The Transparent Positioning of Brennan, Clapper and Comey…

Just a quick note on the current tone and confrontational content coming from former FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan.

There is a great deal of discussion about the combative and hate-riddled language coming from Comey, Clapper and particularly Brennan.  Be aware their combative posture as an actual risk avoidance strategy.

Each of the three heavily corrupt officials engaged in the most substantive abuse of their intelligence positions for political purposes.  Each of them weaponized their offices against their political opposition.  The scope and severity therein is a story yet to surface; and unlike prior examples of weaponizing the DOJ and IRS, there is no administration in place to protect them from investigative sunlight.

Therefore the Comey, Clapper and Brennan defense strategy is to position themselves politically and lean on their like-minded media allies for support.  Their adversarial posture is intended to draw the Trump administration into political combat, thereby  diminishing any investigative outcomes behind a false shield of political prosecution.

In short this crew needs to frame any element of accountability -based on their prior behavior- as simple political retribution.  According to their playbook, the more aggressive, nasty, hate-filled and oppositional they are in their public displays; the greater likelihood they can call any indictments political retaliation.  This is a historic approach.

In order for the approach to work, the public must be very well aware of their collective antagonisms and attacks against the current administration.  This is why their media allies emphasize each occurrence so much.

If the larger American public see the Comey, Clapper and Brennan attacks as commonplace, the more likely a larger segment of that same public will see any corresponding DOJ legal proceeding as retaliation for those attacks.

Once this defense strategy is deployed, do not expect to see it diminish.  Quite the contrary; the strategy is contingent upon ever-increasing and more outlandish attacks.

Historically this approach has a proven track record of success amid Democrats because the media (writ large) generally aligns with it.  [See Bob Menendez for a recent example]


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  1. Coast says:

    “According to their playbook, the more aggressive, nasty, hate-filled and oppositional they are in their public displays; the greater likelihood they can call any indictments political retaliation.”

    And this is why I hope President Trump refrains from responding to their tweets and comments. I really won’t give a crap what these loonies have to say after they are indicted.

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  2. Bob Thoms says:

    Nothing like some indictments, perp walks, trial and prison time to reclaim our government institutions.

    Huma Abedin should have been arrested within one week of President Trump taking the Oath. Arrest one and many more will tumble. That’s how the NY mob was brought down.


  3. TheWanderingStar says:

    From my perspective Freaky and Sneaky are rallying to Leaky’s defense. Which is awesome. Because when the case is made that these 3 conspirators worked closely together as comrades, the case will be so much more believable.

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  4. DanO64 says:

    Just tell N myself. Self, our VSG President Trump knew all about the dueling pissing prostitutes long BEFORE Stretch (as in hang) Comey “briefed” him about the dossier. His blackmail attempt with his “we have dirt on you” was an attempt to embarrass him and put the President in his place, so to speak. It failed. As soon as Comey went there, our VSG had him. Trap set and rat nailed.

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  5. The following exchange between Powerline’s Scott Johnson and National Review’s Andrew McCarthy about their respective pieces is Exhibit A on what the DC septic does to people.

    Stench everywhere.

    I wrote Andy last night to tell him that I was going to write something that “translated” his column by stating the judgments inherent in his analysis. I asked him if he would give me any comments I could include in this post. He graciously responded:

    I obviously did not enjoy writing that column but I don’t think it requires translation. I’m sorry you do … the response I’ve gotten indicates that readers think it was pretty clear.

    I started saying that the fix was in when Cheryl Mills was interviewed sometime in mid-2016, so I don’t think I’ve minced words on that. And I believe I have more than once used the word “farce” to describe the investigation — I’ve explicitly described it as “trying not to make the case.”

    To my mind, the record is damning enough when what happened is accurately described. I do not intend to go further and personally attack Comey. If people decide that means I am pulling punches because of personal feelings about the people involved, I can live with that. I am not saying it’s an unfair criticism — I wrote very harshly about, for example, Eric Holder (whom I do not know personally) regarding both his fitness to be confirmed as AG and his performance thereafter (which I believe bore out what I said during the confirmation debate); it is perfectly reasonable to say that I have been much more hesitant to made deductions about character in the current controversy.

    But I don’t think anyone can credibly say that I pulled punches in describing what happened, and or that any commentator has described/explained its significance more exactingly than I have — notwithstanding that I have found that very painful to do, and that it has put great strain (and, in some cases, no doubt ended) friendships that I cherished for many years.

