History Made: North Korea Kim Jong-Un and South Korea Moon Jae-in Cross the DMZ During Historic Summit…

Wow. You have to watch this video to see how history was just encapsulated.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in meet at the village of Panmunjom, the historic site where the Korean War armistice was signed in 1953 for the start of talks between the two countries.

Their unified meeting is the third inter-Korean summit, but this meeting is the first time a leader from the communist North has entered the democratic South. South Korea then holds a welcoming ceremony for the North Korean leader that includes full military honors and a military guard review.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un writes: “new history starts now; age of peace, from the starting point of history” on guest visitor book at Peace House.

WHITE HOUSE – On the occasion of Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-ins historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, we wish the Korean people well. We are hopeful that talks will achieve progress toward a future of peace and prosperity for the entire Korean Peninsula.

The United States appreciates the close coordination with our ally, the Republic of Korea, and looks forward to continuing robust discussions in preparation for the planned meeting between President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un in the coming weeks.

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379 Responses to History Made: North Korea Kim Jong-Un and South Korea Moon Jae-in Cross the DMZ During Historic Summit…

  1. Timothy says:

    Ok. I will say it.
    I was hoping to see the gangham style dance.

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    • Damon Senior says:


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    • Damon Senior says:



    • Leon says:

      I think Trump is going to do for Korea what Reagan did for Germany.


      • jello333 says:

        Yes Reagan helped, but I think that in the atmosphere we had at that time it was more the other leaders (and people of Germany) that caused the change, and that pretty much any reasonable US president could have succeeded at that point. But here, now, with the Koreas… no, I think it HAD to be a guy like Trump… and seeing there IS no other one “like” him, yeah… it HAD to be Trump.

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        • castelletto says:

          It has always seemed to me that it all began with Saint JPII and the Deplorables of that era, the Solidarity Labor movement and the Polish people in general. I believe they were the ones that drove a stake through the heart of the Soviets so that Reagan and Thatcher could finish them off.

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  2. BooRadley554327 says:

    I served for 12 months in Korea while I was in the Army, not during combat (thankfully). But, I will always remember the hospitality of the Korean people, especially the older generation but also the millennials…. at least the millennials from 20+ years ago 😉

    This is great. It makes my hear swell and seriously brings a tear to my eye.

    I seriously hope things continue to go down this path. The Korean people are fantastic and deserve to have their country reunited.


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  3. Nash Montana says:

    This is MAGA. Without PJT, this would have never happened. Were Felonia McPantsuit in charge right now, these two men would turn each other’s countries into s**tholes right now.

    Most historic moment in history, besides “Mr. Gorbatschow, tear this wall down!”

    I want to see the North Korean people free, and prosper, and forever released from the chains of communism. I see a real chance at that happening.

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  4. noman_Arizona says:

    The words as written are Great. “new history starts now; age of peace, from the starting point of history”
    Fitting words for a new Golden Age.
    The Korean War, but for the final signatures. Is Over.
    Finally a lot of Soldiers who died for this day.
    Can at last.
    Rest In Eternal Peace.

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  5. G-man says:

    This is absolutely amazing!!

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  6. TomR,Worc,MA,USA says:

    Now we get to watch the MSM say all day that this happened DESPITE President Trumps efforts. How very predictable.

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  7. DebbieUK says:

    Sky news inUK grudgingly acknowledging President Trumps strategy in the region through gritted teeth .
    Something I have been reading on this site for months so I am not surprised by this turn of events.

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  8. Guyski says:

    Priorities. This is one of the reasons (along with NAFTA) that the Big Ugly is taking its time?

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  9. SW Richmond says:

    Can we please stop killing each other and start building stuff? Thank you.

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  10. mark4trump says:

    This is so beautiful!!!! What a day 🙂


  11. I wonder how a re-unification of Korea might look. ROK is not going to submit to a Kim hereditary dictatorship; will Kim willingly step down and let his people become integrated into a democratic Korea? Interesting details. When Germany reunified East Germany essentially ceased to exist, and was incorporated into the West German republic.

    I am certain the pressure President Trump brought to bear on China is responsible for Kim’s new attitude. I wonder just how reasonable he truly is; how surprising will it be for him to reveal that he is not, in fact, the madman he portrayed himself to be.

    This will be interesting.

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  12. David says:

    So Trump became close to China’s leader and then pressured him to pressure Kim. Then Trump sent the CIAs Director to meet Kim a week before Kim makes a 180 degrees turn around.
    I would say Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh ye, confiscate the one they gave Obama who gave us a mess in the Middle East and a strong Iran.

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  13. 4harrisonblog says:

    What would be President Trump’s need, of golden idols or the Nobel Peace Prize. He knows what and who he is. God bless are the peacemakers.

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  14. TomA says:

    The untold story of this development is that North Korea has created an, as yet, unannounced environmental disaster associated with it’s nuclear weapons program. The magnitude of this impact is so huge that they had no choice but to capitulate and seek international assistance in helping to mitigate the harm to it’s people and the region. This is Chernobyl scale stuff.

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  15. thedoc00 says:

    Probably the most disgusting news story ran last night was on Bloomberg-Asia markets. The reporters, US and UK based, were actually spinning stories that Trump, South Korea and Japan were putting the world in imminent danger by conducting talks directly with North Korea. Their thesis was that if talks become difficult or dangerous Trump will get mad and stop the negotiations, which will greatly anger China into taking serious economic action and threatening military operation.

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  16. ogoggilby says:

    A Nobel Peace Prize for Donald Trump?

    “The line pointing to Trump for this is obvious enough… When Trump made highly risky, seemingly crazy tweets declaring the North Korean dictator Little Rocket Man and, with a weird, weird, seemingly impulsive juvenile bravado, declared that his nukes are bigger than Kim’s, things started to happen. Out of desperation, Kim hired Western consultants in the West to read him. Kim also watched the news about Syria and decided he didn’t want it to happen to him. And he came to believe that Trump is not only serious, but even crazier than Kim is. Kim’s response [was] to run, not walk, to the negotiating table….”


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  17. Shulamite says:

    O Lord, you are my God, i will exalt you & praise your name. For in perfect faithfulness, you have done marvelous things, things you planned long ago. Therefore, strong peoples will honor you, cities of ruthless nations will revere you. You have been a refuge for the poor…a shelter from the storm & a shade from the heat….for as the heat is reduced by the shadow of a cloud, so YOU STILL THE SONG OF THE RUTHLESS. Isaiah 25:1-6

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  18. Pogo1000 says:

    I was in Korea (USN) when that “armistice” was signed in 1953. Who knew then that it would be still a screwed up place and that the “police action” we were fighting, would perhaps be the UN’s finest hour….been downhill ever since. I often wondered what might have been, had MacArthur gone after them instead of being fired by Truman.


  19. Li'l D in the Big D says:

    POTUS tweet 1 OCT 2017

    “Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won’t fail.”

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  20. tonyE says:

    K Pop and pizza for North Koreans!


  21. Larry Bucar says:

    For me, this is the biggest political event since Pres Kennedy assassination, tears welling up my eyes


  22. watchman says:

    Tears of joy….Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us President Trump…and Happy Birthday to our awesome FLOTUS Melania! May our Great God bless you both and may God Bless America. Pray our Lord Jesus will reveal himself to Kim Jon Un and lets alI pray for Kim’s salvation.

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