President Trump and First Lady Melania Attend 2018 FEMA Briefing To Begin Hurricane Season…

As the hurricane season officially starts, President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and the majority of the Cabinet attend the critically important 2018 FEMA briefing.


REMARKS BY PRESIDENT TRUMP AT 2018 HURRICANE BRIEFING – FEMA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., 2:06 P.M. EDT [Transcript Link]

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I want to thank you. Great job, Brock. Really fantastic. Thank you very much. And we really appreciate the job you’ve done. It’s been amazing, and you really have kept quite busy, I would say, unfortunately. We had no choice. We were hit hard. But you’ve done a fantastic job. So I want to thank you very much.


THE PRESIDENT: Secretary Nielsen, Administrator Long, I want to thank you for hosting this incredible group of people. I’d like to sort of maybe say and pay some respects to some of the people here today. I have a list.

Of course, we have to start with our great First Lady, Melania. Thank you, Melania. She’s doing great. (Applause.) She went through a little rough patch, but she’s doing great. And we’re very proud of her. She’s done a fantastic job as First Lady. The people love you. The people of our country love you. So thank you, honey.

And Vice President Pence. Mike. Mike, another great job you are doing. Secretary Michael Pompeo. We’re keeping him very busy. We’re keeping you so busy. You’re going to be flying — a lot of flying in the next couple of weeks. But what a job you’ve done, and we appreciate it. The whole country appreciates it, Mike. Thank you very much.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Steve Mnuchin. Steve, wherever you may be. He’s working hard on those taxes and keeping the taxes down. We passed the greatest tax cut in the history of our country, and lots of other things. And thank you very much. Great.

I think we say that we have had the strongest — this is the strongest, from an economic standpoint, that our country has ever been. We’re doing better in terms of business, in terms of unemployment. We’ve broken the record with so many different groups. African American, the lowest unemployment in history. The Hispanic lowest unemployment in history. Women, lowest unemployment in 21 years. Seven trillion dollars in worth we’ve created since the election. Seven trillion with a “T.” Not with even a “B.” And that’s a number that nobody would have thought was possible. So thank you to everybody. That’s been fantastic.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you very much. Secretary Ryan Zinke. Keeping very busy. I know that, Ryan. That’s good. That’s good for you. Right? Keeping busy and opening up those lands so people can use them and enjoy them. Largest landlord in the world, Ryan. Nobody knows that. But you’re the largest — by far, the largest landlord. It’s almost half the United States if you think about it. Right? So great job you’re doing. Sonny Perdue. And those farms are doing well, and I did the farmers a big favor last night. Right?

SECRETARY PERDUE: You did. Absolutely.

THE PRESIDENT: I did a big, big favor for the farmers. We love the farmers, and they were happy.

SECRETARY PERDUE: They love you.

THE PRESIDENT: I know that Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst were very happy with what we did. So thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Wilbur Ross, Secretary. I appreciate it, Wilbur. We’re renegotiating a lot of trade deals, and they’re really fantastic. And it’s going to — we have the worst trade deals ever made. And we’re going to have now fair trade deals. We have made the worst deals ever made. NAFTA is a disaster. World Trade Organization is a disaster. I could go deal after deal, and it’s been very unfair to our country, to our workers, to our companies, and to everybody else involved. And we’re changing them around rapidly. So, Wilbur Ross, thank you very much.

Secretary Alex Azar. Alex, I’m very proud of what you’ve done. And you’re coming up in about another month with healthcare. Maybe even sooner than that. We’re going to have a great healthcare bill planned. And it’s going to be great healthcare for a much smaller price than anybody ever thought possible. And I really appreciate that. And our new project that we’re really working on very hard is reducing the cost of prescription medicine. And that’s going to be something that people will not forget. Some people think that’s almost more important than the healthcare. I’ve had people say, “Which is more important?” They’re both important. But we’re reducing the cost of medicine because of what you’re doing, and we appreciate it.

Secretary Ben Carson, who’s got some things going on at HUD that we’re very excited. We had lunch the other day, and what you’re doing is great, Ben. That’s really inspirational. More than just brick and mortar. It’s really inspirational, Ben. And we appreciate it very much. Thank you very much.

Elaine Chao, Secretary. All you do is produce. You do it in a very quiet way and so effective and so incredible. What a job you’re doing with transportation. It was a great decision. Thank you very much.

