Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino Debate The Word “Spy”…

What exactly does the word “spy” mean?  That is the current mystery being debated amid the apex intellectual circles in Washington DC.

Does “spying” really mean the process of excavating boulders using spoons made of eggshells?  Or is there something even more complex in the modern terminology?  FOX news host Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino debate the answer.

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331 Responses to Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino Debate The Word “Spy”…

  1. scott467 says:

    “That is the current mystery being debated amid the apex intellectual circles in Washington DC.”


    Apex intellectual circles?

    What a hilarious term for people who have either ceased to be human, or have not virtue enough to feel their own wretchedness.

    [I borrowed most of that from Samuel Adams]

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    • frankie says:

      “Should Deep State Criminals Face Military Tribunals?” is the current post on howtobeyourowndetective.com

      The author argues the federal court system, like DC in 1865, or Mormon courts in Utah Territory, are too corrupt for justice, and other means are necessary.

      Thought provoking column that supplements the greatness here every day.

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  2. Let’s get our definitions straight: I think Mr Moto was a spy; Mo Dean was a hooker; Hank Kissinger ordered many of the FBI black bag jobs of the early 1970’s; Tony Randall was gay; Denny McLain was a saint compared to today’s ball players; nobody knows much of anything about the real Barack Obama even after all these years; Andy Hardy was never really meant to sexually congress with Judy Garland; and Donald Trump dares only go but so far with the Deep State before the John Brennans fulfill their threats in discreet but extremely hurtful ways.

    I think we’re lucky enough just for the fact that Trump is unlikely to be impeached or leave office a la Nixon. A 4D Deep State Checkmate.

    And, BTW, the Thin Man died from liver spots and Hillary is never going to go to jail.

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    • Julia Adams says:

      I don’f like your post at all, especially the insinuation you’re making in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Would you like to explain or are you trolling here for fun?

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      • Sorry you don’t like my post, and I assure you that I’m no sort of troll. It’s my opinion that if life were so easy then President Trump would have already unclassified those documents that speak to the truth of our present and dire situation; bringing clarity and reality in a hugely dramatic way. And we would already have witnessed a slew of indictments, arrests and convictions against the Deep State.

        And, BTW, don’t take umbrage at me with the Deep State threats tossed about by the Brennans. I’m just a common citizen who voted for Trump. I’m sickened by those threats just as any normal and sane Christian soul should be. But they are real and should not be ignored. They are a cancer on our body politic and to pretend otherwise is childish.

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        • smiley says:

          I like your post…kind of witty 🙂

          but I think it’s also a matter of getting our semantics straight…

          what he probably meant and should have said was : INFORMER.

          not “informant”.

          and INFORMER is merely a tattler…maybe even just a vengeful gossip….or even a regular run-of-the-mill “witness”.

          an INFORMANT, on the other hand, is a plant…installed specifically to observe and report on.

          a spy.


        • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

          Francisco, to quote Chevy Chase, “You’re still dead”.


    • Jederman says:

      I’ll not presume to give President Trump advice, but it sounds like the time for defense is over. A stalemate is temporary. The corruption resumes in earnest once he’s out. Might as well see it through and fight to the bitter end. Maybe, just maybe we won’t hand our children and grandchildren a scheisse sandwich when our generation finally checks out.


      • squid2112 says:

        Maybe, just maybe we won’t hand our children and grandchildren a scheisse sandwich when our generation finally checks out.

        Pretty sure we blew by that mile marker quite some time ago. Just look at what is coming out of our schools. You’re about 2 or 3 decades late to be some sort of savior.


  3. Dutchman says:

    By jove, THATS IT! “nobody really knows much of anything about the real barack obama, even aftrr all these years” caused a click.
    We KNOW the enemy projects: they accuse THEIR enemy, of that which they, themselves, are guilty of, right?
    And the essence of what they were TRYING to ‘frame’DJT for, was being a ‘manchurian candidate’, working for or compromised by a foriegn power.
    So, the weakness of projection is it telegraphs, if you work it backwards.
    Uranium 1, anyone?

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  4. Dutchman says:

    I felt that too, julia, but then click happened. Others have insinuated similar, but in an expression of concern it might. Ff seems to be saying its a foregone conclusion, disconcerting.


    • Dixie says:

      I believe Brennan is the big dog at the root of this. His tweets reflect drooling satanic vitriol. JMO.

