Lengthy FBI Official Testimony Ongoing – Briefing Report: Agent Strzok Worked Off Range on Counterintelligence Ops…

FBI Director of Counterintelligence E.W. “Bill” Priestap has been delivering testimony to a joint congressional committee for more than seven hours.

This is Bill Priestap’s first testimony to congress.  Previously all of Priestap’s statements have been made to FBI and INSD (Inspection Division) investigators.  This is also likely the first time many congressional members will have heard of the scale and scope of the abuse by the DOJ-NSD and FBI.

The joint House Judiciary and Oversight Committee has been hearing testimony from Bill Priestap all day. A tweet from Chad Pergram notes: “Colleague Catherine Herridge rpts a mbrs familiar w/Hse closed-door i-view w/FBI espionage chief Bill Priestap has been cooperative. But says FBI Agent Strzok played an more central role than previously known in Clinton email/Russia investigations beyond Strzok/Page text messages.”

It appears there will be confirmation of prior research.  There was always a strong suspicion FBI Agent Peter Strzok was working around his boss Bill Priestap and reporting directly to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and to a lesser extent FBI chief legal counsel James Baker.  Activity in both the Clinton email and Russia investigations that was outside normal chain-of-command structure.

If this aspect of Priestap’s general testimony is confirmed it will solidify the construct of the small group and their closely-guarded, unscrupulous and political intentions.

Another interesting tweet from Chad Pergram surrounds four specifically democrat members of the congressional intelligence oversight:

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner are the four democrat members of the Intelligence Oversight “Gang-of-Eight” as an outcome of their committee and leadership positions….

… it would appear the Democrats on the Go8 recognize the risk of their attachment to the corrupt CIA, DNI, FBI and DOJ behavior in 2016.   The documents the DOJ and FBI have refused to give Chairman Devin Nunes are directly related to the intelligence briefings given by CIA Director John Brennan to the Gang-of-Eight in 2016.

Apparently the Democrats want to know if President Trump has been provided evidence of the actual truth of what transpired.   They don’t want to make more political statements until they can absorb just how much the President knows.

Angst They Much.

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640 Responses to Lengthy FBI Official Testimony Ongoing – Briefing Report: Agent Strzok Worked Off Range on Counterintelligence Ops…

  1. It would not surprise me one bit if Sessions temporarily unrecused himself to stop these agents from testifying.
    That would in Sessions mind do long term damage to those departments.

    Having them set on slow burn with no closure, just the hope of the guards changing to cease any more of these investigations move forward is much more preferable to Jeffe.

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    • mike says:

      By his silence, McCabe is still an active participant in an ongoing coup attempt, not merely shielding the flight of fellow co-conspirators or covering up past crimes or even “merely” an ongoing violent crime ring. Failure to disclose is not merely contempt of a court or congress, this is a high official now known traitor/spy, with the enemy still at or within the gates still aiding them.

      He has been and is aiding enemies of the Constitution, POTUS and people during various states of (un)declared war(s) e.g. how do we count the Korean “truce”. He is not an ordinary criminal truly stopped or arrested in his crimes, he’s still a participant.

      I say sieze everything, and waterboard daily, where ever.

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  2. MaineCoon says:

    POTUS protecting the interest of USA!

    The cards are dealt. The facts in the report are indisputable. Nothing will change. Nothing to fight about except the recommendations to change protocols. Facts are facts. Checked. Cite checked many, many times.

    She wasn’t supposed to lose.

    Losers lose.

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  3. CollusionMyth says:

    While POTUS is in Singapore and the co-conspirators are jockeying for position at home, DJT should tweet a picture of himself, Kim and Rodman toasting with a delicious Singapore Sling with the caption “So refreshing when you’re feeling the heat”.

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  4. Give all the people asking for immunity, a temporary immunity and once they get what they need, throw them under the bus. Its their word against yours. sorry i was never authorized to give you immunity in the first place but thanx for all the info and cooperation. justice will be served either way. you do want justice served right, mr deputy director of fbi? they have used dirty tactics with the awesome power of the government to back them. now its time to turn the tables on them with those same awesome powers of the law. justice demands it.

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    • Sentinel says:

      As much as I’d like this, can’t cut any corners. This requires perfect execution.

