Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Foxconn Wisconsin Development – The “High-Tech Innovation hub”…

From the office of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: The groundbreaking on Foxconn’s $10-billion factory to produce state-of-the-art flat-panel displays in Mount Pleasant represents a milestone for America.

With a 20-million-square-foot campus situated on 3,000 acres, the new Foxconn plant will be among the largest factories ever built in the United States. It will take two years and 10,000 construction workers to build, and employ 13,000 workers when in full production of a variety of LCD screens. It is one of the largest foreign direct investments ever made in the United States.

It would never have happened without the promise of the Trump tax cuts and the President’s personal intervention.

As important as the new factory is to the workers of Wisconsin, the facility is also a symbol of what is to come: It is the first of a large number of investments in advanced manufacturing facilities being reshored from overseas locations back to the United States.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou has already said that he is considering another enormous facility in the United States.

The active role President Trump and his administration have taken in economic development was another deciding factor. President Trump met with Mr. Gou more than half a dozen times over the last 14 months, impressing upon him the benefits of creating jobs in the United States, and producing in a market of 325 million consumers.

Those meetings were followed with weekly calls between Trump administration officials and Foxconn executives.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was instrumental as well in selling the virtues of Wisconsin as a business-friendly state and providing the financial incentives needed to seal the deal that will create a large-scale high-tech innovation hub.

The Trump administration understands how important it is to rebuild the U.S. consumer electronics manufacturing sector. The United States still leads in the creation of innovative, high-tech products such as semiconductors, state-of-the art materials and components, parts and software, but it must regain its footing in the large-scale production of consumer electronics.

With advanced manufacturing techniques including robotics, the United States is now competitive with factories in low-wage countries and is an attractive place for investment.

The administration’s business-friendly tax, trade and regulatory policies have tilted the playing field in favor of the United States, but other attributes of doing business in America are contributing to a renaissance in U.S. manufacturing. Among these are the costs of transportation from foreign factories; the need to produce new products in real time to changing consumer demands; rising foreign wage rates; increasing risks associated with producing in foreign markets; strong U.S. intellectual property protections; the establishment of new U.S. apprenticeship and technical training programs; the availability of top technology talent; and the quality of life in America in pristine places like Wisconsin.

Moreover, rebuilding the consumer electronics industry provides researchers in U.S. universities and laboratories with an avenue to commercialize their R&D. And it reinvigorates the large U.S. industrial base of innovative high-tech companies. For every new job created by Foxconn three to four jobs will be created in the supply chain, not to mention the hundreds of jobs supported in local communities.

Since President Trump took office, more than 300,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the United States. Last year, the U.S. experienced the net addition of more than 4,000 new factories, after suffering the loss of 65,000 factories between 2001 and 2013.

President Trump promised to fix the tax system; he promised to fix the regulatory system; and he promised to fix trade. We are now seeing tangible results from his delivering on these promises.

~ Secretary Wilbur Ross

…”Begin, with the end in mind”

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  1. wendy forward says:

    The most precious Jedi Master Wilburine.

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    • Pam says:

      I couldn’t agree more. He is very special!

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    • Peter Rabbit says:

      In late July, the Feds will publish their first official estimate of 2Q 2018 growth in GDP. Likely to be over 4%. YOY. In early innings for the Trump Economic Engine just revving up. What an incredible economic team our Lion has assembled, led very ably by himself. This plant will immediately start contributing with the start of construction immediately. On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin ……

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Thank You, Secretary Ross, for doing your share to Make America Great Again!
      We, in this TreeHouse, so appreciate you.

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    • You may like it, you may not like it, but either way. Donald J Trump, going down as one of the biggest men in history. Mr. Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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      • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

        Not sure anything as sullied as the No-bell pee prize deserves to be associated with a man as great as PDJT. It would be awesome if he declined it when offered.

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    • Jim Hickey says:

      I lean more towards a beagle puppy/velociraptor mix, but Most Precious Jedi Master works just fine!


  2. The Devilbat says:

    The return of America to her people.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      That’s mighty selfish of you
      (the fake news MSM would say) (/sarc)

      Have not noticed many trolls lately. Did daddy Soros cut off the funding because it was not working?

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      • MTK says:

        Suspect Turk’s micro gig economy relationship between MSN and activism BOTS may have come under the spot light of the Russia collusion narrative by following the money.

        It is too complicated to explain in sound bite terms. The gist of it is Turk’s connection to trolling may have been exposed in the metadata of ISPs and timestamps analysis of MSN commentary postings; from which content owners would monetized as measured sample population statistics to influence public policy, ie measured metrics that can be cited within demographic marketing to shape public policy.

