Bret Baier Interviews James Comey…

Former FBI Director James Comey strategically, and intentionally, showed up 20 minutes late for a scheduled live interview with Fox News Bret Baier thereby limiting the amount of time available for questions.

There are two segments to the interview.  The first segment is 20 minutes long. In the first segment James Comey showcases his forward-moving legal defense strategy.  Comey outlines that he was kept in the dark, and did not know, about almost all of the central elements within the actions taken by those under his leadership.  WATCH:

Segment two below:


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425 Responses to Bret Baier Interviews James Comey…

  1. albrevin says:

    lock them all up in Wal Mart and give them breathe-rite-nasal strips-and plenty of decongestant!

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  2. mike croft says:

    I could not believe his audacity by saying the dossier came from the “Republicans” and that he only heard through the media that it was paid for by Crooked Clinton!! He is in deep trouble and knows it. He may fool liberal loons but no one else.

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    • Turranos says:

      There is a little bit of truth to his “Repub” comment. The initial stage of the dossier was started by a right wing entity but someone will have to help out because I have totally forgotten which website that was. It was mentioned by SD.


      • Jan says:

        Washington Free Beacon paid Fusion GPS for intelligence on the 17 Republicans running in the primary, but they dropped out after Trump won the primary. Then Fusion GPS sold more investigation into candidate Trump via the White House, Hillary campaign & the DNC. Obama for America paid Perkins Coie $100,000 after a visit by Mary Jacoby (Glenn Simpson’s wife) 12+ hour visit to the White House about the same time that Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS on behalf of the Hillary campaign and the DNC.

        Sundance, if your reading, why has everyone dropped the ball on Jacoby’s 12 hour visit to the White House & Obama for America paying Perkins Coie about $100,000 around the same time Hillary & DNC hired Fusion through Perkins Coie??

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      • rwisrael says:

        The dossier had nothing to do with the original oppo research by Republicans. It was commissioned by the DNC through Perkins Coie .

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      • Alonzo says:

        The dossier was not begun during the time that the Free Beacon had Fusion GPS under contract. Steele was not hired by Fusion until after Hillary et. al. contracted with them for opposition research. Steel authored the memos that became known as the dossier.

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        • Kent Neal says:

          I still say Nellie Ohr authored the dossier and Fusion GPS laundered it through Steele to give it “foreign intelligence” label.

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          • farrier105 says:

            I tend to agree with that as Nellie Ohr was paid $500,000 and Steele was worth less than $200,000. Steele was supposed to have all the Russian contacts. It’s just one analysis as opposed to others since we have to wait until the whole story is finally laid out–if ever.


      • LULU says:

        As I recall the owner of the Free Beacon retained Fusion GPS (not Steele – Steele is not part of FusionGPS) to dig up oppo research on 16 of the candidates. This was abandoned in spring 2016. Then the Clinton campaign and DNC hired FusionGPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. FusionGPS hired Steele.

        I was struck by how clear and positive Comey’s memory was regarding anything that served his interest and how foggy or denying he was about everything else. He is a real piece of sanctimoniuos, fraudulent work….

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      I often wonder where the people come up with the word “loons” when it should be “lunes.” I put together that lunes was always short for lunatic. Loons are a beautiful water fowl that are kind of rare for most to ever see, let alone hear one! I shudder at the thought of including them with Democrats! Maybe spell check needs upgraded or something!


    • jbrickley says:

      I disagree that Comey knows he’s in deep trouble because he is not acting that way at all. He continues to meet with the press and push his foot deeper into the quicksand or tar pit. His ego is out of control. If he does suspect he’s in deep, then he’s in denial about it.


      • GTFO2016 says:

        He’s trying to make money to support his family. He’s a hedger: Am I a Democrat? Or am I a Republican? Am I going to jail? Or not going to jail? Am I employable? Or am I not employable? Either way, as he probably analyzes the situation, with the book money, his family will be taken care of. The book that will really sell like gangbusters is the one he will write from prison snitching everyone out in order to reduce his prison sentence.

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  3. thomaspain1961 says:

    Questions I would like to ask comedone:
    1. hillary as secretary of state, sent nearly a billion dollars to your employer Boeing of which you netted six million dollars for yourself comedone. Then comedone, you went to work for a bank that facilitated several tens of millions of dollars for the clinton foundation for which you recieved a stipend. Does becoming a multi millionaire due to you association with hillary affect your objectiveness in investigating her?
    2. You claim that Donald Trump is morally unfit for office, but a woman who flagrantly obstructed justice and committed high treason is fit for office?
    3. Why did you hire the people you leaked to, to be your attorneys? Don’t count on attorney-client privilege these days.