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    • Dutchman says:

      To mh mind, better yet.
      “Ok, ms. Lynch, your lawyrrs say hou want to give us info, to get a lighter sentence, what ya got?”
      “Yeah, sorry, we already GOT that, but thanks for confirming. What else?”
      “Oh, the TARMAC meeting. Yeah, weve gotten a big kick, listening to the tape. So, what ELSE?”
      20 min. Later:” Sorry, Lorretta, looks like you dont have anuthing to trade!
      Tell ya what, plead guilty to all charges, we’ll reccomend reduced sentence…..
      Say, 40 years, instead of 60.”

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  5. Deplorable Mormon says:

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that today is a big day for primaries across the country. I think part of the plan is to put the hammer down once as many primaries are over as feasible, so that any busted candidates cannot be easily replaced, like happened with Roy Moore.

    That could mean waiting until August-September for some stuff, but I do not think all of it will wait that long so it doesn’t look as obviously timed for maximum political impact

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  6. Truthfilter says:

    Andy McCabe is seeking immunity because he is guilty. I think he is a huge part of this conspiracy. No immunity! Any plea deal must include evidence to bring down the Clinton/Obama double headed snake.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Well, yeah! In a murder for hire, ya give the trigger man reducrd sentence, for fingering the person that hired them.
      McCabe can finger Lynch, as can Comey, and McCabe/strok can also finger Brennan.

      In addition, both can talk about prepping briefing memos, for L and B to brief POTUS.
      IN ecxhange for complege cooperation, deals can be made. However, if you LIE to us, about ANYTHING, deal becomes null and void, and you get locked up,..forever, basically.
      So, if they try to fall on their sword, to protect higher ups, and documents show higher ups involved,…Oops, the deal is OFF.


      • Bob says:

        Isn’t is strange that we are just hearing of a McCabe request for immunity, and from all groups, judiciary committee? Wouldn’t one have expected the DOJ/Huber to have issued a McCabe Indictment or at least offered him a deal in exchange for his testimony. My point is that it would appear the DOJ isn’t pursing McCabe testimony nor indictment. It would appear only the judiciary committee (via Nunes) is on the trial. This is worst of all cases as even if Judiciary committee gets a “smoking gun”, DOJ already telegraphed, they’ll not pursue any McCabe case and even worse, it appears the DOJ ins’t interested in solving the Obamagate scandal. What am i missing?


        • boogywstew says:

          If you think AG Jeff Sessions is in with the Democrats as per your post a little below this one … you’re missing everything. Give up … you’re hopelessly lost.


          • Bob says:

            Just the facts, is there anything JS as done (shown) that would suggest otherwise? Sure, he’s all over MS-13 tattoos, but where’s he on the big ugly? He appointed Huber (what’s he done to date?) and has an IG with three (delayed investigations). IG reports are worthless unless DOJ acts on them. What century, it’s getting late early, no?

            The undeniable reality, it was JS that set this up from the start. If he didn’t recuse himself, give up AG spot on day 1, there’d be no M! Unless there is a grand plan between DT/JS (are they communicating?) than JS is aligned with Roz and they’re all aligned with the Dems, oh and the GOPe. Great!


        • Jay Wizz says:

          He hasn’t been charged with anything. Unfortunately, it also remains to be seen if he will be charged.


        • No_BlahBlah says:

          McCabe is using MSM and the democrat traitors on the committee to beg for mercy

          The proven liar hasn’t had an offer from prosecutor because they dont need him and any defense attorney for whomever he might implicate will use that fact of lying under OATH to impeach same testimony


      • FabFourInWord says:

        Who fingers Hillary? Huma?


    • mike says:

      McCabe is still an accomplice to ongoing treasons, tied to enemies of the country and/or Constitution. Known (by us), knowing silence in an active and stoppable crime/treason is not a passive participant.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      i still think the ‘insurance policy’ is throwing Obama under the bus if the get rounded up. That is more akin to insurance than framing POTUS when Hillary loses.

      … they figured out the polls and projections were fake. After all, they were in on them.


    • WSB says:

      Andy was in Report 1, will be in Report 2, and in my guess is in Report 3.

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  7. Anonymous says:


    1. Strozk clearly was trying to work the Washington channels to being promoted (vice being a good cop). He and Page mention it in their chats. It appears that Comey and even more so McCabe were promoting those with the right mindsets. People like Eric Smith (SES, Google him) who were in the power structure but not part of the brat pack cool kid group were annoyances to Strozk and McCabe. Priestap too to a lesser extent.