        This is a possible answer to…

        “Have not noticed many trolls lately. Did daddy Soros cut off the funding because it was not working?”

        Yes the funding was cut off, because the funding was at risk of exposing the role 501PACs funding of trolling bots has with MSM leftist culture through Turk.

        Remember Turk it is a Jeff Bozos, ie Washington Post entity.

        Yes, it sounds way out there in twilightland, however if understood in terms of a business model it is not so far fetched.

        Every go to a MSN news article and read the commentary. Say, someone posts something erudite or introspective or contrarian to the news article, which was then buried in a flame war, well my observation is that a bot was paid to bury the post(push it down the chain) while at the same time disrupt or fragment the conversation by injecting bias and stereotyping characterization designed to push the buttons of others. The result was typically non-discourse conversations, from which population stats are extracted to paint a reinforcing narrative.

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        • MTK says:

          Allow me paint psychological mechanism to illustrate my point.

          Take the term snowflakes for example, many of here have a well versed pop culture understanding of the term.

          Now think of in terms of a snowflake. Your being attacked, tribalism sets in, which is the say emotionally the desired to actuate identity is pegged to the max. The mind closes down. We all start talking through each other, leading to no real discourse.
          Is it any wonder we can not connect with ‘real people’ distractors. Now, extrapolate that any giving issue, AND there are hundreds of them. Then interject an issue for which there should should be common cause, say the FACT WE’RE TWENTY F’ING DOLLARS IN DEBT… What does sexual orientation or views of 2nd amendment, or abortion or etc have to with that fact. Now try to build concenus.

          Now ask what is the social value of trolling to ideologues?

          Starting to understanding the complex nature of trolling in a new light?

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          • MTK says:

            I did not interject into the above the role trolling plays into my psychological mechanism observation. It being understood as the mechanism that propagates and disrupts conversation as a social construct goal.

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        • Best comment I’ve seen on here yet.
          Your award, Sir.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      The-Yes, President Trump, a true man of the people has turned the American people loose after the chains of the liberals/Rinos and look what is happening. Why not put your money and company in the US, because you have the most industrious people on earth to build the finest stuff for you and the greatest military in the world to protect you. along with the fact that this is now the best economy in the world. Like our Lion says, “America is open for business again”.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Beautifully said! It brought tears to my eyes reading what the Wilburune had to say. Our President and his administration accomplished something that will be absolutely amazing for Wisconsin and our country by having Foxconn invest in this incredible plant.

      We are truly Open for Business!

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  3. wodiej says:

    With more on the way. 8 years of winning. That works for me.

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  4. technoaesthete says:

    I wonder if any of our previous Secretaries of Commerce knew as much about commerce as Secretary Ross.

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  5. pecosbill79772 says:

    What a week, and we have Friday to go.

    Janus Union dues decision, Supreme Court replacement, rock star rallies (last night was great, donated to Right Side too), making stuff in WI (the place HRC had in the bag and never visited) what is next from history being made in front of our eyes?


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    • FrankieZ says:

      Going to be hard for a DEMO CRAP to win in Wisconsin in 2020.

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      • scott467 says:

        “Going to be hard for a DEMO CRAP to win in Wisconsin in 2020.”


        But with lots of help from the treasonous McConnell / Barbour / RINO wing of the criminal Uni-Party, they’re sure going to try.

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    • MelH says:

      The Janus decision isn’t clear, at least in California. Looks like it will be ignored here because of some other “laws”. You know we are law Creators, here, never Followers of Feds.


  6. JonS says:


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  7. Tom says:

    UFB. Only 13,000 new jobs and 10,000 construction jobs. What a disappointment. I think when DJT was running, he said he’d employ 13,001 employees at that company.

    CNN Reporting

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  8. ERIC MILLER says:

    Dear Lord, please continue to bless and protect Donald Trump, and our great country, for the glory of your holy name. In the name of Jesus we ask and we thank you, Amen

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  9. magatrump says:

    MAGA. POTUS Trump has a magic wand.

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    • JC says:

      A magic wand made in America, from the best American-made materials available, magatrump. Took our President decades to perfect it and a “few” magic lessons every day of his working life. Fine, fine piece of machinery, that wand.

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  10. 335blues says:

    It is critical that Trump continue to have his cheer leading appearances at cities across America. Aside from endorsing various worthy candidates Trump is bringing the great news of the rebirth of America directly to the people that otherwise might not hear it because the marxist media wont report it.
    Trump and the American people must become the news media outselves!