    I cannot believe comedone is making these appearances. It is so surreal! I’m beginning to think the man is ill.

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    • mike croft says:

      I think having a guilty conscience makes a person do strange things. The pained look in his eyes is jaw dropping.

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      • nimrodman says:

        I had the same reaction about his eyes when I watched only 30 seconds of it on Fox.

        Funnily, his eyes quite resemble the Reagan mask the Ex-Presidents bank robber wore in the film Point Break, the one about bank-robber surfers. The same droopy sad look.

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        • nimrodman says:

          … the masks were exaggerated caricatures.

          And Comey’s looking more and more the exaggerated caricature every day.

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          • Angry Dumbo says:

            Did you catch the “cahoots” reference? Comey says there was no collusion, but presumably PDJT was in “cahoots”? Where is cahoots referenced in title 18 of the US Code?

            Nim, I agree Comey is comic misdirection as a prelude to the Uniparty/Swamp’s next act.

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      • AsksTooManyQuestions says:

        I noticed his body language was very different than when I’d seen him before – even testifying before Congress. Previously he would look up and to the left or right when thinking.

        Last night he kept looking downward, like he had crib notes or something. I couldn’t see any notes, but I even wondered if he had a phone opened up on his thigh. I don’t think so, but he definitely acted differently than I’d seen before.

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      • COMEY is a pathological liar and a sociopath. It is not possible for him to have a guilty conscience or to feel shame and remorse for what he’s doing to our country. He is consumed by hatred for our President and has been for quite some time since COMEY realized the jig was up.

        I must confess that I cannot muster one iota of sympathy or compassion for this evil man. My greatest fear is that he will somehow avoid the punishment he so richly deserves which would be to spend the rest of his miserable life in some super max prison in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

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    • Yes. Also Seattle area is the Democratic hub in WA state. Standing in the space needle gives a good view of Dim voters.

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    • southernsue says:

      comey is staying visible so he won’t be arkansided
      remember that obama and hillary have their hit men on speed dial

      the more visible he stays the less they will try and kill him

      however, we do know that he could have a massive heart attack at any moment,even tho he has no heart problems



    • gina says:

      Does anyone else realize you’re calling him a pimple? LOL


  4. sundance says:

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    • CopperTop says:

      And everyone thinks BB was in the tank of the Uniparty. I’d say he badgered an answer out of Comey to the above and caught him red handed when JC said ‘I knew it was started by the the Repubs…’ OH REALLY says BB that’s not a material fact…but gwhat…it’s still something he would have had to disclose in RE the rules above.

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      • CopperTop says:

        I should have added…Because the funding of the Republicans would have been important to the FISA court because there would be obvious political enemies within the party as well as without

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      • LULU says:

        Bret Baier’s finest hour was when he dug deep into the Benghazi disaster. Then the election came along and he turned squishy when it came down to anyone-but-Trump. Too cozy with toxic Megyn. Perhaps this is his attempt to redeem himself? I thought he could have hit a little harder in some places, but if 20 minutes were “strategically” cut off the question time by Comey’s “being stuck in traffic”, that could explain it. Not quite the blockbuster I expected.


  5. We know he’s lying because….

    He testified to Congress that he took the notes because Trump’s comments were unusual and concerning to him in the context of ongoing FBI investigations. Comey’s new position — that the memos are merely a personal diary — very clearly contradicts the reasons he gave to Congress for taking the notes. He admitted that he took the notes on his FBI computer immediately after the meetings in the back of the car (on his FBI computer), because he felt it was important to document them immediately because they might have some legal significance.

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  6. BestBets says:

    Here’s the rule we should all follow with regard to Comey: If his lips are moving, you know he’s lying. Period. Full stop.

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  7. Jimbrown says:

    I get it. Comey is going to use the insanity defense.

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  8. Koot Katmando says:

    I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions thinking Comey will ever get charged with a crime here. Comey has praised the IG a couple of times and seems to think they are OK with the way the Memos were handled. I even heard Gowdy say one time that Comey would come out looking like a good guy. I suspect Comey knows he is safe or would hole up and shut up. I think the fix is in and his Deputy will take the fall.


