IG Report: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sent Weiner Sealed Indictment To His Personal Email…

One of the interesting aspects of the IG report is the documented use of personal email by participants within the FBI “small group” Mid-Year-Exam (MYE) team. [pg 424]

One of those documented examples involves FBI Agent Peter Strzok downloading the content of the sealed Anthony Weiner Indictment, October 29, 2016, to his personal email address. Unauthorized extraction of a ‘sealed SDNY indictment‘, and transmission to a non-secure system, is a felony.

(From summary pg vii) We found that Strzok used his personal email accounts for official government business on several occasions, including forwarding an email from his FBI account to his personal email account about the proposed search warrant the Midyear team was seeking on the Weiner laptop.

==> This email included a draft of the search warrant affidavit, which contained information from the Weiner investigation that appears to have been under seal at the time in the Southern District of New York and information obtained pursuant to a grand jury subpoena issued in the Eastern District of Virginia in the Midyear investigation. <==

We refer to the FBI the issue of whether Strzok’s use of personal email accounts violated FBI and Department policies.

Details of this specific example continue on pages 426, 427, 428 and footnotes #217 #218:

[…]  During our review, we identified several instances where Strzok used his personal email account for government business.  […]  Most troubling, on October 29, 2016, Strzok forwarded from his FBI account to his personal email account an email about the proposed search warrant the Midyear team was seeking on the Weiner laptop.

This email included a draft of the search warrant affidavit, which contained information from the Weiner investigation that appears to have been under seal at the time in the Southern District of New York and information obtained pursuant to a grand jury subpoena issued in the Eastern District of Virginia in the Midyear investigation.

The footnotes here are interesting:

fn #217 reads: ” The OIG previously notified the respective U.S. Attorney’s Offices about Strzok’s actions.”

Presumably fn #217 reflects the Office of Inspector General informing the Southern District of New York (sdny) and Eastern District of Virginia (edva) about Strzok downloading sealed Weiner investigation material to a personal email system and presenting abstracts containing that information to EDVA to gain the Huma Abedin laptop search warrant.

fn #218 reads: “We requested access to Strzok’s personal email account. Strzok agreed to produce copies of work-related emails in his personal account but declined to produce copies of his personal emails. Strzok subsequently told the OIG that he had reviewed the emails residing in his personal mailboxes and found no work-related communications. We determined that we lacked legal authority to obtain the contents of Strzok’s personal email account from his email provider, which requires an Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) search warrant to produce email contents. Strzok’s email provider’s policy applies to opened emails and emails stored for more than 180 days, which ECPA otherwise permits the government to obtain using a subpoena and prior notice to the subscriber. See 18 U.S.C. § 2703(a), (b)(1)(B)(i); COMPUTER CRIME AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SECTION, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, SEARCHING AND SEIZING COMPUTERS AND OBTAINING ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS at 129-30 (2009). In addition, although we learned that a non-FBI family member had access to Strzok’s personal email account in 2017, Strzok told the OIG that no one else had access to his personal email account during the period in question (i.e., late October 2016).”

(pg 428) We refer to the FBI the issue of whether Strzok’s use of personal email accounts violated FBI and Department policies. As noted above, Page left the Department on May 4, 2018.

Who was the primary stakeholder in the laptop? And who, as a matter of this very specific set of circumstances, did not have any control over the data?

As you consider this seemingly small and innocuous aspect of the IG report…. remember all of the effort that Hillary Clinton’s team put into the control over the information within her email network(s)…. Think about the exhaustive efforts into controlling, deleting, hiding, scrubbing, masking, transferring, bleach-bit wiping, etc. etc.  Three years of exhaustive physical and financial expenditures to ensure the content of the communication network was never retrievable by any investigative authority; millions spent, lawyers paid…. and…

Now fast forward to late 2016…

Think about 675,000 emails and Blackberry communications; “emails dated beginning in 2007 and covering the entire period of Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State” [pg 324] just magically appearing in September 2016… and this time, literally, Clinton has no control over them.

Think about it for a few seconds.

Think about the angst.

Think about the potential ramifications.

Think about it from Clinton’s perspective.

Remember, throughout this campaign period her team and the FBI team were working hand-in-glove; a political reciprocity agreement with the Obama White House.

Now consider Page #315:

At 2:30 p.m. on October 26, Midyear FBI personnel, Midyear prosecutors, NYO, and SDNY participated in a conference call about the Weiner laptop. The highest ranking participants for each group on the call were Strzok, Toscas, the NYO A/SAC, and Kim.

The NYO A/SAC, ASAC, SSA, and Weiner case agent all participated in the call. This was the first time that the Weiner case agent had spoken directly with anyone associated with the Midyear investigation.

The case agent told us that he felt he was asked questions about information that he had already reported up the chain of command in September. He stated:

They were asking questions that I had already repeatedly answered in other calls. In other words, people were asking what domains are you seeing? How many emails are you seeing? What do you think you’re seeing? Who are they to, who are they from? What are the domains? Oh, we have that domain? What years? Like, questions that we, I had been asked and either had answered preliminarily, and then we became uncomfortable legally searching for those answers. But these were things that were known to me and had been made known above me for weeks.

The Weiner case agent stated that “the only thing that was new” was that others on the call asked him to speculate on what he had seen. According to the case agent, he stated, “Based on the number of emails, we could have every email that Huma and Hillary ever sent each other. It’s possible, given the pure volume, it’s possible.”

The NYO SSA described the call as “just basically discussions and information about…potentially what…was there, which we still didn’t know because we hadn’t looked at anything.” The A/SAC thought the call was “matter-of-fact” and said it was the first time they were questioned by an NSD lawyer.

According to the A/SAC’s notes, NYO briefed that there were 675,000 emails on the laptop spanning a time period from 2006 to 2016, and stated that there “appears to be blackberry messages” on the laptop.

The FBI’s Midyear team told us that they learned important new information on the call.  Strzok described it as “the triggering event” and FBI Attorney-1 [Tashina Gauhar] stated that this was the “call where it was crystallized to me what was on the laptop.”  (link)

Who were the stakeholders?

Knowing the nature of all FBI investigative benefits-of-doubt previously afforded throughout 2015 and 2016; do you think the FBI DC team didn’t immediately notify Team Clinton directly or through some facilitating channel?

Perhaps the answer to that question outlines why Peter Strzok suddenly found a need to download the sealed SDNY Weiner indictment and transfer it to his personal email?

Curioser and curiouser…




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  1. Publius2016 says:

    President Trump said he defeated Bush and Clinton dynasties, and now hopefully, UNIPARTY DEEP STATE THINK TANK BLACK OPS!!! We pray and will stand with President Trump straight down the line!

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  2. Concerned says:

    We have seen first hand that the Best Democratic process in the world is no better than those who are running it.

    How would you judge the actions of the FBI and DOJ? Do you see the current version of the FBI and DOJ leadership taking any responsibility? Do you think that Hillary Clinton, Comey, Page, Strzok, Wray, McCabe, Sessions, Clapper, Rosenstein, etc. should have been prosecuted? Do you think that any of them will be indicted?