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      • Jeffrey Delony says:

        Obama is the Big Dog at the Root of all this. Obama is calling the shots. Brennan is Obama’s delusional sycophant who will say or do anything using whatever means are available. Brennan is a functional psychotic.

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        • permiejack says:

          Obama is not the big dog, just a dog with a master, IMO. Just 2 years in the Senate and then the presidency? His backers had enough power to usurp HRC knowing that the Clinton’s quest for power and greed would undermine __________(fill in the blank). Obama is a puppet, a silver tongued devil that was running against the 2 biggest losers the GOP had to offer. McCain and Romney.


  5. Konamon says:

    Are you a Spy
    Or Just a CI
    Well you look like a Spy
    But might be a CI

    Taste like CIA Cola

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  6. Jane Smith says:

    So, the FBI and their “informants” failed miserably in their efforts to “protect” Trump and associates from the Russians…hence, the need for a Special Counsel.
    Is that what they are saying?
    They are incompetent failures?
    Perhaps the FBI should be defunded and disbanded.

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  7. Non=combative. says:

    As long as the gems can keep everything down in the weeds they assume they are winning the Shifty Schiff, Slimy Swalwell propaganda war…


  8. Delibero says:

    So far Spygate is still dwarfed by MuellerGate. The “Spy” investigations are slowly proceeding but being greatly impeded by Rod’s and Wray’s obfuscations and the power of lies and crafty spin from masters of lying and spin. Mueller’s almost limitless powers greatly exceed all the Spygate operations or “Trump friendly Russian hunter informants” in the campaign as shameless Clapper calls them.

    With Grand Jury and Counter-Intelligence powers who needs a vast rogue Intel Network of spies or deceiving goons to mingle with gullible targets when you can just knock down doors and enter homes at 4:00 am and confiscate anything you want, eavesdrop on anything you wish and investigate all aspects of a targets life at will. Mueller is still wielding his powers with unimpeded abandon. If prosecutor Huber is able and willing to utilize his powers and legally speed up the pursuit of the truth about Spygate and other issues, all this endless stuck in the mud plodding will no longer be the only way to get to the truth. It’s Sessions’ last chance to redeem himself if he ensures this happens.

    Imagine all the personal and professional info that Mueller’s Dem dream team have learned and leaked to their Dem friends about Trump and all of his present and former advisors and staff and family members and anyone else that spent even a day on the campaign. But Dem Bob hasn’t spent one minute investigating a fellow Dem.

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    • Delibero- Perhaps the greatest spy drama that’s playing out right now and which was the genesis of the Muh Russia Witch Hunt, was the hacking of the DNC servers by the Pakistani IMRAN AWAN SPY FAMILY. I have been posting links to articles about this for months, ever since I found the Tree House. The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosniak has been following the case and doing some amazing work.

      Interestingly enough, there have been stories published since last year that Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is involved with the Awan case and a few others that involve national security. Check out his bio.

      *** Also brought up last night on Fox, Jesse Waters filling in for Laura with Bill Binney and some other former spooks- WHY DO BRENNAN, CLAPPER, ET AL STILL HAVE SECURITY CLEARANCES???

      This really bothers me.


  9. littleanniesfannie says:

    It had to be Russia collusion in order to use the Obama stacked FISC. How else could the FBI, CIA and now Mueller “investigation” have run rough-shod over the Constitution? For Clapper to claim the moral high-ground is almost as amusing as Obama’s claim that his administration had no scandals! Problem for them is that when you tell a lie often enough you begin to believe it. Of course there is one possible alternative. How many times did we hear Obama tell his all-accepting MSM that he “learned” about this scandal or that because he saw it on the “news”. Could be true since he undoubtedly ever listened to his adoring reporters! With their willingness to only report DNC/Obama favorable spin statements, he may not have “known” about any scandals. The other likelihood is that he was hypnotized to forget anything but the touchy/feely flowery commu-Socialist values he espouses rather than his sneaky, illegal ways of dealing!

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  10. G. Combs says:

    The Rothschild Bankster agent (Paul Warburg) came to the USA and got the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913 giving the banksters control of our money (and economy)

    Also at the same time they got the Sixteenth Amendment passed allowing the Congress to levy an income tax — so Americans could pay back with their labor the fiat bank script, printed out of thin air, that Congress borrows.

    At the same time the Seventeenth Amendment was passed establishing the popular election of United States Senators. This removed the veto power of the states and allowed the Banksters to BUY Senators as they BUY Congressmen.

