Perfect Timing – Part II: The Trump Doctrine…

When we ended part I... A U.S. foreign policy that provides the opportunity for fully-realized national authenticity is a paradigm shift amid a world that has grown accustomed to corrupt globalists, bankers and financial elites who have established a business model by dictating terms to national leaders they control and influence.

When you take the influence of corporate/financial brokers out of foreign policy, all of a sudden those global influence peddlers are worthless. Absent of their ability to provide any benefit, nations no longer purchase these brokered services.

As soon as influence brokers are dispatched, national politicians become accountable to the voices of their citizens. When representing the voices of citizens becomes the primary political driver of national policy, the authentic image of the nation is allowed to surface.

In western, or what we would call ‘more democratized systems of government‘, the consequence of removing multinational corporate and financial influence peddlers presents two options for the governing authority occupying political office:

♦One option is to refuse to allow the authentic voice of a nationalist citizenry to rise.  Essentially to commit to a retention of the status quo; an elitist view; a globalist perspective.  This requires shifting to a more openly authoritarian system of government within both the economic and social spheres. Those who control the reigns of power refuse to acquiesce to a changed landscape.

♦The second option is to allow the authentic and organic rise of nationalism.  To accept the voices of the middle-class majority; to structure the economic and social landscape in a manner that allows the underlying identity to surface naturally.

Fortunately we are living in a time of great history, and we have two representative examples playing-out in real time.  •One example is the U.K. and voices of the British people who have voted to Brexit the European Union.  •The second example is Mexico, and the upcoming July 1st election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AM LO), a national socialist.

In the U.K. we see the government turning more authoritarian and distancing itself from the voices of the majority who chose to rebuke the collective association of the EU.  In recent decisions the government has taken a more harsh approach toward suppressing opposition, and as a consequence oppressing free speech and civil liberties.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have followed the arc of history when the collective global elite are rejected.  Globalism can only thrive amid a class structure where the elites, though few in number, have more controlling power over the direction of government.  It is not accidental that the EU has appointed officials and unelected bureaucrats as the primary decision-making authority.

By its very nature collectivism requires a central planning authority who can act independent of the underlying national voice.  As the Trump Doctrine clashes with the European global elite, the withdrawal of the U.S. financial underwriting creates a natural problem.  Subsidies are needed to retain multiculturalism.  If a national citizenry has to pay for the indulgent decisions of the influence class, a crisis becomes only a matter of time.

Wealth distribution requires a host.  Since the end of World War II the U.S. has been a bottomless treasury for EU subsidy.  The payments have been direct and indirect.  The indirect have been via U.S. military bases providing security, and also by U.S. trade policy permitting one-way tariff systems.   Both forms of indirect payment are now being reversed as part of the modern Trump Doctrine.

Similarly, in Mexico the Trump Doctrine also extends toward changed trade policies; this time via NAFTA.  The restructuring of NAFTA disfavors multinational corporations who have exploited structural loopholes that were designed into the agreement.

With President Trump confronting the NAFTA fatal flaw, and absent of the ability of corporations to influence the direction of the administration, the trade deal ultimately presents the same outcome for Mexico as it does the EU – LESS DOLLARS.

However, in Mexico, the larger systems of government are not as strongly structured to withstand the withdrawal of billions of U.S. dollars.  The government of Mexico is not in the same position as the EU and cannot double-down on more oppressive controls.  Therefore the authentic voice of the Mexican people is likely to rise.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AM LO), is a nationalist but he is not a free-market capitalist.  AM LO is more akin to a Hugo Chavez soft-Marxist approach with a view the central governing authority is the best structure to control the outputs of the production base and distribute equity.

The fabric of socialism runs naturally through the DNA strain of Mexico, and indeed much of South America.  This is one of the reasons why the current Mexican government is so corrupt.  Multinational corporations always find it easier to exploit socialist minded government officials.

When bribery and graft are the natural way of business engagement, the multinationals will exploit every opportunity to maximize profit. Withdraw the benefit (loophole exploitation) to the financial systems, and the bribery and graft dries up quickly.  A bottom-up nationalist, albeit a soft-Marxist like AM LO, is the ultimate beneficiary.

The authentic sense of the Mexican people, rises in the persona of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – who actually does personify the underlying nature of the classic Mexican class-struggle.

Thus we see two similar yet distinct outcomes of the Trump Doctrine. Within a highly structured U.K. parliamentary government the leadership becomes more authoritarian and rebukes the electorate; and in Mexico a less structured government becomes more socialist and embraces the underlying nature of the electorate.

It is not accidental the historic nature of the U.K. is a Monarchy, and the historic nature of Mexico is socialist.  Revolution not withstanding, both countries are now returning to their roots.

We are indeed living in historic times.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador extended his double-digit opinion poll lead to claim half of voter support ahead of Mexico’s July 1 presidential election, a voter survey showed on Monday.

Lopez Obrador, who has consistently ranked in the lead in major polls, has 50 percent of voter support, 26 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival, according to the poll published in newspaper El Financiero.