    • CanadianAussie says:

      YES. I also get the feeling Comey is confident he’s going to skate. He’s either completely insane, or he knows he’s safe and his masters are allowing him to milk the masses for cash with this idiotic book tour. How STUPID and manipulated can humans be??? Very.

      I’d like to take it even farther and say (though i hope I’m wrong) NO ONE is going to prison. These people have ALL the tools and they OWN the shed. According to the IG, McCabe is only guilty of “lack of candor,” that’s the same as “extremely careless” as opposed to “grossly negligent”. NO ONE is moving to arrest him or charge him.

      The only losers in this whole scenario are going to be the 98%. Everyone else is rich and continuing to get richer. Think about it. NO ONE has been rendered poor or gone to jail over this. At some point you have to cross the line from “commited a crime” to “got away with a crime”. It’s getting to that place for me.

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    Comey lists two jobs that Richmond was hired to do at FBI. One is to assist in obtaining access to encrypted communications.

    The second job – Part One 15:02 “law enforcement data was a big part of his responsibilities.”
    Data? Law enforcement data? That sounds like IT work, not legal work.

    What kind of law enforcement data? Doing what with this data? What access did this permit Richmond to have, and to what data? What was the goal? What was produced? Who received the product? So many more questions no one is asking.

    This sounds really fishy. imo
    Someone was mining data for that Steele dossier, at either DOJ or FBI.

    There are so many other questions that should/could have been asked. Oh well.
    This has to be one of the most incurious FBI Directors ever.
    Did you know that a side effect of anti-depressants is lack of curiosity?

    WSJ is calling McCabe the present-day Mark Felt (Deep Throat). Comey will walk.
    Although, Jim Jordan did tell Brian Kilmeade this morning it was James Rybicki who told Congress that Richmond was actually an FBI employee. Perhaps Jordan will deliver.
    Time to fire up my locals.

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    • Mike says:

      If McCabe talks, NO WAY Comey walks.

      Either McCabe “takes one for the team” because he is either compensated for it by the Clinton Crime family, or they have successfully threatened his family, OR McCabe talks and the next guy up is Comey.

      Both of them will spill if criminally charged. I have confidence that the IG team will legally obtain the evidence. Less confidence that the corrupted justice department will do their job.


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      • deqwik2 says:

        Jim Jordan said something yesterday that reporters missed. He said they learned about Prof. Richman being a special FBI agent when they interviewed Rybicki. This means others are talking.

        I think Sessions is getting our messages & I believe that may have played a part in his decision to Not recuse in the Cohen case. Just my opinion but I think he heard us & knows we’re begging for him to step up.

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  10. HickTick says:

    18 , US code 2384 , Seditious Conspiracy and code 2385 , should be in order for this weasel troupe . How can the director of the FBI say he briefed the president on peeing hookers but didn’t know where the intel came from .

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  11. LibertyONE says:

    QUIZ: How do you know the Commie boy is lying? Ans.: When his lips are moving.

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    • LULU says:

      I’ll call you and the (how many on this thread?) others who’ve posted that old chestnut and raise you: He’s lying whenever he’s breathing.


  12. evergreen says:

    Ever been a book written by a wildly polarizing figure that rates 4.9/5.0? Amazon has Comey’s book review cooked. Either that, or only the believers are paying offerings and bowing to their idol.

    Proof of existence of alternate universes. Some really inverted realities with tenuous signs of life (how can such lack of sensory awareness not be classified as inanimate)?

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  13. Hillyard says:

    This guy has to be one of the worst liars ever to appear on TV. Any one who has had even minimal training in detecting deceptive behavior has to be falling out of their chair watching Gomers eye movement, body posture, voice and speech patterns. Even with his memorized responses he can’t help looking like a 7 y/o saying he didn’t kick his sister when his muddy footprint is on her dress.

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  14. scott467 says:

    ” In the first segment James Comey showcases his forward-moving legal defense strategy. Comey outlines that he was kept in the dark, and did not know, about almost all of the central elements within the actions taken by those under his leadership. ”



    Or that’s just what he’s saying today, for the court of public opinion, and he will keep playing that hand and that game unless or until he finds himself in a court of law.

    At that time, he will recant everything he has said publicly for the last 2+ years. He wasn’t under oath on Brett Baier’s show. All he has to do is claim “I was a-feared for my life!” and then tell a completely different story on the witness stand that has nothing to do with what he said on Brett’s show or anywhere else.

