HERE IT IS – Inspector General Report on FBI and DOJ Conduct During Clinton Investigation – Full 568 page pdf

The 18-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email has been released – OIG RELEASE LINK HERE

This IG inquiry is specifically looking into whether the FBI investigation was corrupted by political influence in their determination of the Clinton outcome. The IG report provides background on the overall issues, the potential crimes; the subsequent coverup; and the corruption that infested the 2016 Department of Justice and the FBI.

Here’s The Report:

(pdf link)


Don’t Comment Unless You’ve Read The Full Report

Important note.  Read, but don’t focus on, the “executive summary” or “conclusions”; those two sections were written by political administrators in FBI and DOJ leadership.  Focus on the substance of the documented facts within the IG report.  You’ll note the specific facts don’t support the “summary/conclusion”.

Analysis will follow.

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1,316 Responses to HERE IT IS – Inspector General Report on FBI and DOJ Conduct During Clinton Investigation – Full 568 page pdf

  1. jmclever says:

    The real problem…State Department is Corruption Junction

    According to Prosecutor 4, “
    [T]he problem was the State Department was so screwed up in the way they treated classified information that if you wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton, you would have had to prosecute 150 State Department People. ” (284, Scribd numbering)

    T-rex started the clean up and Mike Pompeo will continue


    • singular says:

      J.Clever, was just thinking about and wondering about the State Department this evening and hoping Pompayo is clearing it out, and that maybe an IG there has or will uncover the rot.


  2. jmclever says:

    Page 287 (scribd numbering) the very thing that let Hillary skate was whether or not she knew things were classified and yet this is the very thing that “strained credulity” with the interviewer. IOW they felt she was lying but couldn’t prove it.

    And then…they gave her the benefit of the doubt because they WANTED to believe she was innocent!


  3. jmclever says:

    Thought…if Strzok and Page’s texts were not considered as evidence of bias that made its way into the gray area of “prosecutorial discretion” then courts cannot use Trump’s campaign trail comments as evidence of bias ( discrimination) against Muslims


  4. jmclever says:

    The fact that the NYO case agent on the Weiner case was afraid he’d be scapegoated tells me that thus was a common practice in the FBI. so when things are not done properly (inherent unrecognized bias invisible to them but obvious to everyone else) they scapegoat someone lower ranked. From the statements to the IG it does seem as if they were in the automatic process of pointing the finger at NYO for the lack of interest in the laptop. (334 Scribd numbering)


  5. jmclever says:

    Does IG codespeak “unpersuasive and concerning” mean “we think you’re lying but can’t prove it?”


  6. jmclever says:

    Strzok’s apparent political bias is the reason he did not pursue the Weiner laptop emails with the same vigor as the rest of the investigation. (Reading between the lines) the other 39 members if the MYE team, even though not all of them got reassigned to Trump Russia investigation, probably had the same bias but left no evidence of it that IG could point to. (page 358 Scribd numbering)


  7. jmclever says:

    the way the MYE team handled the issue of the Weiner laptop is completely different than the way they handled the main part of he MYE investigation. almost like they had a well planned script and then the laptop threw a wrench into the works that caused them to panic.


  8. jmclever says:

    Does anyone else find it preposterous that Huma Abedin had a Yahoo! account that she used for official business? Yahoo! is notorious for being easily hacked and for the company not seeming to care. I deleted my Yahoo! years ago for that very reason and werent they in the news for a major data breach?


  9. jmclever says:

    Page 415 (Scribd numbering) Comey and Lynch talking about leaks out of NY office. Recall that McCabe blamed NY for leaks that he did. Do Comey and Lynch know that NY is McCabes scapegoat? Seems Weiner case agent justified in worrying about being scapegoated by DC people


  10. jmclever says:

    On page 432! Page says that she wasnt calling Trump a menace, but the predicate for the Russia investigation (if it was true) But we discovered that there was no criminal predicate for the Moeller investigation. That it was really a counterintelligence operation and the way the team was staffed seems to corroborate that discovery. Is she lying or was she unaware of the real motives behind Comey getting a SC appointed? Because Comey lies to everyone even when the truth would better suit.


  11. jmclever says:

    the IG report concludes, based on exchange of emails and text messages that The agents and attorneys on the MYE and Russia investigation s are biased, exhibit gross unprofessionalism and extremely poor judgement.

    Other than that, the outcomes were not impacted ! OH PUH-LEEZE!!


  12. jmclever says:

    Almost there…pg 480
    So why is it unnecessary and not even suggested that Lynch recuse after the tarmac meeting but under simila circumstances McCabe is ruled not to need to recuse but basically forced to recuse because of public perception. why do Lynch and McCabe get different treatment?


  13. Dave says:

    “Important note. Read, but don’t focus on, the “executive summary” or “conclusions”; those two sections were written by political administrators in FBI and DOJ leadership. Focus on the substance of the documented facts within the IG report. You’ll note the specific facts don’t support the “summary/conclusion”.

    This seems to be an extraordinarily important point but I can’t find any confirmation of this anywhere. How exactly did you discover this?


  14. jmclever says:

    @!?# The IG report is no longer on Scribd. Grr!!!


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