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  11. 335blues says:

    It is critical that Trump continue to have his cheer leading appearances at cities across America. Aside from endorsing various worthy candidates Trump is bringing the great news of the rebirth of America directly to the people that otherwise might not hear it because the marxist media wont report it.
    Trump and the American people must become the news media outselves!

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      You’ve got it. Deserve more likes. The other thing achieved by the rallys?

      Lets the average Joe know that he’s not the only one that feels the way
      he does about how things have been handled. The MSM exists to convince
      us that we don’t see, hear what our lying ears and eyes tell us. Doesn’t
      work as well when you have 10,000 persons in a room saying otherwise.
      The numbers bring it home: we’re FAR from alone in what we’ve noticed.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      335blues… I agree.

      Another thing his “cheer leading appearances” accomplish is spreading optimism. President Trump understands and utilizes the power of optimism, whether promoting himself and those around him (“We will win!”) or stimulating economic forces or making the world a better place.

      He does this all the time. The man exhales optimism! And it’s catching!

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      • MelH says:

        What REALLY helped the Fargo Rally was the absence of audience backing him. Instead it was a giant flag. The audience at other rallies has been very distracting because the people wanted to be the show.


        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I hadn’t thought of that, MelH. There were a lot of factors that made that a great rally. You’re right…. I have been distracted by people behind him. Especially those who talk while the President is talking. Hate that!

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  12. wheatietoo says:

    Having those electronics manufacturers here in the US again, will also help in building our Space Force.

    I am sure that Sec Wilbur knows this…since he is overseeing our new Space Program.
    It’s all connected.
    One sector feeds the other.

    “No bucks, No Buck Rogers.”
    And it takes more than just funding to have a vibrant Space Program.
    When our rocket scientists and systems developers figure out what they ‘need’…they need industries to build those new parts for them.
    And those components need to built Here.

    Nice piece by our Commerce Secretary.
    Wilbur Ross is the best ComSec that we’ve ever had, IMHO.

    Sec Ross knows that if you create a business-friendly haven for Industries…they will come.
    He knows what is attractive to them.

    Lowering taxes and slashing punitive regulations is good.
    But having a govt that will protect them from the unfair trade practices of other countries, is also a big deal.

    “Protectionism” is only a ‘bad thing’ in the minds of globalists.
    It is a good thing, if you are a business that just wants to make a good product and be treated fairly.

    It’s like having a Commercial Building.
    You make it attractive to business tenants by serving their needs and making it a hospitable place for those tenants to flourish.

    Our President knows this very well.
    He is turning our country into a Hospitable Place for Business.
    And he picked the perfect guy for his Commerce Secretary, to help him do this.

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  13. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “President Trump promised to fix the tax system; he promised to fix the regulatory system; and he promised to fix trade. We are now seeing tangible results from his delivering on these promises.”

    Just imagine what could be accomplished if the obstruction from the swamp did not exist! Hopefully some of that can be remedied in the upcoming election.

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    • Jake says:

      I’ve always wondered, “What’s next?”… I believe it will be the deficit.

      Look for the next phase to be eliminating the deficit. Increased tax revenue and trade revenues will give the President a chance to greatly reduce the deficit. Once we get the trade and tax thing running, then he’ll attack spending. He’s already nibbling at the edges but after 2020, he’ll take a huge bite out of the DC spending habit. Look for it!!

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  14. American says:

    A lot more than manufacturing is going to take place here. What you’re seeing is something even grander: Trump is pouring the foundation to reposition U.S. technology away from ultra-leftist Silicon Valley, CA over to middle-America in a state that is increasingly rebounding for the GOP. Brilliant move! MAGA!

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  15. Caius Lowell says:

    Business in Wisconsin? Ryan wants to know if he can ship it to China for a 20% cut of the action? No? How about 10%?

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Ryan wants to know if he can ship it to China”

      There are a lot of people that would like to ship Mr. Ryan to China (and Mr. Soros to Russia, while we are at it).

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    • Ryan had ZERO business showing up or talking.

      Harley would be STAYING if he’d passed the 15% Tax Rates from the Trump Plan.

      Same with his screwing around with ObamaCare Repeal & Replace that he’d repeatedly voted in the House but never even DRAFTED!

      The most fecklessly corrupt and flatly incompetent Speaker in American history.