    Only his testimony under oath to Criminal-gress (Con-man-gress?) might be held against him (I suppose there could be a first time for everything…), and he can wiggle out of that by claiming he only lied to the liars in Con-gress because he was afraid of winding up on the Clinton Body Count list, with the typical 3 bullets to the back of the head and a suicide note written in someone else’s handwriting stuffed in his shirt.

    Comey appears to be a pure psychopath, no conscience at all, but psychopaths aren’t generally stupid, and Comey can’t possibly be as stupid as he is acting.

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    • inquisitorLost says:

      >At that time, he will recant everything he has said publicly for the last 2+ years.

      This has to be near the bottom of any list of viable defense strategies for anyone, let alone a fired FBI director.


  15. Donald says:

    For anyone interested in seeing Peter Strzok in the flesh, he can be seen sitting behind James Comey in the clip with Sen. Grassly questioning whether Comey had leaked information to the press.
    Lastly, when the full truth is known, it will be revealed that Papadopolous and Carter Page were FBI informants and that– get ready for this– Carter and Lisa are relatives.

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  16. Donzo says:

    It occurred to him there could be a voice recording so he penned a memorandum. Ya think? like the guy who robs the liquor store but forgets about the CCTV. Sure thing, James. It would never have occurred to him beforehand of the possibility of a tape. Ever heard of Watergate, Jimbo?

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  17. Piggy says:

    Baier should’ve asked Comey about Wittes…


    • LULU says:

      Wittes has kind of disappeared hasn’t he… He was the first to leap out and state that he’d been given the memos by Comey to share with NYT’s Michael Schmidt… He was very proud of himself for his association with Comey and his having been given this prime assignment. Then silence. And now it’s Richman?

      Comey also has stated that his legal team – Richman, Fitzgerald and the third guy (Kelly?) were hired at the time he was fired. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about their being long time friends, etc., etc., FBI special (unpaid) employees, message leakers for Comey, his “legal team”….and when they formally came onboard as the last category.

      Comey just smokes up everything so that there are no lines between truth and fiction…


  18. JonMaxwell says:

    You all should read the latest lovers text..talking about shredding documents…not even Muller cold stop the 420 wake ups..the time we got up to go shred


    • DD More says:

      And Jon, realize that the ‘D’ in those texts stand for ‘Director’. aka – Comey. They reference keeping D up to date in meetings and progress.


  19. TDU_Weight says:

    “What’s in a name?
    That which we call a rose,
    By any other name,
    Would smell as sweet.”

    Curry Worsham posted* a picture of Vivien Leigh in the role of Blanche Dubois from the 1951 film adaptation of “A Steetcar Named Desire” with Obama’s face pasted over Vivien’s and a text bubble with her signature line from the film “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

    Blanche Dubois symbolically translates (French) to something like Maiden / Innocent maiden of the Woods [ Blanche – white (color associated with innocence / purity) Du (of) Bois (Woods)] . And, of course the irony is that Blanche is anything but innocent…

    Since French themes were popping up I started riffing on the theme and replied to the Obama-faced Blanche picture:

    Noire DuMarais [Noire (black / evil) Du (of) Marias (Swamp)] = “Maleficent One of the Swamp” and in time added a new signature line, “I have always depended on the honesty of weasels.”

    Now our boy James comes up and the temptation is there again. So…

    Jaune DuBelettes [Jaune (yellow / coward) Du (of) Belettes (Weasels) = Coward of the Weasels.
    Jaune’s signature line is “I have always depended on the intentions of weasels.”

    Jaune is French for yellow, and is the root for the word jaunice which is the root for jaundice. Jaundice is a medical condition with yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes typically caused by, among other things, obstruction of the bile duct (which is how I mentally perceive Comey’s attempts at any kind of rationalization for his actions or lack thereof). A secondary meaning is bitterness, resentment or envy. In our culture, at least, yellow is the symbolic color for cowardice (yellow-belly).

    I’m getting the urge to do a spoof of Streetcar for the treehouse… since I have all these colorful characters to work with.

    Think a good title would be…

    “A Streetcar Named Intent”

    *Sundance Post: Devin Nunes Tonight – Disccusses Comey, McCabe and Ongoing Struggle With FBI and DOJ… Posted on April 21, 2018
    Comment: wheatietoo says: April 21, 2018 at 10:12
    Reply to Comment: Curry Worsham

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  20. Tried watching, then started yelling profanities at the TV so I changed the channel.



