Red Hen Restaurant Owner Resigns as Director of Main Street Lexington Business Group…

Stephanie Wilkinson and family, owners of Red Hen restaurant.

Ms. Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of The Red Hen restaurant who kicked out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – then followed her family into another restaurant to continue the harassment, has resigned from her role with Main Street Lexington, a local business organization.

As anticipated, Ms. Wilkinson was/is facing massive backlash from local Lexington, VA business leaders, and a very upset surrounding community, for her short-sighted political bigotry and rabid anti-Trump bias. Video Below:

LEXINGTON, Va. – Stephanie Wilkinson has resigned from her role with Main Street Lexington, a volunteer-based organization.  Elizabeth Outland Branner, the president of the organization, accepted Wilkinson’s resignation Tuesday morning.

“Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best that for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she should step aside,” Branner wrote in an email.  (link)



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675 Responses to Red Hen Restaurant Owner Resigns as Director of Main Street Lexington Business Group…

  1. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    News-Gazette on the Tuesday Protest

    Some seemed to be amused by the man shouting about sin and holding a sign near the front of the restaurant door.

    Others said they had come to the restaurant to see if they could get a table and a nice meal for the evening. However, the restaurant was not scheduled to open that night.

    The shouter, who stopped yelling momentarily when asked his name, would identify himself only as “Edgar O.” A woman next to him said, “Keep preaching, Edgar!” and asked that all questions be directed to her.

    She would identify herself only as “Diana O.”, and that the pair formerly lived in Rockbridge County, but not any longer. They returned and targeted The Red Hen, Diana O told The News-Gazette, because they “love the Lord. We are Bible believers. Sodomites seem to run this town. The owner of this restaurant took part in a feminist march with her kids. The town has been turned over to reprobate minds.”

    As about 40 people watched Edgar and Diane, others began to trickle in, and authorities blocked off Washington Street to traffic at both ends of the block as a crowd began to grow. Many carried cameras, some stillshot and some video. Some carried American flags and posters.

    Kim Pettus, of Richmond, said he had driven to Lexington to eat a good dinner at the beleaguered restaurant.

    “I am here to support them,” he said.

    Others were cueing, as well. Anna Hicks of Charlottesville, and Amanda Lindberg, also of Charlottesville, were there in hopes of a table.

    But Mary Harvey-Halseth of Lexington held a poster.

    “I believe in tolerance, in acceptance and diversity,” Mary said. “I’m very sad somebody was kicked out because they were Republicans. You can bet none of our Republican friends made those reservations.

    One arrest has been reported—a demonstrator threw a bucket of what was claimed to be manure on the Red Hen.

    The street reopened by about 6:15, after Edgar stopped yelling, camera crews filmed their 10:00 news segments, and folks began — one by one and in small knots and groups— to walk away, taking the topic to their own dinnertables with them.

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  2. sat0422 says:

    I support and applaude the people who are marching against the evil woman and the Red Hen.
    I wish I lived 1500 miles closer and I would march too. Stupid witch.


  3. grundoon2 says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid women. Johnny Carson, the last late night show host with any class and humor had one iron clad rule: “never get into politics because you’ll lose half your customers”. The dumbing down of America is obvious everywhere when you see business people like her not being able to figure that out, plus the NFL and Starbucks, etc and the mother of all idiocy—the election and re-election of Barack Obama.

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  4. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    In wake of Red Hen controversy, demonstrators rally support in Lexington for President Trump
    [This is about the biker protest.] [Not a good picture]

    LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Hundreds of people, representing several different groups, gathered in Lexington Saturday for demonstrations sparked by the actions of a restaurant owner.

    Motorcycles roared down East Washington Street as dozens lined the sidewalk, holding signs with sayings like “The Red Hen laid a rotten egg.”

    Nearly everyone who came out for a series of rallies was there to show support for President Trump, after the owner of the Red Hen asked his chief spokesperson to leave the restaurant more than a week ago.

    “That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and set us off and made us say ‘we’ve got to come down to this town,” explained Douglas Thompson of “Bikers For Trump,” a group founded to rally support for President Trump and other conservative politicians.

    “Our message is (we) need to start showing respect for the President of the United States,” Thompson said.

    Also on hand were members of a group called The Patriot Picket, a group that primarily advocates for Second Amendment Rights.

    Corey Stewart, the man recently nominated by Republicans to run against Tim Kaine in this year’s Senate race, also showed up to share his thoughts on what happened at The Red Hen.

    “The left in this country has gone so crazy,” Stewart told WDBJ7. “Tim Kaine and the Democrats are upset with the President and the fact that he’s been so successful.”

    At least one person stood among those rallying for the President to show support for the owner of The Red Hen.

    “I’m very impressed with this woman,” said Vanessa Billings, a woman who traveled from Baltimore to show her support for The Red Hen and its owner. “It was a very brave thing to do. She is suffering economically from it.”

    “We’re not even really furious with The Red Hen,” said Thomson for the Bikers for Trump group. “She’ll get what’s coming to her. We’re here to support the town.”