    What most do not know is in 1915, two years later, the Banksters BOUGHT THE MEDIA! Link — Congressional Record, February 9, 1917

    The Banksters ALSO funded the Bolshevik Revolution!!! Link — Congressman McFadden’s Speech before the Attempts on His Life Lending Fiat currency to both sides makes LOTS of $$$ for the Banksters.

    G. Edward Griffin, Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island explains WHY the Banksters LOVE war and WHY Congress LOVES the Banksters. (I suggest reading the whole article)

    “[…]It was at that point in history that governments’ wars began to heat up. They always had wars but they were relatively small things because wars are expensive and the people won’t pay more than 40% for everything including wars. But now that they had a way to tax higher than that, they could engage in very expensive wars. It’s at that point in history that Europe plunged headlong into continuous war and big, very, very expensive wars. The people paid for them uncomplainingly through the process of inflation.

    So when it came time to transplant this concept to America these seven men on Jekyll Island knew very well that they were creating a central bank; that was the reason that Paul Warburg was so valuable because he was the man with the intense knowledge, the detailed technical knowledge of how central banks operate….

    I think it’s time for a new definition of usury as follows: any interest on any loan of fiat money (meaning money made out of nothing). This example of a $100,000 home, as shocking as it is, producing $172,741 unearned interest, this is just a grain of sand in the Sahara. You have to multiply that by all the homes in America, by all of these hotels in America, all the high-rise buildings, all the factories, all the airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, schools, everything, all the physical assets of America. You apply this same ratio and can you see it in your mind? We’re talking about a river of unearned wealth that is so wide you can’t even think of crossing it, flowing perpetually into the banking cartel. A dead short across the productive element of society. Money being taken from people who are working hard providing the material and the labor. They don’t even know that this is being taken from them and it’s in this huge river of wealth flowing into the banking cartel. It’s a staggering thought.

    You are led to the question of where is this river flowing? Where’s it going? Get a picture of this that it’s all going into a lake somewhere and maybe there’s a dam and the wealth is building up and somewhere they’re getting it all. Getting it no, they’re spending it. They’re not accumulating it at all. What are they spending it for? The answer may surprise you. They’re not buying more yachts and mansions with this money, they’ve already got all of those they possibly want. In fact they got rid of the mansions on Jekyll Island a long time ago because they were bored with that. That’s not it. When a person has all the wealth that you could possibly want for the material pleasures of life, what is left? Power. They are using this river of wealth to acquire power over you and me and our children.

    They are spending it to acquire control over the power centers of society. The power centers are those groups and institutions through which individuals live and act and rely on for their information. They are literally buying up the world but not the real estate and the hardware, they’re buying control over the organizations, the groups and institutions that control people. In other words, to be specific, they are buying control over politicians, political parties, television networks, cable networks, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, wire services, motion picture studios, universities, labor unions, church organizations, trade associations, tax-exempt foundations, multi-national corporations, boy scouts, girl scouts, you name it. Make your own list of organizations and you will find that this is where those people have been for many decades spending this river of wealth to acquire operational control particularly over those institutions and individuals, those organizations that represent opposition to themselves. That’s a critical area for expenditure on their part.[…]”

    The paper The Network of Global Corporate Control shows that a small number of financial institutions control a major portion of the World’s Transnational Corporations (TNCs) — another place that river of wealth acquired.

    The Network of Global Corporate Control

    “[…] We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both for researchers and policy makers….

    We find that, despite its small size, the core holds collectively a large fraction of the total network control. In detail, nearly 4/10 of the control over the economic value of TNCs in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNCs in the core, which has almost full control over itself. The top holders within the core can thus be thought of as an economic “super-entity” in the global network of corporations. A relevant additional fact at this point is that 3/4 of the core are financial intermediaries.[…]”

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      I learn a lot from your posts! Thank you, G. Combs 🙂

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      • G. Combs says:

        Your Welcome!

        That is what the Tree House is for, to pass along the info we learn. An informed electorate is needed for our Constitutional Republic to work as it should.

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        • Bill Dunn says:

          AWESOME ,G Combs Awesome.
          I have a question sir ,forgive me if its a dumb question.
          What would it take for the President to declare Martial Law and put the scoundrels and traitors in the deepest dungeon, is it even possible?
          Thanks for any answer.