Rick Perry. Rick is — I thought you were going to the VA. But we have great people at the VA, so — (laughter) — so now we don’t have to worry about the VA. I think we have great — I always thought Rick — I’d put him right over in the VA, and you would have done great there, too. But you’re doing a fantastic job at Energy. And we’re now the largest in the world in energy, Rick. The largest in the world. And we’re now exporting energy for the first time. Never did it. Now we’re exporting energy. But we have become the largest energy producer in the world. Who would have thought? But we’ve opened it up a little bit, Rick, right? And we’ve let our people go and do their thing. And they’re doing a great job.

Acting Secretary of the VA, Peter O’Rourke. And, Peter, the combination of you and Wilkie, I think that’s going to be an unbeatable combination. So thank you for all your help. I’m hearing only good things.

Secretary Nielsen. I don’t know, what do I say about you? (Laughter.) Huh? You are doing great. And the border is coming along. And the wall is going up. We have $1.6 billion being spent on phase one of the wall and we’ll get additional funding. And every week that goes by, people realize it more and more that we have to have the wall. And we’re doing great in San Diego and different places.

General John Kelly is here someplace. General? Good, General. Great job, John.

Administrator Scott Pruitt. Thank you, Scott, very much. EPA is doing really, really well. And you know, somebody has to say that about you a little bit. You know that, Scott. (Laughter.) But you have done — I tell you, the EPA is doing so well. So many approvals — and disapprovals. If they don’t qualify, they don’t qualify. But we don’t have to wait 15 years to tell somebody they don’t qualify. And people are really impressed with the job that’s being done at the EPA. Thank you very much, Scott.

Mick Mulvaney. He’s got two hats on now, right, Mick? You’ve got two hats, not just one. And you’re doing great at both. But Office of Management and Budget has been good, and our budget this year will be — there will be a lot of cutting, because we want to cut. You know, Mick is really more of a cutter than the other. But we had to get the military through. We got $700 billion approved for military. We needed that.

And in order to get that done, we had to do some things for the Democrats that we would normally not do — because we consider a lot of it waste and a horror show. But in order to get our military and $6 billion for opioid. So we got the — which Melania is so heavily involved in — and we got that taken care of. And very importantly, next year, $716 billion for military. So, Mick, great job. And this time, you can start cutting, okay? Because we have our military taken care of now, so you can start really cutting.

A friend of mine for a long time, Administrator Linda McMahon. And, Linda, I was just being told the other day what you’ve done in small business has been incredible. One of the real stars. And Vince and myself and your family, we’re all proud of you. But what you’ve done is fantastic. So much work. People don’t realize your small business is really — it’s really a very massive business. And you add it all up and those numbers are not small business. They’re bigger than just about any company you can even think of. So congratulations, Linda. Thank you very much.

Governor Rick Scott. We have a lot of people around and watching. You know, we’re on screens all over the country and I think beyond. But we have Governor Rick Scott of Florida is there, and he’s watching and he’s done a fantastic job. He’s now running for the United States Senate. And I won’t get political, but I think you’re going to do very well, okay? That’s not political, is it?

Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Deputy, who is — thanks, Patrick — really doing a job. And you’re bringing in all that money under budget. I know that. You know, you’re going to buy two airplanes instead of one for the same price, right? That’s what we want. He did a fantastic job at the company that he worked for on that. And we appreciate that very much. And it’s so important that when you go out and buy the equipment that we’re talking about buying — you know, hundreds and hundreds of jet fighters and bombers and planes and boats and ships and everything — we got to get the great price. All right? We got to get the great price. And if we can help you, let us know. Because there’s very few things so important.

Administrator Mark Green, U.S. Agency for International Development. And thank you very much, Mark. We appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Assistant Secretary Neil Jacobs and Administrator Brock Long. Vice Chairman Paul Selva. General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy. And, as you know, Charles Ray. Good old — I knew Ray Charles. I didn’t know Charles Ray, but — (laughter) — now I know Charles Ray. So, you know, that’s pretty good, too. I dont know, maybe Ray Charles is even better, right? I don’t know. But we appreciate the great job you’ve done. Thank you very much.

