Senator Ron Johnson Questions: “Sensitive Matters Team” – New Emails Show FBI and DOJ Discussing Dossier Briefing For CNN Release…

The footnotes in a letter from Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (full pdf below) outline a series of previously unknown emails between top FBI and DOJ officials as they discuss the Steele Dossier and prepare for a release by CNN.

The emails show that hours before FBI Director James Comey briefed President-Elect Trump on the dossier, Comey’s chief-of-staff James Rybicki e-mailed staff that Director Comey “is coming into HQ briefly now for an update from the sensitive matter team.”

On January 8th, 2017, two days after the Comey briefing, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe wrote an e-mail to top FBI officials (James Comey, James Rybicki, David Bowdich and Michael Kortan), with the subject: “Flood is coming.”

47 minutes later Andrew McCabe then emails across the street to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and her deputy assistant Matthew Axelrod.  Andrew McCabe uses the subject line “News” in his e-mail to alert the Main Justice officials.

The letter from Senator Johnson then goes on to outline how CNN reported breaking news of the dossier on January 10th, using the ‘hook’ created by a leak of the briefing Comey gave to president-elect Trump.  CNN headlined their report: “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”  A few hours later, BuzzFeed News published the contents of the “Steele dossier.”

Within the letter Senator Johnson asks Director Chris Wray to provide a list of all members of the “sensitive matters team” referenced by James Rybicki.  Additionally, Johnson requests Wray to provide all details about how FBI officials “first learned that media outlets, including CNN, may have possessed the Steele dossier.”

From the footnotes we can see the emails were first obtained by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General (Michael Horowitz) and turned over to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

What makes this interesting is the emails are: all post-election; all seemingly unrelated to any of the three known primary IG investigative inquiries; and all provided by the OIG to congress, without prior request (that we know of).  Much like the Page/Strzok text message release, this email release seems specifically intended to spur further congressional inquiry, and broaden the general public awareness.

Why would IG Horowitz send these to congress?  Well, there’s not much he can do with them.  All of the outlined participants/recipients are no longer within the DOJ or FBI except David Bowditch (now Asst. Director under Wray); however, they do provide an expanded awareness and understanding of the post-election ‘small group‘ activity.

Here’s the full letter:



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843 Responses to Senator Ron Johnson Questions: “Sensitive Matters Team” – New Emails Show FBI and DOJ Discussing Dossier Briefing For CNN Release…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    I absolutely LOVE IG Horowitz! These POS are getting more and more desperate each and everyday that goes bye. They absolutely have no control over anything. They also don’t know the extent of the information that IG Horowitz and more importantly DOJ Prosecutor Huber have. It has to be absolutely mortifying because you can’t speak out knowing they are holding unto something that says the opposite and is documented.

    I have said and will continue to say that in life, the ANTICIPATION of DEATH is fare worse than Death itself.

    Their bodies are literally eating them from the inside. Their minds are spinning multiple scenarios around. One worse than the next. Many of them have to be medicated or drink an enormous amount of alcohol in order to get some sleep. Otherwise, their minds won’t allow them to sleep because their dreams are far worse than what they think when they are awake.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      I look forward to your posts… please don’t stop !
      Always positive, rational and informative…
      Who could ask for more…

      Thank you for all your time and effort. We treepers do appreciate you.

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    • fanbeav says:

      I am sure the MSM has already created their talking points for anything that comes out of the IG report. The only disinfectant on all of this stuff is prosecutions! I have seen articles already coming that all of this is political on Trump’s demand to know about spies in his campaign. The feeble minded don’t think for themselves anymore.

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      • And that’s why our people probably will not be able to coexist with leftist/blue/”progressive”/Uniparty America for too many more decades: we don’t just have very fundamental disagreements about values and ideas and so forth; at this point in their ideological evolution, they almost literally inhabit a completely different reality than we do. One aspect of their “reality” – actually, they are increasingly divorced from reality – is that their reality is amazingly fluid and adaptable; it’s whatever their hive needs it to be.

        Look, there are ideologues on both sides, but: 1) Contrary to all of their b.s. social “scientific” studies since WWII, the left/”progressives” tend to be far more close-minded than people on the right; 2). Their ideology simply cannot cohere EXCEPT in seeing us as evil.

        Hopefully, we will be able to hash out a nonviolent divorce (e.g., a very strong form of federalism), although I am not optimistic because the other side is not content to merely goes its own way.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      The humiliation must be worse than death! Oh the ingratitude of the unwashed deplorable masses!

