Surveillance Target Sam Clovis Discusses His Contacts With FBI/CIA Intelligence Agent Stefan Halper…

I’m working on a rather comprehensive outline to put all of the actions within the larger political operation together; things in sequence will make much more sense. However, in the interim, here’s former Trump campaign adviser Sam Clovis discussing his encounters with the CIA controlled intelligence agent Stefan Halper.

[*Note* For the sake of context, intellectual honesty and narrative transparency, it is important to note that Sam Clovis is legally represented by Victoria Toensing, wife of Joe diGenova. The reason for this understanding will become more obvious at a later date.] WATCH:


Note how the thread/relationship connecting Stefan Halper and Carter Page is surfacing with growing clarity.

It has been admitted that Stefan Halper was an asset paid by the U.S. government, contracted by the CIA and FBI, for activity within FBI operation “Crossfire Hurricane”. I would draw more specific attention to how often we are hearing the word “contractor” in relationship to these intelligence operations.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the term “contractor“. The frequency of that term within these stories is not an accidental.

Edward Snowden was an NSA contractor.  Reality Winner was an NSA contractor.  Christopher Steele was an FBI contractor. Daniel Richman was an FBI contractor. Nellie Ohr was a CIA contractor. Stefan Halper was an FBI/CIA Contractor. Glenn Simpson was an FBI/CIA contractor.  Fusion-GPS was an FBI contractor.  Crowdstrike is an FBI contractor. The FBI approached Oleg Deripaska about being a repeat FBI contractor etc. ….Within the larger story, pay close attention to where/when you see the term “contractor“.

The FISA court has become a misnomer in this storyline.  The metadata, the raw material needed for electronic surveillance and spy operations, always exists regardless of engagement with the FISA court.

The extraction, review and analysis of that metadata does not require a FISA court ordered warrant; it only requires a person have “access” to do the search.  Nothing more.  “Access” is the key to electronic surveillance and data-mining, not “authority”.

Remember that.

Access is the key.

Hence, contractor access opens doors.

The ideology of the contractor determines what they do with that access.




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313 Responses to Surveillance Target Sam Clovis Discusses His Contacts With FBI/CIA Intelligence Agent Stefan Halper…

  1. Healy says:

    This can all be brought to a close one of two ways. Weiners laptop or CrowdStrike produces proof Russia hacked the dnc server. The rest is semantics.

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    • cali says:

      @Healy: Great comment!

      CrowdStrike did at first accused Russia of hacking but later on silently withdrew that conclusion.
      Russia never hacked any computer and if anything it most likely was the Imran Awan and gang that accessed the DNC remotely funneling national security info and classified info to Pakistan’s ISI. These guys even logged into the DNC computers while located in Pakistan during their vacation.
      The espionage of the Awans has yet to be told because the damage they did with the full knowledge of Wasserman Schultz ended in a literal nightmare.
      Imran Awan had Wasserman’s access code and password. The laptop of DWS is the one Imran left at a phonebooth with a note attached that included ALL activity – legal or otherwise – for the capitol police to find.
      The Awan espionage scandal is a whole other chapter that too will bubble up in the near future.

      Seth Rich did provide Podesta’s emails to WikiLeaks via a UBS and there was no hacking involved at all. Even the family now admitting that to be the case.

      The muh Russia hacking was the concoction of the trio in the white house = Hussein, Brennan and Jarrett.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        I think it is generally accepted that Podesta was the victim of a Pfishing expedition and his own stupidity.


  2. David Spence says:

    I wonder if the people insisting that Trump reveal some foreign policy advisers were requested to do so by this cabal. In other words, “make Trump give us some names so we can know who to ‘dirty-up!”

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  3. Redhotrugmama says:

    And for every single slimy “contractor” there is a trail of payments to each of them using tax payer money

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  4. Interesting article on contractors in the intelligence community. Good overview of current state and dangers:

    “What’s at stake in intelligence outsourcing is not just the movement of money and goods, but also the security of the American public and control over the information that keeps us safe. Market concentration in this sector, therefore, has deeper and more sinister implications than in civilian industries such as finance or telecommunications. Concentration means that fewer and fewer companies control the information that guides our military and civilian leaders and, by extension, shapes America’s view of the world and the military and political actions it takes.”

