MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”…

Quick, with MAGA-shocking news reverberating there’s a mid-west rush on winnamins.

Remember that massive MAGA Trump rally last week in Duluth Minnesota? That would be the 9,000 strong rally where twice as many were turned away?

Well, the data team at MAGA HQ have crunched the numbers and Brad Parscale shares the results: “The crowd at the Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent.”



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331 Responses to MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”…

  1. PDQ says:

    Has anyone seen this: #WalkAway

    Dems walking away from Dem Party – people are waking up:

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    • erin1234567 says:

      YES!! This past weekend, I was at a loss as to how to break through to the brain washed Dems, particularly after Mad Max’s call to action against anyone in the Trump administration. And then I saw the #WalkAwayCampaign and the testimonies from Democrats who have walked away and why, and now I have hope. Some of the die hard Democrats ARE seeing what we are, some ARE waking up!! Thank God!!!

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      • cadgbd says:

        A 12 Step Program would be nice

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        • LafnH20 says:

          The “About Us” tab (under menu)… & the “Search” field… both at the TOP of the page will give a 1st Class (step, if you will) introduction. Imho

          Sitting on the branches, here at the Treehouse, has been my 12 step program.

          Thank You, Sundance!
          Thank You fellow Patriots & Treepers!!
          Thank You, ALL!!!

          GOD BLESS President Donald J. Trump!

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Aren’t they WONDERFUL! These people have THOUGHT IT OUT, and rejected the delusion. Not all are conservative…yet. but most do like Trump. They will keep looking and watching. This is just the best thing I have seen in a long time!

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        • G. Combs says:

          President Trump is not a ‘Conservative’ He is a businessman and a Patriot. He knew enough to stay away from the Tarbabies the DemonRats ALWAYS use against Conservatives and go for what really wakes people up —- THEIR WALLETS!

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          • TreeperInTraining says:

            Agree. Had Trump been a conservative, I doubt that I would have voted for him.

            Prior to this election, I was a voter without a party.

            Now I’ve got the MAGA Party.


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            • cadgbd says:

              That’s why I warned “A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary” because Cruse will Loose” during the election. This is because the vast majority of women will vote against the slightest whiff of an idea that abortion is challenged. The pattern for failure was that this group of religious voters would vote on their conscience even if it meant defeat. (Below is a video of Chuck Norris talking about this). My fear was that they would torpedo Trump by diverting enough Republican votes to hand victory to “the evil one”. Hence my warning that “A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary” because Cruse will Loose”

              Social issues are a hot button that can sink your ship and I was astonished to see Trump follow this plan to victory. I bet that all people are really concerned with the same things such as: prosperity, safety, autonomy. That is why the uniparty seeks to divide the people with identity politics, so that their votes are diluted.

              A blogger of that voting block (who I assume are possibly fundamentalist Christians) challenged my idea (lose the election by voting on conscience for Cruz), by bring up the evils of abortion as a good reason for voting Cruz.

              To which I replied that if Hillary wins there would never be another chance. She would usher in communism and sharia law and flood the entire country with blood thirsty savages and all hope would be lost for ever. Think about the difference between Hillary and Trump. Trump is much more sympathetic to your cause than Hillary.

              When I mentioned that vast majority of women will knee-jerk vote against Cruz, she replied that her voting block has plenty of power, to which I replied that while that is true, Trump is closer to their position than Hillary and at this crucial election, hopefully you will see the logic and not blow the election.

              Here’s that video of Chuck Norris mentioned above:


          • eagle931 says:

            Most of all, Pres. Trump is pragmatic, as most successful business people are. To me anyway, conservatism as we know it today is nothing more than common-sense pragmatism:


    • Cooper45 says:

      PDQ: That fellow gets it and certainly makes it clear what he thinks of today’s fascist intolerant neo-liberalism. The music adds intensity to his words as intended.

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    • kay123 says:

      The demos arenot the same as they were in the sixties.
      Today’s demoncraps are globalist who want someone
      else to pay for their way of life !!

      Soon the destroyers will run out of other peoples money
      and find out the top one percent is tired of picking up
      the tab for them….and will use THEM as slaves.

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    • calamitymay says:

      I am loving that this movement is afoot! This fissure in the groupthink of many Dems will grow Lightening Fast ! Are Americans ready for discourse on important issues? Ready to dump MSM & globalist agendas? Man o man, I hope so….

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    • ForGodandCountry says:

      THe comments to this video are incredible. Have a taste…

      “Leaving the left is like leaving Islam”

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    • clairebee says:

      Wow…in a nutshell and a BIG nutshell it is.


    • patriciarobinett says:



    • Foxy says:

      Of course this guy is correct on all counts but my initial reaction is what took you so long. Anyone who spends five minutes thinking about the inherent dynamic of identity politics and victimhood designation will very quickly reach the conclusions the guy in the vid has. The objective here is crystal clear – keep you where you are because if we don’t you don’t need us any more…


  2. Jeff says:

    Maybe a bit of a non sequitur, but I learned how to estimate crowd sizes from the great Robert A. Heinlein, as a throwaway line in his novel “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.”
    You count how many people are in a [10-meter] square (size is arbitrary, go with what works for you), and then calculate upwards accordingly.