  21. Dave says:

    He might technically be right. You sure don’t see Andy on the news show tour. I still remember Gowdy saying aomething to the effect of – history will treat Comey’s actions better than they look now. That always stuck in my head. Of course, a lot of things get stuck in my head.


  22. Tony says:

    “my understanding…”

    starts with that – among other phrases – when caught in a lie.


  23. getfitnow says:

    That interview was the best interview that I´ve seen in a very long time. Baier didn´t stop to take a breath. Comey looked weak and rattled.

    I was hoping for a question about why the FBI did not examine DNC computers directly, but instead took the word of an outside company on the ´hacking.´

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  24. Humble Soul says:

    Just a below average interview. Instead of Bret Baier, Maria Bartiromo should have interviewed Comey.

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  25. Raven says:

    1. It is said that 71% of FBI’s current budget dedicated to foreign counterintelligence investigations have been diverted to support the Russia probe.

    2. Comey reckons you should have a good idea of how a major investigation is going by the ten month mark.

    3. Comey now reckons he doesn’t know much about the Russia investigation.

    What’s wrong with this picture?


  26. 1LanternInTheWindow says:

    What this country needs is a good 5 cent cigar! No, what this country needs is a good Attorney General. I suppose after 20 or so years in the Swamp the Goody has all gone out of someone. Pitiful to watch the abuse of our judicial system. When the IRS so graciously extended one day the tax deadline due to their computer screw up, I thought about telling them I would file sometime mid month, like the DOJ tells Congress. But by then I would have been in jail. “Oh the Little Man”.


  27. rhinOC says:

    They had spent 10 months reading all her emails….Really? Like….how is that possible? It’s not…he’s a liar….a leaker…and a criminal. He’s much less Shakespearean these days isn’t he? Kind of…I don’t know….busted! Yeah…that’s the word! I hate this guy.

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  28. TwoLaine says:

    I made it through the insipid 1st video so far. Everyone should be able to see here that this man is D E L U S I O N A L. And he is that way ON PURPOSE!

    He’s a bald faced liar and VSGPDJT really did do us a favor when he fired him. Not that we ever doubted it. IF you don’t know that you created an investigation from thin air against a political opponent, and candidate for the President of the U.S., then President-Elect, then President, and you would prefer not to know, then you are truly in the wrong job.


  29. TwoLaine says:

    Part 2, Even MORE D E L U S I O N A L. Whacko-Bird in the same category as Pickles. Get out the tin foil hats.

    I think they should invite him back for the rest of the story.

    Bret never asked him why they had so many contractors allowed to see raw data including professors and jour-o-liss. Or how many SGEs there are who get these kinds of privileges.

    He never asked him WHY Carter Page one day works on behalf of the FBI, and the next day he’s a Russian spy because TRUMP?


  30. ogoggilby says:

    In his interview with Bret Baier, James Comey’s lies and evasions were stunning….

    “Comey’s ability to communicate vagueness is stunning. He doesn’t ‘know’ an awful lot for being the then-director of the FBI. The man pretends to be an outsider looking in on a scandal from which he is far removed. The interview would be hilarious as a Saturday Night Live skit, but this man was, sad to say, the director of our premier law enforcement institution, and he, with his co-conspirators, orchestrated something like the plot of Seven Days in May to unseat a duly elected president of the U.S. There is something seriously amiss within and about James Comey. Obama demonstrated many narcissistic personality traits. Comey is narcissism writ large. He is a sad, tragi-comic figure worthy of the ridicule being hurled at him….”

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    • Donzo says:

      So true, Ogogilby. The most ridiculous of all his statements was his assertion that there was/is no difference in impartiality in the way Hillary was investigated v. Trump. It was Comey himself who acted to trigger an SC, despite no evidence of collusion while he himself outlined Hillary’s many breaches in his now famous presser.


    • LULU says:

      Standout line from that American Thinker piece:

      Comey’s ability to communicate vagueness is stunning.


    • RLC2 says:

      Comey gets more and more pi$$ed as the interview goes on…eyes narrowing- the most common “tell” of a liar, who attempts to counter-attack with anger that you don’t believe him.

      Then the “to the best of my recollections” happen more often…

      Comey is a self-roasted turkey.


  31. Donzo says:

    The footnote in the FISA app was intended as CYA, but now that Jimbo knows nothing it has become incriminating evidence.


