President Trump Weekly Address – Immigration Reform Needed…

President Trump discusses the need to stronger enforcement and immigration reform in this weekly address:

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35 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – Immigration Reform Needed…

  1. GB Bari says:

    Prevent them from getting across the border to start with. Wall or troops. Full coverage along the entire border. Mexico depends heavily on US trade. Shut it down 100% until they cooperate, take control of their side of the border and stop encouraging migrants from Central and South America to move freely northward through their country. Don’t need any Democrats (or USCOC-suckling RINOs) to do that.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Agree GB. With each passing day we and POTUS are losing ground. Use every tool in the shed to secure this border. Use those greyhound buses to transport the border jumpers back into nearby Mexican cities, not here. Cut off every penny to Catholic Charities and othed orgs. There is so much we can do. Enough is enough.

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      • So true Oldschool.

        One of the things that really thew a monkey wrench into our engine of law and order was the Supreme Court ruling forcing our schools to educate every child living in their district legal or illegal.

        Until this ruling ( and I can not remember the exact case) the children had to be citizens and we had to produce our birth certificates when we registered at school for the first time.

        This is a huge magnate for illegals, most countries south of the border make parents pay for their children’s schooling. It is not paid for by the taxpayers like here.

        I would like another shot at this case.

        American schools should be for citizens or legal residents.

        The taxpayers are more than tired of carrying these illegals on our backs.

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        • kroesus61 says:

          if you read the ruling on schooling of illegals it does says as long as such action is not detrimental to the district or the existing student base……who could logically argue that is not happening?

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          • Really, I did not know that kroesus.

            That ruling needs to be revisited and over turned.

            A lot of schools seem to be in big trouble because of over crowding an unexpected students coming in from south of the border.

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        • peace says:

          Property taxes in some states are so high due to the cost of educating illegals that senior American citizens are in danger of losing their homes.

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          • That is so true peace.

            And it still does not quite pay for all of them.

            Illegals are bankrupting our country in many more ways than one.

            Every single way they can take advantage of a taxpayer funded service they do.

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  2. Lindenlee says:

    Now we will see a HUGE influx of women and children, especially since AMLO is now encouraging this crap, NOT at points of entry. We need the military on the BORDER. NOW. We don’t need anybody in Afghanistan. Bring ’em home.

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    • Oldschool says:

      That “points of entry” crap needs to be shut to illegals as well. If they have no legitimate reason or documents for legal entry, I don’t care what portal they want to enter through, SHUT IT

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Yes, change the regulations for entry, so that people who want to come have to apply in the first place with a US con su, ate. That is what you have to do when asking for a visa to Mexico.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      We won’t and that is what the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, CoC, Globalist, Koch Brothers etc. are angry about. The Zero Tolerance policy remains intact. They can come with their child or children but the only ones permitted into the country is the minor(s), not the mother and/or father.

      The first offense for crossing the border is a misdemeanor and immediate return to your country of origin. They second time it is a felony where you receive two years in federal prison and afterwards thrown the hell out of our country.

      This will deter them from trying!

      The data from two recent polls are absolutely DEVASTATING for Democrats!

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Everything you say is true. But the leftists SOB that are coaching and helping pay for this influx could very well just double down in an attempt to overwhelm the system, and never tell those migrants that they will be turned away. They are poor and nor educated. Easy to lie to. You know how that works.

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        • thinkthinkthink says:

          If they are easy to lie to, perhaps they are can also be easy to inform about the true state of things and how dangerous it is becoming to attempt to enter the USA illegally?


    • You are so right Lindenlee.

      These illegals and the illegal children who show up at our border with no legal paper work and no documentation of any kind.

      The previous presidential administrations allowed them into our country with no proof of who they were AT ALL.

      They were allowed to roam freely about and were given the same right of movement that citizens have by birth and legal immigrants have only after going through an expensive and lengthy document filled process.

      We have no idea who they are.

      It is a wonder that we are not all dead.

      It way, way past time for all of this to end and I do believe it will take putting our active military on our southern border.

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  3. truthbomb says:

    Emigrants are being robbed, raped, tortured and killed – many by human traffickers – trying to make their way from Central America through Mexico to the US. If Americans really care about these people, there are only two choices: A) open borders where entry is easy and traffickers unnecessary or B) 100% secured border and strict law enforcement which deters 99% of people from even trying to get in.

    Since, by virtue of common sense we cannot have A), then it must be B).

    IMO, this is how Trump should be discussing the matter in light of the events of the past week. That closing borders is humane and the only way to end human trafficking that is causing misery and death to those foolish enough to attempt the journey.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Congress is crooked,FBI is crooked,the DOJ is crooked ,the Media is crooked ! Tough Hill to climb,we need every American vote to overcome these crooks !

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  5. Pam says:

    We truly need a clean slate in the congress in order for this issue to be addressed because we have too many in this congress that are bought and paid for as Gov Huckabee so eloquently put it this morning in his interview on Fox & Friends. We have to stand up and fight for this countries borders and especially for those that have had to die senseless deaths. We don’t want them to have died in vain.

