McNaughton: “There comes a time when you have to take a stand, Expose the Truth!”…

Artist Jon McNaughton uses his incredible talents to outline the frustration felt by many. In his latest artwork titled “Expose the Truth“, McNaughton highlights the frustration of a presidency and the efforts of Robert Mueller:

From the artist:

“There has been a crusade in this country led by a group that wishes to overturn the election and impeach President Trump. Robert Mueller leads a special council of at least 17 partisan Democrat attorneys who have yet to find a single piece of evidence against the President, yet they ignore the mounting verifiable evidence against Russian collusion with the DNC and the Clinton Foundation. The political bias and negligence of those who have lead the Department of Justice and the FBI is forthcoming. There comes a time when you have to take a stand, Expose the Truth!”  (link)

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266 Responses to McNaughton: “There comes a time when you have to take a stand, Expose the Truth!”…

  1. Dutchman says:

    Similar sentiment in article on americanthinker,”Trump should meet with Mueller, asap”,…meeting starts with Muelker being awoken in early a.m. by secret service agents, you know, just to make sure he’s on time. Gets better from there.

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    • Mickturn says:

      Yep awakened at 3am, with a beat down door and agents rampaging through MuleFaces house just for ‘Security’. Then the goons step in to finish the beat down!

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  2. itswoot says:

    “There comes a time when you have to take a stand…”

    I can imagine there being a red line on the floor that Herr Mueller has stepped over.

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    • cozette says:

      It cracks me up when people think they know better than our VSG President how to wage and win this war against the Swamp. Why they can’t pray and enjoy the show escapes me. If they can’t handle a suspense thriller why aren’t they tuning out rather than screeching advice? They’re making themselves sick with worry for no reason. Plus they’re boring as hell and serious Debbie Downers. The gang at reddit the Donald and anons at are having a glorious time!

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      • JC says:

        Right there with you, Cozette. I understand the concern and all, to a point, but don’t miss the party! Thanks for suggestion. I believe I’ll go have a look right now.

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      • Donzo says:

        Hoping for the ideal resolution is not the same as the ideal resolution and everyone understands the concept of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. With everything I have learned primarily from reading CTH, it is abundantly clear that Trump holds the cards. Yet, I can’t help but have that sinking feeling….. it’s tells me not to indulge myself in optimism/idealism.

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      • AH_C says:

        I’ve bookmarked the threadreader for all things Q and enjoying the show.

        I don’t have the time to “lose myself” in the 8chan often, but I at least learned the basics so that when Q heats it up, I can follow along for a couple of hours. It’s quite the show.

        With my link above, I can follow a few good “thot leaders” that give a rundown on 8chan discoveries and or discussions. That’s my preferred site for checking in daily, in addition to CTH and a couple of others. I don’t even spend much time at BB- too much feelings and not enough thinking.


      • RICHARD CANARY says:

        I get your point and it does apply somewhat. But it is good that the readers of this blog get involved with the subjects, and find it fun and exciting to venture some guesses from their own ideas as well.

        I think that does little harm and those comments that seem wayward to one of us may be a magnet to keep others coming back for more and spreading the word about CTH.

        We are all different, and I know we can all be encouraged by diverse ideas, as long as we respect the tenets of conservatism.


      • shadowcole says:

        Yes, Mueller is playing his part in this, with no options. He either does this or he faces treason charges for past crimes. He has a role just like others in the movie we are watching play out. So many still don’t get it, President Trump is in full control. Per Q, 2018 will be glorious.

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  3. Noble Jones says:

    Magnificent portrayal of real America’s mindset and mood . . .

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  4. Oldskool says:

    Here’s where it needs to get aggressive. Point the left out for what is and stay on it. The problem is all we have are the President’s tweets and a few websites. MSM including FAUX News won’t pick up the torch so word of mouth and forwarding texts and emails is all we got, which may be enough.