    Do you think that President Trump will hold any of them accountable?

    Do you think the OIG Report was a White Wash? Do you have any reason to believe that the next OIG Report will be any better?

    Do you think that demotion is a proper punishment for someone committing Treason?


  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Walter Thomas says:



    • jbowen82 says:

      This is an excellent catch. It was always a ridiculous claim that 725,000 emails were screened down to 3,000 that then needed to be reviewed, and that every single one of the 3,000 had already been reviewed by MYE. This should definitely be an area of questioning for Horowitz on Monday. Does the claimed technological breakthrough actually exist? We all know the answer is no, and either Comey is lying or Strzock lied to Comey.

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  4. Zippy says:

    The IG report should make it ABUNDANTLY clear that the deep state contingents within the DOJ and FBI (and CIA and NSA) are not idiots and will never do anything that could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law to be criminal, and if by accident they did, it would never see the light of day due to a conspiracy of secrecy, silence, and obstruction of oversight when Congress actually attempts that which it rarely does.

    While the circumstantial evidence makes it obvious that VASTLY preferential treatment was given to the Hildabeast and those involved with her compared to Trump or any peon citizen, that makes no difference legally.

    So, when will this be fixed?

    I’d bet N-E-V-E-R. I think we are WAY past the system self-correcting or a dumbed down, bread and circus entertained citizenry suddenly waking up to what’s wrong.

    While I don’t agree with Fred Reed on a lot of things, I agree with him on this. Read it. It -beautifully- describes what Trump was supposed to fix, but I suspect will only put a dent in even if he serves two terms.

    Plumbing the Depths
    by Fred Reed
    March 19, 2008



    Common delusions notwithstanding, the United States, I submit, is not a democracy—by which is meant a system in which the will of the people prevails. Rather it is a curious mechanism artfully designed to circumvent the will of the people while appearing to be democratic. Several mechanisms accomplish this.

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  5. Newhere says:

    Questions for the legal/technical experts re Weiner’s laptop:

    First — Re Abedin emails: Abedin communications in her capacity as a State employee are not HERS. They are the property of the government. Isn’t it the case that once a government record is stored personally, the owner/custodian waives the right to assert any sort of control over that location (i.e., file, account, device . . . server)?

    And for that matter, wouldn’t that apply to ALL of the locations of Clintonemail.com communications? I.e., once government business is conducted or stored in a private location, the custodian effectively waives the right to call that location “private”? (Obviously not, hence having to try to pry the data from Clinton’s death grip . . . but isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?)

    Second — as far as we know, the Clinton Foundation investigation is still active. What would be the process for reviewing the Weiner laptop for evidence relevant to that investigation? Probable cause seems obvious. Shouldn’t we expect the Weiner laptop already is being (or has been) processed for that investigation, as well? And if it were, we would know nothing about it?

    Last — does it matter, for search/use purposes in investigations other than the Weiner investigation (the one for which the laptop initially was obtained), whether Weiner handed over the material voluntarily or under order? The IG report notes that it was handed over by his attorney. I don’t believe we know whether that was subject to order, or just a gift.

    And if he handed it over voluntarily, hasn’t he waived all sorts of privileges, vastly expanding what can be used without further permissions?

    And does it change the analysis if he *stole* Abedin’s data? (The OIG report notes that Abedin has no idea how back-ups of her Blackberry ended up on the laptop, raising at least the possibility that Weiner did it himself without her knowledge.)

    I guess one more: The OIG report gives the impression that when FBI finally sorted the laptop data for the Clinton investigation, they started from scratch, i.e., EVERYTHING on the laptop. But wouldn’t the NYO already have done some relevant sorting — e.g., Weiner material vs. Abedin material? Shouldn’t they have been able to obtain just the Abedin material as a result of work already done by NYO, thus one lest step they’d have to take at the outset? Not sure this last one matters all that much, but curious.

    Thanks for any informed insight!

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    • Newhere says:

      I should clarify on question 1 above — I mean a gov employee who conducted gov business or stored gov data in a private location waives the right to block gov access to that location *for purposes of retrieving public data.* I don’t mean that the employee waives ALL private ownership or control of the location.


      • Mike says:

        Since as of now you have no takers I will give you my 2 cents.
        1: I don’t know, but I would think that an official State Dept communication document would be public property, even if it was on clintonemail.

        2:The investigation of the Clinton Foundation is being run out of the Little Rock US Attorney’s Office. Police procedure for the Weiner Laptop would be; a copy of the hard drive, and anything containing memory would be made, then the original would be put in a secure evidence locker. NO ONE could access it without a documented record of who, when, why, and for how long it was accessed. The copy would be searched/ examined (after a search warrant was obtained if necessary. If Weiner handed it over and gave consent to search it, as long as it was Weiner’s laptop they could search ALL of it. If they ran into Huma/HRC stuff, the prudent thing would be get a warrant to search that part, just to avoid litigation, although if it was Weiner’s property and he gave consent to search it, they could search it.) If this led to criminal charges another copy would be made for the prosecutor, and one for the defense attorney.

        Normally, in say the police department I worked at, there would be no way the original could be altered-destroyed-stolen, without the perps getting caught.

        It is not clear to me if NYPD got the laptop in a SW, or if Weiner’s attorney gave it to the NY US Attorney’s office.

        IF the laptop went through NYPD, I would expect NYPD would have made a copy before they gave it to the FBI.

        I would expect the FBI to have it in secure evidence, with a copy having been provided to the Clinton Foundation investigation team.


        Last: If there is evidence of Hilary Clinton committing crimes in Weiner’s laptop, the evidence should be admissible no matter how it got there with two exceptions. If Weiner stole the evidence at the direction of law enforcement, then he was an “agent of law enforcement” and the evidence is suppressed, (If he stole it on his own it would still be admissible) or if Huma also used/had claim to the lap top, it could possibly get suppressed. That is why the smart thing to do would be to get a warrant (which I think would be EASY) to avoid any litigation issues.

        I’m not a lawyer. I was a detective who was schooled by some good DA’s and USA’s.

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        • Newhere says:

          Thank you so much for all these responses!

          Your description of how the laptop would (should) be processed gives me hope that it’s actually secured somewhere — and that it’s been provided to the CF team.

          I’ve been bouncing around threads today — I should learn to stick to one thread per topic. In one of SD’s later posts today, I was reminded of yet another mystery, that I wonder if you would be able to shed light on:

          The IG report descriptions describe *two* ways that the Weiner/Abedin data came into the hands of law enforcement in NY. First, the notes of Midyear investigators (Strzok and McCabe) state that Weiner’s attorney produced a copy of everything Weiner had in his iCloud account to SDNY. However, the NYO case agent describes extracting and reviewing data from Weiner’s devices (including a laptop) that were seized from Weiner pursuant to search warrant. When the Midyear team finally gets a search warrant and gets a copy of the data, the OIG report describes obtaining a copy of the *laptop.* No mention of an iCloud account.

