HERE IT IS – Inspector General Report on FBI and DOJ Conduct During Clinton Investigation – Full 568 page pdf

The 18-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email has been released – OIG RELEASE LINK HERE

This IG inquiry is specifically looking into whether the FBI investigation was corrupted by political influence in their determination of the Clinton outcome. The IG report provides background on the overall issues, the potential crimes; the subsequent coverup; and the corruption that infested the 2016 Department of Justice and the FBI.

Here’s The Report:

(pdf link)


Don’t Comment Unless You’ve Read The Full Report

Important note.  Read, but don’t focus on, the “executive summary” or “conclusions”; those two sections were written by political administrators in FBI and DOJ leadership.  Focus on the substance of the documented facts within the IG report.  You’ll note the specific facts don’t support the “summary/conclusion”.

Analysis will follow.

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1,316 Responses to HERE IT IS – Inspector General Report on FBI and DOJ Conduct During Clinton Investigation – Full 568 page pdf

  1. Massachusetts Deplorable says:

    Maybe someone can help me to understand. I am familiar with basic industrial control theory. It is basic to understand that all instruments have some error in them. But several are involved in any one control loop. The errors don’t add to amount to one big error – rather they randomly tend to cancel the total error out. Plus here but about the same percent of error but in the minus direction there.
    If all the discretionary choices and mistakes in the investigation all point in the direction of exoneration or non conclusion why shouldn’t I suspect that was the desired outcome? Bias being the most reasonable explanation.
    No smoking gun, nothing that anyone can really get a grip on and point to as evidence of a fix – but
    an accumulation of seemingly innocent judgments and events that only go one way.
    I hope this report is so bland only because there are several criminal investigations still going on and the IG is being careful to avoid making too many details public. I hope. But I would feel much better if Congress could finally prevail on Sessions to appoint a second special council. Someone who would be forthcoming with the Congressional Committees, as well as being capable of doing a robust investigation. This report seems proof positive that the DOJ cannot be trusted to investigate itself and its partners.

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    • Sue says:

      According to Johnathan Turley, Sessions has full prosecutorial power through Huber and IG and special prosecutor isn’t necessary. However two things have to happen to make this an speedy and honest process. (1) Rosenstein needs to be OUT and (2) Trump needs to execute an Executive Order to declassify everything and he needs the FULL SUPPORT of his base calling for declassification through twitter and every known possible means. There is a petition now too for declassification. Sign it and send it to others to sign. And push for declassifying all documents.


    • The part of Industrial control theory you mention applies to a singular repetitive event in a process (like an interview with Flynn), not a series of different events (like the mfg process of an entire Flynn investigation). In a single event the errors naturally fall on both sides of the spec’s and form a bell curve that cancel each other out. In mfg and other additive processes like a Flynn investigation, when you introduce an error at one event in the process, it amplifies errors within subsequest events, creating an ever-expanding culture of corruption (oh what a tangled web we weave, when we start to deceive).

      The FBI/DOJ are happy to concede individuals making single unconnected errors, but they will vigorously resist all efforts to blame their culture. Many Trumpers including me want to highlight the culture issue (rigged system). But the reality is that the only way to fix the culture is to fix the relaxed tolerance of errors at individual small events.

      When you change policy to record the Flynn interviews, then you remove the opportunity for McCabe to change the 302’s, which prevents the need for Mueller to silence Flynn with threats to his family, which ruins the whole Fidelity – Bravery – Integrity thing. Comey’s leadership style never figured this out. Maybe because Comey never made anything real in his life.

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  2. Mia C says:

    Five FBI agents have been referred for disciplinary action over private messages from IG report.

    “She better win, otherwise I’m gonna be walking around with both my guns.” Agent 5 responded.


  3. Tl Howard says:

    Catherine Herridge of Fox is doing an excellent job of pointing out what’s important to note and she, like Sundance, is aware of the importance of the wording of the summary, esp. in light of the details of the report.

