Rep Mark Meadows Drops A Few Bombshells At The End of IG Hearing…

Representative Mark Meadows dropped a few bombshells at the very end of almost seven hours of testimony from Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Meadows follows up on numerous rounds of questions challenging the reason why the Inspector General was forced to hide the names of FBI employees within his report.


Sally Moyer and who?

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805 Responses to Rep Mark Meadows Drops A Few Bombshells At The End of IG Hearing…

  1. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Hello Sundance. Would you provide article about the biggest problem / issue the DOJ/FBI has which is the Weiner laptop and when all those emails (HRC, Abedin, Obama, Mills) etc are going to come out? Can you explain all this to us as we need to be up to date? To me this is the biggest story if all and is the key to the whole issue of improper investgations, cover up(s), etc. Please?

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  2. hp says:

    “Meadows then directly asked Horowitz whether two anonymous FBI employees identified as making anti-Trump statements in the IG’s report were named Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer.”


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