          It sounds like the field office found a trove of Huma/Clinton communications, and then a day or two later, Weiner’s counsel delivered the same data to SDNY. Does that make any sense?

          Per your comment later in this thread — I agree, Horowitz’s McCabe report looked like the real deal; in fact, I think it got my hopes up that this report would be more hard-hitting. I also thought it was odd that McCabe’s criminal referral was to DC, not Huber. All I can think of is that the focus there was narrow enough, they peeled off that part. And that this report is so anemic because there was more sensitivity, in respect to Huber’s work, over what was in it and how it was discussed. Who knows — but disappointing.

          Your answers above sparked another thought: *why* should agents have been held back and constrained from searching Weiner’s laptop/iCloud account, once they found evidence of Huma/Clinton emails, for lack of search warrant? Your comment is a reminder that when authorities are lawfully investigating one thing and encounter evidence of a different crime, they are permitted to keep searching. FINDING STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS SUBJECT TO AN ONGOING, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION ON A PRIVATE DEVICE IS EVIDENCE OF A CRIME! Granted, the NYO case agent may have lacked the clearance to search potentially classified information (and may have wanted to adhere to the specific scope of the search warrant for his case) — but they should have been able to copy the whole laptop for the properly-cleared Midyear team, with no further warrants or authority necessary. Right??

          It’s just ridiculous the lengths they went to NOT to be able to review the sources likely to be material to what they were investigating. It’s really painful to read the OIG report detailing one tortured, illogical decision after another, without calling it out . . .

          Thanks again for the reply!


    • Concerned says:

      Then you know, none of the FBI investigators were people like Page, Strzok and none of the data was altered by people like McCabe? Sadly, the results of anything handled by the FBI and DOJ can not be trusted.


      • Newhere says:

        The laptop was originally handed over to the NY field office, and controlled by the Weiner case agent. I don’t think we (yet) have cause to believe it’s compromised.


    • New- great post, I hope you get some answers.


  6. NoJuan Importante says:

    isn’t this called “foldering”? Supposedly Manafort was doing that.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “isn’t this called “foldering”? Supposedly Manafort was doing that.”

      Yes, but because Manafort was a Trump associate, Mueller believes that Manafort must go to prison for the rest of his life.

      Because HRC did the same thing means that the DoJ / FBI / the ICs and State Department need to give her perpetual immunity, and pay her liquor and chardonnay bill for the rest of he life, because HRC is a (D) Party Saint.

      I believe that every person in the DC offices of the Obama FBI and DoJ need to be indicted by US Attorney Huber for sedition and Treason, and many other Felony counts, and if convicted, they go to jail, unless they can deliver hard evidence that will lead to the indictment and prosecution of Obama, HRC, and any of the rest of the Obama Administration.

      Sure, Trump may pardon Obama and HRC, but only after they have been convicted of their crimes. . . just like he is doing now for the innocents who have been framed by Mueller and his 13 angry Donkeys!

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  7. b lord says:

    Huber…….Please dont forget WHY Sessions appointed him. Im feeling better by the day!

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    • MVW says:

      Sessions gave Lois Lerner a pass, who won’t get a pass, all the way up to Obama?

      Swamp too big to Drain for Sessions. Put Huber is a secure place to engineer the biggest white wash in the history of the world.

      Sessions easing his conscience by going after pedophiles?

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      • Wink says:

        Since when is “going after pedophiles” considered small potatoes? Obviously the torture and pain of children mean nothing to you? How about the horror and pain for the families. Mean nothing to you? Did you even know that the trafficking of children is a huge thing? It includes the Clinton Foundation, Hollywood and some very important public figure. Didn’t you see the “Crimes against Children” with connection to the CF in the IG Report? No?

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        • jbowen82 says:

          Do you think it’s possible Sessions is building a Crimes Against Children case from the bottom up, that will dovetail with the top-down information gleaned from the Wiener laptop?

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        • MrWWonka says:

          This is where the house of cards will all come crashing down. A lot of Americans on the other side of the isle are sick of hearing about emails and potential corruption(I am not one of them), but Child Abuse on the grand scale of the Clinton cabal will be the eye opener we need. These are crimes against humanity, and GEOTUS is ready to prosecute to the fullest extent(Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.”) This is basically tailored for the Clinton crime syndicate. Anyone aware of Lauren silsby? CF in Haiti? these are truly evil people, satanists and worse. God Bless


      • holly100 says:

        They are VIP for Very Important Pedophiles.


  8. Ray Van Dune says:

    As a Sherlock Holmes fan I love the meme about “the strange behavior of the watchdog in the night” i.e. it did not bark (“Silver Blaze” story). I am now wondering about the strange behavior of Rep. Gowdy in reference to the IG report.

    A few weeks ago most of us assumed Gowdy’s credulity meant he had sold out. Most of us also did not find a lot in the IG report that was surprising – ghastly, but unsurprising to most here. I would have assumed that Gowdy would also not see anything spectacularly new, but his reaction yesterday with Bret Bair was as if he was blindsided by the messages of the FBI agents, among other things. He was finally outraged it would seem! Why not before?

    Now the thing I DID find shocking in the report was the brazen attempt to put lipstick, rouge and eyeliner on the pig in the Executive Summary! But Gowdy, Goodlatte, and Bair never touched on it. How strange. Why did Gowdy act like things like the “We’ll stop him” message was surprising, when anyone here at CTH knew that’s what they were trying to do?! And not only surprised, but outraged to the point of not even pointing out that the Executive Summary read like something written months ago… by Rosenstein!! Strange behavior indeed, no?

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    • DeWalt says:

      Gowdy also stated how important it was to get to the bottom of the Russian interference in our elections even though he knows it’s a total farce.
      This is what kills me about the excuse that the FBI was hampered by a manpower shortage because of priorities given to the Russian investigation. All of them, fBI and DOJ knew the Russian thing was created by them. They knew there was no investigation because it was a frame up. There wasn’t any there, there.

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      • mightyconservative says:

        Has the bottom of ANYthing in DC ever been found, especially by Howdy Gowdy?

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        • MightyConservative,
          Your question presumes that there IS a Bottom in Washington.
          I have gradually migrated to the thought that, particularly with the ‘Rats, there is NO Bottom. It is a Bottomless Pit of Stinking Ooze.

          That said, it looks like a BUNCH of ‘Rats should be wearing Stripes…. the black-and-white kind! Starting with the innermost layer of the onion (or the Head of the Rotten Fish, if you prefer), Zero and the HildeBeast.


      • gerkenstein says:

        Meanwhile, China keeps cleaning our intelligence clocks.


    • Brant says:

      Maybe since it was not redacted and their thoughts are there for all to see, Gowdy had to act surprised and mad.


      • The Phantom Stranger says:

        That whole segment by Gowdy seemed phony with his faux outrage. It looked more like an act to me than anything he’s done in the past two years, designed to create a sound bite that would get played over and over. Nothing we learned in the IG report’s publication was all that shocking if you had paid the slightest bit of attention the past year to conservative media. Gowdy couldn’t have been that in the dark.