    I am grateful to be able to give Andy the last word here.

    I respect McCarthy and his writing but one thing is clear:

    The closer one gets to the latrine trenches the more it stinks.

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  6. Col.Sanders says:

    I think Trump is in the same position, his comments about these individuals make it hard to prosecute them for the crimes against our government barring overwhelming witness testimony.
    Both sides see that the legal system is subservient to the political system and are angling to influence it. Comey, Clapper and Brenan to avoid prosecution and Trump to avoid impeachment.

    In the end the American will grow tired of the acrimony and a centrist will emerge to “build the peace”. In the quiet elite circles these three will be lauded for having stopped Trump’s revolution and we will be left to lament a stolen presidency and what could have been.


    • DanO64 says:

      cough, bull shit.

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      • HickTick says:

        Yeah , people need to realize we cant move forward until this is fixed , They all need to be prosecuted or it will just get worse . DOJ employees don’t get to choose who is President ., that’s the bottom line , they tried to FIX a Presidential election , there is no We Sorry ., 18 US Code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy and US Code 2385 should cover them all with 20 years to study their crimes .

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    • Don Rochesyrer says:

      What the hell are you smoking? What a crock.

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    • mike says:

      These three stooges would look sooooo much better with nooses around their necks.

      Real reform starts with the permanent removal of the most malignant members of the old megacriminal elite. Rule of law has been a joke for decades, and becomes more remote with these types waiting in the shadows for a coup or another stolen election to return.

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    • cwf60 says:

      There will be no peace, centrist, or any resemblance of a Constitutional Republic. There will be those at the top of this entity that will control the masses. The very people who gave them the power to control every aspect of their lives will be the ones being oppressed. Thinking it cannot happen here is a huge mistake.
      We are being told what a farce this investigation is and being prepped for the treasonous criminals to walk away. President Trump is the roadblock on the road to third world status. It is frightening how close we are to losing the country. Election 2018 is a do or die election. Vote, because the survival of the country depends on it.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        With that in mind, Divine Intervention seems more logical! Prayers answered!

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      • Roberto says:

        What has DJT even conceivable done or said that would disabuse you of the reality that he’s now the new apex predator? Your analysis just doesn’t jibe with past performance. You really believe he’ll let his sworn assassins live to plot another day?

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        • cwf60 says:

          I am hoping you are right. We will know how serious many investigating the lawlessness of the Obama administration and intelligence agencies are when they start arresting the perpetrators. Until then, I am not feeling good about any of this fiasco. President Trump is the only one that could go up against these very evil people, and I hope he is the victor. The deep state will double down on trying to oust President Trump.

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    • anthonydog says:

      Preserving the Constitution demands that Comey, Brennan and Clapper are prosecuted for their illegal surveillance system “The Hammer” (HAMR) which was confirmed in the Wikileaks Vault 7 dump of Intel –within hours of publishing this:

      Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System – The American Report

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    • dougie Z says:

      Maybe these three can send you post cards from GITMO. “We have it all.” Brennan is the loudest which means he’s dirtiest; the other two are simply., pathetic. They can’t lie as well as Slick did, and it’s a new era with a new sheriff.

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      • V says:

        Dougie Z, agreed. They are like pathetic gamblers who recklessly throw away their last dollars in the hopes that they’ll make up their losses. Losers.


        Here’s a responsible adult’s assessment – a breath of fresh air:
        James Kallstrom, former Asst. FBI Director

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    • I think Trump is in the same position, his comments about these individuals make it hard to prosecute them for the crimes against our government barring overwhelming witness testimony.
      Is that joke? Exactly what relevance does anyone’s comments have regarding a criminal trial (unless the person speaking is directly involved – prosecutor, defense atty, defendant – and they’re not supposed to talk about it). Anyone can say anything! Comey is trying to get away with this “I said so” BS regarding his leaks using this same MO. Because he declares them legal they are? To quote a commercial from years ago: “that’s not how it works”.

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      • maga2004 says:

        Col. Sanders, I think Mom just spanked you, and you deserved every lash. Now go back to your room and think about what you want to say next!

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      • I agree. What do Trump’s comments have to do with the DOJ’s prosecuting the crimes committed? How would they use his public comments to argue that they shouldn’t be prosecuted for crimes against this country? Would they argue that he abused his office and authority to cause prejudice against them in court—before they were even charged? Such argument would fall flat and possibly bring a belly laugh for most Americans who are paying attention.