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  5. PS says:

    “The improper access granted to the [….] contractors was apparently in place [….] and seems to have been the result of deliberate decisionmaking.[….] Compliance Report at 92-93 [….] access to FBI systems was the subject of an interagency memorandum of understanding entered into [….] . Despite the existence of an interagency memorandum of understanding (presumably prepared or reviewed by FBI lawyers), no notice of this practice was given to the FISC until 2016. Of course, such a memorandum of understanding could not override the restrictions of Section 702 minimization procedures. ” — April 26, 2017 FISA memo

    “On March 4, 2003, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Director of Central Intelligence signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing policies and procedures for information sharing, handling, and use. Pursuant to that MOU, information related to terrorist threats and vulnerabilities is provided to DHS automatically without DHS having to request it. Consistent with the protection of sensitive sources and methods and the protection of privacy rights, we now share as a rule, and withhold by exception.” — FBI Archive 2003

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  6. Dutchman says:

    Im thinking one of the reasons much of this occurred in England is that pesky CIA Charter, ‘forbidding’ CIA from working inside U.S.
    Thats why Halper works there.
    Seems to me CIA’s role was to create the smoke without fire, like smokebombs. Then, the FBI says, hey! Theres smoke! We HAVE to investigate! Kind of like the fire dept., working with arsonists. No analogy is perfect,…
    I think Russians analysis of Page correct, basically a dufus. To stupid/weird to be of much use, as anything but a fall guy, a ‘useful idiot’.
    I do see the black hats second or third ‘defence’, fully anticipated. This ‘spying FOR Trump, not ON him’, leads into:
    “What would you have us do? We get info coming in, from multiple sources/directions, that DJT is a ‘manchurian candidate’, working for, or compromised by the Russians. We HAD to investigate to try to detirmine if it was true.”
    With JUST the dossier, rebut would be:
    But the info was coming from the opposing campaign!”
    Their responce would be ” SO! Yes, it was ‘op research’, but are we supposed to ignore it, just because of the source?
    Which, if we didnt have all this other info, MIGHT actually fly. Uncovering that their were multiple angles to spying on the campaign; and that the ‘entrapping’ was actually more like creating an allusion, in order to JUSTIFY the spying, in hopes of finding SOMETHING they could use pretty much destroys that ‘defence’ argument.
    We haven’t got near to pulling on all the threads to this gordian knot, yet.
    Because we’re only working with ‘public knowledge’, we have an outline of what happened. There needs to be a lot more, to conclusively tie this around the necks of principles. Its all well and good to day “Obviously, Comey did THIS, and Brennan did THIS”, but PROVE it. I do think this WILL eventually, PROVABLY lead to all, including Obummer. Then we will be faced with the last line defence: for the ‘good of the country, pardon former Pres.”
    We’ve seen this before, followed by a former Pres. being disbarred for life, yet not impeached, again ‘for good of country’, and didn’t THAT work out, just great for country?
    So, I realise I’m jumping to end game, and being presumptuous, but I think THIS time, strong argument needs to be made, ‘former Pres. MUST be convicted, FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. To affirm to all, that NO one is above the law. And, for many who’ve posted “otherwise it will happen again”
    THIS is how you discourage it from happening again, and eliminate the notion that “its JUST politics”, and “the ONLY rule in politics is to WIN.
    Anyway, THATS the endgame, as I see it.
    Obummer has already begun following the CF model, with 2.0. While their will certainly be plenty of pay to play, he will use the excuse of a Pres. Library to set up a community organisers wet dream, A.C.O.R.N.on steroids. So called ‘get out the vote’ efforts, running campaign psy-ops against opponents like we saw in 2016, on massive scale.
    He politicised EVERY dept of FED gov. from IRS, DOJ to Dept of Ag, and Hud.
    His fingerprints are all over this big ugly, and ‘good of country’ CAN NOT be ussd THIS time, to allow him to skate.
    Sorry for rant. Gnite, fellow treepers.

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    • cozette says:

      If the government was concerned about Russian influence on a campaign there was massive evidence of Clintons entanglements with Russians. There is no evidence that caused any concern. Yet they were so concerned about team Trump they obsessively hunted for connections even though none were apparent? Please. Plus, at the time of the campaign Russia was not yet the bogeyman. They were just another foreign competitor. Our astronauts still circle the earth in Russias space station. We have treaties with them. We share intel on terrorists. We sold them 20% of our uranium. We transferred technology to help them build a rival to our own Silicon Valley. We gave Russia a reset button. How was citizen Trump to know that our spy agencies would consider it treasonous to have any contact with any Russian? If there was a concern why not tip him off? Why no concern about other countries influence such as china? Hillary met privately with them during the campaign. Answer: The explanations are BS. Everything was done to prevent Trump from winning and destroy him after Hillary took office. Putin was framed too because her donors wanted her to destroy him as well.

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      • Cozette- excellent points.

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      • David A says:

        Yes, and we have clear evidence of a hate for Trump from FBI personnel, and we have CLEAR obstruction of justice from the FBI in their investigation of HRC.
        ( If you are clearly biased and illegally protecting HRC, and clearly biased in illegal prosecution of Trump – FISA abuses, leaks and innuendo to the court and the media on clearly known at the time bogus information, not telling the court who paid for the lies, paying for more lies yourself, then their is great reason to prosecute you.