I want to start just by saying that we’ve had three devastating major hurricanes that hit our country within a month’s time. There’s never been really anything like it. And in the case of Texas, it wouldn’t even go away. It would come in. We thought it was gone. It would go back out. It would reload. And this happened three different times, Brock. That was a record raindrop. That was a record water drop on a state, and it wasnt even close.

And shortly thereafter, we dealt with the threat of another hurricane and then destructive wildfires along the West Coast, in California and other places. America has never experienced so many large-scale disasters in so short a period of time. And we have the most qualified staff between the Secretary and Brock, and all of your people. You’ve been fantastic. And it goes a little bit unrecognized, because all you do is see people fighting and working, and getting the fires out and the water off the land, and all of the things.

But believe me, the country has watched, and they’ve seen an incredible job what you’ve done.

Our entire government leapt into action to coordinate the response, along with the state and local leaders. And we did have a lot of help from some really great governors — Florida, Texas. A lot of great people helped us, and it was great.

Families in Texas and Louisiana, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi — they were all affected. Hard to believe. And on tribal lands, where the hit was catastrophic, and the storms were really historic in their severity.

But in the wake of such tragedy, we also witnessed the resilience of the American people and the professionalism, talent, and devotion of the men and women of FEMA. Good group, right?


THE PRESIDENT: That’s a great group of people, and throughout our government. Last year, more than 17,000 FEMA and other federal employees, as well as 14,000 personnel from the Department of Defense National Guard, were deployed to support the massive response and recovery efforts left by these storms and these tragedies.

Administrator Long, I want to thank you in particular for the incredible job and the unbelievable teams of men and women that you led to take care of these problems. You have done a job. They’re talking about you all over. Don’t leave us, though, okay? Just relax. (Laughter.)


THE PRESIDENT: In fact, we could have put him in a different position. We didn’t want to. We want him right there. It’s not an easy position. But you have really stepped forward, and we appreciate it.

I also want to recognize the Coast Guard, our other military services. I have to tell you, the Coast Guard saved 16,000 people. What do you think of that, Ben? Sixteen-thousand people. (Applause.) And I think — you know, honestly, they don’t get enough credit in many ways.

Mike made the commencement address this year at the Coast Guard Academy. I did it the year before. I don’t think the Coast Guard gets enough credit. And I’ve said it, and I even say it to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. I said, I think this year the Coast Guard, maybe in terms of increased branding — the brand of the Coast Guard has been something incredible what’s happened. Saved 16,000 people, many of them in Texas, for whatever reason that is. People went out in their boats to watch the hurricane. That didn’t work out too well. That didn’t work out too well.

So I just want to thank all of the people in the Coast Guard and all of our services for having been incredible. The National Weather Service; the American Red Cross — been amazing;, state and local governments; our brave first responders; law enforcement — always law enforcement; and so many others who came together to save lives, restore hope, and rebuild our communities.

As we enter the hurricane season again — here we go. Right? You’re ready?


THE PRESIDENT: But we’re entering it. This is it. We are marshaling every available resource to ensure maximum preparation for rapid response. That’s what we had last year. Disaster response and recovery is best achieved when it’s federally supported, state-managed, and locally executed. You agree with that, I think, Brock — right?


THE PRESIDENT: This is really the great model that we’ve built, and there’s no better model anywhere in the world. And we do help other countries, also, when there’s catastrophic events, like in Mexico and other places. We’re always there. We’re always there for them.

So I look forward to your briefing and I look forward to a very productive discussion. It’s an honor to be with all of the great people that work so hard in the Trump administration.

And, Mike, I’m going to ask you to say a few words. And thank for having done a great job.

END 2:22 P.M. EDT




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115 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Attend 2018 FEMA Briefing To Begin Hurricane Season…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Rawkstar says:

      Always said I’d never comment. Who knows how many of us silent reluctant Treepers are out here? Here in Alva we were in the NE wall of the eye of Irma. Personally my first hurricane. Actually had folks from Ft. Myers and Cape (Crap) coral and Naples come here for safety. Irma made a bee line for us. Got out all the tools and wood and realized I had used a few sheets of plywood for projects. Used every piece of wood and scrap anything to board up. Very surreal after everyone left driving through town (ft Myers) and seein nobody, businesses boarded up with some having spray painted on the plywood “still open”. Used every fastener I could find. Seemed like if I had the Tapcon, I had the wrong bit and vise Versa. Dude with a work truck in line for fuel at one of the few stations that had fuel gave me all the tapcons he could find in his toolbox. 5 gallon pickle buckets from a bar I play music at with gaskets on the lids helped us hoard gas. Always thought this far inland we were pretty safe from really strong winds. We had 150mph gusts. Words cannot describe it. Also words cannot describe the sheet flow of 3’ deep water flowing across the pastures with GIANT BALLS of fire ants floating along waiting to climb what they hitt (like me). 2 days to chainsaw a path out the driveway. 14 days no power. Linemen (blessed, blessed tattooed linemen) from PA came through on day 14. One of them commented that my 100 lb Tbone was the best looking dog they’d seen in two weeks. Felt like I’d known them for years we were cutting up huge trees. With no ac. And a constant ANNoYING loud droning of the generator which needed to be filled twice daily with gas. But it powered window box fans. And the fridge and a few lights. And the well pumps. 7 days in, and 20 lbs lighter from chainsawing, I would FREEZE when I went into the grocery store. Our bodies were adapting to the heat. Always marveled at how my anscesters (sw fl pioneers) made it without ac and skeeter control, but by the second week I could sleep comfortably in 90degree heat. My nephew rode his bike up from Key West for shelter. Dang his biker ass was a godsend as he knows how to operate a circular saw and the business end of anything else including the backhoe and huge chainsaw we used for two weeks after (he would also know the business end of Sylvia’s shovel).

      Ok so a long paragraph but my wife and I went online to apply for fema money cause we figgered welll we fund it and this storm cost us. Pain in the butt. Hoards of apartment dwelling welfare recipients getting their checks, many of them driving vehicles we couldn’t afford. I just didn’t have the stomach for it so we said eff it. Still cleaning up. Burn piles half as big as my house. Huge trees down. Gonna be fun when We light them 😎

      I have a special Zippo ready for the occasion

      Thanks SD

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      • Ad rem says:

        Welcome to the Tree House Rawkstar….and for one heck of a story. (GIANT BALLS of fire ants!!!!!!!) 😯

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        • Rawkstar says:

          Ad Rem how do I comment on a thread without replying to a specific comment? I put my first comment as a reply to the first comment cause I couldn’t figure that out. Thanks

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          • Ad rem says:

            If you just continue scrolling down to the very last of the comments, you see a large rectangular box that says “Leave a Reply”. If you wish to address a particular Treeper, select the small “reply” under the desired comment. Again…..welcome!


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Because of the rain, I just had an episode with fire ants moving into the kitchen. I didn’t know that was what they were until, while scooping them away, they got on my hands and bit me a bunch. Luckily, I am not allergic to their bites. But, they do hurt and then itch for a week. Rawkstar’s description of GIANT BALLS of fire ants is really scary. 😯

          Great story.

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      • samgator says:

        1st hurricane here, retired, moved to N Fort Myers fr Wis. Left my cabin in N Wis just in time for Irma?! TERRIFYING, thank GOD the neighbor shared valium ; ) BLDG in Port LaBelle Good to hear yr a patriot

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Rawkstar – So glad to read your comments – really super interesting and I am impressed with your preparedness and survival skills. You are the stuff Americans are made of. Welcome to the Treehouse….

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  2. waicool says:

    Let’s not forget, it is Trump’s DOJ

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  3. Sherry Higdon says:

    With all the horrible things going on in this country ie child sex trafficking just one of them, it is like taking a breath of fresh air to see our precious President and First Lady in action. They are beautiful inside and out and doing everything in their power to defend us, protect us, and build us up as a nation. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America & Israel forever!

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  4. amwick says:

    So, I didn’t understand why there was any confusion (speculation ) about AG Sessions.. He was there.. I hope that much is clear.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Yes he was! However, unlike everyone else from the cabinet that was there, our President acknowledged him by name and than moved on.

      I was sooooooo happy with his words about Secretary Pruitt and the incredible job he is doing at the EPA. The WHORES were all present to receive their slap down from our President. Hopefully they can layoff of him for at least 24 hours before they start asking for our President to “Execute” him.

      I can’t tell you how much it means to adults to be told they are doing a fantastic job by their boss.

      As a former Principal, I had teachers tell me that a comment I made publicly about them was worth so much more than any overtime I could give them.