    Real reporters are actually reading the thing. Other than Herridge, let’s see how many there are.

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  4. Justbill says:

    I know it says don’t comment until I’ve read the whole report, but just halfway through the Executive Summary, I didn’t know if I could stomach the rest. I should have skipped this part and gone to the report itself. Do these people think we’re stupid? Do they think this is a game? Cold anger has set in with the only remedy being complete destruction of these traitors.

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    • cwf60 says:

      The answers to your questions are yes and yes.


    • RJ says:

      Lawyers have a tendency to protect one another, don’t they?


      • Firefly says:

        They sure do. In a my whistleblower case the JAG threw a truthful 2 star general under the bus to protect a lying sociopathic gs-12 attorney. It rattled the Generals that the JAG wasn’t protecting them- especially when in the right. Ultimately, the general finally got the gs-12 attorney fired- but the 2 Star General was ruined and forced to retire.


  5. Major Rage says:

    I have that sinking feeling that the IG has copped-out on this investigation, thrown in the towel, hung up his cleats, faded into the gloom.

    Is it possible that he is not showing us everything that he found out? Is there more than this – enough to warrant criminal investigations and possible indictments? I can’t say I’m satisfied with what I’ve seen so far.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Will indictments drop tomorrow or next week?


    • Newhere says:

      Well, I hope this isn’t a cop out. Because there’s a lot more to come, and we need for Horowitz to have done his job. And yes, there’s likely more in the classified appendices. And yes, there’s likely more that would be relevant to a criminal case that was not within the scope of Horowitz’s misconduct investigation.

      And FWIW — as an internal investigator, Horowitz’s primary mission is to straight-report; that means providing responses and accounts of the relevant players without editorial. He’s not just a mouthpiece — he gets at all angles so that inconsistencies or likely falsehoods become apparent. But the point isn’t to pass judgment or “make a case.” His conclusions on misconduct must stem from even-handed assessment, taking accounts at face-value, evaluated in context and weighed against countervailing evidence.

      This can be frustrating, but remember, USA Huber has been working alongside since last year. Huber drops the hammer. A prosecutor also gathers facts, but there’s a reason they call the focus of the investigation a “target.” His posture is adversarial, looking to make the case, not a “neutral” arbiter of facts like Horowitz. Both are important.

      And the careful work in this report has given us (and Huber) A LOT of information, meticulously compiled. Horowitz has rundown timelines, and asked a gazillion questions. One way to think of this is “groundwork” for eventual prosecutions.

      Let’s hope.


      • Major Rage says:

        All true. But I would feel better about it if I knew that Huber’s Grand Jury was burning the midnight oil in Salt Lake City.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Not 1 yet, and Huber attending Utah press conferences on local issues.

        3D chess like Sessions, or bad omen?


  6. This is bizarre:

    Page 298:

    “Strzok echoed this notion that the Weiner laptop was not initially his highest priority. He stated:
    This is just, you know a lead that likely is going to result in some investigation, maybe some data we’re going to have to review, you know, January, February 2017, whenever it gets done. In my experience, it is not unusual at all for processing to crap out and have to get restarted, or to have problems with certain types of media…. This isn’t a, a ticking terrorist bomb. This is a, you know, again, despite the high-profile nature of the client, a, and a very serious case, something where it goes in the queue and gets prioritized and they’re going through it. So, if you were to ask me, you know, were there alarm bells going off in my head on October 15th that we haven’t heard back? No, absolutely not. I didn’t expect, it would not have surprised me to have heard back in early-November or to have heard back in early-December.”

    CLIENT? Strzok thought of Weiner as being the FBI’s client?!?!

    I’m going to bed at page 300. More reading and covfefe in the morning. God night, patriots, and God bless you all.


    • Or perhaps he thought of Crooked Hillary as the client?

      Either way, the FBI is illegitimate.