The former Mexico City mayor’s support rose from 46 percent in a May survey by the same pollster. (read more)

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370 Responses to Perfect Timing – Part II: The Trump Doctrine…

  1. wodiej says:

    Apparently, we have not had a president with the business sense to defer these actions sooner. If people are allowed to be dependent, they won’t do for themselves. Force them to sustain themselves, they will by nature. Mexico has a lot of US business and yet the people still are poor in their ways. They must be put in a position to fight for their freedom in their own country. Sometimes the best thing to do for someone is absolutely nothing.

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  2. pyromancer76 says:

    Sundance’s analyses and Treepers’ extensions of the implications are beyond compare, in article after article, post after post. I want to add a suggestion for thought to the idea of A New Era plus the idea of the great middle class and what makes a middle class, especially as compared to the “working class” or the “poor” as discussed above.

    Two answers are given — in-your-face reality known as your annual income (including investments, etc. – $34,000 and you are lower class), and attitude, especially that American gift of considering oneself and one’s family among the broad middle class built with pride as generations of Americans, through their own hard work, became members of “the middle class.”

    Preamble: This attitude and devotion toward the great American middle class, almost without appealing to finances, has been earned by the multitude of generations who, through their sweat and labor, were able “to rise” and “to remain” in the great middle class. Generation after generation have experienced gratitude to our country for seeing efforts of a lifetime pay off – living as patriots, with the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, under the Constitution of a unique Republic, ready to defend this country if needed. One might say that this attitude and gratitude has become part of American’s DNA.

    Suggestion: there has been too much pride as in “I made this” or too much arrogance as in “You didn’t make this.” Almost all amazing American entrepreneurship needs workers who can help make that imagination and risk-taking a reality. Too often this step is not admitted. How could this recognition be included on a national basis?

    By everyone who is part of the enterprise of a business or organization, receiving, not only a salary or wage, but a portion of the profits as well. This step would make the “working class” part of the “owning class.” It would give those who work by the physical labor of their trained bodies and those who work by the ability to repeat exact instructions whether on an assembly line or elsewhere a respected economic place in this great inclusive Republic.

    The first great revolution of this kind came when all (of course, male and white then) citizens were given the right to vote. Not only property owners could have a say in the political and economic conditions of their society on all levels. Thereafter, the great American experiment of inclusiveness within Republican values took off. It was extended to other groups of Americans – life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all. This did not happen easily. It has been a great American project and now is part of our DNA.

    I think we need to extend this inclusiveness to the economic realm. It should not be simply owners, managers, and boards of directors who receive the bounty of profits made by a business, but all those who work towards that purpose.

    Americans have antitrust laws (and other fair business and trade laws) that we found we needed due to robber baron selfishness and duplicity in the late nineteenth century – as they helped develop this American economic miracle. We now need anti-elitist economic laws – the rich cannot scarf up all profits for themselves, omitting the vast multitudes who assisted in their profits.

    For me, in my conservatism of classical liberalism, this is the next step that needs to be taken. Too many elitists, with too much money, to do with whatever they wish has been a terrible evil unleashed on the world. I believe that it has been enabled by this attitude: I made it. I own it. Absolute power and money corrupt absolutely, except for a few.

    (I am missing a step that I do not have time to explain. Something like — politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, and a few other groups have latched on and have wished to become (financially) elites themselves. This “entourage” has diluted the effectiveness and costlness of elite rule. Too many leeches and the bleeding and enfeebling become way to obvious. Thus, the need for a new era.)

    God bless our President, one who would not be corrupted, and one who sees through the lies and deadliness of elitist rule. He is an American pragmatist. His family’s struggles and successes have become part of his DNA, his American DNA, that he has found the courage and fortitude to share with us and other countries in the world who wish to listen and act according to life-giving and creative principles – for all.

    Thank you Sundance and Treepers for all I learn every day.

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    • Maquis says:

      Pyro, in response I would like to advance the thought that wages are, themselves, a share of the profits.

      N’est-ce pas?


      • thedoc00 says:

        You are absolutely correct as your point is always overlooked by those calling for workers to get their “fair” share. It is not just wages but the entire compensation package an employee may receive:
        Any medical coverage subsidies.
        All insurance coverage subsidies; life insurance, short and long term disability policies.
        Wage taxes paid by employers.
        All Vacation, Holidays and time off for any reason.
        etc. etc.


      • fractionalexponent says:

        Yes, Marquis,

        “No one is entitled to the labor of others.”

        A quote from Heidi Harris, a Las Vegas radio talk show host… the essence of freedom…


    • Pyro, IMHO laws that force distribution of profits are anti-capitalism. PERIOD.

      RE … receiving, not only a salary or wage, but a portion of the profits as well. This step would make the “working class” part of the “owning class.”