        As far as I can read and comprehend, the laws that apply to the serious crimes committed provide no exemption from prosecution related to opinions expressed publicly by a U.S. citizen, even if he happens to be the president of the United States. After all, we are assured repeatedly that the DOJ is neutral and supports no bias for or against a political party. That being true, President Trump’s public comments and disgust are irrelevant.


    • Andy Krause says:

      This is hilarious. The main article talks about political tactics and you pop up with “both sides” are doing it. You actually came to the treehouse to say that Trump is equivalent to Comey, Clapper and Brennan. You the man.

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    • “a centrist will emerge”


      Is that you, oh Mailman’s Son?

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    • jfmjr442 says:

      What Comey, Clapper and Brennan (amongst others) was illegal and criminal – Trump has done nothing criminal and impeachment is political not legal. I agree with DanO64

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    • Elmo says:

      Col. Sanders needs to get back wth the rest of the chickens. There were no grounds for impeachment because this was all made up by the Dems. This conspiracy needs to be crushed to preserve our republic.


    • Dixie T says:

      We true Conservatives would not vote for a “centrist.” A “centrist” is an individual who is better known as a “fence-sitter”—-they may not like abortion, but there is no way in he!! they would ever think to even limit one to 20 weeks! A centrist may not like gun control, but there is no way in he!! they would ever try to restrict gun control, legislatively.

      A centrist is described by God, in the Bible, as—-“they are neither hot nor cold—but only lukewarm.” And we see what God says to them when He states, “those kind of people I will spit out of my mouth.”

      Centrists truly ARE “fence-sitters!”


    • Boots says:

      Stolen Presidency. Yes! I agree! Yes, Obama stole the presidency w/IC help! The great Moslem Manchurian President was born in Kenya to his father, a British citizen. And in Britain, citizenship passes from father to child. After adoption by Lolo Soetoro he was enrolled in school in Jakarta Indonesia. His enrollment form states “citizenship: Indonesian”. So now he’s got three citizenships, Britain, Kenya, Indonesia.

      DNC’s Pelosi changed their form which cites their approval of Obama as the Dem nominee to eliminate the “citizenship” clause. So much fake about Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama, and so much easily proved.

      Donald J. Trump won his election fair and square, being elected by the great unwashed masses who were and still are sick and tired of the f’n bs in DC and the outrageous f’n double standard in DOJ, FBI, etc. They can see the Dems are the enemy of America, the new Nazi party, the party of the father of lies Satan. They understand the Dems want them gone, either dead or trampled underfoot by Lynch, Holder, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, The muslim Brennan, et al.

      So be it. We hoist the black flag and give nor ask quarter. This is for all the marbles, for keeps, life and death. And tens of millions of Americans aren’t just ready but are eager for the contest to begin. The Dems have laid the powder and set the fuse. We wait for them to light it.

      Then let the contest begin.

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    • brh82 says:

      It’s hard to believe someone who portends to know so much would be so ignorant about President Trump and the future for Comey, Clapper and Brennan.


  7. Karl Kastner says:

    My contribution to this topic. Watch the liars in this contrived and rehearsed interview. I guess they thought having Comey there too would be laying it on too thick….


  8. Kustie the Klown says:

    Why does Brennan always look like he has a tree branch jammed up his rear end?

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  9. Basil says:

    Sundance is exactly right. Brennan and Comey and others are positioning themselves to be able to say that any criminal charges against them are “revenge” for their mean tweets, a “political witch-hunt” and the “politics of personal destruction.”

    But, I think it goes deeper than that. “Muh Russian Collusion” is also (one of many) attempts to frame Trump in order to create a tu qouque defense (also known as “Whataboutism”). Basically, they take their own crimes and attempt to construct illegitimate defenses of them by creating (out of whole cloth) allegations that Trump engaged in similar conduct.

    This is why Trump scares the crap out of them. With normal GOPe members, they could rely on the media and an actual element of mutually assured destruction. Trump, whatever his flaws, by virtue of not being involved in politics has not engaged in these kinds of activities. So, they have to do their best to create them. Thus, fake Russia collusion (why Russia? because Lefties think we hate Russia, when actually we hated the Soviet Union).