      So happy to see our beautiful FLOTUS right next to our President! I had a colleague at work tell me she got sick to her stomach this morning watching TV when they reported on a rumor our President was physically abusing his wife. She knew it was a damn lie but couldn’t believe they would go there.

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  5. Michael says:

    Soon we will hear about how terrible it is in the socialists paradises of the USVI and Puerto Rico 😦

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  6. Pam says:

    Every year when June 1st arrives for those of us who live along the coast, things become real in a hurry. There is no such thing as being too prepared for hurricane season. I applaud our president and first lady for their efforts last year in TX, LA, and FL. We are truly blessed.

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    • missilemom says:

      Its also difficult when families live along the coast in different states and we hope the hurricane avoids our property weighed against it hitting our family members. Praying this year will be a quiet one.

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    • bleep21k says:

      @Pam – Living in Toledo, Ohio, on occasion we have heavy thunder storms and some tornado activity (winter blizzards of course), so my storm prep is usually the radio with batteries, blankets and pillows, candles and some food into the basement.

      What do those who live in hurricane alley(s) expect from local, state and Fed government when storm season approaches?

      I guess I’m really wondering what can our President Trump do specifically that would help the most for those living ‘along the coast” to do before, during, and after what effectively becomes a natural disaster?

      Thank you for any response – and be safe this season!


    • lizzieintexas says:

      Already started. Pulled out plywood (for windows), inspected it and made sure plylox were in good order. Got the extra gallon jugs of water last weekend. This weekend pull out generator, test fire and start the painful ($$) job of filling the gas tank (35 gal) for it. Got to get some extra meds for my cat to have on hand.

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  7. CMDCMRET says:

    This very important FEMA meeting was about hurricane preparations…all of those key people…preparing for a “storm”…isn’t that interesting! If they were discussing preparations for the weather I’ll eat my hat…preparations for a “storm”. Absolutely.

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  8. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Mr. President and God bless you and our beautiful First Lady.


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    • Wink says:

      I’m happy that she is back and doing well, but sad that she had a rough patch. She’s such a blessing to us all. I must pray harder for her

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Wink, me, too – I think she looks a little thinner but other than that, still our lovely and gracious First Lady. The prestitutes have been despicable regarding her absence. I am sure it was a scary time for her and her family. I am also so glad she took time to take care of herself and get better in spite of all their vicious braying. They are truly the lowest of the low.

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  9. Everywhereguy says:

    Huh. The media were telling me she was dead, or had terminal cancer, or black and blue and unshowable due to domestic abuse, or in the middle of divorcing, or back living in New York. And I’m forgetting some options.

    I guess the best system is whatever the MSM says, assume the truth is anything other than that.

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  10. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you very much.”

    I wonder if our VSGPDJT was able to have a little one-on-one alone time with AG Sessions, for a little “collusion”?

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  11. Steven says:

    I flew home from half around the world yesterday. I will be busy catching up at my work the next few days. I’d appreciate a brief (or a link, even a tweet) from someone here on what Trump did for our farmers last night. Thanks in advance!

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  12. Minnie says:

    Just an observation:

    President Trump stated last year’s storm season was unparalleled in scope and magnitude (hurricanes, fires, floods).

    It was also Mr. President’s first year in office.

    Our Patriots’ (our own Sundance, as well as the Cajun Army, to name just two) generous, brave and humble response to Mother Nature’s fury was also historic.

    We are blessed beyond measure.

    When there is confidence in the Administration, many rise to meet the challenges posed by forces outside of our control.

    God Bless the United States of America

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  13. goddessoftheclassroom says:

    There is a terribly unjust side to FEMA.
    They have restructured flood plains to require mortgage holders to increase their flood insurance.
    I live across from a CREEK. My flood insurance carries a $10,000 deductible (which I had to argue for) and only covers my house being washed away. The premium is more than my homeowners insurance and property taxes..

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Is that NFIP flood insurance that you’re talking about?
      The government flood insurance?


    • rf121 says:

      You live across from a creek so that sort of answers your question. The flood insurance pool is under funded because for years payouts were made to people who did not pay enough in to start with. They are just now starting to make adjustments to properly fund it.

      Regular insurance companies do not insure for flooding for a reason. Cannot control it so if they offered it the premiums and deductibles would be through the roof. FEMA has the luxury to a certain extent to rely on government funding. But then that brings up the argument from other tax payers as to why they have to pay to rebuild houses that are located in flood planes.