      Caputo and Page, meanwhile, were incredibly gracious toward each other and have been very classy about the whole ordeal they’ve been put through.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        I got a beautiful thank-you email from Caputo yesterday for donating to his Gofundme. He said that the GFM financial response had freed him from fear about having to sell his house, but and that he had been able to take what was given beyond his own needs, and and give to the others who had also been hounded and almost ruined by Mueller, helping them pay their legal fees. Class act.

        And… When he was on Fox last night, he was he was brave and animated and and bold, and exactly what he wanted to be, and able and willing to speak out. He was able to speak out as he wanted. Good news.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      “They absolutely have no control over anything. They also don’t know the extent of the information that IG Horowitz and more importantly DOJ Prosecutor Huber have. It has to be absolutely mortifying because you can’t speak out knowing they are holding unto something that says the opposite and is documented.”

      That is why comey has gone silent, brennan and yates keep lashing out and clapper just keeps right on digging the hole deeper. They and the rest of the cabal in the demonrat party and the very fake news drive by media are in total panic. They do not know what the President knows, they don’t know what Huber knows and has and they do not know what Horowitz knows or has.

      They are used to being masters of all they survey but alas the walls are closing in.

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        Luke 16: 1-13
        The Parable of the Unjust Steward
        16 He also said to His disciples: “There was a certain rich man who had a steward, and an accusation was brought to him that this man was [a]wasting his goods. 2 So he called him and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward.’

        3 “Then the steward said within himself, ‘What shall I do? For my master is taking the stewardship away from me. I cannot dig; I am ashamed to beg. 4 I have resolved what to do, that when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses.’

        5 “So he called every one of his master’s debtors to him, and said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ 6 And he said, ‘A hundred [b]measures of oil.’ So he said to him, ‘Take your bill, and sit down quickly and write fifty.’ 7 Then he said to another, ‘And how much do you owe?’ So he said, ‘A hundred [c]measures of wheat.’ And he said to him, ‘Take your bill, and write eighty.’ 8 So the master commended the unjust steward because he had dealt shrewdly. For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.

        9 “And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous [d]mammon, that when [e]you fail, they may receive you into an everlasting home. 10 He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. 11 Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? 12 And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?

        13 “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… They also don’t know the extent of the information that IG Horowitz and more importantly DOJ Prosecutor Huber have. …”

      Flep, my sibling! (I have no idea whether you are my brother or sister, but it doesn’t matter to this fellow Patriot!)

      To reply to your EXCELLENT post, I must digress into my youth of the 1950s and 1960s Muscle Cars.

      The car companies were building more and more powerful engines, but those powerful engines needed a ROBUST transmission to be able to take that power and not disintegrate on the “Starting Line.”

      Enter the GM “Rock Crusher” transmission.

      The Rock Crusher was the M-22 Muncie close ratio 4 speed manual transmission favored in the ’60’s GM hot rods. Well balanced, smooth shifting and after ’60 Aluminum cased capable of a lot of HP.

      It was called The Rock Crusher after a GM commercial advertisement that showed GM automotive engineers opening the hatch to the gear box, and putting in a shovel of concrete gravel.

      The commercial showed the transmission grind through those stones, turning them into sand, and then with the gear box closed, the car proceed to win a race against another car that lacked “The Rock Crusher” transmission.

      Okay, it was 1950s and 1960s muscle car propaganda, but the truth is that for a “vehicle” to be successful. it needs EVERY part in the power train to be able to handle the power (and crush the competition into sand).

      IG Horowitz in the high powered engine.
      US Attorney Huber is “The Rock Crusher” transmission.
      We are hot on the raceway!

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      • singular says:

        I liked your neat comment, Newton. I enjoy the Treepers so much.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Newt I absolutely love the lesson and tying the analogy back to the IG and Huber! Awesome 👏

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      • spren says:

        Newt, I am also a child of the 50s and 60s – absolutely fantastic time to grow up in.
        In Pittsburgh, where I grew up, we have a chain of restaurants called Eat’n Park. Back then, they still had car hops attending to the parking lot. The “greasers” as we called them all brought their muscle cars into the parking lot, opened their hoods, and they all showed off their cars. Then they would go to remote sections of our township and have drag races. What a wonderful time!

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      • Al Hoove says:

        Meh. More of a FoMoCo Toploader enthusiast, myself. THE proven racing transmission of the ’60’s.