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  3. The #PartyOfHate can’t stop the #RedTsunami

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  4. Jimi Helms says:

    I raise a toast to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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  5. Trump Train says:

    Great videos all of them. Need to go viral and many more hit closer to Nov. I have ask over and over with no answer.. WHAT DO THE DEMOCRATS STAND FOR? WHY SHOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR THEM, WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO OFFER THAT IS BETTER THAT THE TRUMP WINNING FEST? I never get a valid response, only hate

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    • fractionalexponent says:

      What do they stand for? In the 2012 DNC Convention, the Democrats voted God out of their platform to a roaring standing ovation.

      Evil, hate, lies, delusion, ignorance, stupidity. That’s what they stand for.

      When Andrew Ross-Sorkin got his job at CNBC, the first thing out of his mouth was “Americans are stupid.” And he likes to use the phrase “square the circle”. He can’t even add or subtract. Joe Kerman has to help him read the teleprompter. Foreign words? Forget it.

      An arrogant ignorant socialist on an American business channel, calling Americans “stupid”. It ain’t a pretty picture…

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      • ladypenquin says:

        I don’t force the belief of God on anyone, but once the Democrats felt comfortable taking Him out of their platform, it completed their move to the Fascist State. IOW, the State has replaced God.

        That’s a dangerous move for a free and healthy society.

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  6. Sunshine says:

    The new Republican advert:

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  7. Minnie says:

    Election results are in:

    U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D) has been primaries out.

    “Crowley says he wishes “the best” for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the challenger who beat him in the Democratic congressional primary in New York in a highly unexpected upset.

    Crowley, who has been in Congress since 1999, thanked supporters and expressed his love for the people of the 14th Congressional District, which includes parts of the Bronx and Queens.

    Crowley had been considered a candidate to become the next House speaker if Democrats win the majority.”

    Oops – elections have consequences 👍

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    • Lulu says:

      That’s to be expected. White Democrats, particularly white male Democrats, haven’t realized that massive immigration may guarantee a Democrat majority but won’t necessarily include many white Democrat politicians. Why would Hispanics, Africans, Asians vote for the hated white man?


  8. Enoughisenough says:

    As a lifelong Minnesotan (and now Wisconsinite), I personally know nine people who attended the rally in Duluth last week. Six are Republicans, two are Independents, and one is a Democrat. Every single one of them supports this President and his agenda. It may not be a scientific poll, but my own experience is that people from all political backgrounds are ditching their party for their country.

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  9. adoubledot says:

    This Minnesota rally follows PDJT’s visit to SC to pump Henry McMaster. Well, take another winnamin cuz McMaster led the field in his primary with 42.30% of the vote!

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    • Newt Love says:

      I’m a life-long Conservative, but I voted for Barbara Mulkowski (D-US Senate MD) because she was the best candidate I could vote for in that election…”

      I encourage everyone to vote for the best candidate they can, and today, I believe that is PDJT.


  10. ForGodandCountry says:

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  11. Newt Love says:

    OMG! I realize that this off-topic for the thread, but if the META0topic of the thread could be that America is turning Trump away from the Donkey party, well the, let’s have at it:

    On YouTube, I found an incredible video.

    This incredible video is a guy articulating his true (original) liberal beliefs that led him to be an agitator in the Donkey crowd, but he began to notice that the Donkeys were not being honest in their subversion of true liberalism for the Communist and Fascist subvariants. The guy doesn’t say it in those words, but it is clear from his dialog that he wants to drive current (D) Party folks away from the Donkeys, and into the true light of self-aware self-determination.

    Give it a view, and support where you can.

    Tunkshila bless you all!
    Newt Hunumpa Love

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  12. letty bromenschenkel says:

    MN native
    this just never happens even in Duluth, MN…
    the crowd size and DEMS showing up to a GOP Rally.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “MN native
      this just never happens even in Duluth, MN…
      the crowd size and DEMS showing up to a GOP Rally.”

      Never before the contrarian DJT.
      Never before the PDJT.
      Never in the history of the USA, But PDJT is MAGA!

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I shared on a previous page the importance of noticing the age of the attendees. GOP rallies don’t usually draw many of the young…President Trump’s rallies have huge numbers, maybe even out drawing the usual middle-age and older group. That’s something to pay attention to going forward.

      President Trump’s is stealing from all the traditional Democrat bases.

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  13. Charlotte says:

    Dem. Insider Wants Out, Shares Shock Stories of Perverse Conferences, Colleagues


  14. Pyrthroes says:

    Think of the time factor here: The 60% Democrats and Independents filling this Minnesota stadium all came early, some in line for hours. The crowd outside, at least another stadium’s worth, were likely Republicans figuring that –in their Blue State– there’d be no seating problem.

    Like Andrew Jackson, whom he admires, Trump ain’t no Massachusetts-Virginia tea-cosy. We admire him tremendously, and by God we’re not the only ones.

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  15. franuche says:

    What Would Wellstone Do? Doesn’t matter, we’ve got Donald Trump now!! Keith Ellison’s running for state AG so he can commit voter fraud next election, a la Franken, and try to keep Trump from winning another 4 years.

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    • Its 5'Oclock Somewhere says:

      check out his interview on CNN (sucks) with Snake Trapper – hilarious how he is spinning his undies in a bunch over Screwy Louie F……


    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      Ha. That’s the FIRST thing I thought about when Ellison said he was giving up his (must be REALLY safe) seat to become AG. That’s why we have to keep an eye on every voting booth during elections. That “win” by Franken was the most egregious act of voter fraud in this country I think.
      It’s scary when you have to worry about an actual communist winning the Attorney General position in any state in America. They only know one law. Theirs.


  16. DirtySanchez03 says:



  17. Kirby Allen says:

    Buh buh baby, you ain’t see nothin’ yet.


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