        I believe Gowdy started seeing himself get trashed on outlets like Breitbart by regular voters and being a politician hoping for a media career after politics, figured he needed to ham it up on a venue that was being mostly watched by Republican viewers.

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  9. Dutchman says:

    So, a totally seperate ‘type’ of bias:

    ALL the investigators were using private email devices and accounts, to conduct gov business, including ‘sealed’,and ‘confidential’ material.

    And, they KNEW, early on, that the ‘BIG BOSS’ obummer, himself, was doing it, too.

    No wonder the agents referred to the investigation as a waste of time, etc.

    This is totally seperate from political bias, or even institutionsl bias, its more like a cultural bias; EVERYONE does it.

    If we indict her, we might as well indict ourselves, our bosses, even the big kahuna. Yeah, THAT aint gonna happen!

    What a waste of time and resources!

    Understandable attitude under the circumstances.

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    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Every one of the bastards in each Department, FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA, all the 3 letter agencies that have classified information on their personal emails/devices should be charged with violating the espionage act, from the least to the greatest. Let’s start at the top!!

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      • Rhoda R says:

        It isn’t just classified information that is the issue. FOIA – the vehicle by which citizens can demand that the Government provide documentation about what they are doing is one of the biggest sources of ‘sunlight’ out there. Using personal devices gets around the FOIA sunlight and is just another tool in the takeover of the US by bureaucrats and globalists.

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    • MVW says:

      Take that one more step. Sessions gave Lois Lerner a pass on her weaponizing IRS, use of private email, deleting government records, lying, gave her a pass.

      So, did Sessions figure if Obama was going to get a pass, how could he indict the small fish?

      And Gowdy, same thinking? So many are crooked, there is no way to start? DC jails aren’t big enough? Swamp too big to drain? That is what this is smelling like.

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      • Neural says:

        You don’t need jails for any long term purposes when you commit to dealing with those guilty of treason properly.

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        • singingsoul says:

          How many average FBI agents have been send to jail for doing what the top dogs were doing using private email ..?
          They need to let every person who violated FBI rules and DOJ rules out of jail to have equal justice under the law.
          I feel as if we are in the middle ages where peasants were treated differently than nobility.
          They sure believe we are peasants and they are nobility.


      • Conservativeinny says:

        Is there a statute of limitations on the Lois Lerner crimes?

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      • Newt Love says:

        > ” … Sessions gave Lois Lerner a pass on her weaponizing IRS, use of private email, deleting government records, lying, gave her a pass. …”

        Umm, err, Lois Lerner retired while Obama was still in office.
        Sessions didn’t become AG until a few months after PDJT’s inauguration. Acting AG Yates was in there.

        From the Wikipedia on Lois Lerner: “… Lerner formally resigned, and retired from the IRS, effective September 23, 2013.”

        Donald Trump did not announce he was running until 2015.

        So, are you saying that US Senator Sessions gave Lois Lerner “a pass” or are you claiming that your alternate time-line supersedes reality?

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        • nbkilgore says:

          Newt, thanks for taking over (head scratching), fingers were going numb! Whew!

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        • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

          In his defense there were some rumblings about bringing lying Lois to justice a few months back. I do believe there was an announcement of sorts by Session’s doj,that no charges would be pursued.
          Perhaps the statute of limitations had passed as it had in regards to Clapper and his infamous “not wiitingly” reference in 2013, regarding warrantless spying on american citizens.

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  10. MsB says:

    ..I wonder if the length of the Mueller Witch Hunt coincides with whether or not ALL copies of Weiner’s laptop have been accounted for. Just a thought.

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    • De Oppresso Libre says:

      Rudy’s comments lead me to believe NYPD may have one…..maybe even Rudy himself. It comforts me to believe that, anyway.

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      • Newt Love says:

        For 40+ years, I’ve worked as a Federal Contractor. My most favorite gig was supporting the HQS of USAF OSI. If they wouldn’t have had their funding cut, I would still be there.

        USAF OSI is just like NCIS and Army CID. They are Military equivalents of the FBI.

        It was almost a decade ago when I had that gig, and our field agents had a thumb-drive that they could insert into any computer, and redirect the boot sequence to the thumb drive, that would load a bare-bones linux OS, and proceed to copy the entire hard drive of the target computer to an archive device attached to another port.

        That was a decade ago.

        We can all guess that the NYPD has the COMPLETE CONTENTS of the Anthony / Huma laptop, and backed up into many redundant data stores.

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  11. DJ says:

    I am confused by Sundance’s statement that the IG report did not indicate that the Weiner laptop emails were at all investigated after the investigation was reopened on October 30. There is a discussion beginning on page 388 of the IG report that discusses the work that started the review process of the emails. So if the IG report can be believed, then work on reviewing the emails was at least started.

    The larger question is whether or not the work was actually complete by the time of the second letter on November 6. At least one of the agents involved told Comey that the investigation was NOT finished. His testimony – I won’t quote it all here – can be found at the bottom of page 391. That agent reported that Comey thanked him for his candor (there’s that work again), but stated that his mind was made up and he was going to release the November 6 letter regardless.

    And following form, Comey began drafting the Nov. 6 exoneration letter on Nov. 3, before any substantive review of discovered emails had even taken place. According to agent testimony, they hadn’t even finished sorting and de-duping the emails until about the day before.

    Also, for those who might have missed the point, there were two search warrants for the laptop. The first on was dated September 26 and that was the original one issued to seize the devices from Granite Intelligence – the firm that Weiner gave the devices to. That warrant only covered the investigation information and documents related to Weiner’s offenses since the existence of the other stuff wasn’t known.

    It was, of course, the October 30 warrant that covered – in a very limited way – the investigation of emails between Abedin and HRC.

    A copy of the Sept. 26 warrant can be found embedded in this article:

    And the November 30 warrant can be found here:

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    • DJ says:

      “And the November 30 warrant”

      Obviously meant October 30 there…

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    • Newhere says:

      I’m sure Sundance is aware of the discussion on pps. 388-89 that documents how the FBI processed the Laptop between Oct. 30 and Nov. 6, when Comey announced they were down. I believe SD clarifies elsewhere that he’s asking essentially what you’re asking: how did the Midyear investigators meaningfully work through a reported 675,000 emails in less than 6 days? Asking the question practically answers it: they didn’t (they couldn’t have).

      Sundance notes that someone (Jordan) should press Horowitz about the IT wizardry that whittled hundreds of thousands of emails to a batch of what looks like no more than about 48K, probably less (p. 389). And then even from there, how agents and analysts managed to review and evaluate thousands of emails sufficiently to draw conclusions in just a couple days. Remember: throughout the whole investigation, they only ever had the 30K emails Clinton had decided to give them (maybe a few more they scrounged up on the few .gov accounts they got hold of). So how did they start and finish a review and assessment of many times more than that is essentially a long weekend?

      In short, I think you and SD are asking the same thing.