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      • Normally Quiet Observer says:

        +BlackKnightRides – brother, the MoCo has been planning this for decades! They saw years ago that Tariffs, VAT’s, Import Duties, and rising shipping costs for assembled bikes were killing their overseas sales so they started building assembly plants in the countries where the markets were! They already HAVE plants overseas serving the markets in the countries and areas they are in (where they have been allowed to by laws, and standing dealer agreements)! It is NOTHING NEW! What the MSM writers WANT YOU TO BELIEVE is that HD is going to produce American sold bikes overseas, and then ship them back to America. The MSM did not come right out and say it, but the writers wrote the articles so that you, and other readers, would assume it was going to happen! Which has never been the MoCo’s plan. Most of the bikes made outside of the USA we cannot even see info on at our local dealer, let alone buy one here! The two newest ones that I saw before I retired, the 500 cc, & 750 cc models had been made for a long time in Europe, but were not available in American markets. When they decided to maybe TRY and market them in the US they “debuted” their ‘new models’ at the Italian show just a few years ago, along with the electric bike. All they (the MSM & Libtards) are doing is using the fact that HD is expanding their overseas production to meet overseas demands, to find a way to ‘blame’ this overseas business expansion on President Trump’s policies. Which, if you dig into it … just simply isn’t true. The reported “plant closing & size reductions” in America HD factories are a direct result of a product sales loss to competitors who are now producing good quality, good running, and good looking bikes, with a far cheaper cost. HD has been losing ‘American market share’ for sometime, and the pinch was bound to hit them in the wallet sooner, or later. The MoCo saw this coming, and acted accordingly! At one time, for many decades, they were “the only deal in town for a great quality bike, made in America”. I had to WAIT 6 months for my first new HD back in the day – after paying CASH for it when I ORDERED it! Sadly, that just isn’t so anymore. The MoCo’s business in America is suffering, and badly bleeding money – so they are expanding overseas to fill in the revenue gap, that’s all this announcement is saying. It is good business to expand where your market is, and still be able to use your world wide ‘brand recognition’ to keep the bottom line black! I closely followed what the MoCo was doing for decades, when I made a good portion of my living writing on all things ‘HD Big Twin’ for more than one magazine, and newspaper in the US. PLEASE do your own research, and don’t believe the MSM hype!

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  16. Southern Son says:

    It is ridiculous to think how easily the Leaders
    We depended on, made Us forget what Winning “Feels Like.”
    I Love President Trump More each day, and Thank the Lord on high that he allowed the Boss, to become Our President.
    He is the Blessing We needed So bad!
    People the Whole World over, know P45 is the Answer to Our Prayers, and was sorely Needed.

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  17. Drogers says:

    No, I’m not tired of winning.

    *keep scrolling

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  18. Tree Knot says:

    With all this MAGA going on reminds me of the series I watched. “The Men Who Built America”

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  19. hellinahandbasket says:

    Remember when blue-collar families could afford a modest home mortgage, a stationwagon, healthy home cooked dinners, a fun family vacation (possibly a humble little fishing boat and a small camp-trailer in the driveway), a handful of our most wished for Christmas presents under the tree, good-sturdy clothes/shoes for school, a college education stash, and the family was happy, together, Dad working, Mom at home taking care of us. All the families I knew were managing just fine (with a few – but not detrimental – hardships), and we were by no means considered wealthy or extravagant, we were all just “normal” American families, we were all living life – instead of pushing through life.
    Here, for me, a half-century+10yrs later, I’d like to see my Sons, my Grandsons and all of America’s future generations have the opportunity to realize that life (and better) too.
    Making America Great Again . . . we knew it was that easy, and then we knew enough to vote for Donald J. Trump – I’d say we’re a bunch of freaking geniuses! #MAGA

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  20. Lemmy says:

    There goes Trump, waving that magic wand again.

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  21. nice photo!

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  22. Getting things done, that Trump

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  23. Peter says:

    This moves tech away from California, and the silicon valley leftists, to a red state. Way to go!

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  24. Perot Conservative says:

    USA! USA!

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  25. Mr_Henry says:

    I live in Green Bay and work in a corporate engineering role for a large consumer products company. The new Foxconn plant is sucking up tremendous amounts of engineering resources and will soon require massive construction crews. The state’s unemployment is already less than 3%, and the lack of skilled employees is holding back manufacturing here. I honestly don’t know how all of these positions will be filled, but I would rather have this problem than the alternative.