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    • Oldschool says:

      It all starts with securing the border. That is a position of strength for POTUS to get parties to come to the table with some sensible legislation. 100% congressional turnover simply is not doable.

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      • I believe you are right Oldschool.

        A turnover in congress will take far too long and we need our border secured now.

        As much as I believe that eventually we will get the swamp creatures out of congress and good people in, it is going to take more time than we have on the border.

        The illegals are pouring across as we write.

        Literally pouring across by the hundreds, we need the military down there now.

        Perhaps some kind of a National Security decree by our President would get them there.

        But the time for talking about this is past and action is needed.

        I know our country has a lot of problems that need attention and I know that Pres Trump is battling almost alone but he did run on ” I will build the wall and make Mexico pay for it”.

        Maybe I misunderstood, but I took that to meant he would stem the tide of illegals while the wall was in the construction phase.

        Not to mention deporting those that managed to jump the border and are already here.


        • kroesus61 says:

          no misunderstanding here….PDJT said during MANY rallies that those here illegally “need to go home and apply to come back legally”……he also said “anyone here illegally would be deported” on may occasions……while he is doing some deporting it is in numbers far too low to have any meaningful effect…..he is trying to please everyone by limiting those who he is deporting so the left will not have a big outcry….how is that working out for you Prez?

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          • I am in support and happy with every thing Pres Trump has done except for the illegal problem.

            The polls all seem to show that everyone supports his policy.

            Now is the time to get it done.

            Let the left cry, and scream and show every one their crazy crackpot insane minds.

            I really believe we have about 50 million illegals here.

            That is more than three times the populations of some of the smaller countries of the world.

            It is almost the population of France.

            It is quickly becoming a national security and a national emergency.

            He really needs to act and act soon.

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          • Deplorably99 says:

            Need some cheese with that whine!! Kroesus61


  6. Kay123 says:

    POTUS needs to stop the flow of money transfers into
    mexico. Enforce E-VERIFY. All employers fined $10,000
    for each illegal who cannot verify citizenship and
    all needed paperwork and records since birth…and parental
    documentations, as well.
    Those here illegally should be stripped of
    all belongings, businesses, and sent back to their homeland
    at their own expense. Everything they earned or aquired
    here was gotten illegally.

    Those waiting to come in legally
    should be considered by patriotism and abillity.

    Those who are here from other countries should
    never hold any public office, position, or business
    which changes or influences anything until they have
    lived here for 70 years, with proven loyalty…..

    Chain migration should stop now!
    Babies born here are not American.
    Merit based, proven patriotic people, who don’t
    need welfare, hate communisum, works
    to lift up the Constitution, has clean record for 65 years.
    need apply.
    No social security till after 40 good years working
    in verifyable job here in USA!

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  7. JonMaxwell says:

    This whole farce is to distract from the IG report and the Obama administration’s crimes, and it appears to be working, Trump needs to put the focus back on that and not this fake outrage everyone has been suckered into.

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  8. kay123 says:

    Those coming here illegaly are not all children.
    Most of them are 12-22 years old gang members.
    I have seen maybe 20 small children among thousands
    of boys who should be fighting against their own
    government …. not fighting ours.
    Remember what Obummer said when confronted by
    loyal patriots, “MY ARMY IS BIGGER THAN YOURS”
    to which he started flying illegals into US, opened the
    borders and invited all radical nations of color in.
    He tried to overthrow our country while he was in office
    but it hasn’t worked quite yet.

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    • You are so right Kay123.

      Most of the “children” are supposedly 15 to 17 year olds.

      But with out paper work or legal documentation of any kind we are expected to just take the word of criminals ( illegals) who are already breaking the law.

      No documentation of ANY KIND.




      We just take the word of these people who show up at our border.

      We take their word that these children they have in tow are their children and that they really are 15 years old.

      This should amaze and anger anyone with any sense.

      How many of you who have ever had a traffic ticket was able to stand before the judge and say ” Really your honor I was driving well with in the speed limit”.

      None of us would be able to get away with just our word of honor any where at any time.

      But the illegals are and have been for decades.

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  9. dutzie60 says:

    This from Contra Costa County, CA is priceless. PT proposing to put migrant detention center on part of a Naval base and the lib locals are squealing. 🙂 Not in my backyard they say. :):)

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  10. rumpole2 says:

    It seems to me that the only way many of the children held at the border could be “reunited with their parents” would be to but them on a bus at the Mexican border and point it towards Guatemala.

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  11. Ironclaw 601 says:

    Nuke the filibuster.

    Nuke the filibuster.

    Nuke the filibuster.

    Nuke the filibuster.

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  12. Lillia says:

    Why hasn’t this been reported here?
    Trump Administration says it
    knows location of all children
    Mainichi Shimbun [Tokuo, Japan], by Staff
    Original Article
    Posted By:LittleHoodedMonk, 6/24/2018 10:47:40 AM
    Trump administration officials say the U.S. government knows the location of all children in its custody after separating them from their families at the border and is working to reunite them. A fact sheet on “zero-tolerance prosecution and family reunification” released Saturday night by the Department of Homeland Security also says a parent must request that their child be deported with them. In the past, the agency says, many parents have elected to be deported without their children…. read more at


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