high tariffs being imposed on those remittances wired back to Mexico. Ninety percent ought to be enough make a point.


  12. All American Snowflake says:

    I’ll bet some international corporations are crying in their Dos Equis (XX) finally realizing that their new factories and offices will be confiscated by Presidente Andres Manuel Lopez Obrado.


  13. American says:

    Leftards do not have the intellectual facilities to learn nor retain information. That’s why leftards keep repeating the mistake of implementing leftardology. Mexico will be like Venezuela in ten years. Perhaps in three generations they will have recovered from their leftardist induced imminent and rapid decline, but then leftardism will take hold of a few and begin spawning new leftards exponentially who will repeat the retarded cycle of the Karl Marx, of the left.


  14. American businesses that moved their factories to Mexico had better get out of Mexico now—before they are nationalized by the newly elected, pro-Castro, pro-Communist Mexican President.


  15. RLC2 says:

    Mexico will be Venezuela in 3 years.


  16. Welcome to Venezuela II….of they are going to all come here now- BULD THE DAMN WALL!!! We need a wall more than ever now!


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