That Time When Donald Trump Revealed His ‘Super-Secret’ Plan To Deal With North Korea…

Two-and-a-half years ago Donald Trump, then a candidate, revealed his super secret strategy for dealing with North Korean nuclear weapons.  When asked “what would you do?”:

•Senator Ted Cruz: Blame Clinton, then load up South Korea and Japan with proactive nuclear weapons.
•Senator Marco Rubio: Blame Obama, then prepare for war via South Korea and Japan.
•Governor John Kasich: Tell Japan to strike the DPRK.
•Governor Jeb Bush: Launch a pre-emptive strike against Kim Jong-un, now.
•Businessman Donald Trump: Punch China in the nose.



Guess which approach worked?

“Complicated business folks… Complicated business”

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280 Responses to That Time When Donald Trump Revealed His ‘Super-Secret’ Plan To Deal With North Korea…

  1. jello333 says:

    Li’l Marco, after hearing Trump’s great answer: “Ooh, ooh, yeah… me too!”

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    • cali says:

      President Trump always used his own prism titled: “The Art of the Deal”!

      The rest of the bunch nipping on his heels didn’t have a clue! 🙂

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    Candidate Trump’s answer in that debate was basically what he had been saying for decades.

    I could not envision any of the other GOP candidates as ever being able…or willing…to be a ‘good’ President.
    So I was thrilled when DJT announced that he was running.

    I knew that Donald J Trump had the makings of being not just a ‘good’ President…but a Great President.
    And he is demonstrating this with each day that he is in office.

    As this thing with NorKo continues, I am now wondering when Kim mentions that he “wants protection”…if he is talking about ‘protection from China’.

    People assume that he is talking about ‘protection from South Korea & the US’.
    But he might be more worried about what China will do to him, if he breaks away from their control.

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    • #MeToo

      Had to do it. 😀

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    • piper567 says:

      iirc, and I have no link…Bad Habit…Kim said ab a month or so ago he favored the Vietnam economic model over the Chinese model. I found this fascinating.
      I have trouble believing this little slip was not at least a component of Xi having Kim over for covfefe…not a biggy, but….
      Just one of the many possible clues that may suggest what you are suggesting.
      It just may be Kim, after various conversations to which we are not privy, has at least contemplated throwing his oar in with the very tempting American success story.

      I do not give him any quarter, for the way he has abused “his” people is w/o excuse, but even if he is driven by self-interest, his choosing The Way of the USA vs The Way of China seems to me to give him many more personal options…if only for grandiosity.
      And, its impossible for me to believe that there will not be Much Oversight in any NoKo rebuilding efforts, for the opportunity for corruption and graft is imo, Very High.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think your last point is VERY right – Kim’s fear of China – and IMO it results (viewed the other way) from China’s VALID anxiety about an American client state directly on their border. The thing is, Trump is much more understanding of that sort of thing, IMO, than previous Republican AND Democrat presidents. That understanding makes it possible for Trump to add geopolitical and defense benefits into the mix, to make a deal with China. Trump may actually corner China into a win-win that they may just find too tempting to pass up.

      One of the problems we’ve had with Russia, since GHWB, has been an absolute failure to understand that RUSSIA has “border threat issues” just like WE have border threat issues, and that much of our policy has been quite hypocritical in that context. The idea of buffer states is an old one, but they make sense and generally seem to function as intended to promote peace. Trying to move into other big powers’ border states is GEOPOLITICALLY BOORISH, in my geopolitically snobbish opinion. In fact, a series of BAD PLAYS by both the USSR and our neocons (think about WHY that might have happened – scary) led to Afghanistan becoming a burr in EVERYBODY’S saddle.

      Bottom line, though – CHINA is who we are dealing with. Nork nukes are CHINA nukes, and it was only by the Trump doctrine that this thing opened up to be solved. Now, it needs to be solved to the satisfaction of two big dogs and two little dogs, but ESPECIALLY the big dogs.

      HOWEVER, we must never lose sight of the Chinese Communists’ long-term ambition. They would love the ENTIRE KOREAN PENINSULA to be a “province of China”. We have to WALL OFF THAT FUTURE. I suspect that China may be envisioning provoking a Unified_Korea-Japan conflict at some time in the future, as a way of OOZING their schtick into Korea, and on toward Japan. The ChiComs are long-term thinkers, and will use long-term cultural weaknesses to their advantage. We have to see those hidden future cards and BURN THEM NOW. 😎

      Merkel me once, shame on you.

      Merkel me twice, shame on me.

      Kim and Moon in bed makes two

      Dragon in bed makes fire for three.

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      • ukibob22 says:

        russia has no border issues, they are the only issue there. They conquered and made massmurder and deportation X times in all if their border countries.

        And they stil do. Russia is not an democratic, republican nation with free speech, free business and so in. Why do you dont know that? it is obvious.


      • TarsTarkas says:

        China also has eyes on Taiwan, Primorsky Krai of Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, Burma, Vietnam, etc. Singapore too since it is ethnically Han. Anyplace any government of China ever ruled or claimed to rule. It’s the same attitude Islam has towards former Muslim-ruled regions.