    Strozk knew the way to get ahead was to do special projects of high profile that had their bosses interest. Thus the work on Clinton emails, Trump investigation, and for a while Special Counsel. In context of Trump, Brennan (or perhaps Clapper, but more likely Brennan) was running an “interagency task force” (read CIA spying on Americans but with FBI participation to give it a legal fig leaf). Strozk was the FBI representative to that IATF and he loved it. Gave him a chance to hobnob with parts of the power structure outside the FBI. It fit his politics but even more importantly his ambition. In fact, he knew that having the right political opinions was important to getting promoted.

    2. McCabe wants limited immunity. That the testimony on the email snafu not be used in his perjury trial for leaking. I still don’t think it should be given–let him sit and plead the fifth, will be great theater and help our side in public opinion–but some people (Thomas Paine) are overselling this as a general request or McCabe about to flip. He won’t.

    3. I am not sure that the letter from the Democrats is all bad stuff for them. Think they are trying to keep details of the investigation (e.g. some meetings of campaign) from Trump. I doubt they would write such a public letter tp hide stuff bad for them (would make request behind the scenes). Makes more sense for the second reason…trying to trip up Wray, Sessions, Trump. I don’t agree with them on this. But this is a more reasonable explanation of their motive. People saying it helps our cause are jumping to conclusions, wishcasting. Have to analyze, not hope.

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    • Bob says:

      Regarding 2, That the DOJ hasn’t gotten McCabe to “talk” is poor, that they have indicted is really really disconcerting.
      Regarding 3, Session and Wray are on the side of Dems, why trip up your friends? Also,


    • jbowen82 says:

      I disagree about McCabe flipping. He is going to be the John Dean of Spygate. Just wait.


  8. Non=combative. says:

    Byron York reporting the release of OIG report will, again be delayed. No word yet if IG congressional hearing scheduled for next Tuesday has, yet again postponed to a later date. Fishy, fishy crap going on.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Speculating, a lot of last minute manuevering, to block release, or try to reduce severity. Must be a mothertrucker of a report, for them to be trying this hard to block release?

      Like the crazy letter from gang of 4, (isnt it asking Doj to commit illegal act?)
      Phenominal amount of scrambling, scurrhing by swamp creatures!

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      • Electra says:

        I almost wish they would redact the heck out of the IG report, cuz then Pres. Trump would have the political cover to go ahead and order everything declassified. Eventually, I think he’s going to have to do that, but the question is when. It has to be at the moment of maximum public outrage. It’s sort of like predicting the top of the market.


    • DanO64 says:

      WTF, over?


      • Bob says:

        Exactly, WTF, not just that, but the million dollar question is why doesn’t POTUS release it all? One begins to wonder if he’s hiding something that’s detrimental to him. It would behoove him to be transparent. He’s clearly not. Thats reality!


        • Lucille says:

          Bob says…”One begins to wonder if he’s hiding something that’s detrimental to him.”

          Good grief, Bobby, boy! Ugly comment.


        • If everything went down right now… how many would not vote in November because they believe everything is alright…
          Out of sight out of mind… Trump is worried about turnout in NOV.


        • Fools Gold says:

          When you have a royal flush on the opening deal. Keep raising the pot until it’s maxed out. Then rake it in slowly and talk about how lucky the dealer is…


    • NYGuy54 says:

      I can’t find that so a link would be helpful. Thank you.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Where did you see this? He didn’t tweet it.


    • The Boss says:

      Keep an eye on this link.
      The IG testimony as of now is still scheduled for next Monday, June 11.
      Only changes I see are hearings next Tuesday and Wednesday not there earlier today.
      If the IG hearings are removed or postponed to a later date, then you can figure the report is delayed yet again.

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      • Ned Zeppelin says:

        Still says: The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing now entitled: “Examining the Inspector General’s First Report on Justice Department and FBI Actions in Advance of the 2016 Presidential Election” originally scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building will now be held on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building.

        By order of the Chairman.


  9. Wow!

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  10. Truthfilter says:

    The four Democrats on the Gang of 8 want to know what President Trump knows. That’s huge. Brennan’s “individual” briefings must not have been consistent. Once they throw Brennan under the bus, it leads straight to Obama. That would be devastating to them and to their party. How can they be so obviously sketchy like this? They are backed into a corner.

