Sunday Talks – Peter Navarro Responds To Trudeau G7 Trade Remarks: “Biggest Miscalculation in Canadian Political History”…

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, White House Trade Policy Adviser Peter Navarro expresses disappointment at the political stunt carried out by Justin from Canada after President Trump departed the G7.

During a post summit press conference the Canadian Prime Minister decided to play politics with the U.S. / Canadian trade relationship and took a hostile and combative posture toward the U.S.

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315 Responses to Sunday Talks – Peter Navarro Responds To Trudeau G7 Trade Remarks: “Biggest Miscalculation in Canadian Political History”…

  1. tgmccoy says:

    You know I have had Canadian friends who were the classic “Stout hearted men ” of yore.
    One was a RCAF Seac h and Rescue Helo Pilot. His brother-in-Law as a Mountie.
    Sad to see a great country slide into the fog of Euroweenie- isum..

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  2. Baygraver says:

    chris wallace would be a better fit at cnn or msmbc, He is more aligned with the uni-party than POTUS

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  3. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    After Peter Navarro was done schooling Wallace in the intricacies of business (and reality) Chris brought on his “trade” panel. WOW,,,,if there is a Z grade panel available you can be sure Wallace will dig it up. Jonah Goldberg – an expert in natty dressing. That fake blonde Democrat advisor whose name I don’t know but is an expert in eyeliner and Jason Chavvetz who unfortunately had more than the usual amount of Dippity Doo in his hair today.
    Honestly, Their back & forth with Wallace was akin to a comedy skit. How much money do these people get paid ???

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  4. ZurichMike says:

    Schiff, Murphy, and other virtue-signalling asshats on Twitter are aghast at Trump / Navarro. However, I am still ROTFLMAO. It is about frackin’ time that we took the gloves off and hit back harder. Trump will work with you, and even let you take credit for things — but if you double-cross him, he will hit back with the heat of a gazillion exploding supernovas.

    More popcorn, please!

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      I put this in earlier, but it bears repeating.

      Trudeau, as host, gave a reasonable summary of the Conference. It was in the Q&A after, starting about 9:00 in that Trudeau went off the rails.

      My guess is that even though Trudeau SAID he “highlighted” to the President all of his yada, yada, tada, he IN FACT DID NOT.

      It will come out. Trudeau is passive-aggressive and will pretend to agreement all the while satotaging it.

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      • bverwey says:

        Just-in has the gall to call out POTUS in his remarks after he left on more important business than the G7 but his handlers can’t fix his eyebrows before he does so. As a Canadian I am ashamed oft this metro sexual marxist. Election time next year and hope he is toast.


  5. Dear Mr. Trudeau, it’s not an ‘unjustly’ action. This is not a Social Justice Warrior issue. It’s purely quantitative. It’s trade. Obviously the tariff on those cheap import brows wasn’t high enough.

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  6. mike croft says:

    Prime Minister Macron says to Justin Trudeau, “How are you doing Brow?”
    Prime Minister Macron says to Justin Trudeau at lunch, “Hey what’s that brow doing in your soup?”

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  7. “Hey what’s that brow doing in your soup?”
    the backstroke (away from NAFTA)

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  8. mike croft says:

    Macron, Trudeau, and Crissy Wallace are having lunch, Crissy says to Justin,
    “Can you pass me the Grey Poupon?”

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  9. Oldschool says:

    As a whole, POTUS’ team has been cleaning the clocks of the msm attack dogs on Sunday shows.

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  10. teeheeman says:

    “Boy, that escalated quickly”……JT quoting Ron Burgundy after his political presser didn’t quite have the impact he expected.

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  11. MIKE says:

    There was no need for Wallace’s petulant Singapore slings at our President.

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  12. phoenixRising says:


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  13. JoD says:

    Just got in and I see that Justin from Canada had an eyebrow malfunction.
    Too funny. He should just use a sharpie like Uncle Leo!

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  14. phoenixRising says:

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    • Phil Garber says:

      The Ag tariff exemption was a carve out from NAFTA which was negotiated specifically during the original NAFTA talks. To protect the Canadian way of managing parts of its agriculture sector – for “national security” you could say. Not abusive or cheating, just an openly negotiated part of the last deal, though possibly not part of the next one.

      Trump uses it because it’s bad optics for the Canadian side. A bit of a cheap shot but so have been Trudeau’s comments.