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    • maga2004 says:

      AKA “Projectionism”.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Trump is a businessman, not a politician. His attitude and MO is I am the CEO of this company (the Executive Branch of the US Government), and I tell you what to do, and you do it. If you don’t, resign or be fire. Simplistic, but I think roughly accurate. He has been fighting several departments in his own company that are not just insubordinate but in several cases tried to ensure that who they wanted (HRC) became CEO instead of him and when they failed tried to oust him through the court of public opinion, which their friends mostly control. Any CEO of any competence cannot and should not tolerate such insubordination and outright rebellion, and he is not. However the depth of corruption and lawless plus byzantine rules plus social, legal, and political intimidation by the parties whose power he is threatening has been making the cleansing of the Augean Stables very time-consuming.


    • Sandra Mann says:

      Since Bill was president the Dems have accused the Reps of the dirty deed that the Dems were perpetuating. This is just the same playbook. yawn……Right out of Olinsky…..

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    • william elbel says:

      What is the origin of that term “Muh Russia”?


  10. Chewbarkah says:

    “Their adversarial posture is intended to draw the Trump administration into political combat, thereby diminishing any investigative outcomes behind a false shield of political prosecution.”

    The problem with their strategy: By publicly spewing invective against Trump now, they make it easy to believe they would have plotted against him in secret. Clapper & Brennan come across as caricatures of brutal security state thugs, a la Boris & Natasha’s Maximum Leader. My guess is that if “liberals” viewed these hateful relics without any prior info, they would assume Richard Nixon appointed them during his darkest hour, not the Serene Obama.

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    • As you say the Left’s caricature of President Nixon is a projection of what they actuallly do with power. Nixon was a traditional liberal who felt the need to surround himself with appointees who were happy to stab him in the back. Obuma had a cadre of commisars who acted in lockstep to “transform America” into a Leftist hellhole.

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    • WSB says:

      Plus, there are witnesses to their scheme who will indeed want to set the story straight for their own survival.


    • Roberto says:

      The other trouble is that DJT *lives* for this kind of battle. In fact, thrives on it. Brennan’s got him mixed up with somebody who gives a shit. He will destroy Brennan on this battlefield. Just like he did Hillary.

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  11. J Gottfred says:

    Never trust a spook. Never.


  12. magatrump says:

    The dems always use there paid off MSM allies to push any agenda they want. But less and less people believe what the MSM shovels out everyday. President Trump got 65 million votes. It is our job to continually push back HARD against this MSM crooked narrative pushed by the dems.


  13. Richard says:

    There is a new worst seller comedy show on MSM
    As Seen By Us / James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan.


  14. Dutchman says:

    Check out lead article in AmericanThinker; it sums up big stink, without all the in the weeds, and calls for indictments, listing who and what for. Best line, spoiler alert; “When i heard Obama had deal with netflix, I thought “Oh, great, in 10 years, THEY’LL have nuclear weapons”
    I fell out of my chair, had to share. Its definetly spreading, gonna resolve this month. Too many people talking about it.

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  15. Karl Kastner says:

    Comey, Brennan, Clapper
    Their agencies defame
    Corrupt in deed and word
    Without honor to their names
    They care not for their country, but for whom they’re told to spy
    Their mission is deception, their “tradecraft” dirt and lies

    Comey, Brennan, Clapper
    Claim Russia is to blame
    Colluding with each other
    To slander Trump’s good name
    Their distraction is apparent, the goal is crystal clear
    Avoid a charge of treason, they each sense is growing near

    Comey, Brennan, Clapper
    Three liars in a club
    Thought sure most would believe them
    But here’s the legal rub
    There’s record of their actions, plus witnesses attest
    They’ll turn on one another, and implicate the rest

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  16. noswamp says:

    SD I enjoyed the angle of this article. Never thought of that, at all! So yes, they are using the media to make them appear as victims when the real charges do come down the pike. Only problem, media has lost its grip on the American people. That is why Trump won, people did not believe the media then, and as more people wake up, they are not believing the media now.

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  17. litlbit2 says:

    Thanks Sundance for the heads up. Time to start a new comic club by making them a laughing fool with their own words of hate. In reality they are completely foolish, lacking in all things American.

    I have yet to see a President Trump supporter that is not happy while wishing everyone a chance to be happy, prosperous, and free. No time for hate and envy in our world.

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  18. mg says:

    I don’t care what their strategy is. The laws are clear. Their criminal actions are clear. All that is needed is the courage to indict them.

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  19. noswamp says:

    “All that is needed is the courage to indict them”.