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  5. Johnny says:

    Mueller take heart, for the day fast approaches.

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  6. johnny5 says:

    these people are so enriched, they still feel as there r no consequences. i have a feeling mr kerry is on or about to be on a c130 ride with his buddies to gitmo.. msg ro us military… please make sure the rear aft door does not accidentally open and depressurizes rapidly sucking this piece of shit and his buddies out.. wouldn’t that be a tragedy..

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  7. Koot Katmando says:

    Well I believe Mueller is Mitch McConnell’s tool. I would love see a SC looking into McConnell’s and his wife’s dealings with foreign entities. You might find some real collusion.

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    • dallasdan says:

      The RINOs have been working to undermine the President since the campaign started, and Mitch is the most disingenuous of them all. If enough Senate seats flip, Mitch will be done as majority leader. Hoping.

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      • mutantbeast says:

        Ds have 26 seats up in 2018. 10 of them are in states Trump won in 2016. Rs have 9 seats up, and 2 of them are by retiring phony RINOS Flake and Corker. Ds are in trouble in West Virginia, North Dakota Indiana Montana and Missouri at a minimum. Wouldnt be surprised if the Rs pick up 5-7 seats and get rid of 2 RINOS toreplace Corkhead and Flake fake.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          mutantbeast, and Ohio was super great last night, ditto the other two states. Amazed democrats and left them crying!


  8. ezpz2 says:

    That’s what I’M talking about!

    Go. On. Offense.!!!

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  9. fanbeav says:

    BREAKING: Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Says Cohen Took $500k from Russian Oligarch!

    Here’s the new angle for Stormy and her attorney!

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    • scott467 says:

      BREAKING: Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Says Cohen Took $500k from Russian Oligarch!

      Here’s the new angle for Stormy and her attorney!


      Her attorney…. by any chance, is his name Tommy Flanagan, Esquire?

      He represented Oliver North too (and check out Dennis Miller’s hair, lol!):—jon-lovitz-as-tommy-flanagan/n9611


    • Hun Driver Widow says:

      There is no profanity adequate to describe this porn scum and her pimp attorney.

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    • Greg says:

      The seized NY documents are leaking. Is Avenaarsole on a retainer from Fusion GPS using the Dan Jones slush fund? Stormy got her $130k so what is the court action about?

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    • Dixie says:

      and of course, he would know. /s


    • Texian says:

      I don’t know what the big deal is about this stormy thing.. if it’s true, so what – he boffed a woman – it’s none of my business. I didn’t vote for him because he was like an abstinent priest horizontally, I voted for him because he’s a Very Stable Genius vertically..

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    • Carrie2 says:

      fanbeav, good try by this weird attorney who owes $5 million so he has sold his soul. The deal by Cohen was actually legal, as did others that Mueller and his “assistants” tossed it in the dust as not a crime. This attorney gives a super bad name to good and great attorneys, but hey owing $5 million in debt means you will take and try anything for some money. Glad that I only ran into two truly bad attorneys in my 50 yrs. in law and now I can say here is a third one with a lying client. Gee, DNC, when will you stop every week looking to do the same old same old which in today’s world just doesn’t work any more and yet with this so-called lawyer and a lying porner you are losing again.


  10. scott467 says:

    “In his latest artwork titled “Expose the Truth“, McNaughton highlights the frustration of a presidency and the efforts of Robert Mueller:”


    Frustration of a presidency maybe, but I don’t get the impression that Trump himself is frustrated at all, despite his occasional tweets and comments for effect. In fact, there is a seeming absence of frustration, certainly compared to what many of us think about it.

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  11. quintrillion says:

    The painting of President Trump’s face and hair is exactly accurate. Perfectly captured.
    The spy glass is so close to Mueller’s face it’s like PDJT is looking right into Mueller’s stupid brain.
    “How about a closer look at you Mueller. Let’s see if you could stand the scrutiny.”