      Let’s go with Occam’s Razor and recognize how President Trump’s agenda for Economic Growth, Reciprocal Trade and American Reindustrialization will NATURALLY create an OWNERSHIP CLASS:
      • As Job Openings continue to exceed Workers Looking, wages for unfilled openings will continue to rise.
      • Businesses will start to poach the best workers for hard-to-fill positions from neighboring businesses that limit wages.
      • Accelerating GDP Growth will accelerate both wage growth and poaching frequency, costing stingy or less-profitable businesses BIGLY in terms of increasingly-frequent replacement recruiting and training, not to mention production delays and service shortfalls during the replacement period!
      • Businesses will next NATURALLY move to regular and growing Performance & Profit-Sharing Bonuses (as they began to do with the Tax Cuts to avoid bad will).
      • Then they’ll move to Signing Bonuses that provide that “bird in hand” to overcome the other deferred Bonuses.
      • Finally, businesses will begin to copy what the BEST businesses have been doing all along (e.g., Nucor Steel) by creating OWNERS through Stock Grants to recruit stars, retain better performers and Stock Options to reward top performers.
      • Ultimately, they’ll TEACH their Employee Owners the economics of the business and ENGAGE them in improving those economics for their own benefit!

      RE “Conservatism of classic liberalism”, I don’t get it.

      Maybe consider “Patriotism” as a handle that’s not self-bestowed (as politicians are wont to do), but EARNED through SELF-SACRIFICE for a country that multiplies opportunities for its citizens?


  3. ARW says:

    The US economy before Trump = allow cheap good into the country + unlimited illegal immigration consumers + $2T in deficit funding of social services

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  4. way2opinionated says:

    Stop calling them “Elites”. That implies they’re better than other people. Our “Betters”. BS.
    Start calling them what better describes them.


    They think they’re our Masters and we are the slaves. Call them what they are.

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  5. Darklich1234 says:

    I love SD. However, I found him late in the election. Was he always on the Trump train or was he a Cruz bot? I don’t care now, but still curious.


  6. qzy says:

    OMG!! That guy on Shinzo Abe’s left is blasting Merkel with Zoolander’s trademarked “Blue Steel” look.

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  7. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    The photo speaks a thousand words. PT, Abe and Bolton listening to the rants of the school children that lost their goodies. It is about time. MAGA ALL THE WAY.


  8. Dave casper says:

    Could Trump be the Great Prince in Daniel? Sure seems like it to me.


  9. Justin misread the situation, it seems. Poor boy.

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  10. unconqueredone says:

    Beware those in thrall to the globalist. Here in PA our “august senator Toomey” is suddenly concerned about presidential “overreach”. He had proudly co-authored a bill to undercut PJDT’s efforts at tariffs and “rightfully put that power back in the hands of Congress”. He ignored presidential overreach his first term under an opposition President, and now finds it unbearable under a president who is attempting to save the jobs of Toomey’s constituents here in PA. Since he and his ilk won’t protect our jobs, we elected someone who would. To Mr. Toomey: get out of the way, or better yet, get on board. 2022 is not very far away and I for one won’t forget and will actively work against you.

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  11. fractionalexponent says:

    The genius of Trump is his two word sentences: crooked Hillary, lyin’ Ted, little Rubio, tired Jeb, you’re fired, Rocket Man, FBI wiretapped. Keep it short.

    51percent can vote the end to a democracy. The founders crafted a republic with a bill of rights and freedoms. The govt shall not do this. The govt shall not do that. How do we save the republic and the freedom we were given? By secret data centers, secret accusers and secret courts? unelected regulators? Lying secret police? Omnibus trillion dollar 2000 page unread spending bills? Unaudited Fiat Reserve Notes, zinc pennies and copper dimes?

    The founders struggled to give us a little truth and freedom. Later, Alexander Graham Bell: “What hath God wrought?”

    What have we wrought? Worldwide regime change? Mideast and north Africa in chaos? Europe goin’ down the tubes. Utah data centers? What could go wrong? 17 years in Afghanistan? 68 years in Korea? 73 years in Japan & Germany? Who benefits? Who gains?

    Dunno…just a hayseed hick dumb f’r in the middle of nowhere wonderin’…where do we go from here?…what the…?

    God bless Trump, Sundance and short sentences…


    • Echo says:

      “a hayseed hick dumb f’r …”
      I think not.

      This is perfect.

      “51percent can vote the end to a democracy. The founders crafted a republic with a bill of rights and freedoms. The govt shall not do this. The govt shall not do that. How do we save the republic and the freedom we were given? By secret data centers, secret accusers and secret courts? unelected regulators? Lying secret police? Omnibus trillion dollar 2000 page unread spending bills? Unaudited Fiat Reserve Notes, zinc pennies and copper dimes?”


  12. Dances with Wolverines says:

    I believe this Canadian reaction is only a beginning and a direct result of John Kerry and other’s illegal diplomacy tour around the world to illegally undermine the President of the United States of America.


  13. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    We would do well to remember that Mexico was in fact a Communist country at one time, and not all that long ago (20th Century). That fact is integral to the plot of Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory.


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