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      • Newhere says:

        I should hasten to say that I don’t mean to speak for Sundance. SD may have issues with this portion of the OIG report that I’m just not seeing. (I do believe he drew attention to the IT “wizardry,” however.)


  12. DeWalt says:

    It’s my contention that the IG chased the squirrels to the base of the tree and lost them, never bothering to look up.

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    • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

      That would be where Mr. Huber and his shotgun come in to the picture.

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      • De Oppresso Libre says:

        You don’t hunt squirrels with a shotgun unless you don’t plan on eating them……then you use a .22 rifle and take head shots. So, I hope your analogy is accurate and Huber took the 12 gauge.


        • De Oppresso Libre says:

          ……make that a 10 gauge with #4 stainless steel turkey shot. Won’t be much left to take into court, but it sure would make me feel better.


        • Newt Love says:

          > “You don’t hunt squirrels with a shotgun unless you don’t plan on eating them…”

          the analogy is that the IG identified wrong doers, and tracked them to a tree.
          US Attorney Huber doesn’t want to serve Sliced Rump of Traitor at dinner. He wants to (figueatively) destroy these traitors in a court of law, so they can go to prison for a long time.

          Use the shotgun, Huber.

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          • De Oppresso Libre says:

            Yeah, I caught the analogy, hence my last sentence, “…use the 12 gauge.” Also, my additional post of use a “10 gauge with #4 steel shot turkey load” (which I recommended due to it being a simply devastating shotgun round). But, thank you for making sure my reading comprehension skills were adequate to participate in the conversation.

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            • Newt Love says:

              Your cognitive skills are excellent.
              I’m just a guy in “the peanut gallery.”
              Carry on, Faithful Treeper!


              • nbkilgore says:

                Hey Newt, did you catch in the OIG report that he crossed paths with about 3 other IG’s. I had to go back a couple of time to make sure, its in small snippets and easy to glance over. Which means that Horwitz is not the only hound in the woods, OGE IG, IC IG and a few other’s. Hopefully Sundance can shake those other trees too and see who all falls out, everyone is focused only on the OIG, but missing the others.


  13. The Mid Year Examiners turn out to be ‘Year Long’ obstructors of Justice, and the IG, by omission, now facilitates.

    Paul Manafort’s internment and Eric Schneiderman’s ‘last wish’ indictment of the Trump Foundation are bold middle fingers from the new Year Long partisans to the IG Report–Timed Spectacles. Public Spectacle was used to obstruct the proper course of jurisprudence from the very beginning.

    Instead of the legally proper route–a recusal by AG Lynch, the appointment of a special counsel, a grand jury and subpoenas–we got a highly politicized media circus, staged first via a deliberate ‘misimpression’–a for all the world to see–Tarmac meeting.

    A showcase then ensued so Lynch could apologize for the appearance of impropriety and announce her non-recusal recusal, leaving the ‘matter’ up to the FBI, accepting whatever James Comey deemed. And we all know the final scene of Act I of this intentional Farce–James Comey’s ‘insubordinate’ televised non-prosecution prosecution of Hillary Clinton. What Comey did for Clinton, Horowitz appears to be doing for Comey.

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  14. sterling1776 says:

    Ok, this is one of the more frustrating posts I’ve read on CTH. I’ve got to trust that PDJT has got this to maintain my sanity. If not, well, back to the rigged game we know. But I’d much rather explore and enjoy a brand new great and exceptional America.

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  15. distracted2 says:

    Brilliant! And extra brilliant to bring it to Jim Jordan’s attention!

    Really looking forward to Monday and a Tuesday now. 👀

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  16. Steve H. says:

    Strzok….lock him up.

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    • magatrump says:

      Strzok knows after that whitewash of an IG report that he is free as a bird. No punishment for Strzok.


      • Pat Frederick says:

        there is the probability of the felony charge for having a copy of the SEALED search warrant on his private email…

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      • peace says:

        Sorry , wrong – he is smart enough to know that he’s in deep, deep trouble.


      • Richard Whitney says:

        Does the IG report actually exonerate Strzok?
        And if the IG report actually stated “Strzok is a fine, upstanding gentleman and we didn’t find anything wrong with him.”, would that matter if Huber indicts him for the crimes that the IG report glosses?
        This is parallel to the report on McCabe. He was cited that his answers to the FBI ‘lacked candor’. Almost sounds innocuous. But is that any defense, when Huber will charge him with several counts of lying to the FBI? I doubt that.


      • The Phantom Stranger says:

        I’ll tell you this, I don’t believe we will see Peter Strzok fired before the 2018 elections. The corrupt DOJ and FBI will do everything possible to keep him employed until the elections are over in November. It’s what I would do if I were a Democrat with any power over the process. They will slow walk his firing. I think it’s one of the main reasons why the IG report kept getting delayed.

        His dismissal would be prima facie evidence used by right-wing media to help prove that Trump was conspired against by government forces under Obama. It’s the type of easy talking point that would move the House vote 1-2 percentage points by itself across the country.

        2018 is a death battle for the Democrats. They know everything is lost if the Republicans retain the House and Senate another two years, and this time with less elected RINOs helping them out.


  17. mr.piddles says:

    Page 403.

    “Strzok told us that he did not interpret Page’s reference to “protect the country from that menace” to refer to Trump. He stated, “I take menace a little differently. I take, I take the menace as, again, I view any foreign interference with our electoral process to be a threat, to be a violation of law…. So when I see menace, I, you know, is that Trump, is that Russian interference, is it the combination of the two?””

    Wait. Hold on one gosh darned second here! Is that James Comey? Is that.. is that Strzok saying that? Or Comey?!? Or… ? I’m confused!!! Because THAT sounds EXACTLY like something James Comey would say in that mealy mouthed manner he trots out all the time. Bullsh*t meter pegged in the “Red Alert” section. Bullsh*t meter = pegged.


    On a positive note: Strzok is apparently not a very good B.S. artist. I’ve known a few over the years. They don’t talk like he do, I can tell you that much.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      Bill Clinton is the world’s master of B.S.


    • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

      Strzok doesn’t really answer the question of what he meant by “protect the country from that menance.” Did he mean the Russians, now Pres. Trump or both?

      We know that he means Pres. Trump, of course.

      As Sir Walter Scott said, “oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.”


    • Newt Love says:

      > “… [Strzok] stated, “I take menace a little differently. I take, I take the menace as, again, I view any … interference …”

      Next, Strzok will try to pin his response on his [soon to be ex] wife, [like McCabe and his lawyer blamed McCabe’s lying under oath on the stress he felt from PDJT’s Tweets.]

      “I take menace a little differently. I take, I take the menace as, again, I view any … interference] in my life as Donald Trump’s fault.

      BTW, Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, works at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. and was promoted to assistant director in 2012.


      • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

        Melissa Hodgman was appointed Associate Director of SEC Enforcement Division in October 2016.


        Coincedence? Maybe, like the $675K donation to Jill McCabe’s campaign.