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    • DanO64 says:

      The democrats gave Hillary every thinks she DEMANDED and like every one else, she screwed them in the end. Good job Hillary. You guaranteed our VSG’s re-election in 2020. By then perhaps the democrats will have new honest leadership (fat chance) and a new name. The Progressive Party. They like the tag, make it stick.

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    • WSB says:

      “Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner write to Rosenstein/Wray to asking that DoJ confirm that they have not given the President’s outside counsel, White House staff or the President access to the same classified information briefed to Congress in the Gang of 8 mtg 2 wks ago.”

      Oops. They just incriminated themselves. And how dare they want to limit POTUS’ clearance? Doesn’t seem to be Constitutional, does it?

      Funny. Are they trying to send a message? Or figure out how to save their tails? Or, are they asking someone to tell them what POTUS knows?

      “Oh, by da way.” Head smack. Cigar. Trenchcoat. Commercial.

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  11. Liked by 7 people

  12. xcontra says:

    It looks like Priestap walked in there with Dana Boente and one other old guy. (Check the Herridge video on Foxnews.com.) Mr. Sundance, what does Boente plan to do?

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  13. Tl Howard says:

    I’m listening to Sean, why I don’t know. I want to put my fist through his face. Talk, talk, talk….his opening monologue last night was close to 30 minutes. Unbelievable.

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    • Oldschool says:

      Rarely can I watch Sean any longer, but he does love POTUS and FLOTUS. That counts!

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    • mr.piddles says:

      But it was “important”. So at least there’s that.


    • littleflower481 says:

      Why are you so angry at our friend? There are so few in the media; so you don’t like his style? Then go watch CNN or MSNBC and get crazy over them. Know your enemies and love your friends.

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      • Sharon says:

        Little flower I am with You! Don’t understand why people have to be that way! We have so little support in the msm and some people have to complain about Sean or others who are for PDT!

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        • Howard Cosell says:

          I’m with you. Said many times – this childish criticism just has to stop.

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          • poodle12 says:

            Really, Howard, Little & Sharon, you’re so right. This childish squabbling has got to stop. Because of Sean Hannity MILLIONS of Americans are now informed of the truth. Millions of Americans. We need each and every one of them. Do we see Democrats constantly criticizing the media for supporting their “narrative?” No, we do not. The left is more disciplined and walk in lock-step, while some of us criticize and seem to hate the only mainstream megaphone we have! That’s why Republicans lose winnable elections and Conservatism watched dumbly while the Left openly gutted, then inhabited America’s culture, educational system, media and infected our beauracratic structures. It’s on us that we can no longer reach our youth and struggle to get our message out. If we hadn’t been blessed that an unusual political genius arose on our side, almost by accident, the United States might not have the second chance, this last shot at redemption from the forces of globalization that Sundance warns are about to overwhelm us. Destruction is not at the gates, it’s in the house and holds the children. So stop this stuff. Anyway it demeans and cheapens this site, so carefully cultivated. Everyone knows you mean very well, you are patriots who love this nation. But, I beg you, let’s start sending nothing but blessings Sean Hannity’s way. He’s kept the story alive and taught the public, by constant repetition, the story of the acute danger to our beloved republic. Thank you, Sean. We need every friend we can hang onto. And thank you, Sundance, for your superlative work and for this soapbox. I apologize in advance for this uncivilized rant.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    Eat cake McCabe.

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  15. mr.piddles says:

    Not sure if others caught this a few days ago. Mark Warner in interview said “I think the American public will be tired of it if this is not wound down in this calendar year.”.

    (only link I could find)

    Combined with “This may all be simply a set of coincidences or it may be … it was not the sophistication to realize what was happening” when describing Trump associate meetings with Russians.



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    • MM says:

      He’s taking 2 steps towards the door……….


    • CopperTop says:

      Yeah he bought the narrative that Gowdy was chirping out last week. The investigation into foreign infiltration into any of the campaigns deserved the kind of attention that the FBI was giving it. For a hot minute there was something to look into. The UK was messy in their SIGINT and by that point you’d really want to to know how compromised were we with not just our enemies but our allies too. Then Brennan seized the opportunity to put forth his agenda towards a communist progressive United States and somehow Strozk thought it was wise to join in and help him feed the Russian narrative. Warner is the canary…if they can’t convince him any longer…it’s game over.