    • Mickturn says:

      Comey said they ‘evaluated’ all the info on Weiners laptop…bla bla bla. I’ll tell you what they did (from over 20 years of experience in Computer forensics)…they did searches on specific words/phrases and then not finding A REAL HOT Smoking Gun, blew it off.

      What they DID NOT DO was actually read the emails etc., and connect the dots! No forensics on any data search is complete unless ALL of the info is read, fully understood and fully ‘threaded’ as to subject, intent, action, results. It’s like reading an email thread and only reading a middle entry, you cannot get the entire context that way. I feel the FBI did this ‘in a hurry’ for two key reasons. One, they really didn’t want to know, and Two, they were protecting Hitlery by doing a HALF ARSED JOB!

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  7. pmdea says:

    Not much more OIG report to read, once you get to the Huma/Weiner/Hillary email section the report starts to go downhill from there on in for the FBI ‘group.’ They start to become “can’t recall” group. Comey has a lot of selective amnesia around this.

    After their supposed efforts in MYE investigation – likely all HRC’s emails from 2006 – 2016 (650 thousand) where sitting on a laptop in Huma’s house – possibly emails that showed ‘intent’ as to why HRC had used a home server. No warrant was ever previously obtained to get all Huma’s devices (sham investigation). They then only did a quick review of sorts for Huma/HRC’s emails for years when HRC was SOS, (once main justice were notified) – James Baker thought it should have been more thorough,per report.

    Showing ‘intent’ for mishandling ‘C’ info still seems skewed – a legal argument a defence lawyer may have made but not the investigators!!

    Didn’t get a good feel that Priestap was upfront re warrant for Huma’s emails, from Weiner’s laptop, being kinda ‘forgotten.’

    Conflicted Comey’s weak leadership and self preservation really come through in the report; he was a terrible decision maker whether political bias proved or not – he relies so much on feelings and appearances.

    Leaking, media bribes, conflicting statements, breach of protocol, bias, unprofessional conduct- using non government emails for work, personal texting on work devices – are in the report.
    If the summary/conclusion had been worded differently it would have had a stronger impact on the details contained within.

    Of course HRC and Huma are still at large, combing the planet for more donations, with their new Blackberries in hand …..

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  8. Atpooka says:

    Strzok stated that Giuliano told the team,

    [T]his is not going to become some octopus…. The focus of the investigation [is] the appearance of classified information on [Clinton

    s] personal emails and that server during the time she was Secretary of State.

    Strzok further stated that the FBI
    ’s “purpose and mission” was not to pursue “spilled [classified] information to the ends of the earth” and that the task of cleaning up classified spills by State
    Department employees was referred back to the State Department. He told us that the FBI

    s focus was whether there was
    a “violation of federal law.”


  9. Atpooka says:

    “INSD assessed the FBI Midyear Exam investigation successfully determined classified information was improperly stored and
    transmitted on Clinton’s email server, and classified information was
    compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign
    government’s or intellige
    nce services, via cyber intrusion or other means [referring to compromises of email accounts associated with certain individuals who
    communicated with Clinton’s server, such as
    Blumenthal]. However, the structure of the investigation and prosecution team, as prescribed in the CD PG, and treatment of the investigation as a traditional espionage matter rather than a criminal investigation significantly hindered the ability of the investigative team to obtain full, accurate and timely information.”


    • 6x47 says:

      “the structure of the investigation and prosecution team, as prescribed in the CD PG, and treatment of the investigation as a traditional espionage matter rather than a criminal investigation significantly hindered the ability of the investigative team to obtain full, accurate and timely information.”

      Well DUH. That was the entire purpose!

      Oh – and giving immunity to key witnesses/co-conspirators, in order to confound the ability of future investigators and prosecutors to undo the coverup.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      After badgering by PT, Sessions supposedly reopened the Hillary Clinton email fiasco.

      Some Treepers here noted it. It was several months ago.


