Rep. Keith Rothfus on Comey: “These Memos Create More Questions to Be Asked”…

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA) appeared on Fox Business to discuss the release of the sketchy Comey memos and the questions surfacing from the continuing book tour.

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47 Responses to Rep. Keith Rothfus on Comey: “These Memos Create More Questions to Be Asked”…

  1. Just Some Guy says:

    Hey sundance. Please take a close look at how Comey’s description of the “loyalty oath” dinner changed from his testimony last year and what he said in his memo.

    He totally changed the context. Very sneaky and conniving.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Yes. The loyalty question was clearly in regards to the LEAKING.

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    • Craig D says:

      Reply to Just Some Guy – I wonder if Comey changed his version of the “loyalty oath” because maybe, just maybe there is a record of the meeting. Trump however did say there were no recordings and due to the whole Watergate fiasco most likely Trump would stay far away from recordings (or tapes). Most likely Comey changed his view on the “loyalty oath” as the damage to Trump had already been done! Setting the record straight means nothing.

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      • old45model says:

        Notwithstanding Trump saying there were no recordings [from the comment I’m replying to, not from anything I’ve read], wouldn’t the NSA (or some other TLA) have been listening? Why should it be assumed there were no recordings? I find it difficult to accept that a man as astute as Trump wouldn’t protect himself at all times. If a bloke as dumb as am I carries around a voice activated digital tape recorder because I found there are simply too many nefarious people in this world, surely a much, much, much smarter man would also do a similar thing?

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      • nbkilgore says:

        Craig- Just thinking about the five eyes, the Aussie Turnbull probably turned them over after being outed by the Brits MI 6. Donuts to dollars says the recording were turned over followed up with the White House renovation thereafter! Why Comey didn’t catch that hint is very telling that he may have been kept out of the Brennan-Clapper loop. Comey must have assumed POTUS was actually talking about hand held sound recording device. POTUS Trump knows and sees a lot more than he leads on. 44 had plenty of time to bug up the WH after election results were confirmed. Admiral Rogers had already given the heads up to POTUS Trump, dinner was in the Oval office/green room and the other meeting was at the T-Tower. IMO, TT was most likely bugged as well by FBI intel group (Bill Preistep) after FISA being issued with a shut device carried my Comey to cut out his speaking points.

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      • SteveT says:

        I may be wrong but from memory I have a recollection that Trump said he didn’t HAVE any recordings – a subtle difference.



    • BigMamaTEA says:

      I’m glad to see some previously “unseen” congress-critters come forward.

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      • permiejack says:

        Congress swampies will continue to come forward. Tides are changing and they see it and want to be on the winning side. Sadly though they will more than likely return to the swamp when they realize there is no money in for them………only honor.


  2. Guy Bee says:

    Trump was merely asking if Comey was leaking information or if he could be trusted. What is very clear is the high level of integrity Trump has. A lessor man would have fallen into the trap Comey set for him. Trump’s number one concern was that Melania would not get wind of this and think it was true. His 1% comment could just have easily been, “if there is any possibility” Melania would think this is true, I (Trump) want it proven that it is not true.

    Why would Comey ever think Trump mean anything else, unless this is how Comey would approach it? Comey is doing the dimrat thing – projecting his own hypocrisy onto Trump. Three cheers for DJT – he comes out of these memos looking like the man of integrity and hero his is.

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    • Cathy M. says:

      I hope Comey will have many, many additional interviews in the future, digging that ditch until he comes out breathing Chinese air.

      Interesting- Comey’s recent interview on ABC made it clear, though without realizing it, that the pee-pee duo allegation in the Steele dossier isn’t true.

      “Comey did so by saying Trump was thinking about having Comey prove that the salacious allegations in the document weren’t true.

      If those allegations were true, the last thing in the world Trump would want is the FBI taking a closer look at them. Remember that at that time, the FBI was saying it couldn’t verify the accounts, meaning that if Trump were guilty he would think that he was safe. So why would he then risk everything and ask the FBI do a deep dive into allegations that were true?

      Given that the conversation was in private, there was no reason for Trump to be lying about his concerns.

      Comey in fact urged Trump not to ask him to investigate, supposedly because it might create a narrative that the FBI was investigating Trump.”

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      • Normally Quiet Observer says:

        Of course Comey did not want to have Trump ask him to investigate it! Comey then would have HAD to start an investigation on a document he already knew was made up of “whole cloth”. Investigating it would either cause more and deeper lies to be stated, o totally exonerated the President! Neither of which Comey desired!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “if there is any possibility” Melania would think this is true, I (Trump) want it proven that it is not true. ”

      I think Melania knows her husband well enough to know the urination thing, etc. is absolutely bogus. She does not need any “proof”.

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  3. Bendix says:

    Comey can’t really believe he is reaching hearts and minds with this tour. What is he up to?

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  4. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    I have read the memos as released … WHERE is the information that would require a Special counsel? Maybe I’m blind, but I see NOTHING!

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    • AmericaFirst says:

      There was never any information that would require a SC, there wasn’t even anything that would, under the SC statute, technically support the appointment of a SC. It was always just a plot to smear President Trump, indefinitely, until something – anything – could be found for which they could justify trying to impeach him. This is what a fishing expedition/witch hunt looks like.

      This is why you saw OZero running around the world, before and after President Trump, trying to undermine him, and John Kerry, literally telling nations not to listen to President Trump as he would be gone soon. They were so sure they could find … Something!