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  12. Donna in Oregon says:

    I still feel the Swamp. I know President Trump is the best President ever, but every time I write the DOJ/FBI I get a chill up my spine because I know they are still the Swamp. I know that they persecute Conservatives and Christians, and that we are their enemies.

    Globalists and the Swamp still have power in Washington DC.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Sessions and Wray are cleaning house of upper level people (after they have secured information on others) The swamp is being drained,

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  13. Rob says:

    That’s awesome!

    I can’t wait for the next panel where President Trump delivers a mighty back-hand slap to that subvervise and worthless POS!!

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  14. rogerdat says:

    wow !!!!
    every once in a while a painting is worth far more than a thousand words.

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  15. Amy Musick says:

    Rosenstein, Nunes (?) and Sessions looking on from the background!

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  16. cozette says:

    Your Sessions Derangement is as baseless as Trump Derangement. In both cases, sufferers steafastly refuse to look at facts preferring to continue their emotional screeching. May God bless you and heal you.

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  17. Johnny says:

    Maga, too much winning! CBO Reports Record Surplus after Tax Cuts

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  18. AH_C says:

    That show is bound to come and when it does, it will be sweet. I’m trusting Trump to pick the time and place to say, “You’re Fired”,!!

    All that time he ran The Apprentice, he was rehearsing for the day he could day that to politicians, bureaucrats and other evildoers.

    Like a good movie or book where anticipation for the climax is repeatedly stoked, only to drop back down a few notches before all of a sudden it’s here and happening now.

    I’m just going to “chill” and enjoy the show. Trump has everyone’s number and he’s going to call them out by onesies, twosies and bunches at a time.

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  19. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Time for some more Jenny Hatch (for me, anyway)

    #ObamaPortrait artist Kehinde Wiley is a racist spirit cooker #Pizzagate #Pedogate @JennyHatch

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  20. Phil aka Felipe says:

    “”Expose the Truth.” I think its time Trump fire these clowns and flip the investigation on them. –


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  21. Curry Worsham says:

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  22. Greg says:

    An unelected bureaucrat, Mueller sees himself as the embodiment of the law. His ego is so great that he thinks every action he takes must be good and legal. He is on a mission to protect his country from dark forces! Like Comey he has a higher loyalty….to the Deep State. How has this person become more powerful than the president? I hope DT has the interview and tells him on behalf of MAGA to eff off.

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  23. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Tom Fitton: Mueller is a ‘Rogue Prosecutor’

    May 7, 2018- JW President Tom Fitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss the Mueller probe and Trump’s reaction and Judge Ellis’s comments in the Manafort case.

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    • starfcker says:

      God bless you, Mr. Dobbs. And you too, Mr. Fitton. You will be among those fearless bulldog Americans who stood up and were counted when it mattered most, that will be remembered by future generations. All that it takes to turn this around is for your average American to stop being afraid to stand up and do the right thing at all times. That day is coming soon, thanks to the tireless work of men like the two of you.

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      • mutantbeast says:

        Every so-called journalist is supposed to be what Lou Dobbs actually is. Hes the only name in journalism who actually does what hes SUPPOSED to be doing, reporting facts.

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  24. ForGodandCountry says:

    I find it fascinating that, to date, Mueller hasn’t touched a hair on PDJT’s head.

    I also remember…in this moment….what SD said (paraphrased):

    “The “small group” chose Mueller, he didn’t choose himself, and Mueller isn’t the one choosing those who make up “his” team.”

    Now, Mueller was “chosen” because he “is a republican” and the black hats need the petina of that to be able to say the Mueller investigation isn’t a partisan witch hunt (we all know otherwise).

    But I repeat….it is very interesting to note that Mueller hasn’t touched a hair on PDJT’s head. Meanwhile, poll after poll shows the American public getting fed up with the Mueller investigation…

    …and moreover…

    …the more dirt is thrown at PDJT the higher his poll #’s climb (see: Stormy Whore).