    On Sunday morning members of Bikers For Trump will show their support for another hometown in Rockbridge County. They plan to have breakfast at the Pink Cadillac in Natural Bridge.

    I really have not seen many accurate reports about this rally.

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  5. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    The communist left wingers at the News-Gazette have their take on Saturday’s protest. Bikers And Others For Trump, Supporters Of Red Hen Gather In Lexington

    Dozens of Bikers for Trump, including some in cars, joined other motorcyclists for a Saturday evening “Red Hen Ride,” organized to show support for the president and administration and, as ride organizer Douglas Thompson said, “to have fun.”

    Among the approximately 50 bystanders on East Washington Saturday afternoon, both sides of the political divide were present, with signs ranging from “The Red Hen Laid a Rotten Egg” and “Red Hen: MLK Weeps,” to “We Support the Red Hen” surrounded by freshly gathered signatures in colorful marker.

    Many bystanders had come from outside the area, such as a family of four from Baltimore, who said they’d stopped in Lexington to show their support of the Red Hen, and another group of five who’d made the three-hour trip from Annapolis, Md., to support Trump.

    Susan Mead, who grew up in Lexington, came to the site to “bear witness,” she said. She’d been in Charlottesville during last summer’s violent demonstration and is an opponent of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Her red cap proclaimed the Arabic word for America on the front, and “Friend of the Red Hen” on the back.

    The Lexington Police Department was on hand, as well as extra patrols of the Virginia State Police. State Police First Sgt. Timothy Knight said no special escort had been arranged for the motorcyclists, who planned to converge at Lee Hi Travel Plaza before beginning the short trip down U.S. 11 to Lexington.

    When the motorcyclists arrived, most turned off East Washington before reaching the Red Hen in order to park in the parking garage. But a few “broke free,” riding the rest of the way up East Washington past the Red Hen to cheers from the crowd. The cyclists then continued to Lee Avenue, where they turned left and left again to make the trip around the block, coming back to pass in front of the crowd for a second time. On their return trip, some gunned their engines as they passed the Red Hen, in a guttural protest of their own.

    Coming to the Red Hen on foot, bikers then joined a lively street demonstration, featuring loud chants of “Build the Wall” and “USA” that could be heard well up on Main Street. But “counter-protestors” stood their ground, not chanting but still holding their signs. One young man wearing a “Farm Aid” t-shirt held up a plain cardboard sign reading, “Stephanie Stood Up for the Children. How and When Will You?” A few minutes later he took his sign to stand next to Corey Stewart, as Republican senatorial candidate spoke to a man whose T-shirt read, “Proud to be Deplorable.”

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  6. Jimi Helms says:

    The next generation is going to be more conservative. American Black People are waking up and we are ALL moving back to God. Amen

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  7. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    The Red Hen has Re-opened for the first time in two weeks

    LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7)– The Red Hen reopened for the first time in about two weeks Thursday night.

    The restaurant has been closed since June 23rd, when a tweet from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went viral saying she had been asked to leave the night before.

    5 o’clock Thursday night, three Red Hen employees laid flowers down at the foot of the restaurant. They did not say anything, but instead placed signs. One saying, in part, “The Red Hen is fully booked this evening.”

    A crowd looked on.

    “For the second time in a week, we’ve come three hours because this is a very important place to be,” said Jeff Hulbert, Founder of the Patriot Picket, based in Annapolis, Maryland.

    About eight or nine people were protesting, holding signs and waving flags.

    “We’re here today because actions have consequences,” said Paul Brockman, spokesman for the Patriot Picket.

    Others were hoping to support The Red Hen.

    “We really feel like people need to stand up for what they believe and when people do it, it’s bad to let them hang,” said Marty Barlow, from Harrisonburg.

    Thursday, those with reservations trickled in past protesters. Others tried to get a spot, but were turned away.

    “I think it was very brave what the owner did probably a very hard decision,” said Don Mandelkorn, from Vermont, who was not able to eat at the restaurant.

    The two sides had some arguments.

    Terry Layman from New Jersey spoke out against protesters who were holding signs that said, “Red Hen 2018 = 1960 Woolworth Lunch Counter!”

    “It wasn’t about gender, it wasn’t about sexuality or sexual preference. It was about enabling certain policies that were actually hurtful to the people who were making the food,” said Layman.

    It was clear that two weeks later, this is still a topic of conversation.

    “I’m not really worried about fanning the flame as much as I am about getting the word out that we should have a discussion about this,” said Hulbert.

    It was a mostly calm crowd on re-opening night with everyone wanting to make sure their beliefs were shared.

    “We have to have the courage to stand with people who believe they’ve done the right thing,” said Barlow.

    “We think the place for political statements is at the ballot box, not at the dinner table,” said Brockman.

    The restaurant denied WDBJ7’s request for comment. It is not clear when they will be accepting walk-ins again.–487461711.html


  8. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    I read in the liberal News Gazette that they are saying there is “no evidence” that the heckling incident happened. They quoted Snopes as their source. So stalking has become heckling. Snopes has been elevated to honest journalism.


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