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  2. listingstarboard says:

    He is running for Congress, AZ law requires him to resign

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  3. blind no longer says:

    “Flood is coming”. Heads up- Sensitive Matter Group…YES IT IS!!

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  4. fanbeav says:

    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that a meeting between law enforcement officials and congressional investigators to discuss release of Russia-probe documents will happen Thursday.

    President Trump charged chief of staff John Kelly with organizing the meeting Monday after summoning law enforcement officials to discuss reports of an FBI informant speaking with members of his campaign.

    Sanders said “no one from the White House will attend” the Thursday meeting. Attendees, she said, will include House intelligence committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., House oversight committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.

    Interesting that Rosenstein is not attending???

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    • fanbeav says:

      Forgot the bottom sentence::
      FBI Director Christopher Wray, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and Justice Department official Edward O’Callaghan also will attend, she said.

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      • phoenixRising says:

        I’ve been saying that once the sought after documents are reviewed by Congress,
        Rosie must recuse himself or be forced out…

        why would Rosie be attending a meeting that concerns his removal?

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    • permiejack says:

      Sarah was excellent as usual. One of the presstitutes asked why no democrats would be at the meeting? Her reply was that no democrats had any interest in attending so why invite someone that is not interested?

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  5. senda72 says:

    Michael Caputo was just interviewed by Neil Cavuto stating that, through an intermediary, a US government agent tried to give him access to Hillary’s deleted emails. He refused knowing that it would be illegal for him to possess these emails. He never told the Trump campaign, but did tell two Congressional investigative committees two weeks ago, along with Mueller’s team. Mueller’s team was not interested in this information, and did not contact the intermediary that was willing to talk to the team.

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    • DanO64 says:

      Come out it will. It is.

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    • amwick says:

      :0 Smart guy… didn’t take the bait… hmmmmmmm

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Caputo has been energized, comforted, humbled, and encouraged by the generous response of the American people to his plight, by giving to the Gofundme campaign. He has new life and fight! He has picked himself up again, and is taking the fight to the enemy.

        I think he felt qngry and betrayed. Now he KNOWS what the Americn people are STILL made of. And WE ARE!

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    • blind no longer says:

      Whoa What?

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    • Of course, Mueller’s gestapo isn’t interested in actual crimes that are inconvenient; only “crimes” that they can manufacture into being useful.

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      • Susan Bolle says:

        The ‘gestapo’ could have been the ones responsible for the ‘agent’ offering the emails. No one can be trusted and Mr Caputo knows how Mueller works. The underground likely still operates in some manner.


    • benifranlkin says:

      Peter Strzok intermediary or US Government agent…his nose is everywhere

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    • senda72 says:

      This Twitter thread discusses the interview in detail ~

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      • senda72 says:

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      • senda72 says:

        rest of thread ~

        To summarize: In May, 2016, Caputo approached by someone he calls an intermediary who told Caputo that a former contractor of a govt agency had HRC emails and offered them through this intermediary to Caputo./1

        Caputo describes this intermediary as a friend of his who is willing to go on the record when appropriate. He did not take the emails for many reasons, among them, he was worried that he would be committing crime by accepting any email containing classified info. Emcouraged/2

        Intermediary to go through what ever whistle blower process might be available. He then didn’t give it much thought. UNTIL the Oct. 2016 wikileaks drop which included an email about Iran/Sweden/Swedish Companies? And a waiver ? And how that connected to donations to CF/3

        That email in wiki leak drop struck him because he said it came up in may with intermediary (wasn’t entirely clear when describing this part). He was struck that wikileaks emails appeared to be same a former contractor of a govt agency offered via an intermediary back in May!

        Finally stunning that he told all of this to the Intel Committees AND Mueller but none of them have contacted that intermediary! Stunning. /end

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        • Sandra-VA says:

          Only one problem with this…. the 33k deleted emails were not published on Wikileaks. The only HRC/State Dept emails that were published were those released by the State Dept! Wikileaks published them in a format that made them more easy to navigate.

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    • Richard Whitney says:

      Perhaps Mueller’s team was responsible for the offer in the first place.

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    • Zimbalistjunior says:

      Well that’s the smoking gun. That is it. Right there. Thank you caputo. Unbelievable.

      Follow that intermediary straight through to Brennan and there we have all evidence necessary that black hats were setting traps left and right for trump people.

      That means every single thing that looks like a trap was a trap. June 2016 russian trump tower meeting foremost.