    Accident? Or by design?

    You decide.

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    • Tiana says:

      I believe it’s all by design… I think VSGPDJT has it all planned out and all under control… the greatest suspense thriller I have ever read, well actually we all are living it… it’s just so difficult to always wait for the next installment…

      Reminds me, when I was young I read this weekly magazine… in it they printed a story or maybe it was a whole book… but each week you got just a couple pages of it… then you had to wait a week before you got the next installment of the story…

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  25. redline says:

    I love the image, but I’m going to nit-pick McNaughton’s caption. Shouldn’t:
    “…the mounting verifiable evidence against Russian collusion with the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.”
    read instead:
    “…the mounting verifiable evidence of Russian collusion with the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.”

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  26. andi lee says:

    🔎Mueller’s first “victim” heading to prison for a process crime.

    Weirdest story ever. Plus, talk about over-reach, we’re wading in aluminum foil territory now.

    A DUTCH (non-U.S. citizen) (van der Zwaan), former London-based attorney, for the U.S. law firm ‘Skadden Arps’ was ‘involved’ in a Skadden report prepared in *2012* at the request of the Ukrainian government.

    No connection to Trump campaign or Russia. (There is a connection to OBAMA, though!)

    The attorney THOUGHT about working for Manafort & Gates, though. 🙃

    “Van der Zwaan’s case doesn’t appear to have a direct connection to alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

    No. Just former *White House counsel Greg Craig*, who was the lead author of the report. *Craig was not charged.* Imagine that.

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  27. Papoose says:

    Send a Post Card to the White House and watch the postal service show up in droves with the bags of Congratulations for our POTUS and FLOTUS. Nice thing about post cards is they don’t have to go through months of inspection of clearance. We should set a date and mail them en masse. Plus, we can help the USPO at that same time. A Post Card drive is physical, much better to gauge support. Deluge.

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  28. CNN_sucks says:

    Leftist media are on meltdown. There secret society most vocal and prominent AGs turns out to be a criminal. KARMA.

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  29. marywilbur says:

    Fantastic Picture! FIRE MUELLER NOW!!!

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  30. PS says:

    I vote Jon should paint Trump’s presidential portrait for the White House. Who’s with me?

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  31. Karl Kastner says:

    Awesome talent.

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  32. CNN_sucks says:

    Agreed. His painting is good.

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  33. Tiana says:

    Love the picture… all the detail… the clock showing 5 minutes to 12… Rosenstein on the left… Sessions on the right… and who is this next to Rosenstein?…

    And notice… Rosenstein is pictured on the same side as Mueller, while Sessions is on the same side as PDJT…

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    • Tiana says:

      I thought the person next to Rosenstein was Lindsey Graham… but the hair is too dark… hmm…


      • Roozter says:

        Someone suggested Nunes. But looks like Comey to me.

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      • quintrillion says:

        Looks like Rosenstein and Comey in the dark behind Mueller. Sessions behind PDJT.
        In God We Trust over heads and the brightness of light is mainly on PDJT.
        The other are mostly shaded in dark.
        Clearly highlights the power of PDJT on their corrupt spying.
        Painting conveys a very powerful message to the corruptocrats.

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        • Tiana says:

          Thank you Rooz and quin… that’s him… forgot about Comey… and fits right in that place… the trio RR, RM, JC…


  34. RAC says:

    Notice the clock is at the eleventh hour.


  35. dogsmaw says:

    It’s rumored President Donald Trump needs a special gift soon, how bout one of these for an appropriate tool for the man that has everything!

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  36. Joe S says:

    This man is an AWESOME artist!

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  37. Mike diamond says:

    Mueller always looks dirty and creepy! He should be looking at hillary,Loretta lynch,James comey!!Russia is a smoke screen!!!


  38. DanO64 says:

    Still winning. I’m Spartacus.


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