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      • Normally Quiet Observer says:

        I actually did know that … I was just referencing the original “facts” of the reasons for the SC to begin with. Kind of ‘spit balling’ out there to see if anyone else might be looking into this obvious miscarriage of justice. My bad … I thought it would be obvious in this crowd.

        As for PDJT’s list of travelling ‘followers’ … I am still remiss on WHY nothing has been done ‘officially’ about those well known facts? Clearly, both Obozzo, and the Traitor Kerry, have violated numerous federal statutes, and ALL of them need to be held accountable for their actions to undermine the President! JMHO …

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      • golsono says:

        They are unable to perceive that certain individuals (vsgpdjt, sd, treeoers etc) do NOt have a hidden agenda.
        In their world every word and action is for some other nefarious result


  5. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “the questions surfacing from the continuing book tour.”

    Another Treeper posted the video clip of Mr. Comey when he was on “The View” very recently. They were live when the news broke about the release of the criminal referral letter from House Republicans. his discomfort and the obfuscation in his replies for the remaining part of the program were all too obvious. I believe it was in yesterday’s or today’s Presidential thread.

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  6. Kristin says:

    It’s weird that our Speaker of the House or Mitch do not have any problems with all of this….

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    • nbkilgore says:

      Kristin- oh they do have a lot of problems of their own as several other RINOe’s do too, hence Paul Ryan’s deciding to not go for re-election. Ryan, Cruz Rubio all see clearly now what they were up against should any one of them had been elected as POTUS. They have to be wondering around with a cloud hanging over their heads everyday wondering what preliminary work up was done on them. Also, Ryan, Rubio, and McCain were in on the jig, they were all bribed by HRC ( Podesta email dump/account ledger ) , in all there were 6 republican turn coats bribed. POTUS and Team have confronted these RINO’s with their involvement in the soft coup de’ tat’ giving them no choice other than to not seek re-election or resign. POTUS DJT out witted them with the aid of Adm Rogers’s NSA and US MI agencies.

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  7. Jeff says:

    My Word of The Day:
    “Scrofulous.” adj, scrof-u-lous
    From the Latin “scrofulae,” little pigs.
    Corrupt, morally contaminated.
    “The scrofulous former FBI head continued to spew his lies even after he had been exposed.”
    See also “screw.”

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  8. Obs says:

    The video header….
    “Did Comey hurt the FBI’s reputation?”
    Who’s a bit slow, then.

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      No freaking kidding!!! I was just mentioning this in a completely unrelated convo today…I’ll NEVER view them the same – not with standing the same-old-same-old, there’s ‘really good rank and file’ in the department. From my observations they’re no different than the old style KGB or Stasi. They have tainted the department they had responsibility for and stewardship over beyond repair. Its rotten.


      • Obs says:

        Never forget, there were no whistleblowers from the rank and file agents while the entire Hillary saga and Clinton Foundation existed for years. Those agents could not help but know what was happening, they were the grunts doing the legwork.
        The only conclusion can be the rank and file are more loyal to their Institution than the law or the US Constitution.


  9. thedoc00 says:

    Somebody needs to ask Comey for proof his book was actually reviewed and released by the US Government. I suspect there is classified stuff, from his memo’s in the book, which is a major no no. Add another count of leaking classified information and this one has profit motive that amplifies the criminal charge and consequence.

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  10. A.D. Everard says:

    I enjoyed that interview. Good stuff. There is so much clear evidence pointing the other way, to the Dems, to Clinton, to Obama… It’s amazing to me that they can’t see how obvious it all is to the people. Projection is exactly what they are trying and they don’t seem to realize it is way too late for that.

    It’s like the kid caught in the kitchen with bulging cheeks and chocolate icing smears around his mouth, spitting crumbs as he proclaims it was his sister who ate the cake.

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  11. BakoCarl says:

    With respect to Comey’s book, original recollections and later recollections, perhaps Comey is laying the ground to show that his recollections, although accurate to him at the time, do not consistently represent fact. So, when you try to nail him for lying, he has this history of differing recollections to fall back on. Not lying, just poor, inconsistent recollections of what actually transpired.

    However, leaking classified memos doesn’t take a recollection to be valid . . . it’s a fact . . . and a fact that can land his high pockets butt in the slammer.

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  12. jeans2nd says:

    All hail election season!

    “GOP moves to boost vulnerable Pa. lawmaker after redistricting”
    And Rothfus’ opponent? Pittsburgh’s new Dem savior, Connor Lamb.

    Apologies. Lived in the North Coast too long.
    Rothfus has some excellent points. Would that Rep Rothfus be allowed to continue his thoughts.
    Is good to finally see some new faces and hear some new voices. Rep Rothfus makes good sense. Best of luck.


  13. Linnéa says:

    ‘I honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I don’t know whether disgraced FBI director James Comey sodomized a chicken. It’s possible. I don’t know.’

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  14. truthbomb says:

    Haven’t heard a lot about John Giacolone, former head of the FBI’s National Security Division, who retired after reportedly seeing the Clinton email probe go “sideways”. Wonder what role he will play in Comey’s continued downfall.


  15. phoenixRising says:


  16. E says:

    Is it possible that mueller has giv given Comey immunity already? That is why Comey is talking so mos much?……


    • Normally Quiet Observer says:

      I have heard this mentioned a couple of times now … as a SP I am not sure Mueller has the authority to grant immunity, without the AG (or AAG in this case) authorizing it, in return for a profer agreement. I also don’t really believe Rosenstein would do so in this case because of the backlash he would likely receive! JMHO …

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