  10. rorschach says:

    I don’t care if it costs us (taxpayers) a billion dollars to piece this together and present it. They need to start at the bottom and work their way all the way to the top prosecuting this sh*t.

    All the way. Maximum penalties allowed by law.

    No one should get out of this alive.


  11. rorschach says:

    Page 274 footnote 165. Complete and utter disregard for preservation of the chain of custody and destruction of evidence.


  12. rorschach says:

    Page 294. Coleman really needs to be squeezed hard. You don’t forget why you wrote a note like that.


    • Firefly says:

      He might have been told not to remember. In my whistleblower case I deposed superiors and specifically asked if they were ever advised not to recall something. The answer was yes for two levels of my supervisors- but neither recalled who advised him.


  13. rorschach says:

    So they very consciously and specifically insulated Clinton/Abedin from any exposure by narrowing the focus of what they were allowed to review on Weiner’s laptop.

    Ref. Page 276:

    “The AUSAs provided written guidance to the case agent about how to handle review of the laptop. In a September 28 email to the case agent and the SSA, AUSA 1 advised that the case agent should review “only evidence of crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children, enticement, and obscenity” and instructed the case agent “that all emails and other communications between Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (even if there are other parties to the communication) should be sequestered and not reviewed at this time.” The case agent agreed and responded that the “[o]nly emails I will review are those to/from Weiner accounts to which [Huma Abedin] is not party.”


  14. jeans2nd says:

    Completed first read-through.
    Did we expect anything more?
    Why would we expect anything more? We knew who/what is in D.C. aka The Swamp. Heck, 92+% of them voted for Clinton.

    But we, emphasize WE, elected Donald J. Trump. We did that. In spite of all the Swamp Dwellers machinations.
    The words mean nothing. Actions are being taken in D.C. Things are changing. We just do not hear about the changes.

    15,000 Swamp Dwellers are being moved out of D.C., in the continuing efforts to dissipate The Swamp – see Fed News Radio twitter feed and articles. Here is just one
    1,000 EPA employees are being offered buyouts. AG Sec Sonny Perdue is once again first in upgrading and trying out new puter systems.
    Their angst is real, and fully enjoyable.

    Fed retirement bennies are changing. The Swamp Dwellers, and cannot stop it.
    There are so many other things changing in D.C. to which to listen.

    Change is hard, and takes time. But change is happening, thanks to the President we elected, Donald J. Trump. Our President.

    Meanwhile, still turning over ideas..
    After all, revenge is a dish best served cold, after hot anger has dissolved into Cold Anger.


  15. CM-TX says:

    Re: Excuse for why Combetta was not put before a (non-existent) Grand Jury.

    Prosecutor 4 to OIG:
    “Generally, I think people overestimate the value of the grand jury to get people that are lying to tell the truth. My experience, I’ve had the best luck with working with defense counsel or having very aggressive interviews with them personally, one-on-one, which I would typically not want to do in the grand jury. You know, if I’m going to beat somebody up to get them to tell the truth, I don’t want 23 grand jurors sitting around while I’m yelling at somebody.”

    (🤨There are so many things wrong with this statement!)

    I prefer “one-on-one” (NO GJ/defense attorney) interrogations. So there’s no record/anyone watching me bully a witness into telling MY version of the truth. Which on testimony, you’ll just have to take my word for – or read the statement I forced the witness into signing.


    • CM-TX says:


      Prosecutor 4 (email reply re. Lisa Page)

      “I’m fine. I don’t like “former prosecutors”
      [Page] giving their opinions from the cheap seats. I have been known throughout my career by the agents I work with as the most aggressive prosecutor that they have ever seen. 📌 During my last five jury trials I have forced no fewer than a dozen lawyers to testify against their former clients*.” …

      (Just confirming Attorney/Client Privilege doesn’t exist for the DOJ… & he/she’s PROUD of it!)