    Believe it or not, the Democrats running against Governor Walker this fall are campaigning on promises to shut down the factory. Our state senator from Green Bay, Dave Hansen, said in an interview last summer that we shouldn’t manufacture here anymore. For a state that has some of the proudest histories of manufacturing of any state in the country, it is a bewildering response.

    As for the incentives we gave, they are significant. It could be worth up to $4.5 billion if the production and labor projections are met. I am not happy we gave away so much, but I think something had to be done to move manufacturing back to this country. If this becomes a 21st century hub of high tech activity, it will be worth the price. I’d rather have this factory than the ugly $4 billion dollar football stadium that LA is building for the Rams and Chargers.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Your post blows my mind. Not that Democrats are promising what they are but that people buy that crap. The tax monies they gave up will keep future politicians from spending on social welfare while the 13k+ jobs will continue to enrich the area for many families. For previous booms like the internet boom how many average people could participate in that?

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    • this equals HIGHER WAGES.. 😉

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    • American says:

      Come out of the cupboards all you long term, no longer counted, boys and girls. There are millions and millions of those in this country alone not counting the millions and millions of part-time workers who want sustainable full time work. We, THE PEOPLE, have a history of traveling to take GOOD paying jobs (as opposed to low paying Walmart/Amazon crap work). Those jobs will be filled no problem and quickly. Keep the foreigners OUT OF HERE!

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      “For a state that has some of the proudest histories of
      manufacturing of any state in the country it is a bewildering response.”

      And how. Had a calendar that I bought in a submarine museum in
      Brunswick, Georgia. All of the pictures were of submarines being
      launched from the building site during WW 2. The vast majority of
      these monsters were being slid into a river, in Wisconsin.


  26. Kay123 says:

    I heard that that plant is goiing to cost the taxpayers more
    money in taxes and that it will be 25 years before the
    state of WI gets any benefit from it. Isn’t that about how
    long it takes a plant to move somewhere else?

    25 years ! Good lord What will it COST TAXPAYERS??


    • Deb says:

      Giving people tax breaks does not “cost the tax payers.” It isn’t our money, the fact that we don’t take it doesn’t mean it’s being stolen from us.

      The amount of jobs this will create is significant. For every factory job, three other local jobs are created to service the factory, and then more jobs to provide services to the workers. The economic impact of this is not measured in tax revenue, but it is transformative.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      The state of Wisconsin has a state income tax, no?
      Sales tax?

      Every one of those new jobs at Foxconn, will be a source of New Revenue for the state of WI.
      That is new revenue…that the state would not be getting, if the factory were not being located there.

      That tax revenue will be an Immediate Benefit for the state, as soon as the new employees start working.

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      • Trump Train says:

        Also on the federal side. A tax break does not cost the taxpayer anything. You cannot take away something that wasn’t there in the first place.

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  27. Curry Worsham says:

    So Scott Walker is a socialist?


  28. formerdem says:

    federal aid to roads and highways is intended as support to business, to name just one thing that comes to mind, and George Washington’s investment in the canal system is also relevant – those investors sought federal aid although in five minutes I could not discover whether they obtained it or not.

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  29. I remember, even here in Wilmington, N.C. We *Used* to make Circuit board’s for TI, (Texas Instruments), and Hose Piping, (think fuel hoses and such for Ship’s & Tankers (VLCC Oil Tankers) etc), and CRANE Products, Wilmington Iron Works,, Right here in My Port City..

    it was a very SAD Sight for Me at least, to see CHINESE CRANES Shipped Here to OUR State ports, for Port operations, When They could of been made RIGHT HERE, in Wilmington, N.C. IF those former Companies existed still.. AND “Shoot peening” etc that supported these industries.

    But WE are trying a “comeback” of sorts, (besides FILM Industries of HollyWierd, We cut back on Tax credits so they LEFT), (Tourism of our beaches) ,, those HUGE Areas, that once supported Major Paper & Timber Companies, (think International paper & Georgia Pacific et al).. Leaving HUGE warehouse space(s) behind.
    We have gotten BACK a Dry-wall Company, (National Gypsum), a Paper/Timber Company in Riegelwood, N.C.,
    Corbet Timber is “expanding” after years of Recessions & Regulations killing it..
    We once had a Thriving aircraft engine Dept, (G.E.),, looks to be making a comeback, looking for Machinists, CNC operators.. (Paying 45.00 per hour to start plus LOTS of overtime!)
    Looks like We “Might” be getting Phizer back.. (Chemical Company)..
    We May also get Oil & GAS Companies Stationed here, (or Morehead City), or BOTH, If We can keep the EnviroWackos at bay..
    I’d also like to see a REFINERY rebuilt here in Wilmington, (We once had one)..
    (Rumors have it, Someone is in the Applications process)..
    With HEMP being Legalized in N.C. I HOPE We can also land a Processing Facility here in Wilmington Processing the Product..
    Corning, (think Fiber optics) is producing at a all time high.. (Again)…
    There’s Rumors of a Boat manufacturing plant “re-opening” again here, (that once produced Carver Yachts) ..
    Another Full time YUGE boat repair/Manufacturing Facility. (across the River)

