Flashback: DNI James Clapper Saying FBI Never Had Court Ordered Wiretaps on “Candidate Trump or His Campaign”…

FLASHBACK – The Dateline is March 9th, 2017: The media is interviewing former DNI James Clapper to push-back against President Trump’s recent tweets about his 2016 campaign, and campaign officials, being under surveillance from Obama intelligence officials. Here’s what Clapper said on Meet The Press:


This week The New York Times [Here and Here] and Washington Post [Here] have reluctantly admitted the Obama intelligence apparatus: CIA, DOJ-NSD and FBI were conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign through the use of FISA Warrants, National Security Letters, and “informants” used to target the campaign.

The IC narrative has shifted from denial to justification. President Trump responds:

(Full Memo pdf)

March 2017:

May 2018:

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229 Responses to Flashback: DNI James Clapper Saying FBI Never Had Court Ordered Wiretaps on “Candidate Trump or His Campaign”…

  1. Dutchman says:

    MontanaMel, took a break, and yes thats what I’m saying, re: watercooler.
    What WE Treepers all know is just beginning to seep into the consciousness of many. And, when on that river in egypt, denial, anyone there will FIGHT to stay there, until reality intrudes, and FORCES them to leave.
    So, every day, more and more are waking up, facing reality, realising they have been lied to.
    Glen Beck said it was this foolishness about DJT calling ms-13 animals, and media distorting it. That was HIS bridge to far, even though press has been distorting DJT’s words from day one!
    For each person, there may be a different triggering event, or for many it may just be an accumulation.
    Agree need to crush in midterms, in 2020 it ain’t even gonna be close, regardless of which sacrificial lambs run against him. This has been a h*ll of a ride, and we’re just getting started.
    On Haspel, I worked for a crooked boss, once; he scr*wed his suppliers, his customers, his employers and his stockholders. He, and some of his ‘top’ people, totally crooked. I did my job, kept my head down, I was low level. Made HIM lots of $, I didnt do anything dishonest, just did my job.
    Eventually, he got his just deserts. Point is, Gina COULD have been like me, at least she isn’t political appointee, like last 5? Directors. Not an overeducated elitist, has worked for a living. Scarf everyone was critisising mag have concealed a scar, from a knife fight, in an alley in Beruit, is what I’m saying.
    I’ll trust DJT, because he IS a VSG!
    Warh yours, too!

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    • 6x47 says:

      I gave a Lefty troll over at Breitbart a nice thumbnail sketch of theach whole sordid FISA Abuse Scandal. He tried to mock me and asked when this unbelievable incredible scandal that he’s never even heard of is going to break. “Where are the arrests, indictments?*

      I answered simply *Tick-tock!*

      This is going to be SOO much FUN when America at large gets red pilled.

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    • WSB says:


      PS Gina may have come clean on Brennan. I would have.

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  2. Just throwing a question that may tickle treepers brains – Citizen Trump always maintained that he always assumes that he is surveilled, unless there are proofs to contrary – he mentioned this when pee pee stuff was peddled in the fake media. If he us justifiably paranoid when he is a businessman, then what are the odds that he did not managed and run his campaign with the same assumption that there is always a mole – if not in his immediate team then in the team of one of his subordinates? I am not surprised that there is nothing that Mule-err can find that directly connects to President Trump or his family.

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  3. teeheeman says:

    OMG Clapper is not only a liar but a total buffoon!!! Please keep playing this “I can deny it” interview re FISA with Clapper from Mar 2017. Being a liar is one thing…..being a liar and a clueless idiot takes things to an entire new level. So “Lyin’ Clapper”; “Comrade Brennan”; “Chameleon Comey”; “Un-masker Rice” and “Lurch Kerry” were running the show in 2015/2016. How in the world did we survive??

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    • LeslieK says:

      “How in the world did we survive”…by the grace of GOD!

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    • MGBSE says:

      Thay ALL are…it is just amazing!!!! But, I was reading an article that mentioned something I’d completely forgotten about…Hillary had hundreds – maybe thousands – of FBI files in the whitehouse basement. She read the files while Bill was sexually assaulting the unwilling, or being serviced by the willing “feminist” whores. Hillary did an LBJ – she knows all their secrets and has been hiring the worst of the worst for all govt agencies for nearly 30 years!!! She has stacked and packed the traitors like brennon, clapper, comey, mueller, rosenstein – FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, VA – EVERYWHERE – and they don’t have to be smart, just evil…like Jamie Gorelick. This likely explains the BushClinton “love” fest – she knows too much. SOROS ran the country while Puppet Obama played and arrogant Hillary knew SOROS would rig her 2016 victory, like he did obamas 2012 election…and then she lost. It is just Glorius watching all the liars and traitors trying to cover up their evil. GEAUX TRUMP!!!! MAGA!!!!


  4. Strateshooter says:

    I love freedom of speech but when all this is over I really hope the HAMMER is dropped on the mediawhores who have aided and abetted this whole scam.
    Thye should all be prosecuted for treason and heavy fines and jail terms imposed on Mockingbird participants.
    Owners of conservative censoring sites like TWITTER and FB should be jailed.
    We need a free , truthful and brave press who can call out wrong in either party but we have hopelessly biased deep state controlled media.
    Our democracy needs to be protected from corrupt media.

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  5. f.fernandez says:

    Bad news Clapper……there is not only a paper trail but cooperating witnesses.

    I hope they put ‘a Clapper’ on the electric chair. Clap on, Clap on…..Fry Clapper.

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  6. Gerald Mucci says:

    Clapper is a professional liar.


  7. 157 12th street # 44 springfield or 97477 says:

    Would someone please inform me what VSG stands for? thank you


  8. dawg says:

    So can someone explain to me why Rudy Giuliani is contradicting the President’s claim and assertion that he was wiretapped, which we have known all along, and now the rest of the world is coming to terms with?


    • Mickturn says:

      Technically wiretap is a method of how Phones used to be connected by actual physical wires, hence the term “Wire” tap. Using today’s technology the NSA just listens into all calls from a particular phone on the wireless end, or has bugging devices planted in the building/rooms they want to do surveillance on, hence Trump Tower, Trumps offices/conf. rooms. Bottom line, Trumps facilities were ‘bugged’ somehow.


  9. Mickturn says:

    Clapper said, read carefully: “FBI Never Had Court Ordered Wiretaps on “Candidate Trump or His Campaign”…

    COURT ORDERED…but obviously the Deep State operatives did just that…illegally, FBI letter authorized whatever, it happened. Technically Clapper was truthful but extremely deceitful!

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  10. 6x47 says:

    Clapper is not a smart man. He’s definitely the Affleck half of Brennan/Clapper.


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