    And that’s the problem with DC and Sessions and Rosenstein and Wray. No courage, just running out the clock. (Notwithstanding what they may be doing behind closed doors), but after Cohen was raided, I have zero trust in Rosenstein. Zero.

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    • WSB says:

      Swamp will be swamp:

      “Federal government insiders believe that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did not have the authority to legally appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel, due to a major glaring conflict of interest in the case.

      Robert Mueller worked for WilmerHale — the very firm representing Paul Manafort — when Rod Rosenstein contacted Mueller to give him the go-ahead to investigate Manafort for suspected Russia ties. That should have come up in any fair (and legally required) background check that Rosenstein should have done on Mueller.

      Mueller was a partner at WilmerHale when he switched over to become Special Counsel, and he has brought members of the WilmerHale team over to his federal investigation team.”


      • SteveT says:

        If this appointment of a Special Counsel was indeed invalid, can Rosenstein be charged with a procedural violation of his authority, maybe even made responsible for the cost of the whole operation? One more additional charge. Could he be sued by taxpayers?


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    • Roberto says:

      I am convinced that all this is/was a windfall for DJT. It’s kinda like that dumbass reporters’ show in DC. You cannot buy or manufacture ammunition this lethal. He was setting up Mueller. Better still, he let Mueller set himself up. Now he’s gonna fry Mueller on the world stage. Unless he comes clean with Giuliani.

      I almost feel sorry for the creep. He’s finished, either way.

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  20. chooseamerica says:

    They obviously forgot QAnon. “We know all. We see all. We hear all.”


  21. mr.piddles says:

    Every time I see Brennan’s face I think to myself: “I wanna slap that sh*t scowl right offa dat mug”.

    Every time I see Clapper’s face I think to myself: “You’re a soft man. You will fold first.”

    Every time I hear Comey give a vague, noncommittal answer to some basic question I think to myself: “I just can’t listen to this guy anymore. Can’t do it.” But then I tune back in to see what other stupid thing he has to say. Then he gives us that stupid puppy-dog-eyes face and that mealy-mouthed delivery and I think “No, I can’t! Enough!”. And this goes on for a while until I fall asleep.

    Quite the “A Team’ we have there, innit?

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    • Roberto says:

      Brennan’s a hard-core Islamo/Marxist true believer. He’ll go down the hardest. Not being an idiot like Comey, he knows VSG has him triangulated. It’s fun watching him squirm and threaten.

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  22. Elle says:

    “According to their playbook, the more aggressive, nasty, hate-filled and oppositional they are in their public displays; the greater likelihood they can call any indictments political retaliation. This is a historic approach.”

    I’m not convinced that this approach will be viable at this point in history. At one time, a historic approach would have been to call someone a heretic or a witch. Then, with the blessing of the clergy, the mob would materialize to light the pyres.

    However, there comes a point in time when it doesn’t work anymore, like the boy who cried wolf. At some point, people get sick of it and wish the wolf would eat the little brat so they can get on with their lives. I think there is a real risk that the mob that will form will not be the one they hope for.

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    • Elle says:

      If I was one of these men, I would be worried that one of the other two would be willing to cut a deal before me and get on in life in witness protection. Who will save them? The press? Not anymore. Obama? Hillary? They will hang them out to dry to save their own skins. They are 3 alone.


    • DanO64 says:

      I want a old fashion duel between our VSG President Trump and Hillary. 20 paces. I dibs VSGPDJT 2nd.


    • Roberto says:

      The beauty part is neither DJT or his appointed (and recused) USAG have had absolutely nothing to do with all the damage taking place. It’s either totally self-inflicted (Comey) or initiated by congress or Obama-appointees like OIG.

      It’s like Jim Comey playing chess with Bobby Fischer.

      VSG is so far ahead of these idiots.


  23. son of liberty says:

    If we stand with Trump and with fellow patriotic Americans it remains possible to overcome the shadow government and its deep state operational wing with a return to rule of law for everyone. That is only if we stand together which means educating or re-educating those who ignore what is happening. If we fail to do so we will sink gradually or maybe not so gradually into the gulag.


  24. scott467 says:

    “Leaky, Sneaky, Freaky”


    Or Sleazy, Skeezy and Creepy…


  25. Mercenary says:

    I wrote this exact comment on this blog a couple days ago. We already saw this strategy employed by McCabe. In essence, we’ve seen a variation of this tactic employed by illegal aliens. I recall reading an article about Washington state “immigrant activists” who were claiming their deportations were due to their activism. In essence, they were saying they shouldn’t be deported, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE ILLEGAL ALIENS, for the sole reason that they had protested this administration.