  11. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Bongino is slightly ahead of CTH in terms of laying out the whole conspiracy, and he is now looking closely at the issue of exactly when did the fake investigation of PDJT start. Nothing replaces CTH, but Bongino s podcasts are a great additional source of information to CTH readers yearning for more.


  12. coltlending says:


    a spy who achieves over a long period an important position within the security defenses of a country.
    synonyms: spy, agent, secret agent, undercover agent, operative, plant, infiltrator, sleeper, informant, informer.

    It matters not what moniker you choose to give what they did, and that matters.

    The Bolshevik media is Americas enemy.

    What they did was criminal and treasonous.

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  13. andyocoregon says:

    They weren’t spies, they were Undercover Intelligence Gatherers for Hillary.

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  14. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    CTH is #1 so please don’t take it that way. Bongino is quite deferential to CTH, what I am talking about is that he has laid out the story as details have emerged, and for those who want to hear another rendition of everything CTH has said and is saying, he lays out the start to “now” timeline in a very digestible way. Not to mention it is a podcast so you can listen on your way to work to get this information in a different way. And you hunger for more, it’s a good spot.
    For instance he is clear: trust Sessions, the Clintons are the ones with the deep Russian ties, both Republicans and Dems are complicit in the DJT conspiracy, and Mueller is a bad guy. Now we wait for the IG report this upcoming week.

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  15. TruthIsLight says:

    There could come a day when the masses will rise up and tar n feather the lying press. And by the looks of it, it could be soon.


  16. 4sure says:

    Not a single person involved in the treason named by SD in his outstanding research and reporting will spend a single day in jail, I am certain of it. And it’s doubtful that any will be indicted. IMO.

    The defense against any charges is already being laid out and the jury pool as well as the public is purposely being tainted.

    It’s all turning into a clown show and every clown show so far has always ended in no one ever being held accountable. The fact that it is political shields it from being criminal. The crooked politicians have made their criminal acts non criminal.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Gowdy & company are already lining up some of the perps that will be outed by the IG report to testify in front of Congress. That will be the extent of it. They’ll be publicly denounced, promises made by their replacements to improve, and the beat will go on.

      The never-ending dance you are witnessing is called the Potomac Two-step.

      Sadly, it will endure until that woeful day the “Tree of Liberty” is genuinely refreshed.

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      • Osprey- you must be familiar with the movie “Clear and Present Danger” to mention the Potomac Two Step! Also- if you look at the last IG report that SD had posted, and you see the “response” to the accusations from the perps, they all say the same thing: Agree, will do better, will make the changes that are recommended.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      I have been trying to follow this story and read all I can. The evidence of wrongdoing is clear and gives me hope that SOMEONE will be held responsible. The other night Sean asked Newt ‘Do you think we will ever get to the bottom of this?” Newt said “No” and Sean agreed. The idea that these evil people will walk made me sick.


  17. rayvandune says:

    Dan is exactly correct: an “informant” is an existing team member who has agreed to provide confidential inside information to an outside source. An outsider contacting a team member seeking such information is not an informant, they are at least a “spy”.

    If instead of only seeking confidential information, they are planting information or urging some course of action that is potentially not in the team’s best interest, the spy may also be acting as an “agent provocateur”, inciting some team behavior for the benefit of another group.

    The FBI-sponsored contacts in question meet the fundamental trait of a spy, that of being an exterior agent, and fail the fundamental trait of an informant, that of being an existing team member. In addition, as we learn more about the specific actions the spy or spies in question, they may turn out to be agent provocateurs, an special kind of spy that is not seeking only information, but seeking to cause specific behavior on the part of the target. Some of the reported actions of the FBI spies seem to be those of an agent provocateur, for example proactively arranging meetings between team members and Russian individuals.

    On NPR this morning, Scott Simon doubles down on the “informant” terminology in the belief that this word avoids the negative connotation of “spy”. It does not: an informant as he defines one is an external action up to no good, no matter what they are called by someone on the radio. Scott also doubles down on the “with no proof” accusation famously trotted out when reporting on Trump’s original “wiretapping” accusation, which most objective listeners would now regard as proven, were that accusation and the haughty denials of it ever again reported on NPR!

    If anyone can cite a use of the “with no proof” condemnation against any Democrat claim, no matter how preposterous, I would value learning about it. Of corse the irony of ironies is that at the present time, the ultimate example of an accusation “with no proof” is the one NPR and Scott Simon implicitly accept without reservation and encourage their audience to also, “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia!