  16. jmclever says:

    Page 166 (scribd numbering) Hillary Clintkn is really good at playing dumb


  17. jmclever says:

    I have a feeling that the kid gloves, by the book handling of Clinton’s MYE will be used against them when all is said and done with Trump/Russia hoax. Only on 180 (scribd numbering) and can already see where Mueller & Co. have broken the very protocols and procedures they were so careful to follow with the presumed next president.


  18. jmclever says:

    Probably the biggest evidence of bias is the way The MYE team limited the scope of the investigation to begin with and religiously stuck to it. this allowed them to ignore other troubling issues and still maintain the appearance of procedural purity. Notice how this is radically absent in the Mueller investigation


    • Kcarp says:

      It was like they were investigating a bank robber to determine if he robbed a bank on a Tuesday in a yellow car at 3:46 pm. He may have robbed a bank on Monday and Wednesday in a yellow car but since it wasn’t Tuesday at 3:46 pm they weren’t interested.

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  19. jmclever says:

    According to the DoJ IG report, there is a well known culture of mishandling classified info at the State Department (181 scribd numbering). Probably why Hillary was placed there as consolation prize and so she could fatten Clinton Foundstion.


  20. jmclever says:

    Suggesting that investigative decisions be based on this consideration [that Hillary would be next president] was inappropriate and created an appearance of bias. (189, scribd numbering)


  21. jmclever says:

    Nevertheless, we found the decision to allow the Clinton interview to proceed in the presence of two fact witnesses, who also were serving as Clinton’s counsel, was inconsistent with typical investigative strategy (191 scribd)


  22. jmclever says:

    “That might change [declining to charge Hillary] of course, if we could find a smoking-gun email…”(193 scribd numbering).

    And yet the MYE team refused to look at the content of most of the emails and refused to pursue to content of the emails on the Weiner laptop. And coincidentally did not look at most of the Clinton-Abedin email exchanges.


  23. jmclever says:

    Reading through the report and Comey’s comments, it seems to me that Comey is obsessed with the FBI’s image and reputation. My gut feeling is that Comey thinks that his image/reputation is inseparable from that of the institution. Talk about delusions of grandeur.


  24. jmclever says:

    “…following the tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton on June 27, 2016, that she [Former AG Lynch] was not required to recuse herself from the Midyear investigation. She decided not to voluntarily recuse herself for a variety of reasons, including that she did not have a personal relationship with either former President Clinton or former Secretary Clinton”

    Then why did he board her plane in the first place? And why talk about grandkids for 20 minutes?


  25. Pingback: “…make no mistake about it. This report is damning.” – IOTW Report

  26. jmclever says:

    W.r.t. Formulating the exoneration statement, these people were so biased that they perfectly outlined Hillary’s criminal conduct (even investigating with an extremely narrow scope and one eye closed, they found misdemeanor culpability) and couldnt see that she was guilty even though they knew that the opinion among rank and file FBI and others who handle classified info was, “If I did it, I’d be prosecuted.” (Page 228 Scribd numbering)


  27. jmclever says:

    Page 243 (Scribd numbering) describing the infamous tarmac meeting. Maybe Bill Clinton engineered that meeting to deliberately discredit the investigation and the AG thinking that if the appearance of bias was created the investigation would have to be dropped? It’s just too weird how it allegedly happened!


  28. jmclever says:

    Half way done! So far…Page made inappropriate decision w.r.t. clinton interviews, Strzok was biased, Comey is insubordinate, and Lynch gave away her authority in the MYE investigation by making use of Comey’s deliberately constructed offering of plausible deniability


  29. jmclever says:

    The real problem…State Department is Corruption Junction

    According to Prosecutor 4, “
    [T]he problem was the State Department was so screwed up in the way they treated classified information that if you wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton, you would have had to prosecute 150 State Department People. ” (284, Scribd numbering)

    T-rex started the clean up and Mike Pompeo will continue


    • singular says:

      J.Clever, was just thinking about and wondering about the State Department this evening and hoping Pompayo is clearing it out, and that maybe an IG there has or will uncover the rot.


