Sketchy Simona Mangiante, Papadopoulos Wife (?) Asks President Trump to Interfere in Mueller Investigation…

Given the fact we are certain that George Papadopoulos was working as an informant for Special Counsel Robert Mueller as an outcome of a plea deal in July 2017, it is rather sketchy for his wife-not-wife Simona Mangiante to be requesting a pardon for her husband, the “proactive cooperator“.

Robert Mueller is looking for a reason to create the “obstruction” case against President Trump; a pardon for George Papadopoulos would play right into that effort; and Papadopoulos is working with Mueller.  Hmmmm?  Sketchy. All of it.


See all the court files on Papadopoulos here.

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195 Responses to Sketchy Simona Mangiante, Papadopoulos Wife (?) Asks President Trump to Interfere in Mueller Investigation…

  1. Papa wants Trump to interfere with Mueller, just as Rosenstein wanted Trump to fire Comey….


  2. jeans2nd says:

    This still looks to be one part of the genesis of this entire debacle.

    Papa was the GOPe/NeverTrumper side – Paul Singer, Bill Crystal, Evan McMullin, et al – which combined with the Clinton side circa Mar 2016, which then combined with the Obama/Brennan side circa 31 Jul 2016.
    Clinton origin was the Blumenthal/Shearer/State Dept “dossier.”
    Obama origin was the NSA DB/contractor searches.

    If so, this would explain wifey/not wifey attempting another end-run around Pres Trump.
    These folks do not care who pays them, as long as they are paid. Check the Daniel Jones donor list. Odds are there are GOPe NeverTrumpers in there.

    These people are really sick.
    And stupid.


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    • cali says:

      This chick is not a Italian native – I lived in Italy being stationed there for 6 1/2 years. Her accent is not that of a Italian citizens.
      She looks to be a honeypot and spy looking for a green card.

      Her interest and work since 2009 just so happen to be contractual work for the EU socialist/deep state with some shady character like Mifsud and others on the side.

      Papadopoulos did not work for the same company as she did – he lied.

      So how is it that these two met just so perfectly around the time the ‘lures’ we put into their positions to destroy Trump before election and remove him via coup after the lection.
      Papadufus was a plant and at the same time hooked up with this honey pot.

      They both deserve intense scrutiny to find out where they loyalty really lies – its on the president’s side or that in the interest of the US.

      She would have been better served had she kept her trap shut and return where she came from.
      There is no info about her before 2009 – hmmm?


  3. covfefe999 says:

    She has a Russian accent?


    • covfefe999 says:

      And was she in such a hurry to marry George because she wanted US citizenship?


      • covfefe999 says:

        Oh look, married in Chicago!

        While he could face up to five years in federal prison when he is sentenced, prosecutors agreed to ask that he serve from zero to six months in return for his cooperation.

        She was in a big hurry to marry him even though there was a possibility that he would spend the first five years of their marriage in federal prison. Where is that suspicious cat picture???

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        • covfefe999 says:

          He’s originally from Niles, a suburb of Chicago. That Chicago Tribune says the couple are living in the River West neighborhood of downtown Chicago. Not cheap there. She didn’t have enough money for legal representation when Mueller interrogated her, and he’s been out of a job for more than a year, right? And yet somehow they found a place to live. Mom and Dad savings and loan, perhaps?

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          • covfefe999 says:

            No one has answered the door in repeated visits to the sprawling, 3,000-square-foot house Papadopoulos shares with his mother in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. Approached by a Tribune reporter at his office in west suburban Addison, Papadopoulos’ father, a doctor of internal medicine, closed the door after saying, “I’m not talking.”

            And she is apparently an anti-Trumper:

            One photo she posted on Twitter last week showed the couple in 2016 sitting on a couch at the swanky Shay nightclub in River North, a tanned Papadopoulos in a sport coat and open shirt, resting a hand on his date’s knee. The caption she wrote said: “George, if you bring down the Trump presidency dinner is on me next time!! Xoxo.”


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            • sysconfig says:

              Thats the straw that just broke the camels back..She has been his mouthpiece.from day one..The met at a Linkedlin chat? She claims FBI Threatened to charge him with being an Israeli agent then jumped a lesser charge of lying

              while he did a lot international advocacy on behalf of cyprus Israel pipline that would be more lobbying or editorialism…not intel player..for it to be used as leverage….or make him a bad guy..nothing illegal..

              which is why I’m shocked FBI would play that angle for him to cavein in on a lying they did to Flynn..because he didnt get his facts straight..when he did a voluntary interview with FBI.
              Mangiantes tone initially was hostile to trump camp..saying they distanced themselves from him..but that was strange too..FBI forbid him to have contact with anyone in campaign..that was after July terms in Oct5 pleading..He caould and probably did whear a wire since after his Interview..unti the period of a VERY strange arrest without a warrant.. That day July.27 2016


    • CollusionMyth says:



    • sysconfig says:

      She worked as an EU attorney for Italian MP..and was then suddenly out in the stree looking for a gig..most unusual..and was recommended to Mifsud..she clains he stiffed her for money..


      • covfefe999 says:

        Totally agree. Seemed to have a nice high-level job and then out in the street and in a big hurry to marry. Very very suspicious. And now asking Trump to pardon her husband, meanwhile both partying it up in Chicago living off of his parents’ money. I don’t know who is driving her actions but whoever it is cannot be a Trump ally, because everything this pair has done so far totally stinks. Even George’s latest drunken ramblings about Sessions. He’s got loose lips, and apparently a drinking problem too.


  4. covfefe999 says:

    Some searches led me to this article. Papadopoulos has been blabbing claims to strangers again.

    On Thursday at a Chicago nightclub, Papadopoulos had some drinks and, in a conversation with a new acquaintance, allegedly made new and explosive claims about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Papadopoulos, according to this new acquaintance, said that Sessions was well aware of the contact between Papadopoulos and Joseph Mifsud, an academic from Malta with high-level connections in Russia. Papadopoulos’ indictment revealed that Mifsud had told Papadopoulos that the Russians had “‘dirt’ on then-candidate Hillary Clinton in the form of ‘thousands of emails.’”

    Jason Wilson, a computer engineer who lives in Chicago, told ThinkProgress that Papadopoulos said during their conversation that “Sessions encouraged me” to find out anything he could about the hacked Hillary Clinton emails that Mifsud had mentioned.

    Is this a violation of his NDA?


  5. thedoc00 says:

    After this entrapment gambit, by Mueller fails, next on deck are the new allegations against Paul Manafort of “potential” witness tampering. The media have already cued this one.


  6. sysconfig says:

    This will blow your minds.IF true..from Joe Hoft..
    Sets the new requirement for being an informant at the FBIs beck and call..but Landing a 1/2 a million in DOD Funding sets a new bar..


    • Electra says:

      It’s been my gut feeling for some time now that Halper is a paranoid nutjob. Just look at his allegations about Russians taking over his conference, or at his report to US intelligence that Flynn was working with the Russians simply because he was seen sitting with a Russian-born woman professor named Svetlana Lokhova at one of Halper’s conferences.

      So now we find out he was a cokehead…Hmmm.


  7. This is the gang that can’s shoot straight. One buffoon falling over the other like a clown car full of retards. Teflon Don is shielded by the truth, and God’s hand is over him. I’m proud of the ways of the LORD and I’m proud of my President!


  8. Beth02 says:

    My spidey-sense says: Papadapolous was an FBI informant/plant sent into campaign by Strok. There will be a connection between Strok/Brennan/Fusion GPS revealed soon.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I’m wondering if George is book smart but street stupid. And he was being used by Mifsud and others and now being used by his new wife.


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