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  18. jogreggre says:

    And to add insult to injury, We the People, paid Halper more than $400,000 to spy on the Trump campaign. And, these monies were paid for Halper to meet with Trump campaign members a few times in England over a period of a few months.In addition to the fact that the CIA/FBI’s action were imo, seditious, I’m sure that most people reading this aren’t paid thousands of dollars an hour.

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  19. jeans2nd says:

    This is NOT O/T. Promise. Stay with me on this. Pls.

    Re: Stefan Halper, FBI SPY vs Confidential Informant.

    DOD held a presser 24 May 2018 on a variety of topics.
    Fake News CN&Ns Barbara Starr asked DOD spokesman Dana White about FBI Confidential Informant, SPY Stefan Halper.

    —>>>SPY Halper/FBI relationship is currently under investigation.
    Under investigation by whom? Not DOD. DOD Dana confirms that. FBI INSD? IG? Which IG?
    DOJ IG? Doubtful, imo. DOD IG? Dunno.

    This is a hard listen, as DOD Gen. McKenzie answers another Starr question first.

    Fake News Barbara Starr, CN&N
    08:40 “The confidential FBI source, the President has already publicly said that person was paid money. And we now know from your Press Office that that confidential FBI source actually got about one million dollars in contract money from DOD’s Office of Net Assessment to produce some reports.”

    “So just for the record, can you say that the million dollars the Department of Defense paid to this confidential source was for actual work being done for the Pentagon and he was not being paid by the Pentagon to be an FBI informant.”

    DOD Dana
    10:52 “To your second question, I am aware of this, but this is currently under investigation. What I will do, is, I can come back to you about more details, but this is currently under investigation.”

    Starr then details the four – ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! – Halper contracts that are public record.

    Fake News Barbara Starr, CN&N
    11:30 “Are you saying that it is under investigation then, that the money he was paid by the Defense Department actually went for real DOD work, as opposed to paying him to maintain his informant status?”

    DOD Dana
    11:48 “The whole issue of his status and what he was with respect to the FBI, that is under investigation. With respect to the contracts, I just have to see this, I just don’t have the details…the (DOD) Press Office…confirmed that there are four contracts, but I would prefer to come back to you and give you more detaiils. I’ll come back to you today.”

    Louie, another reporter (affiliation unknown)
    12:20 “…about the individual that Barbara is talking about, I take it to mean that you’re saying that there is no DOD investigation of his relationship with the Pentagon”

    DOD Dana “None that I am aware of, no.”

    Has Fake News CN&N come out with the bombshell that Halper was only doing DOD work?
    Has Fake News CN&N said anything about this at all?
    Has anyone? Anyone at all?

    Fake News CN&N – Confidential Infornant vs SPY.
    —>>>The Real News is Halper the SPY is under investigation.

    DOD Transcript https://www.defense.gov/News/Transcripts/Transcript-View/Article/1532246/department-of-defense-press-briefing-by-pentagon-chief-spokesperson-dana-w-whit/
    Transcribed words above are mine, not DODs.

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  20. Dutchman says:

    While I understand the temptation to ‘call out’ an obvious lie, getting into what IS, or isn’t a spy, is just falling into the trap THEY have set, its part of their standard game plan. Waste of time, energy and attention.
    Like going back to Watergate : they werent burglars, cause they werent stealing any material thing of value, and they were in the DNC offices, at nite, without permission, cause they were trying to HELP the dnc.
    Yeah, doesnt work, does it?
    Don’t allow them for one minute to distract.

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  21. rayvandune says:

    I support the spirit of your argument, but I am afraid there is a loophole that may allow Obama and his people to escape consequences. It is my understanding that all of the various statutes that control the use of national intelligence agencies contain a “notwithstanding” clause. It basically says that notwithstanding whatever else this law says, the President of the United States has the authority to conduct surveillance on (or interrogate) anyone, at any time. This is the way the law deals with the infamous “ticking time bomb” problem. Phrased this way, the only restraint on POTUS is a moral and political one. We expect him or her to use this privileged authority to avoid a city being incinerated, for instance, but using it to dig up dirt on their political opponents would be regarded as immoral. Unfortunately in this case, “immoral” is not the same as “illegal”. I would assume that allows those working for POTUS in the Executive to execute his / her directions, with the obvious question being how far does this extend? As a matter of law (I speculate that) there may be no limit except the span of control of the POTUS, which includes federal civil and military forces.