        I wonder how today, Father’s Day, is going at the Strzok and Page households. Do SJWs expect fidelity in their marriages? There might not be divorces – General Petraeus and his wife and Paula Broadwell and her husband didn’t split.


  18. Paco Loco says:

    We are like dogs chasing our own tails. It’s an endless loop and we never ever catch it. The Muller investigation has no restriction on scope thanks to RR. Muller and his team of Partisan investigator/prosecutors are focused on one thing and that’s to take down PDJT anyway they can.

    The Russia collusion went by the wayside months ago because it never happened, no proof, nada. With his unrestrained scope of work, Muller decides that he’ll get at POTUS through current and former political associates like Flynn, Manafort et al. He’s made a public display of his ruthlessness to prosecute Flynn and Manafort that’s become the hallmark of this witch hunt. This bastard wants to see PDJT in chains and his family destroyed.

    The IG report clearly unveiled the FBI bias for Clinton and the animas and pure hate that they hold for Pres. Trump. It appears that Sessions and RR are completely compromised and are actively behind Mullers witch hunt. They all have to be taken out and shut down. The FBI is equally compromised and Wray is incompetent to clean his own house.

    I keep trying to guess how PDJT is going to bring this to an end. Right now I don’t see any alternatives but to fire them all and nominate a new AG and Dir. FBI. Who will then clean house of the biased agents and attorneys.

    Sessions and RR must go. Wray must go. Muller must go. This whole fiasco is like a disease on the body politic. Please PDJT, KILL IT BEFORE IT SPREADS!

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    • Barnestormer says:

      I agree with you that Russian “collusion” never happened, but I believe an actual investigation INVOLVING Russia did: an effort to determine whether Russia had emails from Hillary’s server (not the DNC’S), and if so to keep that information out of the public’s knowledge from its most likely feared source–the Trump campaign.

      Which explains the spying on every person who satisfied two criteria, however tenuous: i) some connection to the Trump campaign and ii) some nexus with Russia or a Russian. Because “collusion” was only a cover for the real investigative purpose, it had to be continued via Rosenstein and Mueller even after Hillary’s election loss mooted that real purpose. Now, despite Mueller’s best attempt to transition from a crude cover story to a credible fantasy of collusion, and failing, it appears that “obstruction of justice,” preposterous as that appears, will have to do as the basis for Trump’s impeachment.

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    • Brant says:

      I think the entire country is basically in a holding pattern wait and see mode until Wednesday, November 7 (really, Tuesday/Wednesday about 1-2 AM). If we win, things will start moving much faster. If we lose, well, that is too distressing to contemplate.


  19. Steve H. says:

    Brother Sundance should get his own radio and tv shows. He is superior to the others out there. At least your own website. Let me know if you need assistance.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “Brother Sundance should get his own radio and tv shows. …”

      Sundance could use the Stephen Hawking voice APP to read his words, protecting the Sundance anonymity!


  20. phoenixRising says:

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  21. mr.piddles says:

    Oh, here’s some more jewels from our favorite Secret Agent Superhero.

    Page 405.
    Mueller was appointed Special Counsel on May 17, 2017. The next day Strzok and Page exchanged text messages in a discussion of whether Strzok should join the Special Counsel’s investigation. Strzok wrote: “For me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it with MYE. Now I need to fix it and finish it.”

    Strzok said that he wanted to “finish” the Russia investigation rather than be reassigned midway through and lose the institutional knowledge of issues being investigated by the Special Counsel. He further stated that he was referring to Russia’s use of the Midyear investigation in its election interference efforts. Strzok explained, “[I]t wasn’t so much the investigation about Midyear, but then how it played into, how it was being portrayed in the political environment, how it was being leveraged by the government of Russia and all the social media disseminations…. [W]e then came to see all this kind of overlap and replaying of events with regard to the involvement of Russia, and certainly the back-and-forth with some elements of the Trump campaign.” When asked what he wanted “to fix,” Strzok identified the misperception that “Russia wasn’t involved,” given that “Russia did interfere with our elections.”

    This guy should have brushed up on his B.S. Artistry before he waded into the deep end of the pool. He is in over his head. Big time.

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    • DeWalt says:

      I’m curious if everyone in the room was laughing at this point.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        “blah blah blah social media disseminations blah blah blah…”

        In the corner of the room, FBI Agent #1 whispering to FBI Agent #2:

        Agent #1> “Are we getting this on video?”
        Agent #2> “Yup! And I’m going to be passing this one around the office!”
        Both> *snickers*
        Agent #1> “OMG, is this guy in TROUBLE! ‘Social media disseminations’!!! Baaahh hahhahahaa”
        Both> *uncontrolled laugh-snorts*
        etc. etc.

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      • DanO64 says:

        I’m surprised he didn’t mention Stormy Daniels and say she was a Russian plant too.

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    • DeWalt says:

      Keep in mind, any issues within the Russian investigation he helped orchestrate.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        I think it’s Sad-Hilarious that he never even sat down at the Dunay breakfast table with a legal pad and a pen and thought to himself “Ok, how am I going to explain all of this if somebody asks”.

        Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, folks.

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        • mr.piddles says:

          That’s “Sunday”.


        • Newt Love says:

          > “… [Strzok] never even sat down… with a legal pad and a pen and thought to himself “Ok, how am I going to explain all of this if somebody asks”. [Strzok was] Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, folks.”

          Strzok was flying by the seat of his pants, winging it willy-nilly, ignoring FBI Standard Practices and Procedures, all legal precedents, and the US Constitution guarantees of the 4th and 6th Amendment Rights to US Persons.

          Peter Strzok was the perfect FBI agent to work for SC Mueller, who believes that he is a God, all powerful, and above the US Constitution, or any other puny law in the US Canon.

          SC Mueller believes that his attorneys, and the US Courts, should not extend any of the 6th or 4th Amendment protections to Manafort or the Russians under indictment.

          Mueller has learned his lesson, only use Obama appointed judges in the DC district, They too, do not recognize the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

          After this is all over, and the Donkey blood has flowed, the (R) guys in the US Congress need to impeach a few Communist judges involved in this American fiasco!


    • Newhere says:

      Everyone one of them is all-in on Trump/Russia having been a real thing. At least at the beginning. They can survive it coming to nothing — so long as they hold onto the excuse that it was real when it started. It’s all they have. And it’s exactly what the next 2 IG reports take aim at. A long way to fall.


  22. Trump has a habit of keeping his campaign promises. The main one I remember is “LOCK HER UP!”

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  23. zephyrbreeze says:

    A professional poker player discusses Trump’s approach in this twitter thread. I think he’s right on.

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  24. IMO says:

    …and Admiral Rogers/NSA had everything. These swamp creatures are Stupid.

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  25. mr.piddles says:

    RE: the infamous “We’ll stop it.” text.

    Page 404, footnote 203:

    “Although we received Page’s August 8 text message to Strzok from the FBI as part of its production of text messages in 2017, Strzok’s response to Page was not among those preserved by the FBI’s text message preservation software, and therefore was not produced to us. The OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office recovered this text message, along with others, in May 2018 through forensic analysis of a folder found on Page’s and Strzok’s Samsung S5 devices.”