    History, Did you know We used to manufacture LIBERTY SHIPS here back in the DAY?
    Also WE ARE in the Middle of a construction BOOM..
    As I opined before, Lots of Older buildings being repurposed/ or torn down and replaced with better things..
    Townhouses & Condos & Apartments, are sprouting like Mushrooms..
    N.C. is looking into Aquaculture, in a YUGE way, (As long as it doesn’t include Cooke industries, a Canadian Co. ), but MOM & POP industries for these Projects, Employing LOCAL N.C. commercial Fishermen/Women..
    I Told another Treeper here.. BigMAMATea..
    I’m actually “disabled”, though I’ve been offered MANY JOBS! In My field, Automotive service & repair.
    Such as .. Well,, management, Customer service aspect of the industry..
    Though I CAN STILL turn Wrenches if need be..
    If I can get through these next 2 months, (Starting tomorrow) With My Dr’s appointment..
    In This MAGA Economy!
    I believe I have a good 10~15 years of work left in Me “IF” I can get “cured”.. Before I can “really” retire..
    I mention What I can do,, I have Folks ASKING for My phone number!
    I WANT Me & the MISSES to BUY a HOME..
    GOD BLESS President Trump & GOD BLESS AMERICA..

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    • Minnie says:

      God bless you, sir!!


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    • Rockindubya says:

      Crossthread, I know exactly how you feel. I have always had the worst timing. Had to take an early retirement for health reasons. I want so badly to get back in the game, now that the manager isn’t tanking the team at every step….
      I get another round of the shots in two weeks…. Who knows???
      Hang in there, buddy.

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  30. tellthetruth2016 says:

    The Absolute Best part of this one is, It shows what a complete failure Lyin Ryan was for his State and the Success of our President …..


  31. Rockindubya says:

    I vaguely recall some putz saying, and I paraphrase a bit. “Those jobs aren’t coming back…..”
    No, Mr President, I am not yet tired of winning.
    Keep it up, and that putz I was referring to will become an even more distant bad memory.

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  32. gymcy81 says:

    To begin to get real, again ( post Ron Reagon) Scott Walker repetitively ran for Governor in WI and had repetitive political battles on a host of issues in the early stages of turning this country away from progressivism, statism, liberalism.
    Remember the WI dem legislators departing the state and remember the disrespectful crowds placing pressures in their statehouse.

    The voters spoke (against rising WI. debt, unbalanced budget etc. etc) and subsequently the office holders, with fortitude, resolve and better sense voted accordingly
    (instead of misbehaving like rino$…i.e. campaign conservative to trick voters, coyly slide lefty when in office).

    Scott W had a winning formula, and Taxed Enough Already (TEA) had a winning formula some years ago (to counter the s…and it still is and can be for others too.

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  33. TMonroe says:

    I hope some of those screens they make are a return to matte. I’m holding onto TVs with that feature, as I don’t feel like I’m looking in a mirror when there are low-light scenes.


  34. Cynthia says:

    This just makes me smile! 🙂 Happy Friday, Treepers and Trumpers!


  35. Zippy says:

    Oh, goody! An intellectual property theft facility IN the US to supplement the Foxconn plants they have in China.


  36. Mark Caswell says:

    The Left tries to give credit to Obama for growing out of the Great Recession but they don’t seem to understand that after the financial meltdown, the bar was set so low, the economy could not go anywhere but up of its own accord. In fact, Obama did exactly the opposite of what he should have done to generate the kind of growth typical of post recessions. He clogged up the economic pipeline with regulations and a general anti-business atmosphere (You didn’t build that). We can thank him for that as it set Trump up perfectly. Trump came in and did all the things Obama should have done making tax code business friendly and eliminating Obama’s regulations. TRUMP IS THE ECONOMIC ROTO-ROOTER MAN ELIMINATING THE CLOG FROM THE ECONOMIC PIPELINE. We have seen, are seeing and will see the results of his actions.


  37. Josh says:

    I posted the first link a while back here is a follow up link


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