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    • noswamp says:

      “People assume that he is talking about ‘protection from South Korea & the US’.
      But he might be more worried about what China will do to him, if he breaks away from their control.”
      Wheatietoo: BRILLIANT!
      I think you may be on to something. Here is my take:
      1. No way Kim has mentioned this directly to Xi so soon. Plus jumping into the arms of the USA does not save Kim’s face, he must appear grateful for all what China has done, to protect his country over the last over a dozen years or so, IMAO. It’s the Asian way.
      2. More likely than not, (as Kim has previously publicly stated according to another poster here in this thread) Kim would definitely have sent signals that he wants to align his country with the Vietnam model(Vietnam is still a communist country, last I checked), and a communist country that actually opened up to capitalism to make their country vibrant again following China’s model. This makes sense.
      3. China would have no problem with that since Vietnam has thousands of Chinese visitors visiting Vietnam and Thailand each year, and thousands more setting up businesses there since labor costs are competitive with China or even better depending on the sector.
      4. I suspect that China would be reassured that Kim would be opening up his country for business, including Chinese businesses no doubt who would keep an eye on Kim as well from getting too cozy with the West.
      5. That being said, give it time, after the Vietnam model is moving along for a few years in North Korea, you never know.
      6. South Korea’s influence on Kim is the HUGE x factor. I can only say anecdotally that it bodes well for Kim getting closer to the USA and further from China in the future as they get closer to South Korea.

      Prescient points Wheatietoo. Thank you!

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  3. Dang. Does Rubio sound like a mealy-mouthed insolent child.

    The mailman’s illegitimate son? Laissez-faire politician.

    Cruz? Word-puke preacher.


    And then Trump.
    Dam son.
    Razor sharp memory. Inside knowledge of how things work.
    And totally, totally right.

    Every other politician was (how do I say this nicely?) “stimulated” at the thought of war, defence, and

    And then there’s our Donald.
    “Easy, China can fix this, while also getting back in line and respecting us. Easy. No war. Their money.”


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    • jello333 says:

      Another really important moment during the debates was when they talked about health care. Several of them took a hard line that the gov’t should never pay for anything. But Trump said something like, “If I’m president, there won’t be anyone dying on the street from lack of health care.” The others jumped all over him, asking, “So, you’d want the gov’t to pay for their health care?” Trump just repeated two or three times, “Whatever… I can just tell you that NOBODY will be dying from inability to afford health care if I’m president.” The others seemed to think they had caught Trump in a big gaffe. Well, you know what? I personally know of a number of then fence-sitters who changed their minds that night… they went all in FOR Trump after that.

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    • noswamp says:

      The only man on that debate stage was Trump. The others were boys. Remarkable.

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  4. God I love my PDJT!

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  5. navysquid says:

    Big Jake – Legacy…you are so right on using the word recalibrated. I believe many of us have been even if we voting for PE Trump from Day One like myself. Over the last couple of years and even after watching that eye-opening debate video, we all realize that we did have scales over our eyes for decades on what and who was selling us “conservatism” and “freedom”.

    Thank you a million times over for Pres Trump.

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  6. David A says:

    Mike, it is ok, barely, to marginalize a statement, IF you also point out the flaw in their argument and why they are wrong. If you just debase, that is a failure.


  7. golsono says:

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  8. golsono says:

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  9. roubaix says:

    Kasich the “Moderate” wanted to start at least four new wars.

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  10. Pete says:

    Not only has Pres Trump shown how he will solve the NK menace through very tough trade negotiations with China, Canada and Mexico. But he has a unique foreign policy plan that is tied to our economic policy of convincing nations to stop taking advantage of the US if they want to keep trading with us. He uses leverage like no one has understood to use leverage as a tool to shape our foreign policy.

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    Every time I see Rubio’s face I remember those boots. Lil Marco in boots…

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  12. Steve in Lewes says:

    All I can say is Thank God we will never found out how the Cruz/Rubio/Kasich/Bush plan would have worked!

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  13. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    And Kim positions himself as the guy who brought NK into the 21st Century… A little sacrifice seen as a good thing. BUT he has to trust the U.S. to protect the Koreas from Chinese aggression. That would not be Obama. Will it be Trump? You cannot leave Kim out of the equasion. His family dynasty has not lasted this long by being stupid.


  14. Bendix says:

    Cruz and Rubio: “I’d be the historic first Hispanic president”.
    Kasich: “My father was a mailman”.
    Bush: “I’d be the third President Bush”.
    Donald Trump: “why do we have such high unemployment? Why is our infrastructure s much worse than some other countries? Why are there angry Muslims killing us and getting away with it? Why is it acceptable that we are overrun with Mexican criminals? What /who is behind North Korea’s behavior? Why do we sign deals that are bad for Americans? Why do we have Obamacare, and Common Core, when Americans don’t want them?”


  15. Jim Ryan says:

    I have to admit you are spot on. I was leaning toward Cruz until that debate. It was very much a “light bulb came on” moment for me. The scary part of this is that I failed to notice the “evolution of conservativism” that had happened right before my eyes. The resulting rebirth of my questioning attitude was a gift from God, and I carry it with me every day. Thanks to all of you fine people at CTH for making it easy to find the answers to those questions.


  16. auscitizenmom says:

    Wow, it is interesting to go back and watch that, knowing what we know now.


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