  32. Amy1212 says:

    Comey’s assertions that he had no prior knowledge is part of his legal defense strategy to avoid being convicted as a co-conspirator in the criminal plot against POTUS. It won’t work, but he is doing his best to assert that he was not “in the loop” in nearly every interview thus far. Here is the Federal Law on point:


  33. jimboct says:

    Comey is trying for the HRC no intent defense.
    Wake up jimmy. Intent is what you sleep in while camping.


  34. Zippy says:

    Dan Bongino DESTROYS Comey based upon his interview:


  35. Paul Gallant says:

    Start of second video Bret Baier asks Comey if, since his firing, had he met with Clapper or Brennan? Why would Bret ask that? And to me when Comey answers “once I think” to both questions that sounds guilt ridden and odd, “I think”. And now that he is doing this book tour why would he even make time to meet with Clapper and Brennan?


  36. Genie says:

    In lefty lexicon Richman = Comey’s fixer.


  37. Phideaux says:

    Here’s my contribution to conspiracy theory. You can call me “P”.

    Last night, when asked about “collusion”, Comey claimed he didn’t know that word. When pressed by Baier about the investigation, Comey said the goal was to find out if any Americans were in “cahoots” with foreign actors.

    WTF? No “collusion” but now we have “cahoots”? Who even uses words like “cahoots”?

    I’ll tell you who: Yosemite Sam.

    When you search for quotes by Yosemite Sam you find this: “Come back here you muley-headed maverick”. Coincidence? I think not.

    Comey–> Collusion–> Cahoots–> Yosemite Sam–> muley-headed maverick–> Mueller

    It’s all connected. 🙂


    • Genie says:

      “Lordy, I hope I find cahoots before the fuzz catch me, or else I’ll write more memos to feed the seagulls on the beach.”


  38. Clara says:

    Yes I heard Comey dismiss the word collusion as being divorced from any kind of legal meaning. Then he replaced it with cahoots, as if that was a legitimate legal term. Ha ha ha ha ha! Bret should have called him on that one. Too funny!


    • Angry Dumbo says:

      God bless you, Clara. Cahoots!!! Who is he foghorn leghorn?

      “Stop, I say stop it boy, you’re doin’ alot of choppin’ but no chips are flyin.”

      – F. Leghorn


  39. Donzo says:

    He was using vocabulary that deplorables who watch FNC would understand. /sarc.
    We know well the word cahoots and it describes Comey’s actions to a tee.


  40. Mike diamond says:

    Comey is part of the biggest crime family and Hillary is his mafia mama !


  41. Mike diamond says:

    Comey is a weird dude ! I wanted to know what I knew !! Weird o ramma


  42. Mattie T says:

    Favorite line: “I wanted to know what I knew.” That’s some keen investigative skills, right there.


  43. Kan says:

    Did anyone catch Comey’s answer to the tweet question from a former FBI agent asking why all of these investigations were confined to the FBI counter-intelligence division in Washington D.C.

    Comey said because he wanted to keep a tight lip on the investigations and that was the group he trusted to do it.


  44. the consequences that comey will suffer as a result of his foul, blatant, and illegal actions?


    If you disagree, please post what you think will happen to him


  45. Bill Henslee says:

    At some point in one of his interviews, Comey says that several people were in the room before his fateful talk with the President, including Clapper and Brennan. Then he says Brennan told him to get the President alone and reveal the “Dossier” but in his recent interviews he states he didn’t give the President the document, only verbally described the ‘salacious parts” and without the information about where it came from.

    Here’s my take:

    The other two intel chiefs used Comey as a front so they wouldn’t appear to be involved.
    The leak to CNN was that the full dossier had been given to the President. This was the so-called hook” that CNN and BUZZFEED used to justify the release of this as “news”
    No wonder Pres. Trump focused on the ‘salacious’ part because this was all he was told about.
    IF I’m informed by the FBI that they are sitting on this salacious story, I’d remember J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI reputedly blackmailing important politicians with his “private files”. I’d be asking about his loyalty too.
    The way this meeting was choreographed , and Comey’s words that he ” executed his mission” leads to the inescapable conclusion that the highest ranking intelligence officers in the government were plotting against the President.
    If these men get off without being prosecuted for a failed coup-de-etat we are in danger of becoming a banana republic.


  46. Bad Chad says:

    He is either the most incompetent FBI director ever, or a liar…a higher loyalty my ass.


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