      I’ll count him as just a dopey Californian rather than a true swamp rat. He’s going to feel as used as Oprah when the Obama’s slow walked her invitation to the WH.

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  16. Burnt Toast says:

    Odds that WH OC directs release of unredacted IG Report?

    75% Friday COB.


  17. Annabelle says:

    I almost feel sorry for the Fab 4. They bought the B’s Brennan was selling.
    Not really. Burn it down.


  18. Why would President Trump NOT be told the whole truth about anything? He’s the Chief Executive and Commander In Chief….. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Warner expect the current career government bureaucrats to keep secrets from Trump? What the hell goes on here?

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    • Oldschool says:

      I have had this sinking feeling for months that Trump has been denied intelligence. They still do not accept him as a legitimate POTUS and believe they are justified in their actions, aside from their cover up.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      That thing about people lying to the FBI being a process crime?

      Not a ‘process’ when the perp is in fact trying to hide actual crimes.

      POTUS is top of that food chain. He can have Comey picked up yesterday for false / misleading statements for saying he was not the subject of an investigation.

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  19. CopperTop says:

    Most here speculated on Priestap testimony being devastating for Comey/McCabe. I’d say the bit about him (McCabe) requesting partial immunity is not just the good news it’s THE good news in light of absence of leaks. I can’t tell if DJT tweet about investigation started Dec 2015 is in response to Strozk cooperation (and his knowledge of exactly how lures were used) or if it’s in response to what he knows Priestap would have been discussing today ased on Preistap’s knowledge of their use.

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  20. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I keep seeing these tweets from President Trump expressing disappointment in this or that, related to the IG report. I think (hope) he is putting out some “fake” frustration vibe. Another new one tonight hoping the report was not being weakened by the constantly changing release dates. I think he’s planning on de-classifying many sections if he has to in order to expose the whole sordid story. Not everything maybe, but enough. These tweets are just supposed to “explain” why he feels it was necessary when he does de-classify.
    Might be wrong again tho. Just hoping…..

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  21. CopperTop says:

    In light of the OCONUS lures…THIS

    https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1001500103646081025.html READ in full to the conclusion below

    “I suspect the Insurance Policy, discussed by Andrew McCabe was none other than burning their own undercover employees & informants to justify spying on Trump. No wonder Trump is confident, his “collusion” was a legally authorized FBI sting on the Russians, weaponized against him.”

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  22. mr.piddles says:

    Riddle me this: If McCabe is requesting immunity in exchange for Congressional testimony, wouldn’t that immunity only be relevant to the Congressional testimony itself? For example, if he commits perjury.

    But that has NOTHING to do with what the IG and FBI INSD already know?!?

    Who CARES what he tells Congress!!! IG and INSD already have ALL the info. And they’re the only ones that count. Right?!?!?!?

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    • Dutchman says:

      Not sure about that, piddles. Could well be his lawyer, trying to game the system.
      Congress immunity can be pretty broad, I THINK.
      Allegation the FBI has emails proving Comeh knew, and lied about NOT knowing about leaks is bombshell, I THINK.

      Especially since lawyer letter clearly alledging FBI trying to keep those emails secret. Can gou say ‘Cover up?’


      • jbowen82 says:

        Yes, that’s what got Ollie North off. There are 2 kinds of immunity: “Use” immunity and “transactional” immunity. Transactional immunity is very broad. It means that you cannot be convicted for the transaction you testify about. In Ollie’s case, the prosecutors couldn’t prove that they found out about his home security fence (that was what he was convicted of, taking a bribe, not for violating the Boland Amendment) from an independent source. Use immunity is narrower, and it is just that your testimony cannot be used against you. In Ollie’s case, Congress wanted to put on a show, not get a criminal conviction, so they gave him broad immunity. Let’s hope in McCabe’s case Congress is a lot smarter. (After just typing that, I wish I could be optimistic, but I am starting to worry.)

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  23. Whitehouse Clown says:

    McCabe and all the others do not, repeat, do not want to spend any time in prison. They have no friends in prison and their lives would be a great risk. This is a case where crappie does flow up hill.


  24. Joseph M. Janus says:

    Top brass at DOJ, CIA and FBI have to go. They have been compromised and are not serving the good people of the USA in a manner that they should. They should all be prosecuted to the nth degree for what they have done – a great injustice!