      • AdamSelene says:

        Agreed on all points. To add, if they truly suspected the Russians were trying to contact/spy on/influence/ensnare/whatever the Trump campaign…why not tell Trump? “Mr. Trump, we don’t want to alarm you, but we have heard some whispers that the Russians may try to influence the election, including infiltration of campaigns. If you or your staff are contacted by anyone who may be working on behalf of the Russian government, can you let us know so we can catch these blasted Ruskie spies?” Wouldn’t that make more sense?

        Instead we come home to find the house broken in to, and a guy with a ski mask and a crowbar and a sack saying “oh no, no, I’m not robbing your house. I’m, uh…protecting it because I heard someone else was going to rob it! You should be thanking me!”


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Damn straight, Dutch!
      What’s good for the country, if this weaponization proves out, is firing squads.


  7. nimrodman says:

    Speaking of contractors, I’ll tell you who else were contractors …
    the Awans

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    • Nimrodman-you are so right! What really gets me is that NOBODY is talking about the Awan Crime Family and Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz except for Luke Rosniak over at the Daily Caller. I try to put in links to his articles when I see something especially striking.

      I strongly urge you to check him out if you want to find out the truth about how the FBI has allowed this family of Pakistani spies free rein to hack the DNC servers and half of Congress. All so they could go after Trump and claim Russian interference.

      I don’t see anyone breaking down doors or arresting the Awan scum. In fact, if you read the articles and court transcripts, you will see they’re being treated quite well.

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      • David A says:

        Seneca, like you I do not understand why this is being ignored. Is this part of Huber’s investigation? Has this been dropped? How does this tie in to the smear Trump movement?

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thx, Seneca, I’ve been there a number of times if that’s the site where he includes a comprehensive index at the bottom of each story.


  8. Flight93Gal says:

    Note to Flep…per SD tweet in this post …

    “…he (Admiral Rogers) told congress that he retained the audit log of every single search that was unlawfully conducted…”

    Therefore, I assume the NSA IG is reviewing this “criminal search audit log” and a key DOJ official will cross reference this data to key actors, their timelines and all will be tied up by one neat little conspiracy bow?

    Or…to preserve the program, will Plan B be deployed?

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  9. 6x47 says:

    Underlying all these shenanigans by Hillary’ campaign and Obama’s DOJ/FBI and all the contractor minions is this often overlooked truth: It is widely believed, and accepted as fact, that Hillary’s email server WAS accessed by several hostile foreign intelligence services.

    Her campaign was terrified the deleted/bleachbit wiped emails would resurface. We can assume, based on what she DID turn over, the deleted emails must contain terribly damning information. Avoiding federal records and FOIA requests was her entire reason for setting up the server in the first place.

    She was determined to obfuscate and create tremendous doubt about the veracity of any emails that surfaced. I had several conversations with a Left-leaning coworker during the summer and fall of 2016 where he accepted without question that the emails coming out via WikiLeaks were hacked by the Russians and full of Russian disinformation.

    That also explains why Comey made sure to include a finding that her server had been breached by hostile foreign intelligence services.

    HOWEVER, the failure of said “missing emails” to materialize (up to this point) suggests that they were not; or if they were the foreign agents are holding onto them for now.

    Such emails would be far more powerful COMPROMAT against Hillary Clinton than a silly little Access Hollywood tape or Russian prostitute golden showers.


    • 6x47 says:

      ADDENDUM: Such emails would also be powerful COMPROMAT against anyone who Clinton colluded with in her various corrupt schemes while SoS. That rogues gallery could include powerful political and Deep State people still in government.

      And Hillary could be holding what SHE knows over their heads, to make sure they keep up stiff resistance – to protect her secrets.

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      • cdquarles says:

        Why wouldn’t it have been accessed, rather easily by any one, state actors and non-state actors, given the seeming known (poor) state of security savvy demonstrated by these folk? /rhetorical


  10. zephyrbreeze says:

    Halper isn’t exactly a “grey man” is he? Where do they get these characters?


  11. Fools Gold says:

    If you give this whole treasonous act a and such as the Satanic layer cake. How many layers will there be on it and how high from ground zero will it continue to grow in layers? Who is the top layer? In my opinion, it’s not enough just to hang Oboma and Clinton although that’s a excellent start. However, there are layers of savages way above both of them who need to hang. I also believe we have until Trump’s rein ends to accomplish that goal or the US of A will not survive!

    Sorry for this disgusting comment but sometimes I try to see things at the highest level or order.


  12. lisaginnz says:

    Where the H&LL is Jeff Sessions on ANY of THIS shite anyway…… ??!
    ******** crickets ************


  13. Bill Henslee says:

    Remember that Adm Mike Rogers, the NSA chief, smelled a rat and did an investigation into all the improper access, including unmasked inquiries. At one point he had a private and secret meeting with Trump and was fired by Obama because of that meeting.
    Rogers recently retired and one hopes he will now be able to reveal what he knows.


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