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      • fred5678 says:

        I am all for flood insurance to MOVE out of the flood plain or away from the seashore and THEN rebuild.

        No $$$ for rebuilding in a proven flood prone area, even in a twice in 1000 years area as in MD last month.

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    • mike says:

      So now flood insurance turns from giveaway to sinkhole without regard to design or area’s actual threat? Bummer.


  14. listingstarboard says:

    Very proud of Secretary Alex Azar–he is from my home town and I worked with his father, a wonderful eye surgeon! I know he is going to do a wonderful job and comes from a very conservative intelligent family!

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  15. “So thank you honey” … says it ALL!!! The love between them is undeniable, you cannot fake that kind of look between them, those warm and loving smiles💖💖💖
    Thank you, God, for the Grace of this First Family

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  16. filia.aurea says:

    Let’s just pray for an uneventful hurricane season…In past experiences, FEMA can cause more problems than it solves. There should be a provision for the Cajun Volunteers to pre-register for Federal aid in case their services are needed again. FEMA should solicit names from all the Cajuns who selflessly traveled and helped so many who were stranded. They should be eligible for any federal perks available (discounts on gas, lodging, etc.) and a daily stipend.

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    • Minnie says:


      Send that amazing suggestion to the WH?

      I do not forsee any opposition to that possibility 👍

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      Our local weatherman here on the Gulf Coast of FL was almost giddy tonight while showing a water temp map showing the temps in the waters off Africa where the hurricanes are born are the coldest they’ve been at this time of year since 1982. Awesome news!! I’m still not over our close call with a Cat 5 Irma last year, and with hurricane season beginning again on June 1st, this is fabulous news.

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  17. Sylvia Avery says:

    So, three things struck me. One, the affection between PDJT and Melania as he paid tribute to her. Very sweet.

    Two, what a fabulous dress Melania had on! Love it!

    Three, what PDJT said about Zinke amused me. Trust our President, the builder, to equate Ryan Zinke with being the world’s largest landlord! I thought it was a great comment:

    “Secretary Ryan Zinke. Keeping very busy. I know that, Ryan. That’s good. That’s good for you. Right? Keeping busy and opening up those lands so people can use them and enjoy them. Largest landlord in the world, Ryan. Nobody knows that. But you’re the largest — by far, the largest landlord. It’s almost half the United States if you think about it. Right? So great job you’re doing.”

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  18. velvetfoot says:

    I loved Melania’s name plate: “The First Lady”.

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  19. gingergal says:

    I don’t understand the relationship between AG Sessions and President Trump. AG Sessions has allowed the biggest scandal in history of politics to go on and on and our president calls him out continuously, yet he sits at the same table without any sign of acknowledgement of those two things.

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    • Minnie says:

      We do not know what we do not know.

      Trust President Trump 🇺🇸

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    • Everywhereguy says:

      Someday we’ll unsterstand that Sessions/Trump relationship better. Someday haha


      • davidb says:

        maybe there isn’t much communication between them. Im curious how many times Sessions has been to the whitehouse, versus Lynch in the same time span….Im not curious enough to research it though. Besides, we will know just how good the relationship within a month after the IG report is released if there are no indictments.


    • Oldschool says:

      POTUS is a seasoned professional who is quite capable of sitting at a table and remaining courteous. He did it with chuck and nancy and all the other backstabbers he has to deal with. Sessions is part of the cabinet.

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    • neal s says:

      gingergal writes “..our president calls him out continuously” and wants to know what is going on. VSGPDJT is not telling his enemies what he is going to do. Similarly Sessions will not comment on ongoing investigations and cases that are being built. PDJT will send tweets that look like he is attacking Sessions, so that their enemies do not think they are on the same side. These apparent attacks will make it harder for swamp critters to claim that those who are about to be prosecuted, are targets of politically motivated prosecution from Sessions.

      I understand it is hard to be patient, especially when we cannot know much if anything about the progress that is actually being made. But I am confident that we will see numerous people being brought up on charges before November and that many here who criticized Sessions, will find out what crow tastes like. If this doesn’t happen by November, then I will find out what crow tastes like.

      In the meantime, I advise continual prayers for our VSGPDJT and all those who are helping him to MAGA. I also advise prayer for the enemies of MAGA to be ever more ridiculous.