    May 2018? That was last month, when we’re all sitting around thinking “Where the hell is this IG report?” I assumed that whole text exchange was ALWAYS available but redacted. But it sounds like somebody tried to scrub something, and the scrubbing was… as usual with this crew… done by a bunch of amateurs. (BTW, 20% off BleachBit this month, coupon code: IMPEACH45).

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  26. Concerned says:

    Can you get the THE HOROWITZ IG REPORT on a roll? I think, I have a use for it.


    • Newt Love says:

      ” >”Can you get the THE HOROWITZ IG REPORT on a roll? …”

      What like a Lobster Roll? Is that like a Philly Cheese Steak on a Hoagie Roll?”

      Just a parody of HRC asking “Wiping? Like with a cloth?”


  27. Good question!


    • mr.piddles says:

      They call dat “too busy to git busy”.

      (Ok, I just made that up).


    • Oldschool says:

      Ann’s warming up in the bullpen.⚾️


    • ladypenquin says:

      Considering they weren’t doing any legitimate work, they should refund their salaries to the American taxpayers.

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    • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

      Sundance thought that the “affair” was a cover for Strzok and Page spending their time texting back and forth plotting against the God-Emperor. Does he still think that?


    • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

      In a 520-day period, that’s an average of 142.115385 texts a day – is that all they did all day?


    • Newt Love says:

      > “… FBI produced 73,900 text messages between Strzok & Page from June 30, 2015, to December 1, 2016.”

      June 30 is the last day of the month.
      December 1 is the first day of that month.
      So, there were 73,900 text messages (that we know of) and a non-innumerated number of emails @*.gov or @*.gmail… over 17 months of time.
      That’s an average of 4,347 texts per month.
      Using 30 days as an “average” month, Page and Strzok did, on average, 145 messages per day.
      Assuming 8 hours of sleep, (awake 16 hours a day), on average, Page and Strzok texted each other, on average, 9 times an hour per day. (Even during the hours that Page and Strzok were with their actual spouses.)

      I’m really in love with my sweetie, and while at work, we exchange one or maybe two emails during the day, and maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks, an actual phone call, and then I get off work, and let her know I’m on my way home.

      On average, while at work, I contact my wife about an average of 1.3 times a day. (I have no mistress! I don’t have enough money!)

      Let’s assume that Sundance is right, that the “affair” is a farce. Why would Page and Strzok need to contact each other so many times in a day?

      They are unstable mental cases in need of constant stroking (pun!) of their egos, and reassurance for their fragile (snowflake) lives.

      They should never have passed the psych eval to get their jobs. Strzok should never have been issued a weapon permit.


      • Issy says:

        I could not agree more with the last sentence. These two were so immature and irresponsible it boggles the mind as to how they had such high ranking jobs. Their presence in the fbi makes the statement, the fbi is the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, a total joke.


  28. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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  29. Zippy says:

    Quotes for the day:

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watchmen?)” – Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, Roman poet, 1st Century AD

    “Nemo videtur. (No one, it seems.)” – Me, today

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  30. ladypenquin says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this, but worth reading a poker player’s take on our #MAGA situation: Thread by Daniel Ashman

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  31. zooamerica says:

    Time for a “Royal” Flush.


  32. jus wundrin says:

    “Think about it from Clinton’s perspective.”

    After the discovery of her emails on wieners laptop, I would imagine that you could fry eggs on hillarys head for a month. Speaking of huma, has anyone seen her lately?

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    • pmdea says:

      When did Weiner get caught sexting was it around 28/29th August 2016? Remember seeing photos of Huma and HRC looking shell shocked around this time. Did Weiner come clean and tell Huma what was on the laptop at this time, presuming she was not the one doing the back up of emails onto his laptop over 10 years (2006 – 2016).

      HRC would have gone into fixit mode – I always felt someone would have let Comey know at this time re situation of emails on the laptop – don’t buy that he didn’t know early on (POTUS knows he is a main player.)

      Would be interesting to know if the emails where downloaded slowly over the years or after HRC server is discovered. The emails Weiner handed over to Preet Bharara would be ones the FBI already had – wouldn’t HRC/Huma ensure this? Can’t see Weiner doing the plea deal against their wishes.

      Did Strzok or McCabe have the heads up in Aug also what may come their way?


  33. thinkthinkthink says:

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  34. Newhere says:

    Remember how Clinton staffers, Mills and Samuelson — the ones who separated the “work” emails from the “personal” (and who later posed as Clinton’s “lawyers” so they could sit in on her FBI interview and claim privilege over evidence that would show obstruction) — remember how they were offered “consent agreements” to hand over the laptops they used for the email sorting (i.e., the “culling laptops”), and were granted also sorts of restrictions on what could be reviewed, along with the assurance the laptops would be destroyed?

    Well file this one away for later. Page 122, footnote 106:

    “On June 11, 2018, the FBI informed the OIG that the FBI still had in its possession the culling laptops and all other evidence collected during the Midyear investigation.”

    And, think: in Congressional testimony, didn’t Wray leave the door open to re-opening the Clinton server investigation, pending the outcome of the IG investigation? And hasn’t Sessions confirmed that the Clinton Foundation investigation is still active, likely moving along in multiple field offices? And didn’t Sessions confirm again, in his statement on the OIG report, that the report represents only a part of action, that Huber’s up-and-running full steam?

    So here’s my sanity check for the day: Either Trump’s Justice department is sweeping under the rug criminal activity that is out in the public domain for all to see, and which is pissing the ripe holy hell out of PDJT’s base (and increasingly those who care deeply about law enforcement) — all the while assuring the public and the President, “don’t worry, we’re on it” —

    OR, Trump’s Justice department is doing precisely what it keeps telling us it’s doing: aggressively pursuing cases, buttoning them up so that when indictments come they’re air tight. Just because Sessions and Wray aren’t screaming it everyday doesn’t mean they haven’t told us that this is what they’re doing.

    And if we’re being duped, so is President Trump. Does anyone believe that possibly could be the case?

    Would President Trump keep Sessions and Wray in office if he thought they were white-washing or slow-walking? If he thought their insufferable process was jeopardizing the chance to clean house and show the country justice — after running on it and tweeting about it throughout his presidency? Would he abide Rosenstein out of political fear or naivete? That’s just not Trump.

    Trump could replace Sessions tomorrow by dropping in a Senate-approved “acting” to crack skulls. (Think the President is afraid to?) Which tells me that Sessions is on it. And which also tells me that if Trump is willing to endure such a protracted, damaging assault on his presidency by actors whose criminality is plain as day, flaunted even — he and his Justice department are GOING BIG. They aren’t aiming just to make it all go away, to battle to a draw (they could have done that by now, if they wanted to — they could have jockeyed a cease-fire).