    The strategy thus is to pre-emptively attack Trump and the administration, knowing that he is coming for them. This strategy only works with a colluding judge or jury. That way, once true justice finally comes for them, they can claim retaliation.

    This is why I have said that I don’t know how Sessions avoids the problem of corrupt juries. I’m assuming they have something planned. But these corrupt, disgusting traitors all work together, and they’re infested throughout the system. It is now DIRECTLY IN Brennan’s, Comey’s, & Clapper’s interest to pre-emptively and frequently attack Trump and his administration. Within this light, I suppose Brennan’s outlandish and embarrassing attacks make more sense.


    • Roberto says:

      Problem solved: Cooperating witnesses. IOW, what would/could Brennan do/say if Comey or Clapper rolls on him? Or a subordinate rolls on him? Right now these guys have absolutely no clue who’s talking to who.

      These guys are screwed.

      I’m convinced VSG and Sessions have planned for this scenario since Day One. That’s why slow and steady is key here. Every day we gain strength.

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    • noswamp says:

      “But these corrupt, disgusting traitors all work together, and they’re infested throughout the system. It is now DIRECTLY IN Brennan’s, Comey’s, & Clapper’s interest to pre-emptively and frequently attack Trump and his administration”.
      Jerome Corsi says that there are 10,000 Deep State operatives in all parts of gvt. I do not know if its true or not, but I would have fired at least the top 1000 of them by now. I don’t know what’s Trump waiting for.

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  26. Roberto says:

    I’m a bit more cynical and pessimistic than SD on this. I’ve stated for some time on these pages that the ultimate defense isn’t legal; they know they’re screwed. But rather it is revolutionary. Remember Loretta Lynch’s unprovoked tweet about putting people on the street on her behalf (and I think she mentioned blood or violence). Fact is, these morons believe they’re gonna get the DJT-hating masses–with assistance of their MSM partners–to actually storm the Bastille on their behalf. In other words, summon 500,000 people to the Washington Mall to demand “Justice” on their behalf. They’re delusional.

    If Brennan was confident, he’d just shut up and smile.

    This is also how and why DJT was way way ahead of him on this. Just look at his set pieces: a recused AG; an Obama IG leading the show; Cooperating witnesses; Pissed off Congress; a Deputy AG (RR) who both fires the FBI Dir. but also *appoints the SC.* And a looming savage in the background (Giuliani) just ready to have at it. LIke with canning Comey and McCabe, “Not my decision or even the AG’s decision, it was the Obama-guy’s call.”

    I know there’s lots of hatred for Sessions and RR here, but just think about these things for a moment.

    This is brilliance.


  27. john galt says:

    18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United Statescontrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    Seditious conspiracy is a nonnegotiable crime. No plea. No reduced sentece. All co-conspirators must be held accoutable under the law. We are a sovereign nation with a Constitution. We are not a rogue, conspiratorial ‘small group’ of co-conspirators plotting to remove a duly elected President of the United States.

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  28. RAC says:

    I picture all three of them in a lunatic asylum. Brennan would be the one in a straight jacket rolling about on the floor trying to bite anyone who came near. The other two would be drooling basket weavers.
    As regards the revenge defense angle, they might be backing a loser with that. A whole lot of people want some revenge and with Brennans guttersnipe attacks on PDJT that number will be growing.


    • noswamp says:

      Brennan and Clapper act as if they still have friends that can take action against Trump in the CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, EPA, IRS, and other agencies; oh wait…


  29. Charlotte says:

    FBI: Comey Colluded with Mueller Hours After He Was Fired as FBI Director; Mueller Appointed Special Counsel Days Later


    • V says:

      Yes, good article, Charlotte.

      I thought this part (bolded) re Rosenstein was very telling:

      “… recent ABC News interview borders on preposterous.

      GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And you also said that the deputy attorney general, who’s now running the Russia investigation [Rosenstein], you said what he put out in support of your firing was just a pretext, and the pretense then fell away. So can the American people have confidence in the man who’s supervising the Russia investigation?