  15. rsmith1776 says:

    Guys, I’m entertaining a dangerous thought here – is our Lion a White Wizard? Now think about it…. all the bad mojo which comes to those who cross our President? . . . Remember this? The Marx Brothers (the good ones, not Karl) weren’t funnier than this:

    One has to wonder …

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  16. dufrst says:

    Trump will take care of Canada when he seals the deal with Kim. Then he will smack around the EU. Automobile tariffs, here we come! MAGA!!


  17. nimrodman says:

    Trade Wars is today’s Democrat talking point that’s been pushed out by Media Matters.

    In the Fox Wallace segment right after Navarro, the Dem mouthpiece*** makes sure to insert “trade wars” in the very first half of her very first sentence.

    Back to Wallace and he echos “trade wars” back.

    Pushing the narrative out to all media outlets.
    Lactantius offered some discussion of same on page 1 of the comments.

    *** Adrienne Elrod, Democrat strategist, former Clinton advisor

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  18. CarolynH says:

    Chris Wallace is a horses-ass, but the panel after with Jonah and some woman who worked for Hillary was even worse. I finally had to switch it off.

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    • GB Bari says:

      There isn’t any show worth watching on FNC between Friday night and Monday morning. Hasn’t been for some time.

      Do something good for your mental health and your blood pressure – stop watching that globalist dreck.


  19. curri says:

    I don’t think Navarro will be able to go back to being a liberal Democrat-or any kind of Democrat.


  20. linda4298 says: k that Trump’s tweets are “because I’ve told him many times: ‘No, he won’t touch, we won’t touch our supply management system.’ ”

    The real reason Trudeau won’t touch the system because dismantling it would infuriate thousands of Canadian farmers and cost billions to set things right. In short, it’s a political headache.

    Meanwhile, average Canadians have overpaid for decades to support price dairy price fixing.

    The degree to which we’re hurting U.S. producers is less clear, but Trump is right about our system being unfair.

    Canada should agree to phase it out over time and end this unproductive trade irritant that harms our consumers.



    Take highest tarrif a country applies to any product. Apply that tarrif to all that country’s imports.


  22. Donna in Oregon says:

    I don’t watch from the bag of Fake News a-holes on the Sunday morning line-up. Chris/Chuck/Whatever….

    I watch Maria Bartiromo on Sundays. Exceptional interviewing skills and she doesn’t play games. The best in the business!

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  23. Doug Amos says:

    It took the new, so-called conservative, premier of Ontario, the second most powerful person in Canadian politics, 3 days to self-immolate. He has declared he will stand “shoulder to shoulder’ with Trudeau on NAFTA.


  24. EJ says:

    Strong words there.

    Trudeau is simply out matched. He has no clue what he is doing.


  25. Carolina Kat says:

    This is an epic mistake by Trudeau. He claims that he will defend Canada against unfair trade practices but lambasts President Trump for doing the same for us. Our President wants FAIR not FOOLISH trade.

    But he is dealing with a fool.. and the days coming will reveal that to be true. Give Trump a minute, he’ll pants Trudeau before this is over.


  26. Mr. T. says:

    Not many people realize or even remember that President Reagan lifted the quotas on import vehicles, especially coming from Japan, back in the mid ’80’s. That certainly wasn’t good for us as the U.S. automakers have never had the kind of access to export markets that overseas automakers have had to ours. It wasn’t until the US started talking heavier tariffs, did the overseas automakers start investing in auto manufacturing plants in the USA. However, many of them that were supposed to be built here, ended up being built in Mexico and Canada, and much of that was thanks to NAFTA.

    Make no mistake about it, had Bush 41 been reelected, he would have signed NAFTA, just like Bill Clinton did. The only person back then to get just how bad NAFTA would be for the USA and its workers, is Ross Perot. Like he warned, if NAFTA would become law, we would all hear a giant sucking noise due to our jobs being sucked right out of this country and that’s exactly what happened.

    This NAFTA crap and even trade with the EU, Japan, China and a few other countries, has been so one sided and Anti-US industry, it’s a wonder many of our citizens have been able to survive. Think about it. All the manufacturing removed from the USA and sent elsewhere, with so many good paying jobs lost in the process. Yeah, like people out of work or making less are going to continue to buy their high priced imported junk, when the amount of disposal income needed to purchase those items was continuing to decline, until that is, we finally got a President who gets it and is working hard to change all of that. MAGA, ladies and gentlemen, MAGA.


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