  25. CopperTop says:

    Anon did some analysis for me to leave here.

    “Lisa Page was the one who asked for OCONUS Lures. Her request was denied because it would create policy issues. Furthermore, we know that Strzok was involved in this same case because he calls the ocunus lures “our” ocunus lures while texting page (this and other circumstantial stuff makes it clear).

    In the same of concurrent case there was an issue with getting a certificate of probable cause (cpc).

    So we know that this was a case where they were trying to lure an agent from one country to another country that was not the U.S., and that this request was denied for some reason because of policy issues.

    We also know on either the same or a concurrent case that they were experiencing issues with a certificate of probable cause. Certificates of probable cause are issued in order to prevent frivolous appeals; that means someone had already plead guilty (or nolo contendere) in this case, and they appealed the decision. I have to believe that since Page is a FBI lawyer she was playing prosecutor, so that means that the cpc was probably issued from the side opposing them and they realized it had merit. Furthermore Peter advises her to start running an “SES clock” where SES stands for suspended execution of sentence. This probably means Strzok was recommending Page start some process that would end with the defendent being given an SES as part of a legal maneuver.

    Basically if this is the same case it’s not Clinton’s case or Trump’s case. There is strong evidence to suggest that they are the not the same case. This is because Strzok is not supposed to know about the cpc issue, which implies it was something he would only learn about in a general setting because of his position. However, Strzok implies that he is connected to the OCUNUS lures case with his use of the word “our”.

    The main takeaway is that the OCUNUS lures text refers to a case Page and Strzok worked on together, but the request was (at least initially) not approved.”


  26. cocamars says:

    I don’t like the sound of this.


    “Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.), however, said he felt that Priestap didn’t say anything that would indicate there was “political bias that motivated the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”

    Priestap “completely” backed up everything that Comey said, according to a source familiar with his testimony.”


  27. Pyrthroes says:

    We’ve re-read Instapundit’s reprise of the “El Faro” container-ship disaster on October 1st 2015 just as Gangrenous’ treasonous subversion was heating up. As Caribbean Hurricane Joaquin exploded from a Cat-1 to a Cat-4 storm, the ship’s experienced, professional, safety-conscious officers made serial navigational and running errors which together doomed the 790-foot long vessel with all her 42-man crew.

    Just so, as details of SHD’s blatant subversion of every U.S. canon extant emerge seriatim, dragged forth despite criminally malfeasant Congressional and WH bleats-and-squeaks, the USS Banana Boat heads directly into the eye of an epic Deep State storm.

    All else aside, as Trump himself said at a rally weeks before Election 2016, if faithless –to our mind, treasonous– partisan ideologues succeed in mounting such a “silent coup”, Franklin’s American Experiment will have failed forever, taking goodly portions of classic Western culture with it. Because we mere private citizens have precisely zero impact on DC’s blighted, convoluted power struggles –we’re looking at you, Rats– all anyone can do is read these transcripts with appalled disgust yet hope.

    We’ll know that Trump’s succeeded when, first, DC and residential Maryland-Virginia prices fall by minimum two-thirds; second, when the Clintons, Pelosis, Schumers of this world begin to “feel a draft”; and third, when raging anti-Semitic, black supremacist Farrakhanists, taqiyya Muslump/Marxisant quota babies from Ellison and Gangrenous down are publicly called out for what they are. Through c. 2032, either halfway decent Administrations will have reamed out our New CSA latifundia-secessionists, or 245 years of history will have gone for naught.


    • Maquis says:

      It is indeed that consequential.

      It is an Act of War.

      Waged by those abusing the powers and authorities of the very people they malign, manipulate, and seek to disinherit.

      This Conspiracy spans the Globe. Multi-National Corporations with not an iota of Patriotism or sense of duty to America and its Citizens, purchase politicians and write laws and regulations dutifully imposed on us for their enrichment and pleasure.

      It encompasses most of our political “class,” those Self-Selected Betters who have set themselves up to rule over us or at least to gorge themselves upon the copious crumbs of a disintegrating Great Power.

      This Conspiracy is active world-wide, with malignant actors within and out of governments.

      The ravenous are gathered to feast upon the carcass of that which they have almost killed, Western Civilization itself.

      Do not let the severity or significance of the small bit we see be minimalized or dismissed. We now pick and prod at a tiny scab that conceals the most malignant of cancers.

      This is an Act of War.



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