      Disgusting. This is rat f-ing. This is 1972 creep all over again but to the nth degree. And hey look, there’s Stefan halper. Is that Donald segretti right behind him?

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  6. Convert says:

    Just. Wow. The Google headline from CNN is how out-of-bounds, so wrong, scary and Hitlerish it is for Trump to demand answers from the FBI about their role in trying to spy on and then cover up said spying on his campaign. Just unbelievable, the chutzpah of these people.

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    • clive hoskin says:

      These”Leftards”brains(?)aren’t hardwired like NORMAL people.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “These”Leftards”brains(?)aren’t hardwired like NORMAL people.”

        And as such, the Leftards are scaring the he11 out of NORMAL voters, like (R) Party, and Indies, and a lot of (D) Party voters, that want NOTHING to do with the Molotove Cocktail terrorists in the Donkey (D) Party that want to destroy the American Republic and create a Communist Caliphate.

        It’s going to be a GLORIOUS 2018 Mid-Term Election!

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    • Susan Bolle says:

      Airport television is the only reason CNN holds onto their measly low ratings.

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  7. Dutchman says:

    Imagine, a year ago, you were SURE Hill, would win. You were setting up various operations, 702 requests, dossier prep, inserting agents in HIS canpaign. and using provacateurs, strategic leaking, etc.
    Now, your trying to remember what hou texted, emailed, what menos hou wrote, what you said in phone calls and neetings. ALL the incriminating evidence you didnt bother to hide, cause ya never thought anyone would look.
    Heck, I cant remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I texted a year ago.
    Page strocxz whatever, was just a taste. Gotta be driving them crazy.
    Another thought. Talking about Comey, but applies to all these black hats in DOJ n FBI.
    Convicted of FED crimes, they will do FED time. Can’t be put in with gen. population, they would be played with for several weeks or months, before being shived.
    They would have to go in special protected population, which means they spend their time with snitches, child pornographers, etc. The scummiest of the scum are now their constant associates. And still, they cant turn their back, or trust their food. They are surrounded by people they put away. .
    Poor barstuds,…not.

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  8. senda72 says:

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    • spren says:

      Hey Cavuto, get some extra strong Preparation H. You always look like you have a terminal case of hemorrhoids. I feel sorry for you but still can’t ever watch your show any longer.


  9. molonlabe28 says:

    Sounds like the sensitive materials team was a veritable star chamber.

    They will all look great in their “Orange is the new black” jumpsuits.

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  11. hillbilly4 says:

    Anyone recall Theodore White’s book: ‘Breach of Faith – the fall of Richard Nixon’? White’s basic premise was that Nixon fell because he broke the faith of the average American that he could be a fair and be trusted as President.
    I believe the FBI and DOJ have arrived at a similar place: the average American no longer believes the FBI nor the DOJ can be trusted. Clapper tells the world it was a good thing to spy on Trump? The sheer audacity, the monster ego behind that statement will live in infamy. If there is justice in this world….Clapper should go to prison.
    What a pitiful place we are in – the premier law enforcement agency and the one agency we thought stood for justice- are nothing more than a cabal, a mafia unto themselves. Perhaps a total breakdown and rebuilding of both agencies is needed. No matter the financial it now. We have thousands of young college men and women who would proudly serve. People who would live by The Code: Duty, Honor, Country. We have thousands of Veterans who know the difference between right and wrong…and they LIVE by the code. Hire everyone of them. Tomorrow, nay…yesterday.

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  12. Convert says:

    Can I just say that as a lifelong news junkie, I have been following newspaper coverage of presidents since I was in elementary school–almost 50 years. And even as nasty and one-sided as the coverage of W was, the Washington Post still was head and shoulder more accurate, professional and fair than they are now.
    Almost every day they publish a jawdropping, vicious, slanted, full of anonymous quotes, missing facts and venom. I mean, the front page of the paper is a pure embarrassing disgrace to journalism. I almost decided to go into the newspaper business but I am so grateful I didn’t. I would be so ashamed of what that important Noble profession.

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  13. LULU says:

    Just by coincidence CNN plugged Valerie Jarrett’s daughter into the Trump DoJ as its reporter there.

    Jan 19, 2017 – CNN has tapped the daughter of senior adviser to President Obama to cover the Trump Justice Department despite having little experience in journalism, according to a press release from the network.

    Too cute.

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  14. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    If anyone else hates dealing with scribd but wants to download/view the Johnson letter the original can be found here:


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