    You don’t ignore criminality and let your enemies get so much traction in a *treason* investigation without knowing with ironclad certainty that what’s building will bring it all down. Think of it this way: however big the Mueller thing gets, Trump must know what’s building is that much bigger. And as long as it takes is precisely as long as it must to come crashing with full force.

    I don’t like people telling me to “trust,” especially when what we see is confounding and I just quite frankly don’t get it. I will, however, apply Occam’s razor.

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    • Mike says:

      First, I took a shot answering your earlier questions.

      It is encouraging that the report said the FBI still has the laptops and evidence.
      It is discouraging to see the investigative and prosecutorial malpractice by the FBI/Justice, since I first started following this in Sept of 2016. The FBI is NOT THAT STUPID or INCOMPETENT, this in my opinion, is CRIMINAL.

      I have no idea why Trump defended not just Wray, but Rosenstein. I believe Trump is a lot smarter than people think, so I hope for the best.

      The only thing I saw that looked like police work was the IG report on McCabe. NO prosecution followed, and based on my experience I see no reason to delay indicting McCabe.

      The conclusion to the IG report and Wray’s statement were pathetic.

      Mara Liasson (yes she is a lefty and I think she is full of crap) said her sources told her the senate told Trump if he fires Sessions, they won’t approve a replacement.
      The IG report provided a lot of excellent information, but many more questions.

      I have little confidence in Sessions, none in Wray, I think Rosenstein and team Mueller are part of the coup. No way do I believe Strzok, Priestap, or any of the the other “small group” are cooperating.

      If Huber was going to prosecute this, why the hell would they refer McCabe to the DC USA Office, where Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s brother is an assistant USA?
      In my opinion so much more should have, and could have been done.

      I am sorry but this whole thing stinks.

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      • De Oppresso Libre says:

        It has also been reported that whomever had physical possession of Debbie’s infamous Pakistani intel agency goldmine laptop, has had it “stolen” from them. Evidence of that importance just “stolen,” in the middle of the night, I suppose. It should not be very difficult to determine exactly who was responsible for the security/accountability of that evidence, and prosecute them until they give up who took it….like Debbie’s brother, perhaps?

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… If Huber was going to prosecute this, why the hell would they refer McCabe to the DC USA Office, where Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s brother is an assistant USA?
        In my opinion so much more should have, and could have been done. …”

        I love it when you rock the boat.
        FBI / DoJ / IG: If there is nothing to hide, then come clean!

        Stop hiding the evidence. Release everything to the Constitutionally Mandated Congressional Oversight Committees. The majority of the American people believe that you are dishonest lying dirtbags. We wouldn’t trust the FBI or DoJ to protect us from a terrorist, but would be certain that if we became a prominent (R) Party person, the FBI and DoJ would do everything they could to tear us down and bankrupt us from imposed legal fees.

        Prove us wrong.
        Stop threatening staffers of the Congressional Oversight Committees with subpoenaing their communications and Federal Prosecution for them just trying to do their jobs.

        Stop being J Edgar Hoover, (or worse) in your screaming denial of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        If you stopped acting like a Communist activist, maybe We the People might start to believe the FBI and DoJ are not sedition central, and not the epicenter of Treason against the duly elected POTUS 45.

        The old joke is “Yes or no: have you stopped beating your wife”

        I ask you, FBI Director Wray, and AG Rosenstein (Sessions who?):
        + Has the FBI and DoJ stopped trying to frame PDJT for the non-crime of “Collusion?”
        + Has the FBI and DoJ stopped getting illegal FISA warrants to capture the phone, text and email messages of ALL Trump family and associates, and even the pizza joints that those associates prefer?

        So, FBI Director Wray and AG Rosenstein (Sessions who?), have you stopped trying to overthrow the US Government, and the duly elected POTUS 45?

        I thought you both took an Oath of Office that required you to defend the US Constitution and the US Government against treasonous traitors like you two, and all of the FBI and DoJ personnel that you are shielding.

        Keep it up, and you are likely to trigger the 2nd American Civil War!


  35. jeans2nd says:

    “Who was the primary stakeholder in the laptop? And who, as a matter of this very specific set of circumstances, did not have any control over the data?”

    Not Clinton. Clinton already had full control over FBI/DOJ.
    And every FBI SAC had been given talking points and narrative, especially during Oct 2016.

    Read Chapter 8 of the OIG report. Chapter 8 is a detailed description of the activities of the MYE team during the month of Oct 2016.
    The MYE team’s mission was to direct the narrative of the Clinton exoneration. Not investigate.
    Heck, there was no time for these people to investigate. Comey was in San Diego for much of Oct 2016, as was McCabe for 1/2 of Oct 2016.

    Were Clinton notified – doubtful – it was just a heads-up fyi, as Kadzick had already done with Podesta in another circumstance. imo

    Example –
    Comey, in one speech to the SAC Conference in San Diego, 12 Oct 2016.
    In discussing the decision not to prosecute Clinton over Clinton’s emails, Comey said in response to “if an FBI agent did what Clinton did,”
    —>>>Pg 266 “I’m also highly confident, in fact, certain you would not be criminally prosecuted for that conduct…. ”
    Nothing will happen to Strzock. “Promises made, gifts exchanged…”

    Every SAC, their superiors, and subordinates, knew there would be special treatment for FBI agents.

    These FBI HQ people are not investigators. The FBI HQ people in D.C. are script writers, play/movie producers, and PR guys.
    Promising candidates are brought in from field offices, trained, and sent back out to field offices to direct the day-to-day events of the current production.

    Which is how we end up with results like Parkland, San Bernadino, Pulse Nightclub, Las Vegas, Texas Draw Mohammed, Fast & Furious, etc etc ad infinitum.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Richard Whitney says:

    @SD…I am curious about this:
    >>The case agent told us that he felt he was asked questions about information that he had already reported up the chain of command in September. He stated: “They were asking questions that I had already repeatedly answered in other calls.”<<
    Why would they do that? Is it possible that they were trying to get an answer different from the previous answers to the same questions, in order to discredit the agent?
    Is there another explanation for the agent who wonders why they asked the same questions he already had answered?


    • jello333 says:

      I think they were trying to set him up for being the REASON for the delay. “Hey, why didn’t you tell us about this sooner?” “I did, I told you…” “Oh no you didn’t.”

      And if that’s what was going on, and the agent suspects that, then I imagine he’s gonna be a great witness against the scumbags, seeing as how they were trying to make him the fall guy.

      Liked by 2 people

  37. Brian Baker says:

    “we lacked legal authority to obtain the contents of Strzok’s personal email account”

    Maybe Horowitz should have said “pretty please” and “with a cherry on top.” Meanwhile, a special counsel operating with Mueller’s authority would already have all the contents of Strzok’s personal email account and had him wearing an ankle bracelet by now.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Regina musser says:

    Arrest them all see who makes deal to squel !!

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Steve H. says:

    I just did my civic duty. I referred this to the Washington DC district attorney office for prosecution. I think they may never had a open and shut case served to them on a silver platter before. This should be quick and easy for the AG to handle.


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