    Worse, the question of the judgement of the urgency of the situation by POTUS is probably an open one. If Obama was convinced that the next President was a Russian agent, would that be a grave enough situation? What it the incoming President is vulnerable or susceptible to Russian control? The very reason for the existence of these extraordinary powers would seem to preclude applying a high standard of evidence – can we say exactly what level of suspicion is sufficient to justify application of these powers?

    I wonder if we might ultimately see a complete reversal of the defense strategy of the Obama administration, from desperately holding the line at implicating him and his immediate coterie, to seeking to attach the spying (which I am certain it was) to the protection of the POTUS’s ultimate authority? This could get really crazy.


  22. Lee Moore says:

    From dictionary.com a spy is :

    • a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country, especially with reference to military or naval affairs.
    • a person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of another or others.
    • a person who seeks to obtain confidential information about the activities, plans, methods, etc., of an organization or person, especially one who is employed for this purpose by a competitor: an industrial spy.

    which seems to cover Prof Halper pretty neatly.

    As Bongino says, “informant” implies someone who is already within the target organization, or has acquired knowledge about it somehow, whose existing knowledge is tapped by the investigators; whereas “spy” implies someone who does not already have useful information who is dispatched by the investigators clandestinely to acquire some. Of course the lines become blurred as time passes, as if the spy succeeds in infiltrating the target organization then he has become an insider and is therefore indistinguishable from an informant. Likewise if the informant stays inside and seeks out more information of value to the investigators then he is indistinguishable from the spy who has successfully burrowed inside.

    Other distinguishing features might be that a spy will almost inevitably be paid, whether he is an employee or a contractor, while an informant may act without pay. And while an informant will almost always be a pre-existing insider, a spy can remain outside the target organization indefinitely. Thus when James Bond breaks into an office, cracks a safe, and photographs some documents, he’s a spy even though he’s made no attempt to infiltrate himself into the target organsation. Of course on other occasions Bond does attempt to infiltrate the target on false pretences, which is another thing spies do.

    All of these things point to Halper as a “spy” rather than an “informant.” He had no information to provide ab initio. He had to be sent to go and get some. While Page and Papadopoulos are cast in the role of potential “informant” – existing insiders who the FBI might have hoped had some information. Though since they didn’t know what they were saying was being passed on to the FBI they weren’t really informants, just targets.

    Anyway, let’s be super super generous to the MSM and concede, for the sake of argument , that Halper’s quiet confidential mission to seek out and inform on Page and Papadopoulos, at the direction of the FBI, fell just short of “spying” because he never managed to penetrate the target organization, he never became a member of Team Trump. (Note this is being very generous because you don’t have to become an insider to be a spy. Not all spies are moles. See James Bond and the safe cracking.)

    But how can we characterize Halper’s interaction with Sam Clovis – offering to provide foreign policy advice to the Trump campaign ? While he was on the FBI payroll, charged with sniffing around Trump campaign folk on behalf of the FBI. It’s very difficult to think of any rationalization that can characterize this as other than the FBI trying to insert an actual mole into the Trump campaign. And though not all spies are moles, all moles are spies. Even on CNN.


    • rayvandune says:

      Well argued. I made a similar but not identical distinction, but the bottom line is that the title or role attributed to the actor is itrelevant, it is the actions that count. The actions I have heard attributed to Halper (and to the other guy who has vanished) are pretty close to those of an agent provocateur. That crosses a red line, as Devin Nunes says. That cannot be obfuscated, even by the sophists at NPR!


  23. Brent Hull says:

    Has Carter Page ever been on Tucker’s show? I do not think so. The next time Carter PAge appears on any talk show the host needs to ask a simple question, specifically, was Carter Page working with the FBI, CIA or any other government agency when he joined the Trump campaign in March of 2016 and when the FISC granted the FISA application on Page in October of 2016. Trump needs to declassify the all FISA application on Page Flynn and any and all others in the Trump campaign. If Carter Page was working with the FBI this should be mentioned in the FISA application from October of 2016


  24. Mike diamond says:

    Lets be honest the dude was a Spy, this swamp is huge!!! It’s filled with news media creatures like Don the lemon !! The mitch,the ryan,the Nancy queen of Prozac ! The schuuuummmmerrrrrrrrr the chuck!!on and on!it is shame full ! And James the comey a total disgrace to the FBI!!!


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