  30. jmclever says:

    Page 287 (scribd numbering) the very thing that let Hillary skate was whether or not she knew things were classified and yet this is the very thing that “strained credulity” with the interviewer. IOW they felt she was lying but couldn’t prove it.

    And then…they gave her the benefit of the doubt because they WANTED to believe she was innocent!


  31. jmclever says:

    Thought…if Strzok and Page’s texts were not considered as evidence of bias that made its way into the gray area of “prosecutorial discretion” then courts cannot use Trump’s campaign trail comments as evidence of bias ( discrimination) against Muslims


  32. jmclever says:

    The fact that the NYO case agent on the Weiner case was afraid he’d be scapegoated tells me that thus was a common practice in the FBI. so when things are not done properly (inherent unrecognized bias invisible to them but obvious to everyone else) they scapegoat someone lower ranked. From the statements to the IG it does seem as if they were in the automatic process of pointing the finger at NYO for the lack of interest in the laptop. (334 Scribd numbering)


  33. jmclever says:

    Does IG codespeak “unpersuasive and concerning” mean “we think you’re lying but can’t prove it?”


  34. jmclever says:

    Strzok’s apparent political bias is the reason he did not pursue the Weiner laptop emails with the same vigor as the rest of the investigation. (Reading between the lines) the other 39 members if the MYE team, even though not all of them got reassigned to Trump Russia investigation, probably had the same bias but left no evidence of it that IG could point to. (page 358 Scribd numbering)


  35. jmclever says:

    the way the MYE team handled the issue of the Weiner laptop is completely different than the way they handled the main part of he MYE investigation. almost like they had a well planned script and then the laptop threw a wrench into the works that caused them to panic.


  36. jmclever says:

    Does anyone else find it preposterous that Huma Abedin had a Yahoo! account that she used for official business? Yahoo! is notorious for being easily hacked and for the company not seeming to care. I deleted my Yahoo! years ago for that very reason and werent they in the news for a major data breach?


  37. jmclever says:

    Page 415 (Scribd numbering) Comey and Lynch talking about leaks out of NY office. Recall that McCabe blamed NY for leaks that he did. Do Comey and Lynch know that NY is McCabes scapegoat? Seems Weiner case agent justified in worrying about being scapegoated by DC people


  38. jmclever says:

    On page 432! Page says that she wasnt calling Trump a menace, but the predicate for the Russia investigation (if it was true) But we discovered that there was no criminal predicate for the Moeller investigation. That it was really a counterintelligence operation and the way the team was staffed seems to corroborate that discovery. Is she lying or was she unaware of the real motives behind Comey getting a SC appointed? Because Comey lies to everyone even when the truth would better suit.


  39. jmclever says:

    the IG report concludes, based on exchange of emails and text messages that The agents and attorneys on the MYE and Russia investigation s are biased, exhibit gross unprofessionalism and extremely poor judgement.

    Other than that, the outcomes were not impacted ! OH PUH-LEEZE!!


  40. jmclever says:

    Almost there…pg 480
    So why is it unnecessary and not even suggested that Lynch recuse after the tarmac meeting but under simila circumstances McCabe is ruled not to need to recuse but basically forced to recuse because of public perception. why do Lynch and McCabe get different treatment?


  41. Dave says:

    “Important note. Read, but don’t focus on, the “executive summary” or “conclusions”; those two sections were written by political administrators in FBI and DOJ leadership. Focus on the substance of the documented facts within the IG report. You’ll note the specific facts don’t support the “summary/conclusion”.

    This seems to be an extraordinarily important point but I can’t find any confirmation of this anywhere. How exactly did you discover this?


  42. jmclever says:

    @!?# The IG report is no longer on Scribd. Grr!!!


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