      JAMES COMEY: Yes, in this sense. First of all, the American people can have complete confidence in Robert Mueller. As I said– earlier, he and I are not close friends, but I’ve known him and watched his work–” [Comey distancing himself from Mueller and not answering the question re Rosenstein]”

      [So Rosenstein, by recommending Comey’s firing was in collusion to get a Special Counsel appointed]


      • Anonymous says:

        ” you said what he put out in support of your firing was just a pretext”

        That is huge. It’s mind-boggling that Comey would make that claim. It leads directly to the conclusion you note: “So Rosenstein, by recommending Comey’s firing was in collusion to get a Special Counsel appointed.”

        There’s no real way around that utterly damning conclusion.

        Comey has not exactly thrown Rosenstein under the bus — he’s grabbed hold of Rosenstein and dragged him under the bus with him!

        I hope this detail is noted by everyone on “our team.”

        I would add — the fact that Comey has made this claim indelibly taints Rosenstein as a player in this matter. Will Rosenstein repudiate Comey’s remarks? How can he continue in his role, and avoid at least the appearance of impropriety, if he does not publicly repudiate Comey’s claim? Indeed, the question arises whether Comey’s claim is **true**? It just might be…


        • V says:

          Looking into it further, here is the ABC news’ transcript:

          Searched word “pretext.”

          “JAMES COMEY: Well the attorney general was recused and the deputy attorney general, in my view, had acted dishonorably by putting out this pretext about why I was fired. So I thought, “Well he’s ‘amica nostra.’ Right? He’s part of the family now. I can’t trust him.” And so what can I do? I can do something now.”

          And then lower down on the page, the already quoted “pretext” paragraph by Stephanopoulos and Comey’s non-reply.

          One can’t tell what ABC edited out. Comey has already admitted he contrived to get a Special Counsel appointed. Did he first think Rosenstein was in cahoots with him and then change his mind? Is he naive or what.


          • V says:

            It’s beginning to look a lot like a triad of Comey Mueller Rosenstein colluding to get Mueller appointed as Special Counsel, with others in the background. Perhaps the TruePundit article shows Comey not only trying to distance himself from Mueller, but also from Rosenstein.

            Comey has already let slip that Clapper sent him to brief Trump in early Jan. 2017.
            Perhaps in some haphazard fashion he’s trying to do damage control to hide the Rosenstein Mueller involvement. Like the little boy who says: “Daddy, Momma said I shouldn’t tell you she kissed the postman.”


            • V says:

              Jumping ahead on the triad theme, I wonder if Sessions would recognize what he’s looking at if a picture was placed under his nose of his deputy RR snorting white powder in the men’s room at the WH Correspondents Dinner.


    • brh82 says:

      I don’t think it was “days” later that Mueller was named SC. I think it was the very next day, less than 24 hours later.


      • V says:

        Here are the dates – excerpt from the TruePundit article:

        “Comey was fired on May 9, 2017 while he was visiting the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office.

        One week later on May 16, the first story of Comey’s secret memos about Trump surfaced in the New York Times, alleging the memos could prove President asked Comey to rig the Michael Flynn investigation. Those claims were recently debunked after Comey’s memos were made public this month.

        Mere hours after the New York Times article, Mueller was appointed U.S. Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on May 17, 2017.”


        • brh82 says:

          Wow V, I stand corrected. I’m surprised, since I assumed it was planned as part of the Insurance Policy and Mueller was ready to go. Are you as surprised as I that all the documents Nunes wants now weren’t seized and copied while Comey was on the plane en route from L.A.?


  30. Comey, Clapper, and Brennan?

    Is it possible Robert Mueller has been investigating them since July with Jeff Sessions, Attorney General?


  31. Larry bates says:

    It is hard to know where Session stops and the Deep State begins


  32. This was released today.

    Is the Inspector General talking about Andrew McCabe or someone else?

    Click to access f180430.pdf


    • NC Nana says:

      This report says it is a SA (Special Agent) that appears to be going about their regular corrupt practices. But the report says: “Criminal prosecution of the SA was declined.”

      The report says:

      “The OIG found that the SA contacted individuals who he either knew were, or had reasonable belief would be witnesses in the criminal investigation and that the SA’s contacts with several individuals appeared to be designed to improperly influence their prospective testimony.

      During the investigation, the OIG also found that the SA divulged law enforcement sensitive information to unauthorized individuals; misused his government issued electronic devices; provided misleading testimony during a related civil deposition; mishandled classified information; misused his position during contacts with local law enforcement officers; and provided false information to the OIG.”


  33. coltlending says:

    Leaky, Sneaky & Freaky😂😂😂😂

    Oh my god…SD (or Sundances’ ) is brilliant and funny as heck!


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