    • Mia C says:

      He’s clearly not happy with him. He’s tweeted he’s not happy with him, plus here he didn’t say a single nice word about him while he did to everyone else. Sessions was a mistake. He was such a great Senator and really was A+ on immigration, but he allowed a witch hunt to distract us for a year and a half and that’s been an unforgiveable crime.


  20. blondegator says:

    As a lifelong resident of South Florida, and as a person who has been intimately involved in Hurricane Planning….I have to applaud PDJT for having ALL of his cabinet members involved in this planning meeting. As well as the governors of coastal states, etc.

    The only way to prepare for hurricane disasters is to bring together ALL “SME’s” (subject matter experts). And as far as I know, this is the first time a President has been involved, and required that all of the other Federal Department Heads (Secretaries) of various Federal agencies be involved in the PLANNING stage. Hurricanes (and hopefully other natural disasters) will no longer be shuffled off to FEMA alone for “handling”.

    My prediction: The 2018 Hurricane season will be what it is….strikes, or not, but the RESPONSE will be the most coordinated, and seamless one, EVER.

    Thank you, PDJT! You’re shining a light on HOW to do it!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Truthfilter says:

    Those hurricanes were devastating to Texas and Florida. I was so impressed with the handling of it by PDJT administration. Still the media continually reports lies about the misery in Puerto Rico—not even a state. A bankrupt, parasitic territory of the U.S. whose thuggish leadership politicized the situation at the expense of their own people.

    Liked by 3 people

    • davidb says:

      PR is simular to Detroit, when I was there a long time ago. Everyone relies on garbage service, but if a can is knocked over, most are too f^$&g lazy to bend over and clean it up. Everyone waits for “Da Gubbermint” to do it. Parasite is the proper word. Not all of them, but most are dependent.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Texian says:

    I say two to five Gulf of Mexico/Western Atlantic birthed storms this season. Traditionally they are deceptively not extremely powerful, and could just be a “tropical storm” status – but they are slow movers and drenchers – putting out lots and lots of rain..

    In the offshore environment these domestic Gulf storms are very hard to “put in a box” on the saffir-simpson scale as they are more actively cyclical – they erratically rise and fall in intensity quickly and often.. The seabed conditions on the shallow Gulf Coast continental shelf affects wave height/intensity as well.. Stunningly big, steep, sharp waves and troughs can occur.. Think choppy conditions on steroids.. You younger mariners have been forewarned.. do not underestimate them..


  23. jindfw says:

    Yeah, I know it’s all about FEMA with hurricane season upon us, but gotta say Melania looks pretty darned good for all of the physical abuse by her husband! Go Flotus & Potus.


  24. fred5678 says:

    Who is Charles Ray??? No title given, and after LOTS of duckduckgo searching, I give up. Anybody know who he is? POTUS seemed to know him well enough to joke about his name.


    • wheatietoo says:

      I think our President was referring to…Vice Admiral Charles Ray.

      Admiral Ray is Vice Commandant of the US Coast Guard.
      He was very active in the rescues and relief efforts, during our hurricanes last year.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Steve Shea says:

    Back on hurricane watch, Sundance. I spent my share of time in that conference room last year! Lord willing, it’ll be quiet this year.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. CMDCMRET says:

    This administration is simply amazing! I like their prepositioning of FEMA material right before a “storm”. Handy that! 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • auscitizenmom says:

      How much better it is to have a businessman who is concerned about getting the job done in the most efficient and productive manner versus one who is firstly and lastly concerned about the politics of the situation.

      Liked by 1 person

      • NannyG says:

        Jordan Peterson introduced me to the Pareto distribution curve whereby we understand how inefficient gov’t workers really are.
        (20% of them do 80% of all the work.)
        Seems Pres Trump has a workaround for this waste in gov’t workers where (usually) you see 6 “workers” standing around watching one worker doing something.
        Pres Trump can actually get things done because he holds workers accountable.

        Liked by 1 person

        • auscitizenmom says:

          My ex used to say, when he saw guys working on the road, that there was one guy doing the work and 5 doing the heavy lookin-on.


  27. Mia C says:

    Wow. He said something about everyone there except Jeff Sessions. He had words of gratitude and encouragement for everyone but Jeff Sessions. Now we know he really is pissed for real with the way he dropped the ball and let a witch hunt commence.


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